St. John Family is a group and family that was first encountered in "Starved For Help" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. They are the primary antagonists in "Starved For Help".



Macon, Georgia

St. John Family is a farmer family and they have a dairy in Georgia.


Travelier Motel

This family first seen in Travelier Motel. Andy and Danny came Traveiler Motel and wanted some gas from Motel Survivors. Later, Andy and Danny invited survivors to their dairy farm.

St. John's Dairy Farm

Lee's group, Andy and Danny came to dairy farm together and met Brenda. First, Andy, Lee and Mark looked to the fences. Later, Mark is shot in the shoulder by bandits. Lee and Mark went back to dairy and Brenda saw an injured Mark. She took Mark and bring him to home. After, Lee and Danny went to look nearby camps and met Jolene. Later, Lee found Clem's hat in the camp. Lee or Danny shot Jolene (Determinant) and they went back to home.

In night, Brenda cook dinner for survivors. At home, Lee met Mark, Mark's leg cut by this family for dinner and Lee understood survivors will eat Mark's leg. Lee said to group and family this dinner is Mark's leg and St. John Family took prisoner to group in a abattoir. In abattoir, Larry died and Lee's group escaped from it and encountered Danny.

Danny and Lee fought with each other and Lee beat Danny. Lee can choose to kill or spare Danny.

Later, Lee encountered Brenda in the house. Brenda took Katjaa and threatened Lee. A zombified Mark appears and devoures Brenda, allowing Katjaa and Lee to escape from the house.

Outside the house Lee encountered the group and Andy, who took Duck and threatens Lee. Lee and Andy fought with each other and Lee beat him and choose to kill or spare Andy. Lee's group escaped from the dairy after that.

If all 3 are dead then there’s no left to run the dairy.

If Andy and/or Danny are spared it’s unknown what the fate of the family is as it’s unknown if they were able to escape/hide from the the walkers or if they were devoured and killed by them.


Killed Victims

  • David Parker (Caused) or (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Travis (Indirectly Caused) or (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Jolene (Determinant)
  • Mark (Caused, Alive)
  • Larry (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Numerous counts of zombies, animals and possibly people.


  • Danny - Impaled with a pitchfork by Lee. (Determinant)
  • Brenda - Bitten by undead Mark. (Alive)
  • Andy - Kicked into an electric fence or shot in the head by Lee. (Determinant)


  • St. John Family is the first and only cannibalistic family/group encountered in the Video Game.


Video Game

Season 1