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The following is a list of issues from The Walking Dead with a brief synopsis of each.

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye[]

Issue Cover Storyline
1 Issue 1 Rick Grimes wakes from a coma to a zombie infested world, and meets Morgan and Duane Jones. After Morgan gives insight into the situation, Rick sets out to Atlanta to find his missing wife and son.
2 Issue 2 Rick finally reaches Atlanta, and is escorted to a small camp of survivors where he is reunited with his wife and his son.
3 Issue 3 The survivors learn vital information from a walker. Rick's friend Shane grows jealous of Rick's sudden return.
4 Issue 4 Shane and Rick have a disagreement whether to stay or leave, and Rick feels the group needs more guns. Rick and Glenn make a trip into the city limits to get more guns, but not without trouble. Lori is keeping a secret from Rick.
5 Issue 5 Rick teaches the survivors how to shoot. Shane becomes increasingly angry at Rick. The camp suffers from casualties when it is attacked by zombies.
6 Issue 6 The group mourns for those that have died. Shane pulls a gun on Rick and is about to shoot him when Carl shoots him in the neck.

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us[]

Issue Cover Storyline
7 Issue 7 The group buries Shane and leaves the camp. They encounter a small group of survivors, Tyreese, Chris, and Julie. Lori reveals that she is pregnant.
8 Issue 8 Lori's pregnancy stirs the group. Dale has speculations over the father. The survivors find a potential safe-haven, Wiltshire Estates, but they fail to see a sign at the entrance warning "All Dead Do Not Enter".
9 Issue 9 The survivors settle into their newly found community. Their streak of luck is ruined when the group is attacked and Donna is killed. Weeks after, Carl is seriously wounded.
10 Issue 10 Survivors are taken to Greene Farm, where Carl regains consciousness. Hershel reveals what he has on his barn.
11 Issue 11 While trying to lure a walker into the barn, walkers flee and kill two of Hershel's children, causing him to come to his senses.
12 Issue 12 Rick's group are forced out from the farm, and stumble upon their new home, a prison.

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars[]

Issue Cover Storyline
13 Issue 13 The survivors rid the newly found prison of walkers. Inside they find an interesting surprise, four surviving inmates.
14 Issue 14 Inmates give Rick's group a tour. Rick escorts Greene Family and Glenn back to Prison. Chris kills Julie in a suicide pact gone wrong.
15 Issue 15 Tyreese kills Chris in revenge, and the survivors learn something important. Rick visits Shane, Tyreese is abandoned, and Hershel loses once more.
16 Issue 16 Dexter is locked up, presumed to be the murderer. Tyreese is secured, and Andrea is attacked by the real murderer, Thomas.
17 Issue 17 Thomas wounds Andrea but she is saved by Rick. Rick establishes his new "You kill, you die" rule.
18 Issue 18 Maggie gets her revenge on Thomas after he attacks Patricia. Later, Dexter and Andrew are about to force Rick's group out of the Prison.

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire[]

Issue Cover Storyline
19 Issue 19 Rick kills Dexter after getting a chance during an attack of zombies. Michonne and Otis reach The Prison. Tyreese advises Rick to rethink his new rule.
20 Issue 20 While clearing the prison, Allen is bitten.
21 Issue 21 Rick amputates Allen's leg in order to save him. Carol catches Tyreese having an affair with Michonne.
22 Issue 22 After finding Carol with her wrists slit, Rick blames Tyreese for her actions.
23 Issue 23 Rick and Tyreese get into a fight which quickly turns physical. In the meantime, Allen passes away, and Rick passes out mysteriously.
24 Issue 24 Rick wakes up and Dale informs him that he is no longer their only leader. Rick gives the group his "We are the walking dead" speech.

Volume 5: The Best Defense[]

Issue Cover Storyline
25 Issue 25 Outside the Prison, survivors discover a helicopter.
26 Issue 26 Rick, Michonne and Glenn are tracking the helicopter, and find it crashed, with footprints on the ground.
27 Issue 27 Rick, Michonne, and Glenn encounter Woodbury, Georgia, the Governor and his men. The Governor informs them that they are feeding the walkers with strangers.

