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"Suffer The Children" is the second episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It is the eighteenth episode of the series overall. It was written by James Windeler and Mary Kenney and directed by Chris Rieser.

It was released on September 25, 2018. It is also the final episode released by Telltale Games before the company filed for assignment on October 2018.


Beginning the next morning after the end of "Done Running", the children of the Ericson's Boarding School Group take a vote to exile Clementine and AJ out from the school after their actions led to Marlon's death. Clementine and AJ are forced to leave after being told by Louis and Violet that they were voted to be exiled out of the school. After being left in the woods to survive on their own, the pair run into Abel again, the mysterious man that had been sabotaging the School's traps or trashed their Fishing Cabin.

Clementine subdues Abel, only to be overpowered by another person from behind and they reveal themselves to be a ghost from Clementine's past. AJ himself is overpowered by Abel, with his arm on the verge of being broken by Abel. The two explain members of a community called The Delta, as they are the group Marlon had been involved with prior to Clementine's arrival at the School. They ask Clementine to take them to the school and surrender the kids to fight in the war they are in with an unknown community, but if she refuses, they'll do it by force.

After Louis and Violet notice Clementine and AJ held captive by the two members, they distract the adults and help them escape in a pack of walkers. As they escape, Clementine is approached by another young man named James dressed in walker skin, and he helps her deal with a wounded AJ, as he suffered a gunshot wound sustained by buckshot from Abel. The damage requires proper medical attention however, so the next morning, the three of them head back to the school in an attempt to let AJ rest. Before they get in, James leaves the two at the gates and disappears back into the woods, and Clementine and AJ spend the rest of the episode earning the school's trust back and helping them prepare for the Delta's attack...


The morning after Alvin Jr. shot and killed Marlon, Clementine awakens back in her bed. She notices AJ sitting on the floor, heating up a cup of coffee for her. Noticing that she is awake, AJ bring it to her and explains that he had found it in the kitchen and had gotten permission from Tennessee to take it. She takes a drink, then pauses when AJ asks if Louis had been right to label him a murderer for what he had done to Marlon.

In a flashback, Clementine recalls the moment immediately after AJ had casually explained his actions to the group. Louis is distraught to see his best friend dead. Ruby is initially too shocked to recognize that Marlon was already dead and options getting medicine from the nurse's office to save him. Mitch calls AJ a "psycho" and Louis calls him "a murderer" for shooting Marlon after Clementine had stopped him.

Back in their room, AJ asks Clementine why what he had done was wrong, believing that Marlon was just another monster and that they were supposed to kill monsters. Clementine has the option of either agreeing with Louis or saying that Louis had reacted out of shock. If Clementine agrees with Louis, she says that some people did bad things and needed to be stopped, but Marlon had been no threat to them when he had shot him. AJ becomes despondent and asks what they would do next. (Determinant) Alternatively, if Clementine disagrees with Louis, she says that he was justified for having shot Marlon. Relieved, AJ repeats that he was justified asks what they should do next. (Determinant)

The previous night, Clementine notices Mitch and Ruby angrily approaching her. Before anyone can initiate another fight, however, Violet steps in front of AJ and draws her cleaver, ordering everyone to stand down. She tells Clementine to take AJ and go back inside so that the rest of them could deal with his actions among themselves. Louis is outraged that she was simply sending them inside, they would do to stop AJ from shooting anyone else. Clementine can defend AJ, but the others are unconvinced by any argument she makes. Clementine takes AJ away from them.

Back in their room, AJ again asks her what they should do next. If Clementine had said that he was a murderer, he asks if he was going to die for his actions. She says that they would try to atone for what he had done. (Determinant) Alternatively, if Clementine had said he was justified for killing Marlon, he asks how they would deal with the others seeing him as a monster. Clementine says that they would have to try to prove to them that AJ was not something they should fear. (Determinant)

Leaving the courtyard the previous night, Clementine and AJ are stopped by Mitch, who draws a handmade knife on them. Clementine can either talk him down or forcibly disarm him, but either way, Mitch irritably walks away, swearing at both of them as he goes to Marlon's corpse.

In their room, AJ points out that Clementine had killed people before, bringing up her friend Lee. If she had left Lee to turn, he asks her why she hadn't killed him, giving Clementine the option of either explaining herself or not. If Lee had been put down to prevent reanimation, he asks her why she had killed him despite him not being a threat to her, giving her the option of explaining why it was different or not. After a moment, AJ tells her that he loves her, making Clementine emotionally reply that she "[loved him] back" and hugs him.

Tennessee lets himself in to their room, informing them that Violet had wanted them to come to the funeral the students were holding for Marlon and Brody. He offers one of his toys to AJ, explaining that it was a fireman, someone who protects people like AJ did. AJ asks where the firemen had all gone, giving Clementine the option of saying that they had died or perhaps he would meet one someday. Tennessee offers the fireman to AJ again, and, depending on whether or not Clementine told him he was justified, he will accept it gratefully or somberly deny it because he felt he did not deserve it. If AJ rejects the toy, Tennessee comments that he was not a murderer because courts were supposed to decide a person's guilt, leaving Clementine with the option of refuting his opinion. Tennessee leaves them alone, and Clementine and AJ follow him outside after a few moments.

In the courtyard, AJ immediately notices Marlon's blood, pausing to examine it and somberly stating that he had caused it. Clementine manages to steer him away and lead him over to the graveyard, where the rest of the students are holding their funeral. AJ and Clementine remain at the perimeter of the ceremony, a few of the other students giving them bitter glances as the two of them remark to themselves on why people held funerals at all. Tennessee recalls Brody's desire to go to the beach and places a drawing of the beach he had made for her upon her grave, wishing her well in the afterlife. Violet steps up to deliver a eulogy, but cannot bring herself to speak for Marlon after what he had done to Brody and Tennessee's sisters. Willy accuses her of having disliked Brody when she was alive, but Violet is still unable to deliver her eulogy.

This agitates Mitch, who then directs his anger at Clementine and AJ. Clementine can either defend AJ against Mitch- further angering the others- or agree that Marlon hadn't deserved to be killed for his mistakes. AJ steps forward to speak for himself, repeating what he and Clementine had said over Marlon's death in their room. If Clementine said she would help him atone for his actions, AJ tries to relate his intentions, but his uncertainty makes Louis leave in frustration. If Clementine told him that he was justified, AJ repeats her words to the others, making them resentful and some of them outright hostile as Louis leaves in his frustration.

Violet voices her dissent with the others, putting the blame on Marlon and all of them for what he did to Tennessee's sisters. Mitch is unwilling to accept Violet's reasoning, wanting to expel Clementine and AJ. He decides to put the matter to a group vote immediately, the others agreeing to his idea. Violet- sensing the inevitable- sends Tennessee to retrieve Louis for the vote and asks Clementine to take AJ back inside and await their decision. Clementine relents, ushering AJ back to their room.

Soon, Clementine and AJ return to their dorm room, anticipating the results of the vote. As AJ is kicking the wall in anger, Clementine manages to calm him down. After discussing the situation, Violet and Louis enter their room. Violet reveals to Clementine and AJ that they have to leave. Louis demands AJ’s gun so that in case if he tries to do something. Clementine can choose whether to order AJ to give Louis his gun or tell him to keep it. Soon after packing up, they escort them outside the safe zone. If AJ gave Louis his gun, he returns it to him before they take off.

