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Stone Mountain, Georgia is a mentioned location in Season 1 of The Walking Dead video game. It is a city located in DeKalb County, Georgia, 25 miles north of Atlanta. Furthermore, it is also possibly mentioned in "Clear".


Stone Mountain was a city, which likely had the basic necessities of a city. Ben Paul, Travis, Jenny Pitcher, and a bunch of students attended the local high school, with one teacher, David Parker, working there.


Video Game

Season 1

"Starved For Help"

Once the outbreak started, Stone Mountain, along with a lot of cities, have already fallen due to zombie overruns, after three months into it. The students and teachers of Stone Mountain High School have set up camp in their former school. Unfortunately, this was short-lived due to the Save-Lots Bandits invading and killing several students and employees, with the exceptions of Ben, Travis, Jenny, and David. Sometime during the outbreak, Jenny ultimately committed suicide via drug overdose, where she eventually reanimates as a walker and proceeds to kill more students and employees. Ben, Travis, and David escape the city and head south towards Macon, possibly being the sole survivors.

TV Series

Season 3


Michonne, Rick, and Carl drive down a deserted road, they go past a sign that says "Erin, we tried for stone mountain -J" and speed past a lone hitchhiker who pleads to them to stop the car.

Season 10

"What We Become"

After being drugged by Virgil, Michonne hallucinates herself encountering a sign that says Stone Mountain while. She is passed by Rick, Carl, and Daryl who ignore her pleads for help and continue into town.


  • Jenny Pitcher - Suicide via overdose (Alive)
  • Several Stone Mountain High School students and employees - Killed by the Save-Lot Bandits or attacked by a zombified Jenny.


  • The city is located in an unincorporated county.
  • In the TV series, a sign is shown that refrences Stone Mountain but it's never clarified if it was refering to Stone Mountain the city or Stone Mountain the national park.