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The following is a transcript of Episode 2: Suffer The Children of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 4.


Clementine: Previously on The Walking Dead. AJ and I had been searching, for a long time. For some place we could call home. Just when we thought we'd found a huge stash of food... It turned out to be a trap. That could've been the end. But I woke up... And found I'd been saved by a guy named Marlon. The leader of a community living inside an old boarding school. It felt like a chance at having a home. A real one. We had to go back to the train station, to see if any food survived the explosion. But someone else had the same idea.

Clementine: When AJ distracted him, I shoved him into a pack of walkers.

Clementine: I didn't want to risk it. So I let him take some of the food and leave.

Clementine: I found Marlon and Brody in the basement that night, arguing about the man we'd seen. And I learned why Brody was so afraid. The man was part of a group of raiders they'd run into a year ago. Marlon traded Tennessee's older sisters to the raiders, to keep himself safe. He attacked Brody, and locked me in the basement with her. When she turned, I had to stop her. Marlon stole AJ's gun and tried to convince them I had murdered Brody.

Clementine: Louis backed me up.

Clementine: Violet backed me up.

Clementine: I attacked Marlon, and made him drop the gun.

Clementine: I told him to leave and never come back.

Clementine: I was going to lock him in the basement.

Clementine: I told him we could fix things together.

Clementine: I didn't know what to say to him.

Clementine: With everyone against him, the fight went out of Marlon.

Clementine: I told him to leave and never come back.

Clementine: I told him he could stay, but he couldn't be our leader.

Clementine: I told him he wasn't going anywhere, that he was our prisoner.

Clementine: I didn't know what to say to him.

Clementine: But then... Marlon was dead...and AJ pulled the trigger. He remembered what I taught him.

Clementine: To always aim for the head.

Clementine: To never hesitate.

Clementine: To save the last bullet for himself.


AJ and Clem are in their room. Clementine wakes up and gets out of bed. AJ is already awake; he brings a cup of coffee to Clem.

AJ: Made you some coffee. It was in the kitchen. Tenn said that I could have some. I didn't steal it.

Clem takes the coffee cup and has a sip.

Clementine: I'm surprised you remember how to make it. We haven't had coffee in a long time.

AJ: You put it in hot water.

Clementine: You're right. Thanks.

AJ: Last night, with Marlon? I heard Louis, and...what he called me. Am I a murderer?


Clem and the rest of the group are in the courtyard.

Louis: No!

Omar: Oh, my god!

Violet: Shit!

Ruby: We could get medicine. From the nurse's office.

Mitch: He's dead! The kid blew his brains out!

Louis: You shot him. He's dead. You're a murderer.

Louis: Marlon, he--he was down. You had him beat!

Louis: You promised Marlon! You said you'd help him fix things!

Louis: You got Marlon to give up. You saw how broken he was.

Louis: You just--you just stood there while AJ...

Louis: What the fuck did you teach this kid?!


AJ: Louis called me a murderer. But...but we're supposed to kill bad stuff. Monsters. Did I do it bad? I thought Marlon was bad. He killed Brody, he...he kept telling lies.

Clementine: Look. You did the right thing, the only thing you could do. Marlon was a monster. Louis doesn't understand that, but he will. You were justified.

AJ: I was justified.

Clementine: Well, Louis was scared and really hurt.

AJ: I didn't hurt him.

Clementine: No, I meant he was sad. But he shouldn't have said that to you.

AJ: If I'm a murderer, I...I should know. Right? So...so that I can try not to be, or... I don't know.

Clementine: Louis was wrong. What you did was justified.

AJ: Justified?

Clementine: It means you had a good reason for doing it.

AJ: I was justified.

Clementine: This'll be hard to hear. Louis was right. Sometimes people do bad things, like Marlon did. But when you shot him, he wasn't a threat to us anymore. If you kill someone when they're no longer threatening you, that's murder.

AJ: Even if they were bad?

Clementine: Even then. It was wrong.

AJ: I am, and you just don't want to tell me. Murderer.

Clementine: Louis was right. Sometimes people do bad things, like Marlon did. But when you shot him, he wasn't a threat to us anymore. If you kill someone when they're no longer threatening you, that's murder.

AJ: Clem? Please just tell me. If I'm a murderer, I...I should know. Right? So...so that I can try not to be, or... I don't know.

Clementine: Louis was wrong. What you did was justified.

AJ: Justified?

Clementine: It means you had a good reason for doing it.

AJ: I was justified.

Clementine: This'll be hard to hear. Louis was right. Sometimes people do bad things, like Marlon did. But when you shot him, he wasn't a threat to us anymore. If you kill someone when they're no longer threatening you, that's murder.

AJ: Even if they were bad?

Clementine: Even then. It was wrong.

AJ: I am, and you just don't want to tell me. Murderer.

AJ: What are we gonna do?

Your relationship with AJ has changed.


Back at the courtyard, the group surrounds AJ. Violet steps in front of him and brandishes her cleaver.

Violet: Back off! All of you!

Louis: It was under control! I talked Marlon down, then... He murdered my fucking friend!

Louis: You talked Marlon down, and then they fucking murdered him!

Violet: Take AJ, go inside.

Clementine: Come on, let's go.

Louis: Oh, just let them go back to the dorms?! What happens the next time one of us does something this kid doesn't like? Should we expect a bullet, too?

Violet: That's not what happened.

Louis: It's exactly what happened! It was over, 'til little Mr. Trigger-Happy decided otherwise!

Clementine: No, he wouldn't do that! He'd never hurt any of you! It was--Marlon threatened us!

Louis will remember that.

Louis: AJ pointed the gun first!

Clementine: Fuck you, Louis! He's a little kid, so shut your fucking mouth!

Clementine: Marlon started this! He killed Brody and almost got me, too! AJ did what he had to do!

Louis: What he had to? He didn't have to shoot Marlon in the fucking skull! It was over!

Louis: He didn't have to shoot Marlon in the fucking skull! It was over!

Louis will remember that.

Violet: We get it, Louis, just back off, okay?

Louis: Back off? Seriously?!

Clementine: Let's go.

AJ: Clem?


AJ: Clem?

AJ: They better not call me a monster. They were scared of me, even though Marlon was the bad guy. I'm not scary! I wasn't... I didn't act like a monster. I stopped a monster.

Clementine: I know you're not. We just need to prove it to them.

AJ: I'll tell them they're wrong. They'll know, once someone explains it to them. Like you explain things to me.

Clementine: The kids here haven't lived on the road. Not like we have. They don't know what real survival looks like.

AJ: Well, someone should tell them. It's not my fault they don't know.

Clementine: I know. We're gonna try.

Clementine: Sometimes, the world's really scary. So you have to be even scarier.

AJ: I don't want them to be scared of me. Or...or hate me.

AJ: I'll tell them they're wrong. They'll know, once someone explains it to them. Like you explain things to me.

Clementine: AJ, come sit with me. We've got nothing to apologize for. You saved me, and them, from a monster. They'll see that. We'll make them.

AJ: If I'm a murderer, am I gonna die, too?

Clementine: What? No.

AJ: Well, I think murderers are like monsters, and...I know what happens to monsters. Nothing good. Nothing good at all.

Clementine: AJ, you're not a monster.

AJ: They think I am. I wish they didn't.

Clementine: I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you. Not ever.

AJ: Promise?

Clementine: Cross my heart--

AJ: And hope to fly?

Clementine: That's almost right.

AJ: I don't want them to be scared of me. Or...or hate me.

Clementine: We can forgive them. Murderers, even some monsters, they get a second chance.

AJ: Some monsters? Not all?

Clementine: When bad people, like murderers, try to make it right, that's when other people forgive them.

AJ: That sounds hard.

Clementine: It is.

AJ: It's okay. Maybe I won't die. Maybe I'll live. I don't want them to be scared of me. Or...or hate me.

Clementine: We're going to fix this. You and me. I'm going to help you atone.

AJ: Atone?

Clementine: It means make up for what you did wrong. We'll make it all right with the others.


Ruby cries over Marlon's body.

Ruby: For god's sake, someone help me with this!

Mitch: Saved you from that car wreck, and you fucking murdered him?!

Clementine: Get back, Mitch.

AJ: Get. Back.

Mitch: Or what? (draws knife) You gonna let him kill me, too? Then who's next? Aasim? Willy?