Now alone and defenseless, AJ and Clementine wander the forest in search for shelter. A gunshot suddenly pierces a nearby tree, causing AJ and Clementine to scramble for cover. They hide behind a tree and spot a man: Abel from the train station. Clementine attacks him from cover, but is subsequently held at gunpoint by another woman behind her. Clementine is subdued by Abel and Lilly, and is kicked in the face by the latter. AJ yells Clementine's name, as he too, is also subdued by Abel. She looks up to see a visibly shocked woman. It is Lilly, who has been missing for several years. She reintroduces herself, and Clementine can choose to be angered or startled by her reappearance. If Clementine is angered, Lilly will stand on her abdomen. If shocked, Lilly will reciprocate her feelings of nostalgia. Lilly then offers to help Clementine up, which she can accept or refuse, making Lilly pleased or bitter. Lilly then enquires about Clementine's past, and attempts to manipulate her by stating her death is inevitable protecting AJ – just like Lee's was with her – in order to convince her and the Ericson students to join her group peacefully.

Soon, Violet and Louis arrive out of sight – drawn by the noise from Clementine and AJ's encounter with Abel. In order to free herself and AJ from their compromised position, Clementine either orders Violet to shoot Lilly in the shoulder with her bow and arrow – causing Louis to be shot in the arm – or run. Clementine and AJ sprint away from Lilly and Abel's line of sight. However, AJ is shot in the abdomen by Abel and retreats to a tree to rest, while Clementine fends off incoming walkers. Soon, an unusually animated walker shushes Clementine, leading the remaining walkers away from her. He is a human and carries a wounded AJ, leading Clementine to his base camp in the middle of the woods. He leads them to his campfire and urges Clementine to remove the shrapnel embedded in AJ's wounds.

The mysterious figure reveals himself to be James, formerly affiliated with a group known as the Whisperers. He and Clementine converse about their past lives before the apocalypse and he elaborates why he left the group– citing his disillusionment with their methods and his intrinsic pacifism. James and Clementine spot a walker approaching the camp. Clementine is presented with the opportunity to kill it or divert it away from camp. Afterwards, James offers an apple to them, which Clementine can choose to accept or refuse. Soon afterwards, James decides to stay up for the night to guard the camp. Clementine can choose to sleep or stay up to help. The next morning, James leads them back to Ericson’s.

Willy then spots James, who mistakes him for a walker and attempts to shoot him with an arrow, but narrowly misses. He then alerts everyone that Clementine and AJ are back. Clementine then offers to let James stay with them. Looking at the arrow near his foot, he replies by saying that he is not ready and walks back into the woods. Louis then lets them in and he carries AJ, due to Clementine having no energy left to carry him herself.

Back inside the walls, Clementine allows Ruby to tend to AJ's wound. Some of the students voice their anger that Clementine had returned against their wishes, but Ruby silences them after seeing AJ vulnerable. Violet sides with Clementine once again, asking that she join her in the headmaster's office. Clementine tells AJ to be brave for her and not let fear take over, (Determinant) then leaves him in Ruby's care.

Violet and Clementine separate themselves from the others so that they could have a quiet, honest conversation about what had happened the previous day. If Clementine has called for Violet and Louis to run the previous day, Violet thanks her for protecting them at the cost of her own safety. If Clementine had asked them to shoot Lilly, nearly breaks down when she recounts how close Louis had come to being killed. Violet expresses her relief that Clementine and AJ had survived. She then asks Clementine about Lilly, sharing her observation that the two of them knew each other. Clementine can honestly admit that she had not seen Lilly in years or be evasive, but Violet will nevertheless say that she believes that Clementine and Lilly were enemies based on how Lilly had mercilessly stood on top of Clem's neck.

Violet then asks her about James, asking why she would bring him back to their school despite him being a stranger. Clementine can vouch for James or dismiss the question, but Violet points out that even if she believes her, the others would not be as trusting of Clementine after voting to exile her. They determine that perhaps they could convince the others to let Clementine stay after she reveals that Abel and Lilly would attack the school to abduct everyone there. Clementine offers to help fortify the school for the impending attack, volunteering to clear the school's greenhouse of walkers so they could find the barbed wire.

Before Violet can agree to the plan, however, Mitch angrily bursts into the room to scold Violet for letting Clementine return. Ruby follows him to inform Clementine that AJ's condition had improved, but Mitch refuses to drop the matter. When Violet shares the news that the raiders would attack their school soon, he speculates that Clementine might be allied with the raiders. Violet intimidates Mitch into compliance, ordering him to go with Clementine to the greenhouse. Ruby says she would join the two to help "keep the peace". Clementine is sent to the gate to await them, passing by a remorseful Louis and an unconscious AJ on her way out.

After arriving at the greenhouse, Ruby tests the front door and finds it blocked from the inside. Clementine searches for an alternate entrance, discovering an open glass panel on the roof and a ladder leading up to it. Mitch spitefully demands that Clementine be the one to enter the greenhouse and clear it of walkers. Clementine can either volunteer to do the job or fight back, but Ruby will request Clementine go first either way. The two students raise Clementine up to the ladder, then lose sight of her as she drops through the window. Attacked by three walkers, Clementine finds a discarded knife inside and uses it to kill them. She then unblocks the front entrance to allow Mitch and Ruby to follow her.

Mitch reluctantly gives Clementine credit for her quick work in clearing the greenhouse, then searches the room for the barbed wire. Upon finding a locked cabinet, Clementine grabs a pry bar from one of the greenhouse's shelves and uses it to get past the lock. Inside, they discover the barbed wire, but Mitch is more interested in the fertilizer within, wanting to use it to create some explosives. Ruby reveals that he had been sent to Ericson's before the outbreak because he used to create his own explosives. Mitch is proud of his knowledge, saying that if they could find some propane and a way to ignite it, he would be able to create a bomb to use against the raiders. Mitch and Clementine decide to enter the greenhouse's lab to continue the search.

Clementine enters first, but she is grabbed by a walker once she enters. Clementine manages to free herself, (Determinant) the walker unable to give chase because it is tied to a planter. Ruby sadly identifies the walker as Ms. Martin, the former school nurse and the only adult who had remained at the school to care for the children when the outbreak began. Clementine sympathizes with Ruby's sadness, (Determinant) leading her to recount how Ms. Martin had instructed the students to run from the greenhouse when the walkers had attacked long ago. (Determinant) Ruby asks Clementine to finish off the walker, which she does with her new knife. Mitch is unmoved, telling them to continue the search so they could leave quickly. Clementine finds an igniter and a leftover tank of propane, Mitch offering to carry the latter when Clementine fails to lift it on her own. Mitch is eager to show their findings to the other students, but Ruby asks to bury Ms. Martin outside of the greenhouse first. Mitch disdainfully offers to burn the corpse instead, not wanting to waste time.

Burn it: Clementine sides with Mitch and dismisses Ms. Martin as a walker that has been dead for years. Ruby is angered, leaving the lab without them as Mitch irritably derides Ruby for failing to get over the fact that loss was common for all of them. The two of them drag the corpse outside and use some of the propane to burn it. Mitch quietly assesses that it was better for them to move on quickly so that they never get distracted by the walkers that had once been people close to them. Mitch then decides to tell the others that he supports Clementine staying with them, saying that they needed her. Clementine thanks him and the two leave as Ms. Martin burns to ashes.