28 Issue 28 Locating Woodbury turns out to be a horrifying mistake. Rick wakes up in the town's hospital and is shocked by his loss.
29 Issue 29 After waking up, The Governor informs Rick that he let Glenn free and knows everything about the Prison.
30 Issue 30 Tyreese tries to track the missing survivors. The Governor reveals that he lied about letting Glenn free.

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life[]

Issue Cover Storyline
31 Issue 31 The Governor hires Michonne to fight with one of the cage fighters. She executes the fighter quickly. Martínez tells Rick they have to leave immediately.
32 Issue 32 Survivors are gathered up and are leaving Woodbury behind. Not everyone makes it out alive, and Michonne goes to get her revenge on The Governor.
33 Issue 33 Michonne mutilates the Governor, leaving him for dead. She reaches the others and acts as if nothing had ever happened.
34 Issue 34 The survivors arrive at the Prison, but the sight isn't delightful.
35 Issue 35 The Prison is quickly secured, but not without losses. Rick realizes that Martinez is gone.
36 Issue 36 Rick tracks Martínez and kills him. Glenn proposes to Maggie. Rick tells everyone to be ready for Woodbury's attack.

Volume 7: The Calm Before[]

Issue Cover Storyline
37 Issue 37 Glenn and Maggie's wedding are held. A handful of Prison survivors take a trip outside due to lack of weapons. Lori tells Rick they need to talk about Shane.
38 Issue 38 Rick tells Lori he already knew about their relationship. The survivors outside, after finding some weapons, hide out in a store, when men from Woodbury, Georgia approach.
39 Issue 39 The threat in a store is eliminated, Dale is bitten and Judith is born.
40 Issue 40 Dale's infected limb is amputated and he manages to survive. In the shooting range, he looks at Tyreese and Andrea, jealously.
41 Issue 41 A little group brings a zombie inside for Alice. Andrea assures Dale she and Tyreese are just friends. Carol does something drastic.
42 Issue 42 Two weeks after Carol's death, Woodbury, Georgia finally reaches Prison, ready to fight.

Volume 8: Made To Suffer[]

Issue Cover Storyline
43 Issue 43 Flashback shows, how the Governor survived Michonne's torture. After a few weeks, he starts the assault on the Prison survivors.
44 Issue 44 The Governor opens fire, but the soldiers withdraw in the end. Rick faints due his injury.
45 Issue 45 Dale forms a little group and leaves the Prison. Rick states to those who stayed that they can't do this. Tyreese is captured by Woodbury, Georgia survivors.
46 Issue 46 The Governor brings Tyreese to The Prison and decapitates him in front of everyone, failing to get access to the Prison.
47 Issue 47 The Governor commits his final attack to The Prison and destroys the fences. Rick finds someone pointing a gun to Lori's head.
48 Issue 48 The assault claims a lot of casualties from both sides. Rick and Carl remain to be the only survivors.

Volume 9: Here We Remain[]

Issue Cover Storyline
49 Issue 49 Rick becomes unconscious, with his eyes glazed over.
50 Issue 50 Carl saves his father, and Rick wakes up for a moment, proving he's not dead.
51 Issue 51 Rick finally wakes up and finds a phone. He starts talking believing he is connected to Lori.
52 Issue 52 Michonne encounters Rick and Carl. The trio later discovers Glenn and Maggie.
53 Issue 53 The group reaches Hershel's Farm, where others have been hiding. In the morning, they discover three new survivors; Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.
54 Issue 54 Rick tells Carl not to trust anyone before the survivors leave Hershel's Farm.

Volume 10: What We Become[]

Issue Cover Storyline
55 Issue 55 Rick has a nightmare about Lori. Eugene discovers that zombies are getting weaker over time. Maggie attempts to hang herself.
56 Issue 56 Maggie is secured, and Rick and Abraham get into a serious disagreement about the situation.
57 Issue 57 Rick, Carl and Abraham take a trip to Atlanta to find an old friend. At night, they encounter three marauders, which they kill immediately. Abraham wants to reveal to Rick what happened to his family.
58 Issue 58 Rick and Abraham share their stories. The group finds Morgan, but his son has died and turned. Morgan is unable to shoot him.
59 Issue 59 Morgan joins the group. Survivors encounter The Herd and start to run.
60 Issue 60 The group reaches the rest, and tell them they have to leave. Ben doesn't seem alright, and Dale isn't satisfied with Rick's decisions.