Clem takes Mitch's knife, then drops it on the ground.

Clementine: Haven't enough people died tonight? Brody, Marlon. We can't keep killing each other.

Mitch: How the fuck are you saying that to me after what he did?

Clementine: The last person who pointed a weapon at me is dead. Unless you want to join him, you'll back the fuck off.

Mitch: Oh, fuck you.

Aasim: Stop, Mitch! This isn't helping.

Aasim: Stop, Mitch! This isn't helping.

Mitch: Screw both of you.

Mitch will remember that.

Mitch walks over to the others.


Clementine: Hey. What is it?

AJ: You've killed a lot of people.

AJ: Did you kill your friend Lee because he was a monster?

Clementine: W--what brought that on?

AJ: Was it murder when you shot him?

AJ: You murdered your friend Lee, didn't you?

Clementine: What?

AJ: You said he was handcuffed. He wasn't a threat. So that means you murdered him.

AJ: You told me your friend Lee became a monster.

AJ: Why didn't you stop him?

AJ: But you didn't kill him, because he wasn't a threat. Is that why you didn't kill him?

Clementine: He wanted me to kill him, so he wouldn't turn. And now I wish...I wish it hadn't been me who had to do it.

Clementine: He didn't want me to. He said it would change me forever. But I know he...

AJ: He became a monster. Do you wish you did?

Clementine: Yeah. Every day.

AJ will remember that.

(If Clem shot Lee.)

Clementine: I killed him because I loved him. I didn't want him to suffer.

AJ: How? He'd be dead.

Clementine: He would've turned. I didn't want that for him. He deserved better.

AJ will remember that.

(If Clem left Lee.)

Clementine: I couldn't do it. He was too important to me.

AJ: I don't wanna lose you.

Clementine: I'm right here.

AJ will remember that.

Clementine: How can you ask me that? What you did is completely different.

AJ: I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make you mad, at all.

Clementine: I had to do it.

AJ: I said I'm sorry.

Clementine: I had to.

AJ: O--okay.

Clementine: I...I can still hear him. Telling me not to do it.

AJ: I said I'm sorry.

Clementine: I still hear it, sometimes.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: Clem?

AJ: I love you, Clem.

Clementine: I love you back.

Clem wraps her arm around AJ. They hear a knock at the door, and Tenn enters.

Tenn: Hey. Violet said to come get you for the funeral.

Clementine: Really?

Tenn: We used to have them more. Then we stopped. It seems right, though. I brought you something. (offers firefighter toy)

AJ: For me?

Tenn: I figured you'd be afraid, with everyone all upset. But you were brave last night. Like a firefighter.

AJ takes the toy.

AJ: What're those?

Tenn: Drawings for Marlon and Brody. It's of stuff they wanted. I'm going to put them on their graves.

AJ: They don't need them. They're dead. They're not gonna get that stuff.

Tenn: That's not why you do it.

Clementine: That's rude.

AJ: It's true.

Clementine: AJ, apologize.

AJ: Sorry.

Tenn: It's okay.

Clementine: It's a sweet idea, Tenn. They'll look really nice on the graves.

Tenn: Thank you.

Clementine: AJ's right. Marlon and Brody aren't here to appreciate your drawings.

Tenn: I guess I hoped they'd see them from wherever they are. Never mind.

Tenn: We don't have to forget them, just 'cause they're dead. We can leave stuff on their graves. Show them that we're thinking of them.

AJ: But they won't know you did it.

Tenn: Never mind.

Tenn: Have fun with your firefighter, okay?

You have: Firefighter Toy - A hero from the old days.

AJ: Can we play with them later?

AJ pushes the toy away.

AJ: No, firefighters are good. I'm a murderer.

Tenn: No, you're not. You gotta have a trial first. They decide that stuff in a courtroom. That's how it works. Er, worked. Before. Back then, there were all kinds of rules. About who was innocent, who was guilty. It was complicated.

Clementine: We have to decide things for ourselves now. We can't rely on other people to make the rules for us.

Tenn: Who decided you're a murderer?

AJ: Clem. But she's right. So's everyone else.

Tenn: I think you're okay.

Clementine: Before doesn't matter anymore. That world is gone.

Tenn: That's a sad way to look at it.

AJ: Clem isn't sad, she's smart.

Clementine: Okay, find us the courthouse.

AJ: What's that?

Tenn: That's where the trials happen. You appear before a judge--

Clementine: There are no more judges.

Tenn: I guess you're right.

AJ: I don't think that's right. You made it up.

Tenn: No, I didn't.

AJ: I'm pretty sure I'm a murderer.

Tenn: You sure you don't want your firefighter?

AJ: You should keep him, 'cause you're good, like him. But maybe we could play with him later? Together?

Tenn: Sure. After the funeral. They buried them already. Vi'll start it soon. See you out there.

Tenn leaves the room.

Clementine: This is gonna suck. They're gonna say a lot of things about Marlon and Brody. Some true, some not. Let's just get through it without upsetting everybody. Okay?

AJ: Okay. I'll try.

Clementine: This is gonna be hard. Everyone's going to be upset. We need to show them we care, okay?

AJ: Okay.

Clementine stands up.

(Clementine can only place/look at items if she collected them.)

AJ: Time to go?

Clementine: Soon.

Clementine: You should leave that here during the funeral.

Clem drinks the coffee.

Clementine: Hey, AJ, where's that toy Tenn just gave you? Lets show it off with the rest of our stuff.

AJ: I like all our stuff.

AJ puts the toy on the dresser.

AJ: Tenn thinks I'm brave. I'm gonna make everyone else think so, too.

Clementine: Sounds good.

Clementine: Almost dead.

AJ: They'll live if we water them.

Clementine: No, they still die. Once you bring them inside, they only get a few days.

AJ: Oh.

Clementine: Hm. At least these won't die.

Clem looks at the drawing.

Clementine: They look good together.

AJ: Do you think his is better?

Clementine: No, I like them both.

Clem looks at the skull.

Clementine: Hm. Still cool.

Clementine approaches the door, ready to go the funeral.

Clementine: Ready?

Clementine and AJ leave the room.


AJ is shaped by what you teach him.

You taught him to defend his actions.

You taught him to regret his actions.

Clementine and AJ enter the courtyard.

AJ: I did that.

Clementine: Come on.

The Group's Conversation

Louis: Do we even remember how to do this?

Violet: Talk, put flowers on their graves, and sing. I think.

Louis: Anything else?

Violet: I don't see you coming up with any brilliant ideas.

Tenn: It'll be nice.

Louis: They're not gonna be here, are they?

Tenn: Marlon and Brody were their friends too.

Louis: Fuck's sake.

Violet: Right now, let's just focus on what we're here to do. Okay?

Clementine and AJ walk up to the others at the graveyard.

Aasim: Oh, god, they're here.

Violet: So what? They knew Brody, didn't they?

Omar: Yeah, but Marlon--

Violet: Just leave them alone.

Louis: Shit.

Violet: We're here for Brody and Marlon. They died.

AJ: Clem?

Clementine: What?

AJ: Why do people have funerals? Tenn said they used to have them more. But I don't get it.

Clementine: Well, to remember people we loved.

AJ: They loved Marlon.

Clementine: Yeah, they did.

AJ: I didn't love Marlon.

Clementine: Let's just get through this.

AJ: I made them all sad. Like if someone took you away.

Clementine: It's a very old tradition, going back thousands and thousands of years.

AJ: They think it's important.

Clementine: Well, to say goodbye to someone you've lost.

AJ: But they're dead.

Clementine: This is your last chance to see them before they're gone forever.

AJ: It's kinda like they're playing pretend. Pretending Marlon didn't do all the bad stuff he did.

Clementine: Let's just get through this.

AJ: I made them all sad. Like if someone took you away.

Clementine says nothing.

Violet: Shit. Brody, she was...she was real sweet. She had big dreams. And we all knew they wouldn't come true, but we didn't care. And we didn't care because when she was talking, whatever she said seemed possible.

AJ: Does everyone get a funeral?

Clementine: People do. Some animals, too.

AJ: Even monsters?

Omar: We'll miss you, Brody.

Violet: I don't know if she found the place she dreamed about, but I'm gonna miss her.

Louis: We all will.

Clementine: Marlon did bad things, but he wasn't a monster.

AJ: But you told me I was...justified.

Clementine: You were. But Marlon, he just made mistakes, that's all.

