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This subway tunnel is a location seen in AMC's The Walking Dead. It is located in the Washington Metropolitan Area. A group of survivors from Alexandria use the tunnels to travel to Meridian, entering through the Pyron Metro Station and making their exit through the Degard East Market Metro Station.


Little is known about this tunnel or the location it is in before the outbreak occurred, except that it was in the Washington Metropolitan Area. It was an underground railway system used to transport large numbers of passengers within urban and suburban areas.


Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

A group consisting of Maggie, Daryl, Negan, Gabriel, Alden, Elijah, Cole, Gage, Agatha, Duncan, Frost, Roy, and Dog enter Pyron Metro Station to hide from the storm. Negan is asked what way to go despite wanting to rest. He says to take the Yellow Line North up to Reagen National and then head on the Blue Line until they reach Bethesda and cross to the Red Line. After this, the whole group moves forward in the tunnel as per Negan's instructions.

"Acheron: Part II"

After the death of Gage in the tunnels, the remaining survivors in the mission group exit the subway station through the Degard East Market Metro Station. The group rest up at this station before the continue on their mission to get more supplies.



  • Tom and Jesse's father
  • Tom and Jesse's mother
  • Many unnamed people


  • Gage (Alive and Zombified)
  • Many unnamed people (Alive and Zombified)


TV Series

Season 11