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters[]

Issue Cover Storyline
61 Issue 61 Ben suddenly murders Billy, and the group discuss about possibly having to kill him. Gabriel reaches the group. Ben is shot by Carl. Survivors are watched by two men.
62 Issue 62 After mourning for the twins, Dale goes missing.
63 Issue 63 The group search for Dale, and Gabriel is suspected. The Hunters have a meal off Dale.
64 Issue 64 Dale reveals something to his hijackers. Dale is secured later on and Rick realizes they're being toyed with by the attackers.
65 Issue 65 The group goes to execute The Hunters.
66 Issue 66 The Hunters are killed, and Dale dies to his wounds. Carl reveals to Rick he killed Ben.

Volume 12: Life Among Them[]

Issue Cover Storyline
67 Issue 67 Weeks after Dale's death, Rick and Carl have time to talk about Ben. Eugene reveals something to the group. A new survivor appears.
68 Issue 68 Everyone recommends to leave with Aaron, but Rick still has his suspicions over him.
69 Issue 69 The survivors reach their new home; Alexandria Safe-Zone.
70 Issue 70 The group settles in to their new home. The place seems safe enough, but who is Davidson?
71 Issue 71 Rick swears if they ever were to be driven away, they would take the place over.
72 Issue 72 Alexandria community are having a party for the survivors. Rick tells Glenn they would have to get their guns back.

Volume 13: Too Far Gone[]

Issue Cover Storyline
73 Issue 73 Abraham saves Holly from certain death, and Tobin's actions in the past are questioned. Glenn gets the guns.
74 -74 Glenn and Heath make a run to the town. Gabriel reveals something to Douglas.
75 -75 Rick tries to deal with a resident who beats his family, but is stopped by Michonne. Supply runners discover a new group outside the town.
76 Issue 76 Douglas and Rick reveal to each other what they've been through. Carl later discovers Rick talking on the phone to Lori.
77 Issue 77 Pete's actions force Rick to shoot him, and a group of scavengers start to head to Alexandria.
78 Issue 78 The threat is dealt with, and Douglas states the community needs Rick as a leader.

Volume 14: No Way Out[]

Issue Cover Storyline
79 -79 The survivors discover a massive herd outside Alexandria.
80 25808 walkingdead80cov The Herd claims it's first victim. Jessie Anderson kisses Rick.
81 Walking-dead82 Herd breaks in to Alexandria, causing more losses.
82 82 Morgan is wounded, and dragged to safety. Rick assures everyone he's not going to help anyone except his own to survive.
83 83c0ver Morgan dies to his wounds. Outside Rick suffers from massive losses. Carl is seriously injured.
84 107999 337438 3 The survivors defeat all walkers and learn they're a manageable threat.

Volume 15: We Find Ourselves[]

Issue Cover Storyline
85 Issue 85 The Survivors clean up Alexandria and mourn for those who have died. They start to discuss measures and actions that have to be taken for the future. Carl shows signs of being alive.
86 97490 s0 Carl's actions were false alarm, but he is still alive. Rick states that he believed in the potential of the community to give them the power to survive in the future.
87 WD87 Rick mourns for the Anderson family, and tries again to talk to Lori, who is mad about what happened to Carl. Carl wakes up and asks where his mother is.
88 Walkingdead cover 88 Rick tells Carl what happened to Lori and Judith. Nicholas plans to take over Alexandria.
89 Walking dead 89 cov 2x3 Rick makes clear how wrong Nicholas' actions are.
90 1310839016 Nicholas calms down and retreats to his house. Carl is released from the hospital. Rick and Andrea kiss.