AJ: I know.

Clementine: Even monsters.

AJ: That's not fair.

Clementine: Lots of things aren't fair.

Clementine: Think of it as Brody's funeral, not Marlon's.

AJ: But they're talking about both of them.

AJ: Everyone's so sad. I don't like funerals.

Violet: Tenn, you ready?

Tenn puts a drawing on Brody's grave.

Tenn: Brody. You always said you wanted to go to the beach, so I drew it for you.

Violet: Marlon was... I can't. Not for Marlon. After what he did to the twins and Brody, I--

Willy: You didn't even like Brody! You were always mean to her.

Violet: I can't. Someone else do it.

Mitch: Bitch.

Louis: Dude, don't.

Mitch: Seriously, Louis? He was your best friend. He wasn't perfect, but he deserved better than to get gunned down by that kid. AJ killed him like it was nothing. We all saw it, and no one stopped him.

Clementine: After what he did to Brody, Marlon deserved exactly what he got.

AJ: Yeah.

AJ: That's not what you said before.

Clementine: AJ, not now.

Mitch: No. Go ahead, AJ. Yeah, we all wanna hear you explain why you murdered Marlon.

Clementine: You're right, Mitch. Marlon didn't deserve what AJ did to him.

AJ: That's not what you said before.

Clementine: AJ, not now.

Mitch: No. Go ahead, AJ. Yeah, we all wanna hear you explain why you murdered Marlon.

AJ: I know what I did. I'm sorry.

Clementine: I don't appreciate your tone, Mitch.

Mitch: Yeah? Well, I don't appreciate your kid murdering my friend.

Mitch: I wouldn't stand in front of him like that, if I were you. Sometimes he shoots.

AJ: I...I was justified! Clem told me.

AJ: I know I'm a murderer. But I'm gonna a...a...

Clementine: Atone.

AJ: Yeah. Atone it.

Louis: Fuck, I can't listen to this.

Louis walks away.

Aasim: Damn, that's...shit.

Ruby: That's what you told him? That what he did was...was okay?!

Omar: We can't.

Aasim: Wait, we should talk this out.

Willy: Talk about what? He murdered our friend!

(If Clem said AJ made a mistake.)


(If Clem didn't say AJ made a mistake.)

Clementine: Marlon was a threat to everybody. By killing him, AJ protected all of you.

Violet: How can you all forget what Marlon did to Brody?

Mitch: Are you shitting me right now?

Clementine: I know, this sucks. I'm sorry for that, I really am. But AJ did what he had to do.

Mitch: Are you shitting me right now?

Clementine: You all need to grow the hell up. People die. It happens all the time. And the rest? They move on.

Ruby: Move on? And just let you get away with what AJ did?

Clementine says nothing.

Everyone will remember that.

AJ: What I did was bad, and I'm gonna make it up to you. I promise.

Violet: You don't have to make up shit! Marlon was a fucking murderer, and a liar, and if we'd all asked more questions about Minnie and Sophie disappearing last year, none of this would've happened!

Aasim: She's got a point.

Willy: Shut up! It wasn't Marlon's fault.

Violet: Then whose fault was it?

Clementine: Violet's right. You all share responsibility for what happened to Sophie and Minnie. And to Brody.

Mitch: And what about Marlon? Who's responsible for that?

AJ: Me.

Clementine: Whoa, everything that happened was Marlon's fault, not yours.

Violet: No, but I should've pushed harder. Or tried... I don't know.

Clementine: You couldn't have known he was lying to you.

Clementine: Whatever happened before, AJ shouldn't have killed Marlon.

AJ: Yeah, he wasn't hurting anybody when I killed him.

Mitch: And what about Marlon? Who's responsible for that?

AJ: Me.

Mitch: See what I mean? How can any of us trust these fucking people?

Violet: What are you saying?

Mitch: I'm saying they gotta fuckin' go. We take a vote. Majority decides: they stay, or they leave. Today.

Ruby: That does seem fair.

Aasim: Are you serious? It's bullshit.

Willy: You're bullshit.

Clementine: Please, don't do this. I know you're angry, but we--

Mitch: You don't know shit. If you did, you would've stopped AJ.

Aasim: Like you stopped Marlon from killing Brody? Fucking hypocrite.

Clementine: I don't wanna leave, but if you all decide we should, we'll go.

AJ: Clem!

Mitch: You heard her, kid.

Clementine: What? You can't just kick us out!

Mitch: We brought you here. That means we can get rid of you, too.

Mitch: We brought you here. That means we can get rid of you, too.

Violet: That is fucked up! After all Marlon did--

Ruby: Two wrongs don't make a right!

Omar: A vote's the only way to settle this, or we'll be arguing forever.

Violet: Fine. I guess we're fucking voting. Louis needs to vote. Could you go get him? And try to talk to him.

Tenn: Come on, Rosie. Come here, girl.

Tenn claps his hands, but Rosie stays lying down on Marlon's grave. Tenn leaves.

Violet: Could you guys go wait in the dorm? I'll come get you.

AJ: Please don't kick us out.

Clementine: Come on, let's go.

Clem and AJ leave.


Clementine sits on the bed while AJ kicks the wall.

Clementine: AJ, stop. You'll break your toe or something. Come here, sit down.

AJ continues kicking the wall.

AJ: No! I--it didn't work! I did what you said, and they didn't even care!

AJ: Marlon was bad. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't even listen at all!

AJ: I know that I was bad, but--but they don't wanna let me fix it!

Clementine: AJ, breathe. Remember what we do when we're mad? C'mon. You don't wanna be loud, do you? What do we do when we're mad?

AJ: We stop, and think, and, um... I'm still really, really mad. I know that I'm not supposed to get mad. Or sad. Because then I do dumb things.

Clementine: You need to handle your feelings. Get them under control.

AJ: I know, or I'll make mistakes.

Clementine: Exactly.

Clementine: I understand. I'm angry, too. Shit, this all sucks.

AJ: Shit.

Clementine: We'll get through it.

AJ: Swear!

Clementine: Do as I say...

AJ: ...not as I do.

Clementine: And you have every reason to be upset. We'll deal with it together. Okay?

AJ: Okay.

AJ: It's just so hard, all I can think about is how they didn't listen. I'll try not to be mad, but I don't know if I can.

AJ will remember that.

Clementine: We stop, we think, and we... Breathe.

AJ: Breathe.

AJ takes several deep breaths.

Clementine: Feel better? You're still mad, huh?

AJ: And, uh, I think I'm sad, too.

AJ sniffles and sits next to Clementine, who wraps her arm around him.

AJ: I did what you told me to.

Clementine: I know. You're a good listener.

AJ: I wanted to show them I was right. Like you said.

AJ: I wanted to make them all feel better.

AJ: It didn't work. Why'd you tell me to do that, if it didn't work?

(If AJ feels justified.)

Clementine: You screwed it up. I wanted to talk to them, but you just blurted it out.

AJ: What did you want me to do?

Clementine: Let me handle it.

AJ: I'm sorry.

(If AJ feels repentant.)

Clementine: We don't know that it didn't work. They might've voted for us to stay.

AJ: I don't know. They seemed pretty mad.

Clementine: Violet was on our side. Maybe she'll persuade the others.

AJ: Yeah, maybe.

Clementine: What I said before was wrong. Or maybe I said it in the wrong way. I should've prepared you better.

AJ: I don't blame you.

Clementine: I thought they would listen to us. didn't realize, I...I didn't know how bad it would be. It's my fault they got angry.

AJ: But they hate me. They don't hate you.

Clementine: Hm. I think they hate us both.

AJ: You don't know, either.

AJ: I don't wanna go.

Clementine: I know you don't.

AJ: I like knowing where we are all the time. The bed, the food. I like the other kids. Not all of them, but Tenn, and Louis, and Violet.

There's a knock at the door, and Violet and Louis enter.

Violet: We took the vote. You have to leave.

AJ: Don't we get to vote? I vote that we stay.

Louis: That's not how it works.

Violet: Maybe it should be.

Louis: You don't have to like it.

Violet: Good, 'cause I don't.

Clementine: Fine, I get it. We'll learn to live with your decision, somehow.

Violet will remember that.

Violet: Seriously, that's it? You know this is fucking wrong, and you're not gonna fight it at all?

Clementine: What's the point? You've already decided.

Louis: Yes, we have.