Say nothing: Mitch declares that neither he nor Clementine would help Ruby, leading Ruby to bitterly depart. After she leaves, the two of them drag the corpse outside and use some of the propane to burn it. Mitch quietly assesses that it was better for them to move on quickly so that they never get distracted by the walkers that had once been people close to them. Mitch then decides to tell the others that he supports Clementine staying with them, saying that they needed her. Clementine thanks him and the two leave as Ms. Martin burns to ashes.

Bury her: Clementine offers to help Ruby bury the former nurse. Ruby is grateful, but Mitch is outraged that the two of them would waste their time burying a walker. When neither one relents, Mitch angrily leaves with the propane. Ruby and Clementine carry Ms. Martin outside and use a shovel to dig a small grave out front. After burying her, Ruby says that she would put a stone in their graveyard for Ms. Martin, but they would leave her body at the greenhouse because she had loved the place. Ruby then tells Clementine that she would tell the others about how she had helped them today and that she had shown kindness.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Carrying out their new supplies, Ruby asks if it would be enough. Clementine says that the barbed wire would prevent the raiders from climbing the walls and would need to come through the front gates. Mitch again expresses his excitement at the prospect of greeting the raiders with a bomb as the three return to the school.

Later that night, Clementine checks AJ's temperature as Louis walks into their room, careful not to wake him. He offers Clementine a few of Tennessee's old shirts to replace the one spattered by AJ's blood. Clementine is grateful for his help carrying AJ earlier, expressing some relief over AJ's recovery while he rests. The two of them discuss Mitch's idea to use bombs to fight off the raiders and Violet's preparations to fight, Louis informing her that the others had decided to allow her and AJ to stay.

Clementine thanks him for forgiving them, (Determinant) but Louis tells her that the students were only allowing them to stay until the raiders had been repelled and were not ready to allow them to remain beyond that point. (Determinant) Clementine asks about whether Louis himself was ready to accept them staying at the school. He is unsure, only knowing that he wants AJ to be cared for while he is injured. AJ rouses next to Clementine, saying he was feeling better but still in some pain. Greeting Louis, AJ asks if the two of them were still friends. His question disturbs Louis, causing him to hesitate and prepare to leave without answering while telling AJ to rest. Before he can depart, however, Clementine shares her regret that Louis was still hurting over Marlon's death. (Determinant) Louis uncertainly blames both them and Marlon for what happened. (Determinant) He exits their room, closing the door behind him.

AJ says that he is not angry at Louis after he had tended to him when he had needed it most. Clementine can express her own feelings toward Louis, whatever they may be. She then goes to pick out a new shirt for AJ, telling him he can change when he feels better. Clementine then pulls the sole lit candle in their room between them, offering to put it out so AJ can sleep. When the two of them playfully recite their bedtime rhyme, Clementine appears saddened by AJ's state when he mimes a gunshot. Blowing out the candle, Clementine gets into bed. After finding herself restless a short time later, Clementine pulls out her map and begins making her own plans to defend the school. Over the course of the next two weeks, AJ recovers from his injury and the students have nearly finalized their preparations for an attack they had expected much earlier. Deciding she has done all she can, Clementine finally allows herself to rest, going to sleep next to AJ.

Clementine sharply wakes up to the sound of a baby crying nearby, looking to the side and not finding AJ in his bed. She follows the crying noises out of her room, startled by the appearance of a saddled horse walking around the halls. The air begins to distort, growing darker as she trails it toward the dorm exit. A muffled gunshot sounds, apparently killing the horse as several more gunshots and the continued crying of the baby urge Clementine onward. Desperate to find AJ, she continues to the front of the hall as ash and soot falls around her, a fire consuming the world outside of the exit. She opens the door and steps outside.

Clementine suddenly awakens again in her room, gasping from her dream. She says AJ crouching on top of the dresser and staring out the window. He matter-of-factly tells her that she had been experiencing a nightmare about what had happened at McCarroll Ranch. Clementine assures him that she would be fine, shaking off her anxiety. She notices a small blade in his hand, asking if he had also been woken by his own nightmare like he had been having ever since he had been shot. AJ remarks that he felt safer when awake, wanting to never sleep again. He is suddenly struck by a spike of pain, Clementine offering to tuck him back into bed. He rejects her offer and continues to perch atop the nightstand.

AJ believes that in order to be as strong and tough as she wants him to be, he must always be at the ready to defend her. Clementine can console him or scold him, but AJ reveals that he was just upset that Clementine had been forced to both take care of him and atone for his mistakes. (Determinant) He resolves to do more for her to lighten her burden, offering to go on patrol to protect her. If Clementine allows him to go, he leaves somberly, Clementine talking to herself in the dark about how strange the two of them were before falling asleep. If Clementine convinces AJ to go back to sleep, he hesitantly asks her if she would let him sleep in her bed like she had when he was little. She agrees and tells him that he was "still little" before the two of them fall asleep. (Determinant)

The following morning, Clementine walks with AJ out into the courtyard help keep the school ready for an attack. AJ leaves to go on watch on top of the tower alongside Tennessee. Clementine is proud of him for stepping up to help, but is interrupted by an argument between Louis and Violet. Louis does not want to continue preparing for the raiders to attack, stressed over the lengthy amount of time the raiders had taken to come for them. Violet snaps at him to take the impending threat seriously, stating that all of the children were on edge and that his anxiety did not give him the right to shirk his responsibilities. Frustrated, Louis leaves her behind and stalks toward the practice range. Violet and Clementine discuss how they had finished setting up their defenses but had nothing to do but wait as they had done for weeks. Clementine agrees to check on everyone else around the courtyard to verify that they were adequately preparing, Violet deciding to go fortify the administration building's back hallway after Louis had refused to do it himself.

The appearance of the courtyard has drastically changed from how it had looked when Clementine had first arrived at the school. The students had- among other things- overturned the picnic tables to provide cover and fashioned dozens of wooden spikes to act as both traps and warnings, planting several in the ground with severed walker heads facing the entrance. Clementine inspects the area and speaks with those she finds making ready outside.

She finds Louis practicing with Marlon's bow, not having much success with it. He is angered by his own inabilities, pessimistically musing about how the raiders would attack soon and all of their preparations would be for naught. Clementine assures him that they would not let the raiders win, causing Louis to compare her words to Marlon's. While continuing to practice poorly, he laments how he had failed to help his friend manage the everyday aspects of keeping a community of children together. Putting down the bow, Louis decides that he had inadvertently turn Marlon into what he had become with his carelessness and neglect, apologizing for blaming Clementine and AJ when she had revealed the truth to him.