Volume 16: A Larger World[]

Issue Cover Storyline
91 -91 cover Survivors are running out of food. Someone is watching Alexandria.
92 Walking dead 92 web 72 Survivors encounter the unknown observer, Paul, who reveals he came from a big commuity, where almost two hundred other survivors live.
93 Issue-93-Cover Rick stuns Paul fearing they might have been targeted by hostile survivors. Rick swears he is going to take everything the new community has if Paul is lying.
94 The Walking Dead Issue 94 Cover Survivors take a trip to Hilltop Colony, and Rick slowly starts to trust Jesus.
95 Issue-95-Cover Rick tackles a man after he stabs the leader, and kills him immediately with his own knife.
96 Issue-96-Cover The Hilltop Colony residents are shocked about the murder of Ethan. Paul starts to explain the situation regarding 'The Saviors', who keep the area clean from zombies but require half of Hilltops supplies as payment. Everyone agrees that Rick's group is able to defeat them. On the way to the Safe-Zone Rick states they can finally start living.

Volume 17: Something To Fear[]

Issue Cover Storyline
97 Issue 97 Something To Fear (Part 1) Rick's group encounter members of The Saviors, and after dealing with most of them Rick tells the last one to pass a message on to Negan. Maggie reveals she's pregnant. Abraham and Eugene slip outside in hopes that they can restore their ammunition not knowing they are watched by a group of men.
98 The Walking Dead -98 Cover Outside Abraham is killed, as the rest of the Saviors withdraw. Rick replies to his death he doesn't know what to do.
99 The-walking-dead-99 Rick and a few others drive to the Hilltop Colony, hoping to get help with defeating The Saviors. A group of Saviors plan to attack the Safe-Zone at dawn.
100 Twd100cover adlard Rick's group is ambushed by a large group of Saviors, and Negan. He sets off boundaries by beating Glenn's head in with a baseball bat.
101 Walking-Dead-101-Cover-666x1024 The group reaches Hilltop Colony. With Jesus among them, the group gets back to Safe-Zone only to see the aftermath of a failed attack by The Saviors. Dwight is being held captive by Andrea.
102 Walking Dead 102 Rick decides to let Dwight go in order to prevent more deaths. Rick sends Paul Monroe out to follow him and find out more information about The Saviors.

Volume 18: What Comes After[]

Issue Cover Storyline
103 Cover 103 Rick reveals his plan to Andrea, to go against The Saviors, which he set in motion with Jesus. Negan pays a visit to Safe-Zone to receive their offering.
104 The-Walking-Dead-104-Cover Rick tells everyone Negan is now in charge. Carl hides in The Saviors' van, and kills several of them after he is discovered. He is stopped violently by Dwight until Negan tells him to stop and asks "is that any way to treat their new guest?".
105 Walkingdead105 1a Negan gives Carl a tour on The Saviors' base and later on, humiliates Carl for killing his men. Afterwards he tries to figure out what to do with Carl.
106 Walking-Dead-106-Cover After realizing Carl is missing, Rick pays a visit to Negan only to hear that Negan is anxious to show him what he has done to Carl.
107 The-Walking-Dead-107-Cover Negan returns Carl back to Rick and says that he can be reasonable. Back at the safe-zone Jesus reveals to Rick that it's time he introduces him to a man by the name of Ezekiel.
108 TheWalkingDead108 p1 Rick and Paul are escorted to Ezekiel, the leader of The Kingdom. Dwight reveals his intentions of wanting to help them take down their common enemy, but Rick doubts his true allegiances.

Volume 19: March To War[]

Issue Cover Storyline
109 The Walking Dead 109 Cover Rick starts to set his plan to take down The Saviors. Jesus does the same at the Hilltop Colony, but is betrayed by Kal, who flees to go warn The Saviors.
110 110CoverFull Jesus is able to prevent Kal from informing The Saviors of the resistance movement. Rick leads a small group of survivors to The Kingdom.
111 The-Walking-Dead-111-Cover Survivors bring their forces together at The Kingdom. Negan arrives at Alexandria to collect the offering. He is approached by Spencer, who wants him to kill Rick and appoint him leader of the Safe-Zone. Negan dislikes his lack of courage and kills him.
112 The-Walking-Dead-112-cover Rick finds out what happened to Spencer and decides to kill Negan. After opening fire Negan reveals another dozen Saviors stationed outside the walls.
113 The-Walking-Dead-114-cover Negan is about to execute his attackers. Andrea is ambushed.
114 Walking-Dead-114-Cover Negan's execution attempt is outrageously interrupted, causing multiply Saviors to die and the rest to withdraw. Andrea is secured. Negan realizes they are going to war.