Clementine: Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: What'll help me sleep at night is knowing you two are gone.

Violet: You can be such a shithead, Louis.

Clementine: I can't believe this. You're all fucking crazy. After everything Marlon did, all the lies he told you. This is how you react. Kicking us out, because we were caught up in his bullshit.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: Marlon dropped his weapon, and then AJ killed him. How could any of us stand to be around you after he did that? How could we trust you?

Violet will remember that.

Violet: Seriously? Nothing? You know this is fucking wrong, and you're not gonna fight it at all?

Louis: There's nothing to fight. We already decided.

Violet: You can be such a shithead, Louis.

Violet: So fucking stupid.

Louis: You said you'd go along with it, if we voted fairly.

Violet: It's bullshit, and you'd know it if you weren't so used to burying your head in the sand.

Louis: Oh, I'm burying my head in the sand? Hate Marlon all you want, but you can't tell me AJ isn't dangerous, too.

Violet: We'll wait for you to pack up, then Louis and I'll escort you out past the safe zone. We'll make sure you get to the road safely. It's not a lot, but at least you won't die on the way.

Louis: We could've happily dumped you outside the gates.

Clementine: Hm. Don't bother. We don't want your help.

Louis: So don't think of it as help. Think of it as us making sure you really leave.

Clementine: Thanks for making sure that we--

AJ: No! Don't thank them! It--it's their fault we gotta leave! They're gonna get rid of us!

Louis: Get him under control.

Clementine: AJ, breathe.

Clementine: We won't be safe once you leave us out there. We'll last a few days, maybe, if we're lucky. Then it's back to running, hiding, and trying not to die.

Louis: You'll still be doing better than Marlon and Brody.

AJ holds Clem's hand.

AJ: Where's Tenn? I gotta say goodbye.

Violet: He was really upset about the vote, and he's not talking to anybody. It's best to leave him alone when he's like this, but... For the record, he wanted you to stay.

Louis: Wait. Does AJ still have that gun?

AJ picks up his gun.

Louis: Hand it over.

Violet: Is this necessary?

Louis: Hell yes, it's necessary. I'm not walking out into the woods with him holding that thing. We already know he knows how to use it.

Clementine: It's yours, AJ. You should keep it.

AJ: It's mine. I need it for monsters.

Louis: If I thought you were only gonna use it on monsters, I wouldn't be so worried about it.

AJ: But I murdered Marlon with it.

Clementine: Yeah, but you'll need protection outside.

AJ puts the gun away.

Louis: Fine, let the kid keep the murder weapon.

Clementine: Give it to him.

AJ: I might need it.

Clementine: AJ, now.

AJ: Here, you can have it.

AJ gives the gun to Louis.

Louis: Fuck.

Violet: There, happy? Can we go?

AJ puts the gun away.

AJ: It's mine. I need it for monsters.

Louis: If I thought you were only gonna use it on monsters, I wouldn't be so worried about it. Fine, let the kid keep the murder weapon.

Violet: We get it, Louis.

AJ gives the gun to Louis.

Louis: Fuck.

Violet: There, happy? Can we go?

AJ will remember that.

Clem puts on her backpack and hat. Everyone leaves the room.


The group walks through the forest. Louis is armed with Chairles and Violet has a bow.

AJ: Will we get another car?

Clementine: Probably not. We got lucky before.

AJ: So, we're walking. My shoes are gonna break.

Clementine: Well, we'll have to hope they hold out.

AJ: My feet are gonna bleed again.

Clementine: We'll tear up a shirt and tie them up, if we have to.

Louis: It's not so bad. I mean, you've done this before. Probably pretty good at it by now. Almost like going home for you guys.

Clementine: Yeah, and it almost killed us. You saw how fucked up we were after that car crash.

AJ: Swear.

Clementine: You've lived inside walls your whole life. You have no fucking idea what it's like out there.

Clementine: Don't pretend you give a shit.

AJ: I hate running.

Louis will remember that.

Violet: We're here. The road's that way. Anything you wanna say before we go?

Louis: I've said plenty.

AJ: Thanks for trying to keep us.

Violet: You're welcome. I wish you could stay. I didn't want this.

Louis: Come on, let's just go.

Violet: Give us a minute, would you?

Clementine: You don't seem all that torn up about it, considering you walked us all the way out here.

Violet: I tried, okay? I did everything I could to help you guys.

Clementine: Well, it wasn't much.

Violet: Screw you.

Clementine: Yeah, so do I. I wish we hadn't fucked it up.

Violet: You didn't, Marlon did. Even dead, he's still ruining shit.

Louis: Jesus, Violet. Give him some fucking peace.

Violet: Just stay safe. Both of you.

Clementine: If you really feel that way, take us back. Don't let them kick us out.

Violet: I can't, Clem. Half of them are convinced you're as bad as Marlon, or worse. If you came back, someone else might get hurt. I--I can't risk it, I'm sorry.

Violet: Really, I wish I could take you back, but I...I can't, Clem. Half of them are convinced you're as bad as Marlon, or worse. If you came back, someone else might get hurt. I--I can't risk it, I'm sorry.

Violet leaves.

Louis: Still got that gun? Just try to be more careful with it. Okay?

AJ: I will.

Louis: I must be stupid. I can't leave you out here unarmed.

Louis gives the gun to AJ.

Clementine: Thanks.

Louis leaves.

Clementine: Let's get going. The sun'll set soon.

AJ: How do you know?

Clementine: I don't know, I can just feel it.

AJ: How?

Clementine: There's this cold that settles on my skin. It happens right before a storm, too.

AJ: I don't feel that.

Clementine: Hm. You haven't been on the road as long as me.

AJ: Clem?

Clementine: Hm?

AJ: Will we be okay? I thought we were done running from all the bad people. And the monsters.

Clementine: Of course we'll be okay. We're used to this.

AJ: I hate it out here. I wish we could go back.

Clementine: Yeah, so do I.

Clementine: I don't know. I'll do everything to keep you safe.

AJ: I'll keep you safe, too.

Clementine: We'll find someplace new. Someplace better.

AJ: I'll try not to mess it up.

Clementine says nothing.

A tree next to them gets shot.

Clementine: Hide!

Clem and AJ hide behind the trees. Clem peeks out and looks at the figure walking through the forest, and discovers that it's Abel holding a shotgun. If Clem pushed him through the window, he is missing an arm.

Abel: Now, come on out. I saw a couple of you on the road. How long you think you can hide?

Clementine: Oh, shit.

AJ: That's the man from the train station?

Clementine: Yes.

AJ: I thought he died.

Clementine: You can survive a bite, if you cut it off fast enough.

AJ: The one Brody was scared of.

Clementine: Yeah.

Clementine: Stay here.

Clementine draws her knife and charges at Abel, knocking the shotgun out of his hand. He grabs her wrist, and she kicks him in the knee, knocking him to the ground.

Abel: Tough little bitch, aren't you?

Clem raises her knife.

Clementine: Fuck you! You--

Clementine: Just walk away, and we'll let you go.

Clementine says nothing.

The barrel of a gun is pressed into the back of Clementine's head. She drops her knife and puts up her hands. Abel grabs his shotgun and gets up. Abel hits her in the stomach with the gun, and the other person kicks her in the back, knocking her to the ground, then stomps on her neck. Clem reaches for the knife, but Abel kicks it away. AJ draws his gun and charges at them.

Abel: I wouldn't, boy. Any closer, your friend might get her head blown off.

Lilly: Abel.

Abel: Good to see you again, squirt.

Abel hits AJ with his shotgun.

Clementine: Don't!

Abel grabs AJ's arm.

Abel: I seen these ones before. Fighters, both of them. You'll like them.

Lilly: We're looking for a kid, runs a community near here.

Abel: Marlon.

Clementine: He's dead.

Lilly: Well, shit.

Abel: This can still work.

Lilly: How about it? You want to take us back to your school, help us talk to your friends? It's not like you have many other options. Come on, kid, we don't want to be out here all day.

Clementine: It's not my school. I don't live there.

Lilly stomps on Clem's neck.

Lilly: I find that very hard to believe. Not a lot of kid communes around here.

Clementine: If I go back, they'll kill me. And him. And probably both of you.

Abel: She's lying. Has to be.

Clementine: I'm not helping you shitheads.

Lilly stomps on Clem's neck.

Lilly stomps on Clem's neck.