If Clementine empathizes with his feelings or says nothing, Louis admits that while he was upset over Marlon's death, he could understand why AJ had thought Marlon to be a monster. He then offers the bow to Clementine to allow her to refine her own shooting. (Determinant) Louis stands by as Clementine practices with the bow herself and jokes about his minimal expectations for her accuracy. (Determinant) After Clementine shoots at a painted target five times, Louis jokes again on her performance. (Determinant) Clementine returns the bow to him so he can continue to practice, (Determinant) Louis thanking her for her understanding. (Determinant)

If she speaks to him again, he reveals that he had planned on boarding up the administration building's back hallway after he had worked on his accuracy, (Determinant) but Clementine defers to Violet and says that she had just needed something to do to pass the time. (Determinant) Alternatively, if Clementine rejects Louis's apology, Louis bitterly remarks on how Clementine herself had made it difficult for the students to accept her help and tries to explain that he had never wanted to hurt her before he gives up and leaves. Clementine picks up the bow Louis had discarded and practices with it herself, (Determinant) shooting at least five arrows at a painted target. (Determinant)

Elsewhere in the courtyard, Clementine finds Mitch sitting alone working on his bomb. Mitch is certifying that the fuse will light when ready, though his efforts through most of the morning had proven unsuccessful. Clementine reminds him of their plan to have her distract the raiders once they arrived and have him detonate the bomb once they were inside the walls. Mitch wistfully recalls the inspirational messages strewn around the school when it had been in order and having torn them all down once the adults had abandoned them. He then hands the igniter to Clementine, asking her to test the fuse for him. When testing the fuse, the flame dies before it can reach the bomb. Mitch is angered by yet another failure, but Clementine urges him to just keep trying. (Determinant) Mitch sends her away so he could continue work on it by himself, thanking her for her help.

Clementine checks in with AJ and Tennessee at the wall. Tennessee asks if his sisters Minerva and Sophie might be with the raiders when they attack. AJ cannot answer, not knowing what the raiders would do. He sees Clementine and explains that they were on lookout. Clementine playfully asks if it was like patrol, but AJ insists that it was different because they did not have to walk around the perimeter while on lookout. Smiling at AJ's explanation, Clementine turns and leaves the two of them to their lookout.

Violet reemerges from the administration building, informing Clementine that she had finished fortifying the rear hallway. She asks Clementine if she believed the other students were doing well in their preparations. If Clementine honestly tells her that the students were trying their best despite their shortcomings, Violet angrily says that "trying" would not save them from being taken by the raiders. Before the conversation could continue further, Willy and Aasim burst out of the administration building themselves, arguing with and insulting each other. Violet demands an explanation for their argument, leading Willy to shout that he and Aasim could not agree on how to build traps inside. Aasim says that he wants to drop duffel bags filled with bricks on the raiders, then derisively states that Willy wanted to use a giant wooden log to swing from the balcony to attack intruders in the main foyer. The other children (sans Mitch) in the courtyard gather around as the argument unfolds.

Brick trap: If Clementine either supports Aasim's plan or remains silent and allows Violet to decide to go with Aasim's plan, she says that using the bricks would be more practical. Willy protests that his idea is also practical, but Aasim shoots him down and call his plan befitting of a child without a clue.

Log trap: Clementine decides to go with Willy's plan. Aasim is unconvinced, thinking that the log would only be good to take out a single raider at most. He continues to mock Willy, saying that he could not remember the last time that he had done anything of use.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Furious at being publicly shamed, Willy punches Aasim in the stomach. Everyone stands shocked, most of all Willy, who quickly realizes what he had done before running back into the dorms. Aasim says that he is fine before limping over to sit down in front of the firepit. Violet sullenly states that the students would kill each other long before the raiders ever arrived. The children all follow Aasim and join him, Louis deciding to play another card game to break the tension that had been building. Louis jokingly asks if Aasim wanted to invite Ruby to play with them, insinuating that Aasim had a crush on her.

Louis decides to play "Truth or Dare" with Clementine, Aasim, Violet and Tennessee. During the first round of the game, Violet asks Clementine to pick who she would "flip, marry [and] kill" among Ruby, Aasim and James. Louis and Violet pick apart Clementine's answers to the amusement of the other students, finally bringing some laughter back among them. During the second round of the game, Clementine is able to provide a dare to Aasim to either kiss one of the severed walker heads or ask Ruby for a kiss, the latter of which resulting in Ruby smacking Aasim across the face. The others share a hearty laugh at Aasim's embarrassment as he completes his dare.

During the third round, Louis asks Clementine if she had feelings for anyone in the group. Regardless of how she answers, Violet and Louis remind her of her answers during the first round to make the others chuckle. For the fourth round, Aasim asks Tennessee to reveal something he had thought but never shared for fear of embarrassment. Tennessee, in response, says that he believes that one day, the walkers would all go away, believing that the time they lived in was only a temporary phase like the Ice Age. The others are all left thoughtful at Tennessee's belief, Clementine able to share her opinions on it if she chooses.

AJ says that he is far too young to remember a world without walkers. Louis cheers him up by saying that the world before walkers had not been much better. Afterward, Louis collects his cards as Violet calls for everyone to finish their work for the day. Ruby and AJ return to lookout duties together as Willy and Aasim reconcile with one another outside the administration building, deciding to work on the traps together. Both Louis and Violet ask Clementine for help with the piano and perimeter fortifications respectively before leaving.

Go with Louis: Clementine follows Louis into the music room, where he is heard playing a new song. If Clementine rejected Louis's apology, he appears shocked that she decided to join him, but tells her that he’s happy she did. Louis states that he is playing music one more time before the battle begins, and asks Clementine about how she’s feeling about the imminent fight. Clementine has the option of answering confidently or fearfully, to which Louis comforts her. Louis then asks for help tuning the piano and tells Clementine to press the A key, remarking on Clementine’s partially missing finger. (Determinant) After pressing the key, Louis asks Clementine to step on the pedals while he tinkers with the back of the piano. Then, he asks her to blow on the strings, which Clementine complies with (despite being confused at first).

He then tells her that he was just messing around with the string blowing, to which Clementine can express appreciation or annoyance towards the joke or flirt with Louis and cause him to have a stupefied reaction. Louis then sits next to Clementine and tells her that he is unsure of the name of the song he’s playing, but decides to celebrate the first time by carving his initial into the piano. He then hands his knife to Clementine, and she initials the letter “C” next to his “L”. Clementine then has the option of handing the knife back to Louis or carving a heart around their initials, him expressing delight towards the latter. Louis then decides to open up and expresses gratitude towards Clementine for taking time to be alone with him despite their earlier conflict. Louis tells her that unlike the others, she was willing to hear out his feelings and take him seriously as a person, not just caring about his humorous side.

  • I’m glad we’re friends.: If Clementine names Louis her friend, Louis asks her for an honorary friendship fist bump and jokingly names the song "Super Fun Times Friend Song". Louis then dubs her “Clem-ster”, and she can either express annoyance towards it, give herself a new nickname or try to give Louis a humorous nickname in return.
  • I LIKE like you...: If Clementine states that she likes him as more than a friend, she has the option of kissing Louis, declaring she likes him too (after he expresses his feelings) or jokingly calling him a "weirdo". Louis is glad to know that Clementine shares his feelings, stating that he hoped she was talking about him when she claimed to like somebody in "Truth or Dare" while she looks at him longingly. (Determinant)
  • Say nothing: If Clementine says nothing, the moment passes by as Louis looks away embarrassed.

Before either can say anything else, Ruby calls out for them, looking for Clementine to begin her shift on lookout. The two of them leave the room, Clementine leaving for watch duty.

