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Station House Bridge is a large bridge featured in "A House Divided" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Prior to the outbreak, this bridge was used as a railroad track for a train, while also allowing pedestrians to pass along.


"A House Divided"

The Station House Bridge is first visible when Clementine scouts the area nearby to the Moonstar Lodge and Station House using her binoculars. Luke and Clementine later explore across this bridge, encountering numerous walkers which nearly cause Luke and Clementine to fall off the bridge. Afterwards, the two come to their meeting with Matthew, the inhabitant of the Station House on the other side of the bridge. After Matthew invites them for food and rest at the Station House, Matthew spies Nick running along the bridge with his rifle. The two aim towards each other, but Nick fatally shoots Matthew in the neck and he falls off of the bridge. Clementine's group then cross the bridge to the Station House.

Later, when the group reach the Moonstar Lodge, Clementine scouts the trail behind them for followers, and she spies two lights crossing the bridge.


  • Beth - Put down by Clementine. (Zombified)
  • Matthew - Shot in the neck by Nick.