Volume 20: All Out War - Part 1[]

Issue Cover Storyline
115 Issue 115 cover Soldiers from Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom travel to the Sanctuary, and ask Negan to surrender. Gregory announces that the Hilltop is allied with The Saviors.
116 116Full Negan refuses the offer. Rick and his army suffer from casualties, and Holly makes a dangerous decision. Rick announces to everyone that the war has only just begun.
117 Issue 117 cover Rick prepares his men for the next move, and The Sanctuary is surrounded by roamers. Negan shows Holly in a gruesome way that Saviors are not monsters.
118 Issue 118 cover Maggie tells Gregory off for his cowardliness, and says she believes in Rick. Rick's men start to attack one of the outposts, not without casualties. Ezekiel feels ashamed for his actions.
119 119 Cover In the aftermath of attacking the outposts, Negan starts an assault on the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
120 120 Cover An assault hits Alexandria.

Volume 21: All Out War - Part 2[]

Issue Cover Storyline
121 Issue 121 cover After the destruction of Alexandria, the remaining survivors move to Hilltop. Eugene and his ammunition crew are captured by The Saviors.
122 Issue 122 cover Dwight assures Eugene he'll help him escape, with help from a new ally. All the communities are gathered together at the Hilltop, and Negan plans an attack there with gruesome tactics.
123 TWD-cover-123-dressed Carson leads Eugene and his crew to safety, with more allied Saviors. After breaking in to Hilltop, Negan forces Dwight to shoot Rick.
124 TWD-cover-124-dressed Saviors retreat from Hilltop, and the survivors realize that no matter how minor wound one retrieves from the modified weapons they will die, among them Rick.
125 Issue 125 cover The survivors wounded by The Saviors begin to pass. Rick realizes he has been shot with a clean bolt and convinces Negan how they could live together, he then swiftly slashes Negan's throat open.
126 Issue 126 cover The war ends, and Rick saves Negan's life. Negan is informed he will be proven wrong about the surviviors rebuilding the civilization.

Volume 22: A New Beginning[]

Issue Cover Storyline
127 Wd-cover-127-dressed-small Two years after the events of "All Out War", the survivors have gotten more into building their society, and finally started living their lives. Carl reveals to Negan, now a prisoner, that he still wants him dead.
128 128 Andrea questions Magna, while Rick allows Carl to become an apprentice. Two Hilltop residents struggle outside the communities, and Magna assures her group they'll find out what Alexandria is hiding from them.
129 TWD129 cover Rick and Carl start their journey to Hilltop, but the route isn't as safe as it seems. Ken is seriously hurt, and Magna encounters Alexandria's secret.
130 TWD130 cover2 Rick and Carl reach the Hilltop and are greeted by Maggie. Marco leaves Ken behind, and returns to the Hilltop with a strange revelation.
131 TWD131 cover Maggie sends out a search party for the missing Ken. Later, Rick and Maggie have a heart to heart as Carl moves in to the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Andrea faces new problems.
132 132 Cover Magna and her group confront Andrea in her house. Meanwhile, Dante fights against a group of survivors who wear zombie skins to blend in.

Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams[]

Issue Cover Storyline
133 133 Cover A new group of survivors, who call themselves The Whisperers, are brought to light with a threatening mission.
134 TWD134-666x1024 Jesus manages to survive his encounter with The Whisperers and brings back a captured female member to the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Carl protects Sophia from a group of bullies, but goes a little too far in doing so.
135 Better135 Carl faces the consequences of his actions while it is revealed that the Whisperer Paul has captured is a 16 year old girl. Meanwhile, parents of the bullies, fed up with Maggie's leadership, begin planning to dethrone Maggie as their leader when Gregory insists that they kill her.
136 TWD136 coverFULL1 Though the families of the bullies who attacked Sophia and Carl decline Gregory's plan. They ultimately come to terms with him on one condition, they kill Carl too. Meanwhile, Carl and Lydia form a bond as Maggie and Paul put the pieces together. Outside the Hilltop, The Whisperers await their leader as they spy on the community.
137 Issue137 Carl and Lydia continue to bond as Maggie and Jesus try to figure out what to do. After a short confrontation with one of the parents of the children beaten by Carl. Gregory invites Maggie to his trailer where he attempts to poison her. However, he is found out by Paul shortly after drugging her.
138 TWD138 cover Gregory is subdued and Maggie survives the botched poisoning while Lydia begins to open up how different her world is compared to the Hilltops. Just then, The Whisperers leader arrives with a proposition and not all are happy.

Volume 24: Life And Death[]

Issue Cover Storyline
139 Issue139Cover Ezekiel is having fun dispatching some walkers near a port when Rick arrives with a small convoy. Meanwhile, Maggie and the others struggle to find Carl who has been taken in by the Whisperers. Back at the pier, Ezekiel and Rick discuss the upcoming fair when a familiar face arrives.
140 TWD 140 Gregory pleads that he has been framed and insists that he is innocent of any wrong doing, but to no avail. Maggie and Paul discuss what to do with him when Maggie comes to the realization that they may have to kill him. Back at Alexandria, a dangerous mishap occurs.
141 Issue 141 Cover A leader steps down while a surprise waits for Rick. Fates are discussed, and one is decided.
142 Issue 142 Cover Carl butts heads with the leader of The Whisperers, Alpha. Interested in their communities, she manages to infiltrate the fair as Rick gets word that his son has gone missing.
143 Issue 143 Cover Rick forms a search party for Carl and meets The Whisperers face to face with a threat that is all too real.
144 Issue 144 Cover Lines are crossed and all sides pay the price.

Volume 25: No Turning Back[]

Issue Cover Storyline
145 TWD145 Cover The aftermath.
146 Walking-Dead-146 After revealing the group's losses, a call for action turns ugly. Eugene has a plan.
147 147 Lydia is sent away with Carl and Andrea for her protection, but she suspects something more. Michonne has an a epiphany.
148 Issue 148 Cover Alpha comes to terms with her loss meanwhile, Dwight struggles to find a purpose. The communities grow restless, forcing Rick to find help from an unlikely source.
149 Walking-Dead-149-cover-900 Trouble begins to brew as Rick realizes what he has to do. Dwight makes a decision.
150 Walking-dead-150-cover Rick's plan is revealed, but not before restless members of the community try to take matters into their own hands.

Volume 26: Call To Arms[]

Issue Cover Storyline
151 The-walking-dead-151-cover-medium Dwight becomes the leader of Rick's newly formed militia who gets an unexpected volunteer. Elsewhere, Eugene is surprised while working on a radio.
152 TWD152 Cover Dwight continues to train new recruits. Rick is confronted by a vengeful youth.
153 The-Walking-Dead-153 Cover In spite of Rick, Brandon frees Negan with a plan to destroy both Rick and The Whisperers.
154 The-walking-dead-154-cover Negan's plan is set into motion as he is taken in by The Whisperers and meets Alpha. Aaron and Michonne cross the border in pursuit but are stopped and confronted by The Whisperer's monstrous second-in-command, Beta.
155 The-walking-dead-155 cover Michonne and Aaron are saved by Dwight and his men, but not before Aaron is severally injured. The two rush to the Hilltop for aid leaving Dwight as he realizes they have just committed an act of war. Meanwhile, Negan tries to swoon Alpha and begins to offer valuable information in exchange for joining their group.
156 Issue156 Negan begins to earn his keep among the Whisperers. However, after questioning their way of life, he is secluded from the group. Beta pushes for his removal but Alpha grants him his stay. The two later have a heart to heart and, after seemingly beginning to form a connection, Negan decapitates Alpha.