Go with Violet: Clementine jogs after Violet, entering the ruins of the school's bell tower. Violet and Clementine climb up the interior to the top to get the best view of all the school's walls, idly conversing about Violet's craving for a chicken nugget. Once she joins Violet on the platform, Clementine is satisfied by the appearance of the front of the yard. Violet says that none of it would have happened without Clementine. Awkwardly, Violet asks Clementine if she had time to spend alone with her before her lookout shift began. Clementine agrees, following her over to a more secluded part of the roof where it was quieter. Violet says that she sometimes climbed up to this part of the roof just so she could get away from everyone else. She then notes that while Clementine had needed to return to the school for their medicine when AJ had been shot, she could have easily left once she had gotten what she had needed and avoided the confrontation with the raiders altogether.

Violet questions why Clementine had chosen to stay before quickly retracting her question, not wanting to make Clementine uncomfortable. Clementine has the option of answering the question anyway, either pragmatically or otherwise. The two of them sit down to begin stargazing under the night sky. Violet points out a constellation that resembles a fish. After Clementine notices it too, Violet ascribes to it a bright and energetic personality, asking Clementine if it sounds like anyone they know. Clementine can choose to liken it to herself, Violet or AJ, comparing and contrasting the traits Violet listed. Violet then spots a constellation shaped like a knife, calling it a smart and dependable weapon.

Clementine can again decide who among them matched that description, Violet a little more somber at this explanation. Finally, Violet sees a constellation with the appearance of a bird, calling it capable of finding freedom in any direction. Clementine can either deduce that Violet was longing for that same kind of freedom or find another meaning for it, but either way, Violet apologizes for taking so much of Clementine's time by talking to her. Violet recalls all the times she had watched people leave her life- family and friends among them- and never return. Violet says that Clementine was the first to ever come back into her life, and now she cannot imagine what would happen if Clementine ever left again.

  • You’re a great friend.: If Clementine names Violet her friend, Violet tells her that if feels nice to have a friend again, both of them joking that they need to make friendship bracelets now. Violet says she hates arts and crafts.
  • I have feelings for you.: If Clementine says that she wants to be more than friends, she has the option of kissing Violet or saying what she wants them to be. Violet is glad to know that Clementine shares her feelings and is willing to try with her, then potentially puts her hand on top of Clementine’s. (Determinant)
  • Say nothing: If Clementine says nothing, the moment passes by as the two stare at the sky in silence.

Before either can say anything else, Ruby calls out for them, looking for Clementine to begin her shift on lookout. The two of them depart, descending back down to the ground.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Late at night, Clementine joins AJ on the watchtower. AJ brings up Abel once she arrives, stating that he would be with the raiders when they attacked. If Clementine had forbid him from swearing in the previous episode, he asks if she would let him do so now. If allowed, AJ repeatedly curses Abel to the point where it makes Clementine uncomfortable. She tells him that he needs to handle his fear of Abel, but AJ responds by calling "dibs" on killing him. Clementine can relent or reject him, the latter of which resulting in AJ asking to let him have "dibs" if he beat her in "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

If Clementine refuses to play, AJ surprises her by saying that she would not always be there to deny him before quickly apologizing. If she agrees to play and wins two out of three games, AJ sullenly agrees to stop asking for the chance to kill Abel. If she agrees to play and loses two out of three games, AJ gleefully dances and promises not to go out of his way to kill Abel, disturbing Clementine. Returning to his lookout duties, AJ spots something in the distance. Handing the binoculars to Clementine, he shows her what he sees: a group of people sneaking through the woods with a caravan of horses. Clementine and AJ rush from the tower to warn the others.

All of the children gather in the courtyard to receive their final instructions. The students are split between disbelief and anger that the raiders had finally arrived to abduct them. Mitch promises that his bomb would work, ready to use it once they breached the gates. They each look to Clementine for guidance, going over the plan with her one final time. Before she can offer a final message of inspiration, a gunshot sounds out and Omar falls to the ground in pain, a sniper's glare coming from the trees. They all scatter, Clementine dragging Omar to cover closer to the administration building to hide from the sniper. From outside the gates, Lilly calls out for Clementine as the raiders break down the gate's fortifications. Abel taunts them as someone throws a Molotov onto the wooden barrier blocking the gate from opening. After securing Omar behind cover, Clementine leaves him to recover Marlon's bow, safely reaching it before the sniper could hit her.

Four raiders barge through the gate, Lilly at their head. They cautiously enter the courtyard, wary of the severed walker heads and spiked pointed in their direction. Lilly orders her soldiers to search the premises for the hidden children, but before they can find any, Clementine draws an arrow and reveals herself, aiming directly at Lilly in a challenge. The rest of the raiders aim their rifles at Clementine, prepared to shoot her at Lilly's order. Instead, Lilly calls them off, simply asking where her "new recruits" were hiding. Clementine refuses to go along with Lilly, telling her that the children were not hers to take.

Lilly orders Yonatan to keep his weapon trained on Clementine- only to kill her if she moved- while she sends the others to continue their search. Before Abel can locate Willy and Mitch hiding near the horse-drawn carts, Clementine manages to regain all of the raiders' attention by loudly offering herself to them in exchange for the other children's freedom. (Determinant) Willy and Mitch move closer to the carts with the raiders distracted. Regarding Clementine, Lilly says that she has changed, derisively comparing her to Lee and saying that he would be heartbroken to know that he had let Clementine become what she has. Clementine can proudly accept Lilly's comparison and say that Lee would be proud of her, threaten Lilly or scream at her for saying his name.

The distraction gives Willy enough time to plant the bomb on the rear cart, but Lilly decides to ignore Clementine and turn her attention to drawing the other children out of hiding. She calls out for the other children, saying that Minerva had wanted to come along to see all of her old friends, especially her younger brother. Swayed by her words, Tennessee emerges from hiding, asking after his sisters. Clementine has the option of pleading for Tennessee to resist, shouting at Lilly for her lies, taking an unsuccessful shot at Lilly or remaining still. Whatever Clementine decides, the distraction pays off as Mitch is successfully able to light the fuse and get to cover before the bomb explodes.

Louis, Violet and Ruby all appear from hiding to fight, using arrows and rocks as weapons. The raiders are thrown into disarray by the sudden explosion (though none are killed), a few of the horses scampering away from the courtyard. Clementine fires upon Lilly with her bow, but Lilly dodges her attack and another raider forces Clementine into cover by aiming her rifle directly at her. To protect Tennessee from Lilly, Mitch rushes at her with a yell. Lilly, however, reflexively turns and stabs him in the neck with her knife, horrifying everyone including herself. Aasim forcibly restrains Willy from attacking too as Lilly finishes Mitch with a quick stab to the head. Steeling herself amid the carnage, Lilly orders her soldiers to kill whomever got in their way and "take the rest" when finished. The raiders open fire on the students by the dorm, giving Clementine an opportunity to shoot one in the leg. The momentary pause in firing allows the students to retreat into the administration building, Lilly ordering her soldiers to give chase.