Abel twists AJ's arm.

Clementine: Don't! Let him go! Please!

Abel: Sure, if you do like we ask. Otherwise, I'm happy to crack his head open. You ever seen old fruit explode after you throw it at something? That's just how it'll look.

Lilly kicks Clem in the face, knocking her over.

AJ: Clementine!

Lilly: Oh, my god. Clementine, it's you? I...my name is Lilly. You probably don't remember me. It's been a while.

Clementine: I've never seen you before.

Lilly: When this all started, a man named Lee saved you. Or stole you, I was never sure. I was in your group for a while, until...until I wasn't.

Clementine: Lilly? I thought you died.

Lilly: I...came close.

Clementine: I don't give a fuck who you are, you evil bitch.

Lilly stomps on Clem's stomach.

Lilly: When this all started, a man named Lee saved you. Or stole you, I was never sure. I was in your group for a while, until...until I wasn't.

Lilly will remember that.

Lilly offers her hand to Clementine.

Abel: What the hell?

Lilly: Not now.

Abel: The fuck is this?

Lilly: I said, not now.

Clementine takes Lilly's hand, and she helps her stand.

Clementine gets up on her own.

Abel noticed that.

Lilly: Lee isn't with you. So he's dead, then.

Lilly: He was kind to me, even after I shot that guy.

Clementine: Doug.

Lilly: He was kind to me, even after I shot that girl.

Clementine: Carley.

Lilly: Lee should've never let me stay with the group. It was too easy to steal the RV and leave. He had too much faith in other people. Probably why he kept you around. Probably why he didn't make it.

Lilly: I'll never forget him leaving me on the side of the road to die. I don't blame him.

Lilly: I was clearly a threat to the group after I killed that guy.

Clementine: Doug.

Lilly: I was clearly a threat to the group after I killed that girl.

Clementine: Carley.

Lilly: Lee should've left you behind too. Might have lived longer if he did.

Lilly: Same thing'll happen to you, if you repeat his mistakes. Your little boy there. You'll die protecting him. You may be able to keep this up a while longer, but eventually he'll slow you down. A walker you didn't spot. A bullet you couldn't dodge. A desperate cry for help that brings the herd. It happened to Lee, and it'll happen to you.

Clementine: I'm not Lee. I've survived for years on my own.

Lilly: You've made it this far, I'll give you that. But you and a few other kids, hiding out in the woods? You have to know that can't last.

Clementine: I don't think so. AJ knows how to handle himself.

Lilly: He's got spirit, I'll give you that. But you and I know that won't be enough.

Clementine: Maybe, but you'll die first.

Lilly: Brave. But stupid. I'm surprised you made it this far. You need a better plan than just killing your enemies.

Lilly: You've made it this far, I'll give you that. But you and a few other kids, hiding out in the woods? You have to know that can't last.

Lilly will remember that.

Abel: Fuck, we don't have time for all this.

Lilly: We've got history.

Abel: Great, you know her, I know her. Point is, we've got a job to do.

Lilly: We can help you raise that boy, Clementine, but we need you to do something for us.

Clementine: What? Help you kidnap a couple more kids?

Abel: We don't need a couple. We need all of you.

Lilly: We'll take you out to the Delta to join our people. We have walls. We have working solar panels, and we grow our own food. All we need from you is to go back to your friends and convince them to come peacefully. No one will be harmed.

Clementine: I'm not Marlon.

Abel twists AJ's arm again.

Abel: Here's what I'll do. I'll take the little squirt here right now.

Clem notices Violet and Louis sneaking up.

Abel: That way, I'm sure you'll play nice.

Lilly: Be smart about this, Clementine. It's an us-or-them kind of world, Clem. If you want to save your little one, you won't pick them.

Clementine: Run!

Violet and Louis run away. Abel throws AJ to the ground.

Clementine: AJ!

Clem kicks Lilly in the back of the knee. She falls and drops her weapon.

Clementine: Shoot!

Violet shoots Lilly in the shoulder. Abel throws AJ to the ground.

Clementine: AJ!

Abel shoots Louis in the shoulder. He and Violet run away.

Clementine: Come on!

Clem and AJ run away as Abel fires at them. AJ gets hit in the stomach. Lilly and Abel run after them, firing their weapons. They jump over a log and crawl through a cave. Abel hits his head on the ceiling of the cave and falls; Lilly goes around and shoots at Clem and AJ. Lilly and Abel continue running after them, and Clem dodges their bullets. She jumps over another log, and they soon run into a herd.

Clementine: Oh, shit!

Clementine avoids the walkers and runs past them. Lilly and Abel get caught in the herd; they stop running and start shooting walkers.

Clementine: I think we lost them. Oh, shit!

A walker grabs Clem, and she kicks it away. AJ rests against the tree.

AJ: Clem!

Clementine: Shit.

AJ gives Clementine a knife. The herd approaches them, and Clementine stuns/kills the walkers. She gets grabbed by someone wearing a mask of walker skin.

James: No.

Clementine yells in surprise, and James covers her mouth.

James: Stop! Too loud.

James releases Clem, and throws a rock, drawing the walkers to the noise.

James: Follow.

Clementine picks up AJ and follows James.

James: There.

James points to a log, and Clementine sets AJ down on it. James sets down a torch and lifts AJ's shirt to reveal the wound.

James: Get the shrapnel out.

Clementine: Wh--me?

James: I'll keep him still.

James holds AJ's still while Clementine uses the knife to remove buckshot from AJ's stomach.

AJ: Trying not to be loud.

Clementine: It's okay, AJ, just breathe.

James: Put your hands there. Stop the bleeding.

Clem puts pressure on the wound. James pulls out a roll of duct tape.

Clementine: It's okay, AJ. He's just gonna patch you up.

James puts tape over the wound.

James: It's enough, for now.

James walks away. AJ tries to sit up.

Clementine: Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, easy.

AJ: Where's our stuff? My gun?

Clementine: We lost it, buddy.

AJ: Louis and Violet ran. They're safe.

Clementine: Yeah, probably.

AJ: Louis got shot.

Clementine: I saw.

AJ: They saved us.

Clementine: Yeah, they did.

AJ: Shit.

AJ: It sucks.

AJ starts to shiver. Clementine picks him up and carries him over to the fire, where James is sitting.


James: I didn't mean to endanger you. The walkers were sent to help you.

Clementine: You sent the walkers?

James: Was part of a group. Call themselves Whisperers. They've learned to live in herds, among walkers. Move among them. Sometimes, guide them.

Clementine: Why are you alone? If you were part of a group?

James: They attacked a community. I saw the carnage. Didn't want to be part of it.

AJ groans.

Clementine: Does it hurt?

AJ: Hungry.

James offers an apple.

James: Eat. Both of you.

Clementine takes the apple.

Clementine: Thank you.

AJ eats the apple.

You have: APPLE - Seems okay to eat.

Clementine: No, no thanks.

James puts the apple away.

James puts the apple away.

He will remember that.

Clementine: Do you have a name?

James: Been a while.

Clementine: Since?

James: I've said it.

James takes off his mask.

James: James.

Clementine: Why did you help us, James?

James: The people who attacked you. What do you know about them?

Clementine: I know they steal kids. They took two last year.

James: A common practice for them.

Clementine: I hardly know anything about them.

James: You know they attacked you. They'll attack again.

Clementine: Yeah. They said as much.

Clementine: I know I'll kill the next one I see.

James: You shouldn't be so eager to see them again.

James: He's safe. For now.

James: They're at war, up north. Their entire community, against another. It's why they take people. To make them fight. Train them, use them. You would join their war.

Clementine: That's horrible.

James: Yes. That's why I helped you.

Clementine: Thank you.

A walker growls nearby.

AJ: Clem?

Clementine gets up and draws her knife, ready to kill the walker. James grabs her hand and takes out a rock.

James: Wait. Throw it. Distract him. Works just as well, and nobody gets hurt. Not us. Not him.

Clementine stabs the walker in the head.

James: You killed some, in the herd that saved you. Do you have to hunt every one you see?

Clementine: They threatened me.

James: Some. Not that one.

Clementine throws the rock, drawing the walker away.

James: Thank you.

AJ: Safe.

James: It was difficult. To send the herd in. To save you. I didn't want them to die.

James throws the rock, drawing the walker away.

James will remember that.

They both sit back down. James stokes the fire.