Volume 27: The Whisperer War[]

Issue Cover Storyline
157 157 cover Negan attempts to earn the trust of Rick by bringing him Alpha's head. Beta discovers Alpha's corpse and declares war against the survivors. The Kingdom's new leader, William, is questioned by his advisor. Dwight formulates a plan with the Militia and sends Gabriel out to scout.
158 Issue 158 cover Gabriel encounters The Whisperer's horde first hand while Vincent tries to persuade The Saviors to help with the fight. Oceanside is unable to support Alexandria and the Militia is left to face the horde alone.
159 Issue159 Negan and Beta encounter each other on the battlefield and brawl it out. Casualties begin to emerge as the undead swarm the survivors. Vincent is turned away by The Saviors and William proves he is not to be trifled with. Dwight comes up with a plan to infiltrate The Whisperers.
160 Issue160 Cover The Whisperers re-establish themselves and aim for the Hilltop. Vincent is left alone by The Saviors and is saved by Heath. Tara attempts to reconcile with the two but to no avail after informing them that they will not contribute in the war effort against The Whisperers.
161 TWD161-Cover The Hilltop is set ablaze by The Whisperers. Lydia chooses her side while William heads out with reinforcements. Sherry reveals her plans for Alexandria.
162 TWD162 cvrA Maggie and William discuss plans for the Hilltop. The Militia return home to a skeptical Rick and Beta unleashes The Whisperers secret weapon.

Volume 28: A Certain Doom[]

Issue Cover Storyline
163 TWD 163-Cover Numerous roamers from The Whisperers' herd break through the gates and kills a survivor while the rest start to get distracted away by the riders. John and Tara scout the Alexandria Safe-Zone from afar.
164 Issue 164 The hilltop residents begin to arrive at the overrun Alexandria. Rick and Negan work together to flee from the herd and reflect on some of their past experiences while trapped. Eugene and the other riders manage to lead some of the herd away from Alexandria. John and Tara prepare to move the other saviors to Alexandria to 'clean things up'.
165 165cover Siddiq and Annie hears Stephanie's voice on the radio. Rick and Negan continue to help each other. Kelly and Connie begin to plan to help take down the roamers with others. The Saviors ambushe Heath, Dwight, and Laura. Carl and the other hilltop residents begin to prepare to fight the roamers. Andrea gets bitten on the neck while trying to save Eugene.
166 STL040989-600x923 The riders continue their duty to lure the herd off the cliff. The Saviors confront the Alexandria and Hilltop residents. Rick and Sherry begin to fight just before he accidentally kills her. Rick finds Andrea's bite wound.
167 167 The survivors say their goodbyes to Andrea before she dies and gets put down by Rick.
168 TWD168 Cover Negan helps to defuse the dispute with The Saviors and the survivors.

Volume 29: Lines We Cross[]

Issue Cover Storyline
169 Twd-169-cvr-990124 Rick plans to gather a small team to send to Ohio while handling the repercussions of The Whisperer War.
170 Issue170 TWD The scavenge team consisting of Eugene, Michonne, Magna, Yumiko, and Siddiq begin their trek to Ohio. Rick grows concerned with Dwight.
171 IMG 20170621 023811 Entering Pittsburg, the Ohio bound team comes across a strange survivor.
172 172Cover-781x1200 Rick struggles to cope with his loss while Aaron and Paul decide to move to the Hilltop. While the two rest for the night, they are surprised by a looming figure.
173 TWD173 Jesus and Aaron clash with the remaining Whisperers, Maggie is informed about the whereabouts of Negan and the Ohio team are met with a surprise of their own.
174 TWD174 Cover Negan tries to find himself during his banishment but struggles with his past decisions. Maggie and Dante arrive looking to tie up loose ends.