Abel breaks through the door, leading the two other raiders through lobby in search of Clementine. With the other students hiding either upstairs or in the music room, Clementine springs the trap Willy and Aasim had set up. If they had decided upon the brick trap, Clementine cuts a rope to drop a duffel bag full of bricks from the ceiling on the wounded raider, killing him instantly. If they had decided upon the log trap, Clementine cuts a rope to swing a giant log down from the ceiling, slamming it into the wounded raider with enough force to kill him instantly. Angered by their friend's death, Abel orders the other raider to kill Clementine. They chase her up to the second floor, Clementine forcing a couch down the stairs to pin Abel's partner against the wall. Abel decries the operation as pointless and throws a Molotov up at Clementine, not caring who he kills with it.

The flames isolate Clementine and AJ from the others and the smoke forces them into the headmaster's office. Before AJ can lock the door behind them, Abel kicks the door in, knocking him out. Abel locks the door himself, relishing the chance to have an unarmed Clementine all to himself without Lilly getting in the way. Clementine fights back with her knife, slicing open Abel's palm. (Determinant) AJ inadvertently distracts Clementine by calling for her in his stupor, giving Abel the chance to disarm her and wrestle her down against the headmaster's table.

Abel taunts her for being "weak, small, afraid" and only alive because others had died to protect her. Unyielding, Clementine grabs a sharp paperweight from the desk and jabs it into Abel's left eye. AJ stands and attacks Abel with a fire poker, the intensity of his attack depending on whether or not Clementine had let him call "dibs" earlier. Clementine takes advantage of his vulnerable state and tackles him out onto the balcony, trying to throw him over it. The balcony breaks during their struggle and Abel pulls Clementine off the ledge as he falls to the ground.

Clementine falls on top of Abel, most of the impact being absorbed by the larger man. Abel's screaming draws Clementine's attention to his severely broken leg, but his screaming quickly subsides as he faints. Before she can stand, however, Lilly stands over her with her rifle, hesitating to pull the trigger. Clementine can either taunt Lilly or convince her that she cannot shoot someone who had once been in her life. Regardless of what Clementine chooses, Louis/Violet (whichever one Clementine did not follow earlier that night) throws himself/herself onto Lilly, wresting the gun from her grip.

Clementine attempts to grab it herself, but Abel regains consciousness and drags her down by her leg. Rosie suddenly appears, biting deeply into Abel's arm and freeing Clementine from his grip. She surveys the courtyard, finding parts of it in flames and walkers beginning to flood in through the open gates. Lilly has bested Louis/Violet and hands him/her off to the other raider that had been with Abel in the administration building to be placed in a cart. Elsewhere, Louis/Violet (whichever one Clementine had followed earlier that night) is fighting a losing battle against the sniper, being forced into one of the other carts. Clementine recovers her bow, but only has the time to save one of her friends.

Save Louis: Clementine shoots the raider in the back, distracting her long enough to give Louis the opportunity to flee. The other raider, however, manages to Violet into the cart and knocks her out.

Save Violet: Clementine shoots the raider in the back, distracting her long enough to give Violet the opportunity to flee. The other raider, however, manages to force Louis into the cart and knocks him out.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Lilly orders her remaining soldiers to retreat with what they have, shooting a few walkers blocking the exit. The horses are guided out of the courtyard as Willy and Clementine shoot after them. To prevent the other children from following them, Lilly throws another Molotov into the ground at the gate. Lilly and Clementine glare at each other one last time before Lilly turns and follows her fellow raiders away from the school. AJ calls for Clementine's help, as the walkers are stumbling through the fires and cannot be killed with hand weapons. The students run from the walkers as Clementine steps up to defend them with her bow. The other students join her when more walkers arrive, killing the ones they can kill safely without being burned by the flames. Clementine shoots the rest of the walkers, avoiding the fires herself as they begin to burn out.

The fighting over, the other children all step into the courtyard as Clementine nearly collapses from exhaustion. Daylight breaks on the ashen grounds, showing the number of walkers they had killed. Clementine stands and walks over to Tennessee, who sits traumatized near the gates. Tennessee stands and apologizes to her for trusting Lilly.

After AJ joins her, Clementine sees Willy and Ruby kneeling over Mitch's corpse, the former sobbing over his best friend's quick and sudden demise. Louis/Violet (whichever one Clementine saved) surveys the damage too and reports that the raiders had taken Omar, Aasim and Louis/Violet (whichever one Clementine did not save). Clementine offers comfort and promises to find their friends. Louis/Violet agrees that they would find them, but they did not know where to look. Clementine points out Abel nearby- having been abandoned by his comrades in his wounded state- and states that he would know where to find them. Unable to defend himself any further, Abel slumps into unconsciousness as the children surround him.


All of these are found in the greenhouse section of the episode.

  • Boar Skull: This can be found outside the greenhouse behind Ruby and near a corner.
  • Mushroom: This can be found inside the greenhouse behind Ruby.
  • Venus Flytrap: In the laboratory section of the greenhouse, there are two racks against a wall. At the bottom of the rack on the right, the Venus Flytrap can be found.

In-Game Decisions

  • Did AJ keep his gun?
    • 64% of players told AJ to keep his gun.
    • 33% of players gave AJ's gun to Louis.
    • 2% of players said nothing when AJ insisted on giving Louis his gun.
    • 1% of players didn't intervene when AJ insisted on keeping his gun.
  • What did you say to Louis and Violet?
    • 50% of players told Louis and Violet to run from Lilly and Abel.
    • 50% of players told Violet to shoot Lilly, and got Louis shot.
  • Did you listen to James?
    • 93% of players spared the walker, honoring James' request.
    • 6% of players killed the walker after James asked you not to.
    • 2% of players let James throw the rock to distract the walker.
  • Who did you spend time with?
    • 57% of players spent time stargazing with Violet.
    • 43% of players helped Louis tune the piano.
  • Who did you save from the Delta?
    • 53% of players rescued Violet.
    • 47% of players rescued Louis.

Ending Stats

Relationship Statuses

  • AJ
    • 69% of players left him feeling Repentant (called AJ a murderer)
    • 31% of players left him feeling Justified (said AJ was justified)
  • James
    • 70% of players left him feeling Appreciative (said "I’ll help keep watch.")
    • 30% of players left him feeling Trusted (said "Sleep's a good idea." / Remained silent)
  • Ruby
    • 90% of players left her feeling Grateful (buried Ms. Martin)
    • 10% of players left her feeling Disgusted (burned Ms. Martin / Remained silent)
  • Lilly
    • 56% of players left her feeling Unconvinced (said "We were family once.")
    • 29% of players left her feeling Unsettled (said "See you in hell.")
    • 15% of players left her feeling Unimpressed (said "Get it over with.")
  • Tenn
    • 59% of players left him feeling Despondent (said "Tenn, don't listen!" / Remained silent)
    • 41% of players left him feeling Ashamed (said "Shut up, Lilly!" / [Take the shot])
  • Mitch
    • He is Dead by Lilly's hand
  • Louis
    • 53% of players allowed him to be Kidnapped (saved Violet)
    • 47% of players left him feeling Guilt-Ridden (saved Louis)
  • Violet
    • 53% of players left her feeling Vengeful (saved Violet)
    • 47% of players allowed her to be Kidnapped (saved Louis)
  • Abel
    • He is Captured

Relationship Details


  • First Sentence
    • (Tell AJ he is a murderer)
      • Tenn was thoughtful when you said people need to make new rules.
      • Tenn was upset when you said the world before doesn’t matter.
      • Tenn felt embarrassed when you pointed out there are no more courtrooms.
      • Tenn was offended when AJ accused him of making up trials and courtrooms.
    • (Tell AJ he was justified)
      • Tenn was disheartened when AJ belittled his drawings.
      • Tenn felt supported when you scolded AJ for belittling his drawings.
      • Tenn was reassured when you said it was sweet of him to make drawings.
  • Second Sentence
    • Tenn felt hopeful after sharing his belief that the "walker age" will end someday.
    • Tenn was crushed when you said everyone would be dead before the walker age ended.
    • Tenn was dispirited when you called him delusional for believing walkers will disappear someday.