Clementine: So, James, do you just hang around in the woods, saving random people?

James: After I left my group, I wandered. First time alone, ever. Saw war everywhere. First against walkers, then against each other. Hoped it would be better here. Where are you from? Here? Or somewhere far away?

Clementine: I lived in a school nearby.

James: Lived?

Clementine: Well, we're not welcome there anymore.

Clementine: Georgia.

James: Long way from home.

Clementine: It feels like forever ago.

James: It was.

Clementine: I've been living on the road for years. It doesn't matter where I started.

James: It matters to me. Where I was before all this.

James: You can't remember. Even if you can remember, you can't remember what it was like. To belong.

Clementine: So, where are you from?

James: Washington.

Clementine: The city or the state?

James: The city. Dad ran a food truck. I helped.

AJ starts breathing heavily, and Clem puts her hand against his forehead.

Clementine: You've got a fever.

James: His wound will need proper cleaning. And medicine, if you're lucky enough to have any.

Clementine: The school has medicine, but I don't think they'll share it.

James: That's why those people attacked you, isn't it? To get to that school. They'll destroy whatever they find. Bring more guns, more fighters. Take everyone inside.

Clementine: They won't be able to fight them off.

James: You need medicine. You have to go back, or you'll lose him.

Clementine: I have to go back and warn them. It's the right thing to do.

James: Noble of you, despite their treatment.

Clementine: I'll go back. Convince them to help AJ. They'll take us back once they see him. They wouldn't turn AJ away.

James: You hope.

Clementine: I have to go back, to help them fight. And I'll kill Lilly and Abel for what they did to AJ.

James: Revenge won't save him.

Clementine says nothing.

James: I'll help you get back. Past the walkers. A few more hours, and we'll go.

Clementine: (to AJ) That's a few hours for you to sleep.

James: I'll stay awake. You don't have to. Sleep. I'll keep watch.

Clementine: Mm, I can't.

James: Then we'll both keep watch.

Clementine: Less lonely.

James: True.

Clementine: Okay, I will. What about you?

James: Don't need it, not tonight. Rest well.

Clementine: Goodnight.

James: Goodnight.

Clementine falls asleep.

James: Rest.

Clementine falls asleep.

James will remember that.


Clem, James, and AJ walk back to the school.

James: Is he awake?

Clementine: Yeah. He's so hot.

James: I can carry him. You're exhausted.

Clementine: No, I've got him.

AJ: Hurts.

Clementine: Hang on. We're almost there.

The group reaches the gates.

Willy: Walker!

Willy fires an arrow at James' feet.

Willy: Violet! Louis! They came back!

Willy runs off.

Clementine: Look, you live out there alone, right? You could stay with us.

James: Not ready.

James walks away. Clem carries AJ closer to the gates.

Clementine: I can't keep carrying you. We'll be inside soon. Rest now.

Clementine falls to her knees. She sets AJ down. Louis opens the gate and runs up to them.

Louis: Shit, is he...?

Clementine: He's alive. He was shot. He's got a fever.

Louis: Come on, let's get him inside.

Clementine: I can't.

Louis picks up AJ.

Louis: It's okay, buddy, I got you.

Clem and Louis walk inside.

Admin Building

Louis and Clem enter the building.

Ruby: Let me see. I have what I need upstairs. Come on.

Clementine: We got the shrapnel out of him.

Ruby: We?

Clementine: It's a long story.

The group goes upstairs. Louis sets AJ down on a couch. Ruby puts her hand on his forehead.

Ruby: He's running a fever. Body's trying to fight infection, poor little guy.

Violet: Ruby and Louis will take care of him. You come with me. We can talk in the office.

AJ: Clem?

Ruby: Shhh, you just try to rest, okay? We're gonna fix you right up.

AJ: Clem?!

Clementine: AJ, listen to Ruby, okay? She'll look after you. Come on, what do we do when we're scared? When fear starts to get the upper hand?

Clementine: We say...

AJ: You said I can't swear.

Clementine: We can make an exception. What do we do? We say...

AJ: We say fuck off to fear.

Clementine: We push...

AJ: We push through it... We don't let it take over.

Clementine: We breathe...

AJ: We breathe in... Hold it in.

AJ: I do the breathing.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: I'm good now.

Violet: Clementine, please. We need to talk.

Clem and Violet enter Marlon's office.

Violet: What happened out in the woods... I saw they had you pinned, and I...shit, I got so crazy.

Violet: I know you think I didn't do enough for you and AJ, but when I saw you were in danger, I had to do something.

Violet: When I heard you call for help, I didn't even think.

Violet: I wanted to help you, but when you told us to run, I had to trust you. Thank you for protecting us. It was really brave.

Violet: I just let go of the arrow. I wasn't even sure if I'd hit her. And then Louis got shot. Six...six inches over, we'd be digging another grave.

Violet: I really thought you were dead, Clem. It's just, everything is so fucked right now, you know? Everyone is scared, Clem.

Clementine: Sorry to disappoint. You'll have to put up with us for a while longer.

Violet: No disappointment here. I'm glad you came back.

Clementine: Huh. What about Mitch and the others?

Violet: Uh, well, they're less excited about it.

Clementine: AJ and I are lucky to be alive. You're a fucking asshole, you know that? You all are.

Violet: Okay, sure, go ahead and say that kind of shit to me. I can take it. But don't stir up trouble with the others. They're not happy you came back.

Clementine: It's really good to see you again.

Violet: I thought you hated me.

Clementine: Well, maybe for a second. But not now.

Violet will remember that.

Violet: It's good to see you, too. Just wish Mitch and the others felt the same.

Violet: I'm glad you're not dead, and that you made it back. Just wish I could say the same for the others.

Violet will remember that.

Violet: Louis and I told them what happened in the woods. That woman who attacked you--

Clementine: Lilly.

Violet: So you do know her. We were wondering. Who the hell is she? I mean, I know you're not, like, with her group. But the others don't like the coincidence. Her showing up right after you? I mean...

Clementine: Lilly and I were friends. A long time ago.

Violet: Friends?

Clementine: Back when the walkers first showed up, we lived in a motor inn. Survived really awful shit. Lilly tried to keep us all together.

Violet: Looks like she's changed.

Clementine: Yeah, seems that way.

Clementine: I wouldn't have recognized her if she hadn't recognized me first. We were in a group together, long time ago.

Violet: Hope it was a different kind of group, that didn't fucking steal people.

Clementine: C'mon, you know it was different.

Clementine: She's horrible. She always has been. Her dad was a racist asshole, and she defended everything he did.

Violet: Great. As if we didn't have more than enough dickheads already.

Violet: Okay, fine, keep secrets. But I know she knew you, and from the looks of things, you weren't friends.

Clementine: She murdered someone in our group. Gunned them down during an argument.

Clementine: A guy named Doug. He was really sweet, protected the group.

Clementine: Carley was her name. She refused to let Lilly push her around.

Clementine: It was right at the start. I haven't seen Lilly since.

Violet: I believe you.

Clementine: But?

Violet: There's something else. Willy said someone was with you at the gates?

Clementine: James. He saved me and AJ, let us stay in his camp for the night.

Violet: But why did you bring him here? You led him right to us. I mean, he's a stranger, Clem. Running into those two in the woods, it proved we can't trust anybody.

Clementine: Look, he's not with the raiders. He lives by himself in the woods.

Clementine: You don't have to worry about James. We can trust him.

Clementine: What is this? After everything we did to get back, I don't appreciate being interrogated.

Violet: Don't get weird. You know I have to ask.

Violet: I'm not trying to be weird. I just don't want everyone in the world to know where we are.

Violet: Willy said he was wearing... I don't know. Animal skins or something.

Clementine: He was wearing walker skin. That's how he gets past herds. He can guide them, too.

Violet: Ugh. Wow, okay.

Clementine: I wouldn't have brought him here if I thought he was a threat.

Violet: It's not that I don't trust you, I'm just worried about the others and what they might do. They didn't even get a chance to mourn Brody and Marlon before these child-snatching assholes showed up. And then you two come back, after we thought you were dead. Now they're confused, and no one knows how to feel about AJ.

Violet sits in the office chair.

Clementine: Violet, AJ is the least of their worries.

Violet: I know, but everything is such a mess. They're scared and angry, and they're looking for someone to blame. I mean, they kicked you out. How am I supposed to make them change their minds about you? It was decided. Five to three against. I know it feels like it shouldn't matter, but they were afraid of you. Both of you. Last thing they need is more things to fear right now.

