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"You're always tired when you get home from work, you just skip dinner and go to your room and if I go in there to talk to you it's like you do listen and I can tell you hear me but it's not like you're there. You used to be there and then you stopped and I don't know why you did that. Fathers are supposed to show sons how to be a man in the world but I guess the world is too much for you."
Nicholas about his father.[src]

Steven Clark is a character mentioned in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the former husband of Madison Clark, and the father of Nicholas and Alicia Clark.


Los Angeles, California

All that is known about Steven's life is that he was a construction worker who, at some point, met and fell in love with Madison Clark. The pair eventually married and had two children, Nicholas and Alicia, as well as an unnamed stillborn daughter who would have been born before Alicia. He passed away several years before the apocalypse in a traffic collision, and the family spent a great deal of time mourning his death. Alicia mentions that he used to play Monopoly with them frequently, always insisting upon playing as the shoe piece.

Later in the episode "Los Muertos", Madison revealed to Strand that Steven "headed straight towards death", implying that he committed suicide by driving towards another vehicle for a head-on collision. She later lied to Nick and Alicia that the reason of his death was that he fell asleep behind the wheel after working late. This is confirmed in "Date of Death", where Madison finally reveals to Alicia that her father committed suicide. His suicide note also read "I love you all, but enough is enough".


Killed By
  • Himself (Pre-Apocalypse, Suicide)
  • Car accident (Pre-Apocalypse, Suicide)

Some point before the apocalypse, Steven kills himself by deliberately driving into oncoming traffic.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Steven has killed:

  • Himself (Pre-Apocalypse, Suicide)


  • In the Clark house, there are writings on the wall that says he appeared to be 5'8" (1.73 m) tall.
  • In an early interview regarding the series, it was stated that Steven died 6 years before the apocalypse, making Nick age 13 and Alicia age 11 at the time of his death. However, it is revealed in a flashback in "Grotesque" that Nick was around 16-18 when his father died, putting Alicia at around 14-16 years old.[1]
  • From Nick's description of his father to Gloria and Steven's suicide, he most likely had a severe form of depression.
  • On October 2020, in an interview with the Natural Aristocrat, Alycia Debnam-Carey was asked if she would like to have a flashback featuring Alicia and her father. She commented: "Yeah! I've never even thought about doing a flashback like that! But I'm always for showing some of the more revealing aspects of a character, before this whole apocalypse. And I do think it's tragic…"[2]