  • First Sentence
    • Mitch was surprised when you admitted AJ was wrong to kill Marlon.
    • Mitch was enraged when you said Marlon deserved to die.
    • Mitch was exasperated when you told him to watch his mouth at the funeral.
    • Mitch was indignant when you and AJ arrived at the funeral.
  • Second Sentence
    • Mitch was affirmed by your decision to help him burn the walker.
    • Mitch was irritated when you decided to help Ruby bury the walker.


  • First Sentence
    • (Tell AJ he is a murderer)
      • Ruby was distraught when AJ took responsibility for what happened to Marlon.
      • Ruby was furious when you blamed Marlon for everything.
      • Ruby was distressed when you said everyone shared responsibility for what happened to Marlon.
    • (Tell AJ he was justified)
      • Ruby was shocked when you said AJ was right to kill Marlon.
      • Ruby was appalled when AJ said he was justified in killing Marlon.
  • Second Sentence
    • Ruby was consoled when you expressed sympathy over finding the school nurse.
    • Ruby was horrified when you described her former nurse as "fertilizer."
    • Ruby was demoralized after finding her former nurse as a walker.


  • First Sentence
    • Lilly was gratified that you remembered her.
    • Lilly was offended when you called her an evil bitch.
    • Lilly was nostalgic after recognizing you from her past.
  • Second Sentence
    • Lilly was pleased when you accepted her help to stand.
    • Lilly felt bitter when you refused her help to stand.


  • First Sentence
    • Abel was aggravated when you warned Violet and Louis to run in the forest.
    • Abel was outraged when you told Violet to shoot Lilly.
  • Second Sentence
    • Abel was startled when you told Lilly to take you and leave the others.
    • Abel was impressed when you taunted Lilly with shooting you.
    • Abel was cautious after you said there were traps in the courtyard.


  • First Sentence
    • James felt helpful when you let him feed AJ the apple.
    • James was intrigued when you let him keep the apple instead of taking it for AJ.
  • Second Sentence
    • James was attentive when you said you're originally from Georgia.
    • James was curious when you said you used to live in a school nearby.
    • James was somber when you said it doesn't matter where you're from.
    • James was considerate when you didn't want to tell him where you were from.


  • First Sentence
    • Violet was relieved when you and AJ returned to the school.
    • Violet was annoyed when you greeted her sarcastically after returning to the school.
    • Violet was pissed when you called her an asshole after returning to the school.
  • Second Sentence
    • Violet was touched when you described her as a close friend.
    • Violet was exhilarated when you confessed your feelings for her.
    • Violet was content after you spent time alone with her.
    • Violet was disappointed that you chose to spend time with Louis instead of her.
  • Third Sentence (determinant)
    • Violet felt abandoned when you let the raiders kidnap her.
    • Violet felt betrayed when you let the raiders kidnap her after spending time together.


  • First Sentence
    • Louis was compassionate toward you after you said you missed him.
    • Louis was comforted when you said you were sorry you and AJ hurt him.
    • Louis felt conflicted after you said you hadn't forgiven him for kicking you out.
    • Louis felt remorseful when you couldn't think of anything to say to him in your room.
  • Second Sentence
    • Louis was revitalized when you said you consider him a friend.
    • Louis was astonished when you said you had feelings for him.
    • Louis felt encouraged after spending time alone with you in the piano room.
    • Louis felt discouraged when you chose to spend time with Violet instead of him.
  • Third Sentence (determinant)
    • Louis felt discarded when you let the raiders take him.
    • Louis felt betrayed when you allowed him to be taken after spending time together.


  • First Sentence
    • AJ was soothed after sleeping in your bed.
    • AJ felt capable when you let him go on patrol.
  • Second Sentence
    • He was resigned after you didn't give him "dibs" on killing Abel.
    • He was satisfied after he got "dibs" on killing Abel.

The State of the School

  • Omar
    • Omar was Kidnapped
  • Rosie
    • Rosie was loyal to you after you petted her in the courtyard.
    • Rosie was depressed after you ignored her.
  • Willy
    • Willy was thrilled you chose his log trap to defend against the raiders.
    • Willy was annoyed you didn't choose his trap to defend against the raiders.
  • Aasim
    • Aasim was Kidnapped




Season 1

"A New Day"

  • Lilly will mention killing "that girl" (Carley) or "that guy" (Doug), depending on who Lee chose to save. Clementine will remind Lilly that it was Carley/Doug, expressing anger to her for causing his/her death. (Determinant)
    • Later in the episode, Violet will ask Clementine about Lilly in Marlon's office. Clementine will tell her that Lilly is a horrible person, who murdered someone by gunning them down in an argument years prior. She will mention Carley/Doug and speaks warmly about these two, regarding their efforts to help protect the group, and their refusal to be pushed around by Lilly.

"Long Road Ahead"

  • Lilly will mention Lee's decision to leave her behind or allow her to stay with the group.

"No Time Left"

  • AJ can bring up Clementine decision to mercy kill Lee or not when asking about what the difference between murder and other instances of killing are.

Season 2

"No Going Back"

  • Clementine will have a missing ring finger on her left hand if she went alone with AJ.
  • Clementine will have a scar on her forehead if she went with Kenny.
  • Clementine will have a scar on her right cheek if she stayed at Wellington.
  • Clementine will have "AJ" inked on her right hand if she stayed with Jane at Howe's Hardware.

Season 4

"Done Running"

  • Abel will have a missing arm if Clementine pushed him into the walkers.
  • Clementine will have in her room any collectibles she has collected and put up.
  • Tenn's drawing will appear in Clementine's room if she put it up. Depending on if Clementine chose to be in the drawing she will, or won't, appear beside AJ in the picture.
  • AJ will curse openly if Clementine didn't tell him off in the train station, [Fuck is right].