Clementine: You're sitting in Marlon's chair, aren't you? You're their leader now. They'll listen to you.

Violet: They don't, though. They only listen when they want to.

Clementine: Well, they'll have to start, if they want to survive what's coming.

Clementine: Oh, my god, forget the stupid vote! It's not important now.

Clementine: You don't have to. Let me convince them.

Violet: If you stay, you help against the raiders. That's an angle I might be able to use.

Clementine: James told me what Lilly and Abel will do next. He said they'll get more people and guns, and come attack us. Take everyone here.

Violet: How the hell would he know?

Clementine: He's watched them for a while. They're at war with another community. They take people to fight for them.

Violet: Is that what happened to Minnie and Sophie? They turned them into soldiers?

Clementine: Yeah. It'll happen to us too, if we don't stop them.

Violet: Minnie didn't even like killing walkers.

Clementine: Look at this place. It's a fortress. With a little work, we could make this place really hard to attack.

Violet: Do you actually know how to do that?

Clementine: Yeah. I was part of a siege once, in a town called Richmond. Here, let me show you.

Clementine unfolds the map and puts it on the desk. She looks at the walls.

Clementine: We've got good, strong walls. We need to make them hard to climb over, so the raiders have to come in through the gates.

Violet: We used to keep barbed wire in the greenhouse.

Clem looks at the admin building.

Clementine: This is where we should make our stand. There's only one way in: the front. And then there's the big central staircase. If we rig that path with traps, we can pull back here.

Violet: Luring in our attackers. I like it.

Clem looks at the courtyard.

Clementine: The courtyard's pretty wide open. Not a lot of cover. We should flip the picnic tables, narrow down the pathways through it.

Violet: So we'll know which way they're coming.

Clementine: At the very least, it'll give us protection if they get past these walls.

Clem looks at the greenhouse.

Clementine: Well, you guys don't use the greenhouse anymore, do you?

Violet: No. We used to. Then we lost someone out there. Walkers overran the place, and Marlon wouldn't let us go back. Safe zone.

Clementine: We need to get that barbed wire, so they can't climb the walls. I'll go.

Violet: Are you sure? It's gonna be swarming with walkers by now.

Mitch enters the room.

Mitch: Okay, what the hell's going on? Willy told me she was back, but I was like, "No way, Violet wouldn't just go against what we all decided."

Ruby enters the room and closes the doors.

Ruby: Shh! Would you keep it down?! The little boy is asleep! His fever's already going down, Clem. He's gonna be okay.

Mitch: Great. We're just giving them our medicine, too?

Violet: Mitch, those raiders are getting ready to attack the school.

Violet: Mitch, those people who shot Louis? They're arming up to attack the school.

Violet: We need Clem's help.

Mitch: Like hell we do. For all we know, she's one of them.

Violet: She's not. If you saw their leader's boot on Clem's neck, you'd know that.

Mitch: All I know is that since she showed up, it's been trouble.

Clementine: Look, I understand you're angry that you lost a friend. But you have to trust me. If you don't, we don't stand a chance.

Mitch: I trust you to put a bullet in the back of my head.

Ruby: Mitch!

Clementine: These raiders all carry guns, and they know how to use them. So whatever you think of me and AJ, deal with it, or you're gonna end up dead.

Mitch: I'd rather take my chances.

Clementine: Use your head, Mitch. You saw AJ on your way in. If I was with the raiders, why would they have hurt him like that?

Mitch: How do I know? Maybe he shot one of their friends?

Ruby: Mitch!

Clementine says nothing.

Mitch will remember that.

Violet: Clem's going to the greenhouse to find barbed wire and anything else she thinks we need for the fight, and you're going to help her.

Mitch: Uh, no, I'm not.

Violet: Yes, you are. It's too dangerous for her to go by herself, and you're good in a fight.

Ruby: I can go too. You know, to keep the peace.

Mitch: Fuck, Vi. Since when are you the one making the calls?

Violet: Since no one else stepped the fuck up. These two will meet you at the gate, and you can head to the greenhouse once I've explained the situation.

Clementine: See you there.

Clem leaves the room.

Louis: I'm so sorry, little dude. Please be okay. I...

Louis walks away. Clem leaves the building.


Clementine, Ruby, and Mitch arrive at the greenhouse.

Ruby: Guess I didn't realize how long it's been. How much it's changed.

Ruby tries to open the door.

Mitch: Uh, this ain't budging.

Ruby: You gonna stand there sulking all day, or you gonna do something useful?

Clementine: Well, we need that barbed wire. There must be another way in.

Ruby: Wild boar. Not too many in these parts, but they were more common where I grew up. I used to hunt them with my old man when I was little. They make terrible noises when they die.

Clementine: I like it. It'll look good on my wall.

You have collected: Wild Boar Skull - For our bedroom. For now.

Clementine: Mm, I can't see shit.

Mitch: There's too much condensation on the inside.

Ruby: Condensation? That's a big word for you.

Mitch: Shut up.

Talk to Ruby

Clementine: Are you okay?

Ruby: I--it's been so long since I was here. I used to love this place, but it's so overgrown. I'll be fine. Let's just find a way in.

Talk to Mitch

Mitch: What do you want?

Clementine: Uh, nothing.

Mitch: You're only here 'cause we're desperate, you know, so don't get comfy. If we survive these raiders, you and I are gonna have words.

Clementine: Let's survive first.

Clementine decides to climb the ladder.

Clementine: That window. I bet we can get in there.

Ruby: Good spot. Mitch, come here and gimme a boost.

Mitch: Wait. Make her go first. We send the one we don't mind losing.

Ruby: That's an ugly thing to say.

Mitch: Vi says we need her help, right? She shouldn't mind sticking her neck out.

Clementine: I'll go first. I don't mind.

Mitch: Figured you'd fight it.

Ruby: Thanks, Clem.

Ruby will remember that.

Clementine: You first, Mitch.

Mitch: No, see, 'cause the people back home want me to survive this little trip.

Ruby: Let's just get the stuff we need. Okay?

Mitch: Just go.

Ruby will remember that.

Clementine: You know? Fuck you.

Ruby: Oh, stop it. Both of you. Let's just get the stuff we need. Okay?

Mitch: Go in.

Ruby will remember that.

Clementine says nothing.

Ruby: Holler if one grabs you. Otherwise, we'll come soon as you give the all-clear.

Ruby and Mitch boost Clem up to the broken ladder.

Mitch: I guess we'll know when the door opens.

Clem climbs up the ladder and drops down into the greenhouse. A walker approaches her.

Ruby: Clementine! You okay?

Clem grabs a knife and kills the walker.

Ruby: Clementine? Clementine?!

Clementine: I'm fine.

Ruby: Oh, thank god.

Two walkers approach, and Clementine kills them.

Ruby: More walkers? Did you get them?

Mitch: Do you hear any walkers? She got them, calm down.

Clementine: I'm coming. I'll get the door open.

Clementine removes the planks in front of the door and opens it. The other two enter the greenhouse.

Mitch: Not bad.

Ruby: Oh, look. Wild ginger, eastern prickly pear, Jerusalem artichoke, false Solomon's seal.

Mitch: Let's find that barbed wire. And anything else that might be useful.

Clem looks at the lawn mower.

Clementine: Could be a weapon.

Mitch: Or use it to dig a grave. You weren't there when we dug the holes for Marlon and Brody. We had to use cups and bowls. Took forever.

Mitch: Yes! Dibs.

Mitch takes the shears.

Clementine: Some mushrooms are edible.

You have collected: Mysterious Mushroom - Probably not edible.

Clementine takes a bite of the mushroom and spits it out. Mitch laughs.

Clementine: What? This was for...science.

Clem takes a trowel.

Ruby: Find something?

Clementine: Yep. Maybe useful.

You have: TROWEL - Good for digging.

Talk to Ruby

Clementine: You seem happy.

Ruby: You can only eat the same bland rabbit stew so many times before you go crazy. These herbs are gonna do wonders for morale, you wait and see.

Talk to Mitch

Clementine: Did you find anything?

Mitch: What do you think?

Clementine: Okay, just asking.

Mitch: You know, the barbed wire idea is smart, I'll give you that. Those assholes try and climb our walls, they'll tear their guts out. I'd kinda like to see that.

