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"I can get us out. I just need someone strong enough to back me. You're the first fit person they left. (...) Stay close to me. You get me out of this room - I'll get us out of this compound."
—Steven to Travis and Nick.[src]

Steven is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is a captive of the Broke Jaw Ranch militia.


Steven is a brave, smart, and resilient survivor. Due to knowing several Marines, Steven has extensive knowledge of the layout of the militia's compounds. He helps Travis, Nick, and Luciana to escape the lab. When he is shot and captured, he merely asks to be shot in the head.


Location Unknown

Little is known about Steven's life prior to the apocalypse, other than that he had known several Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton and would go drinking with them. This gave him an extensive knowledge on the militia's compound and its escape routes.


At some point before the events of Season 3, Steven infiltrated the border and was captured by the Broke Jaw Ranch militiamen.

Season 3

"Eye of the Beholder"

Steven first appears asking Travis to help plan an escape. Their conversation is interrupted when soldiers take them to the "lab." Travis, Nick, Luciana, Steven and a few others sit in a line as the next victim is dragged to the wall and shot.

Steven tells Travis they can escape the depot via sewer tunnels that lead to the border. Travis agrees to help. The bored soldiers amp up their sick game by shooting two victims at once. Nick is next in line.

Willy and his comrade bet on which corpse will turn first. Travis convinces them to shoot him next, instead of Nick, claiming that Maori don't turn. As they chain him up, he attacks Willy and throws the other soldier at a freshly turned Infected. Travis, Nick, Luciana, and Steven escape in the chaos. Troy's men fire at them as they flee the barrack. The soldiers are gaining on them, so Travis tells Nick and Luciana to go on without him, and he stays behind.

Steven leads Nick and Luciana to a sewer grate. Nick helps Luciana down, then follows behind her. Steven is shot up by the soldiers before he can descend. Willy slits Steven’s throat, and throws his body into the sewer, ensuring that he will turn and find Nick and Luciana.

A reanimated Steven attacks Nick in the tunnel. Alicia hears Nick's cries, and follows the sound to the sewer grate. She peers down and sees Nick and Luciana below. Steven is on top of Nick and about to bite him. Alicia drops her knife down and Luciana puts down the undead Steven. 


Killed By

After helping Nick descend into the sewers to escape, Steven gets shot multiple times by a Militia soldier.

Willy then slits Steven's throat and throws his body into the sewer.

Alicia drops down a knife to Luciana and she picks it up. A zombified Steven is stabbed in the head by her before he can bite Nick.


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 3


  • Steven is the first character to die in Season 3.
  • The character of Steven was created to replace Colton from Fear the Walking Dead: Passage. Colton was originally supposed to appear in the Season 3 premiere, but the actor was unable to film due to scheduling conflicts. Because of this, a separate character with a similar backstory was created, Steven.
  • Steven claims to know the layout of the militia's compound, mentioning that the base was under expansion when the apocalypse came. This possibly hints to him being a contractor for the military before the events of the series.

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