Promotional Poster



  • First appearance of James.
  • First appearance of Sullene.
  • First appearance of Dorian.
  • First appearance of the Delta.
  • First (and last) appearance of Sherak. (Zombified)
  • First (and last) appearance of Ms. Martin. (Zombified)
  • First (and last) appearance of Yonatan.
  • Last appearance of Mitch. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Marlon. (Flashback, Corpse)
  • Marlon's voice actor Ray Chase is credited for this episode despite the fact that he has no lines.
  • In the greenhouse, Ms. Martin will grab Clementine by her arm. If the player fails in the QTE, Mitch will save Clementine.
  • When Mitch rushes at Lilly, he uses the same animation of Clementine after she fell to the ground due to a walker and started running to escape from Lilly and Abel in the woods.
    • Also, all characters uses the same crouching animation with a few modifications.
  • This episode has a total of 3 collectibles, a Boar Skull, a Mushroom and a Venus Flytrap. This is half of what episode 1 had.
    • The Fireman Toy that Tennessee gives AJ if you make AJ feel Justified over Marlon's death is not counted as a collectible despite the fact it can be placed on the drawer in Clementine's room.
  • This episode marks the return of Lilly, who had been missing since "Long Road Ahead".
    • As of this episode, Clementine and Lilly are the only two characters from Season 1 that are confirmed alive.
  • This is the second consecutive episode of the video game to not feature any determinant character deaths.
    • This episode does, however, force the player into deciding whether to save Louis or Violet at the end of the episode. Whoever Clementine does not save does not die, however, and they are taken by the Delta raiders alongside Omar and Aasim, leaving their fate unknown.
  • This episode marks the first time that the events of the Comic Series are directly referenced in the Video Game, when James tells Clementine about his past as a member of the Whisperers and their attack on another group.
  • This episode features an easter egg focused on Randy Tudor. In the scene where Clementine and Violet are watching the stars, if the player lets the game idle for a few seconds, a new constellation will appear, in the shape of a mustache. Connecting the dots will result in Randy's face appearing in the sky. He will smile, wink at the player and disappear, leaving the message "He will remember that." in the HUD after doing so.
  • This episode marked the last episode Telltale released as a company, filing for bankruptcy protections and laying off most of its staff in the time around this episode's release.
  • If Clementine refused to let AJ curse in the previous episode, he'll ask Clementine if he can curse when on patrol.
  • If AJ asks Clementine to play rock paper scissors to have dibs on Abel, the option to agree is the exact same as the option in Wyatt's Story when Eddie wants to play rock paper scissors.
  • James cannot grab Clementine from behind when the two first meet; if Clementine is facing away from him, he will continue walking into her despite him not moving.
  • If the player decides to be silent when Louis goes to leave her room, Clementine tells him "Never mind" rather than remaining quiet.
  • Failure to decide whether AJ had murdered Marlon or if he was justified results in AJ believing that Clementine thought he was a murderer but did not want to tell him the truth.
  • Failure to decide whether or not to have Alvin Jr. give up his weapon to Louis results in two different conclusions depending on Clementine's relationship with Alvin Jr. to this point. He will give up his weapon if Clementine had admitted that he was a murderer and tried to help him atone or keep his weapon if Clementine had either allowed him to keep Tennessee's toys and utensils or she had denied that he was a murderer.
  • Failure to decide whether or not to ask Violet to shoot Lilly results in Lilly noticing Clementine's glance at them and Violet shooting Lilly in the shoulder. Abel shoots Louis in retaliation and Lilly shoots Clementine, resulting in her non-canon death. The player will then respawn and be allowed to try again.
  • Failure to decide whether or not to accept an apple from James results in him keeping the apple, assuming Clementine's silence to be a refusal.
  • Failure to decide whether to kill the walker at James's camp results in him distracting the walker himself.
  • Failure to decide whether or not to allow James to keep watch alone at his camp results in Clementine yawning and falling asleep.
  • Failure to decide whether to burn or bury Ms. Martin results in Mitch making the ultimate decision to burn her.
  • Failure to decide whether to work with Willy's plan or Aasim's plan results in Violet deciding to go with Aasim's plan.
  • Failure to decide whether or not to romance Louis/Violet results in Clementine's silence being interpreted as rejection.
  • Failure to decide whether to save Violet or Louis from the raiders results in Clementine non-canonically being devoured by a walker from behind. The player will then respawn and have to try again.
  • For whoever Clementine saved from the raiders at the end of the episode, there are no statistics shown for their status, making this the only time in the season where a main character has no statistics shown for him or her in an episode in which he or she appears and was not killed.
  • The title is in reference to the novel "Suffer the Children" by John Saul. The book is about a child abducter, who after murdering a young girl one hundred years earlier, returns and begins taking out more children one by one.


  • If Lee asked Clementine to handcuff the zombified security guard instead of himself and then asked her to shoot him to prevent reanimation, AJ will still tell Clementine that she shot him while he was handcuffed.
  • Before going to the funeral, Tennessee's drawing is not seen on the wall if Clementine had placed it there. It appears later when she returns to the room.
  • When AJ wakes up in the 2 weeks time-skip scene, the bullet marks that were on his shirt will suddenly disappear.
  • If Clementine tells AJ that he had murdered Marlon, regardless of what she tells him that they should deal with it, AJ tries to use the word "atone" even if he hadn’t learned the word.
  • The ending stats may show incorrect and contradictory information on the percentage of players that made the same choices as you.


  • Relationships and choices will not be present. In a recent Q&A with Melissa Hutchinson, she said that this will be resolved before episode 3 releases. The choices were shown as of January 14th, 2019.


Main article: Suffer The Children/Transcript





For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
We're Staying

Completed Act One.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Old Ghost

Completed Act Two.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Completed Act Three.

PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Be Prepared

Made sure everything was ready.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Green Thumb.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

How did it taste?

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Great Girl

Aw, Rosie.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Didn't miss once.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points


PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Moving Fast

Teenage Romance.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Protected your turf.

PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points

Found all Episode Two collectibles.

PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Personal Touch

Placed all Episode Two collectibles.

PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points

Achievement Guide

We're Staying -

  • Complete Chapter 1

Old Ghost -

  • Complete Chapter 2

Defender -

  • Complete Chapter 3

Be Prepared -

  • "Talk" to everyone and "Look" at everything in the courtyard during the morning before the Delta's attack.


  • "Talk" to everyone and "Look" at everything in the main Greenhouse room and Ms. Martin's backroom.

Edible -

  • When you are in the Greenhouse with Ruby and Mitch "Look" at the mushrooms and then proceed to to the "Risk" action of eating one.

Great Girl -

  • During the morning before the Delta's attack go to the graveyard and speak to Rosie, choose to pet her.

Sureshot -

  • When trying the archery minigame with Louis in the morning before the Delta's attack aim and hit all five arrows on the target, it doesn't matter where exactly on the target you hit though. If you fail to do this the first time you can "Look" at the Bow and try again, however this will not get you the achievement, you MUST pass it first time.

Bonded -

  • It doesn't matter whether you go and spend time with either Violet or Louis, all you have to do is choose the option of [You're a great friend.] with Violet and [I'm glad we're friends.] with Louis. Remaining silent will not get you the achievement.

Moving Fast -

  • It doesn't matter whether you go and spend time with either Violet or Louis, all you have to do is choose the option of [I have feelings for you.] with Violet and [I LIKE like you...] with Louis. Remaining silent will not get you the achievement.

Deadeye -

  • After Lilly and the rest of the remaining Delta members fall back you are faced with two waves of around five walkers each. Make sure that you kill every walker with a headshot and never miss a single arrow, if you miss simply stand still and let a walker kill you, this will allow you to try again.

Gatherer -

  • Collect all Episode 2 collectibles.

Personal Touch -

  • Place all Episode 2 collectibles in Clementine's room.


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC 71.78% 68
PlayStation 4 67.50% 70
Xbox One 75.00% TBA
Nintendo Switch 65.00% TBA