Volume 30: New World Order[]

Issue Cover Storyline
175 TheWalkingDead-175-Cover The Ohio team arrives at their destination but are met with an armored patrol. Michonne miraculously finds a part of her past life.
176 Issue176 Michonne reunites with Elodie, one of her long lost daughters, and meets the leader of the community, Pamela Milton.
177 TWDIssue177 Michonne catches up with Elodie and finds out the fate of her other daughter and ex-husband. Meanwhile, Pamela's right hand man, Mercer, watches over her son, Sebastian. Having enough of their abuse, Mercer later vents his annoyances with the family to his men, which is overheard by Siddiq.
178 IMG 0920 The Ohio team tour The Commonwealth and find out even more about the community. Maggie and Sophia have a heart-to-heart about love and moving on after Sophia discovers her and Dante's relationship.
179 DWlvulwXkAAyTOB Michonne decides to stay behind with her daughter at The Commonwealth while the Ohio team leads Pamela and her entourage back to Alexandria.
180 DYulGK7X4AAps9k Rick and Pamela meet for the first time and have a clash of ideologies.

Volume 31: The Rotten Core[]

Issue Cover Storyline
181 Uxq3e9dmags01 Rick takes Pamela and her entourage on a tour through the other communities, starting with Oceanside.
182 Issu182 At the Sanctuary, John, the new leader of The Saviors, is surprised by the arrival of Rick and his guest. After touring the Sanctuary, Rick leads the group through The Kingdom and lastly, the Hilltop. Pamela learns the history between the four groups while Rick and Dwight make amends.
183 Issue183 After visiting Greenville, Michonne witnesses the security officers beating a citizen to death. Soon after begins a chaos in the Commonwealth as Rick and Pamela arrive.
184 Walkingdead184 Michonne is injured in the riot, but still defends the Commonwealth officers in court. Rick helps with the cleanup effort. Dwight, meanwhile, asks to be put in charge of the Commonwealth to save it.
185 TWD185 Cover After being rejected by Rick, Dwight stirs unrest in the Commonwealth, and gets himself arrested. Rick scolds him, but discovers Mercer wants Rick in charge of the Commonwealth, too.
186 Issue 186 After Dwight is released from jail, Michonne invites him and Rick to a meeting. Unbeknownst to them, however, she also invites Pamela, who attempts to have Dwight arrested. This prompts him to pull a gun on her, leaving Rick no choice but to shoot his friend in the head.

Volume 32: Rest In Peace[]

Issue Cover Storyline
187 Issue 187 Rick and Michonne reconcile over Dwight's death while Magna sends a small team to check in on them. Mercer tries to rally his fellow officers to fight Pamela, but his plans are foiled by Lance.
188 Dsbi6ZSW0AEd2Cj 1 Jesus, Aaron, Siddiq, Dante, and Carl run into Princess on their way to the Comonwealth, as well as a huge herd. Maggie second-guesses herself while Laura gathers support for her cause.
189 Issue 189 cover Mercer escapes from jail and stages a coup, while Rick helps Pamela and her son escape. Eugene and Stephanie, meanwhile, face their fears and escape the herd. After being reunited with his son, Rick confronts Mercer and is offered leadership of the Commonwealth once more.
190 Issue 190 Cover Things quickly spiral out of control in the Commonwealth as a herd is attracted by a recent explosion. Luckily, Maggie and Magna show up just in time to drive away the herd. Once the town is cleared, however, Pamela shows up with an army at her back and, convinced that Rick has betrayed her, orders them to attack.
191 Issue 191 Cover Rick successfully prevents bloodshed by delivering a speech to the citizens of the Commonwealth, and peacefully removes Pamela from power. Unfortunately, Rick finds himself woken in the middle of the night and held at gunpoint by Sebastian. After a short rant, Sebastian shoots Rick square in the chest.
192 192 cover Sebastian flees into the night after finishing Rick off, leaving Carl to find his reanimated father in the morning and put him down. Sebastian is arrested and imprisoned for the rest of his life. The next day, Carl takes Rick's body back to Alexandria to be buried there, accompanied by a large entourage. In the middle of the road, he breaks down over the death of his father.
193 Issue193Poster It has been many years since the death of Rick Grimes. Carl kills a walker that wonders onto his lawn, and gets into a dispute with Hershel Greene over destroying his property. Frustrated, Carl kills all of Hershel's other walkers, too, before going on a messenger run. He is arrested when he returns, but beats the charges against him. After returning home with his wife Sophia, Carl reads a bedtime story to his daughter Andrea, which recounts the life and achievements of Rick Grimes.