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When I was a kid, my pop, he went on a business trip or some shit to New York City, and he brought me back this little souvenir of the Statue of Liberty. I remember, I... I just couldn't imagine how something so small could also be so giant. You know? So, anyway, Pop, he, uh... He promises he's gonna take me in to see the real thing and... makes a whole plan, you know, picked a weekend and train tickets, the whole nine. And as generally was the case with my dad... something came up, I guess. Anyway, I still haven't seen Lady Liberty in the flesh.

The Statue of Liberty is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City, located in New York. It's a famous monument and tourist attraction.


Before the outbreak, the Statue of Liberty was a famous monument and tourist attraction.


Following the outbreak, the statue began to fall apart and be overgrown but still stands.

Season 1[]

"Old Acquaintances"[]

Negan recalls a story where his father had promised to take him to the Statue of Liberty as a kid, but he never did. Negan tells Maggie that, to this day, he has yet to see it.

"Doma Smo"[]

The Statue of Liberty will appear in this episode.


Dead City[]

Season 1[]


  • In The Walking Dead: Dead City credits, curtains can be seen fluttering in the crown of the Statute of Liberty, suggesting that survivors may be living there.
  • The Statue of Liberty is one of three locations that its destruction during Operation Cobalt is featured in the opening credits for The Walking Dead: Dead City.
    • The other locations are the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City Subway System.
    • Other iconic features of New York that are shown getting destroyed during Operation Cobalt are Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Square, and Broadway; However, it's unknown if they'll be featured on the show.