Clem picks up the crowbar.

You have: PRY BAR - Good for getting past locks.

Clementine uses the crowbar to pry open the cabinet.

Clementine: Barbed wire. A lot of it, too.

You have: Barbed Wire - To defend the walkers.

Ruby: That should keep the raiders from climbing our walls.

Mitch looks at the fertilizer in the cabinet.

Mitch: Hey. We can use these.

Ruby: For what?

Mitch: We can make bombs out of these.

Clementine: Bombs? Are you serious?

You have: FERTILIZER - For more than growing flowers.

Mitch: Totally. It's the kind of stuff I made back home.

Ruby: He used to blow shit up. That's why he's a troubled youth.

Mitch: Guilty. I just need some propane and something to create a spark, and we'll have ourselves a nice little homemade explosive.

Clem decides to uncover the door at the back of the greenhouse.

Mitch: If I remember right, there's a science lab through that door. Maybe there's propane in there. Come on. Help me move this thing.

Clem and Mitch move the shelf away from the door.

Mitch: Okay, let's see what's inside.

Clementine opens the door, and a walker grabs her wrist, making her drop her knife.

Clementine: Oh, shit!

Clementine hits the walker in the face and jumps back; part of the walker's hand breaks off, and Clem shakes it off.

Clementine: Fuck, fuck, gross!

Ruby: What's going on?! You alright?

Mitch: We had a scare, that's all.

Mitch hits the walker; part of the walker's hand breaks off, and Clem shakes it off.

Mitch: You alright?

Clementine: Yeah, fine. I didn't see it.

Ruby: Oh, no.

Clementine: What? Who was she?

Ruby: Ms. Martin. Our nurse. At the school. She stayed, when all the others left. God, she looks... You can barely recognize her. She's just...just like all the others.

Clementine: She's not human. She's a walker.

Ruby: God, is it really that easy for you to just forget who they were? Well, it isn't for me.

Clementine: I'm sorry, Ruby.

Ruby: I j--I just wish I could make her look like she used to.

Clementine: She's not your friend. She's just fertilizer. Helping the plants grow.

Ruby: Should've figured you wouldn't get it. Or care.

Ruby: I j--I just wish I could make her look like she used to.

Your relationship with Ruby has changed.

Ruby: One day, we came out looking for food. Walkers attacked us. Thought we could fight them off, but there were just...there were so many. Ms. Martin told us to run, so we did. She taught me how to patch people up. Stitching, local anesthetics, painkillers, fever reducers. I don't think I can...take care of her. Would you? I'm sorry.

Ruby walks off, sobbing. Clem picks up her knife and kills Ms. Martin.

Clementine: Are you okay?

Ruby: Yeah. Just need a minute.

Mitch: Come on, guys, help me find that propane and we can get out of here.

Clementine: Ugh, looks like piss.

Mitch: Dare you to drink it.

Clementine: Not in a million years.

Mitch: Wimp.

Mitch: You find anything?

Clementine: I--actually, I don't know what this is.

Clem looks at the chalkboard.

Clementine sniffs it and coughs.

You have collected: Venus Flytrap - Beautiful and deadly.

Talk to Ruby

Clementine: Ms. Martin meant a lot to you, huh?

Ruby: She was the only one who stayed. She saw us for what we were, a bunch of kids who no one wanted. She loved us when nobody else did. Like, really loved us.

Clementine: Yeah, I've known people like that.

Ruby: I guess everyone has.

Talk to Mitch

Clementine: You seem to know a lot about bombs.

Mitch: Made my first one when I was eight.

Clementine: Really?

Mitch: I blew up the garage. It was awesome. Though, Dad didn't think it was awesome. Dad gave me a chemistry set to keep me from fighting the neighbors.

Clementine: Uh, why did you fight the neighbors?

Mitch: I had a lot of energy. Had to use it somehow. And they didn't like my face.

Clem picks up igniters.

Clementine: Uh, Mitch, is is this useful?

Mitch: Fuckin' A, I was hoping there'd be one of those! That's an igniter. We can use it to create a spark. Now we just have to find propane, we can blast those motherfuckers to hell.

You have: IGNITER - It'll catch after a few tries.

Clem grabs the propane tank.

Clementine: Let's hope there's gas in it.

Clementine tries to move the tank.

Mitch: Yeah, perfect. Here.

Mitch and Clementine move the tank, and Mitch picks it up.

You have: PROPANE - Fuel for our bomb.

Mitch: Good find. Now we have everything we need. We should get back and tell the others.

Ruby: We have to bury Ms. Martin first.

Mitch: Bury her? Why bother? It's a walker. Help me drag it out back. We can burn it.

Ruby: No. Ms. Martin's the reason we're all alive.

Mitch: And?

Ruby: She deserves a proper burial. Here, next to the greenhouse she loved. That way the others won't have to see her like this.

Mitch: She's been dead for years. There's no point.

Ruby: She deserves a real burial.

Clementine: I'll help you bury her. It's the right thing to do for someone you cared about.

Ruby: Thank you so much.

Mitch: It's not a her, it's a walker! Fine, whatever. I'm not wasting my energy on that thing.

Mitch walks away. Clem and Ruby go outside the greenhouse and bury Ms. Martin.

Ruby: I'll put a stone in the graveyard, back at the school. But Ms. Martin loved this place. She'll be happy here. I'll make sure everyone knows you helped me. That you've got a...a good heart. Under all that muck.

Clementine: Hey!

They both laugh.

Clementine: We should burn her. Look, she's been like that for a long time. She's not a person anymore.

Ruby walks away.

Mitch: Stupid. We've all seen people die. Can't fall apart over every one.

Clem and Mitch go outside the greenhouse and burn Ms. Martin's corpse.

Mitch: It's better, you know. To get it over with. You get all caught up in who people used to be, and you can't deal with what's in front of you. I'll tell everyone, when we get back. That I changed my mind. We need you.

Clementine: Thanks.

Mitch: Well, I'm not helping you. Clem's not helping you.

Ruby walks away.

Mitch: Let's get it done.

Clem and Mitch go outside the greenhouse and burn Ms. Martin's corpse.

Mitch: It's better, you know. To get it over with. You get all caught up in who people used to be, and you can't deal with what's in front of you. I'll tell everyone, when we get back. That I changed my mind. We need you.

Clementine: Thanks.

Clem, Mitch, and Ruby carry the supplies out of the greenhouse.

Ruby: Think it'll be enough?

Clementine: Hopefully. And it means Lilly and her people won't be able to climb the walls. They'll have to come through the gates. We can plan for that.

Mitch: Straight into a fiery explosion of death. Assholes won't know what hit them.


Clem walks into the dormitory, where AJ is already sleeping. If he feels justified, he is holding the firefighter toy. Clem checks his forehead. Louis knocks on the door and then enters, holding some clothes.

Louis: Brought you these. I noticed his shirt got messed up, when...you know.

Clementine: Where did you get those?

Louis sets the clothes down on the desk.

Louis: They were Tenn's, back when he got here. Should be about AJ's size. How's he doing?

Clementine: Better. His fever's down. Thank you for carrying him in.

Louis: No problem. So, we've got a greenhouse again. And bombs.

Clementine: Mitch's idea.

Louis: I figured. Violet says we'll start getting this place ready in the morning.

Clementine: Good.

Louis: They all seem okay with letting you stay. For now, anyway. While we get ready to fight.

Clementine: Yeah, I'm glad. All I've wanted is for them to forgive us.

Louis: I said they're fine with you being here, at least 'til the raiders are gone. That doesn't mean they all like you again.

Clementine: Well, you're gonna need me for the fight that's coming.

Louis: Yeah, sounds that way.

Clementine: I wish they'd decided that before AJ got shot and nearly killed.

Louis: Well, you're here now. And safe.

Louis: I don't know if it'll be forever. Or if it should be, really.

Clementine: Everyone else is okay with us staying. What about you?

Louis: It's fine, while he gets better.

Clementine: And after that?

Louis: I don't know, Clementine.

AJ: Clem?

Clementine: Hey, kiddo. How do you feel?

AJ: Better. Still hurts.

Clementine: I know.

AJ: Hi, Louis.

Louis: Hey, little dude.

AJ: I missed you. Are we friends again?

Louis: Just get some sleep. Okay?

Louis turns to leave.

Clementine: Louis?

Clementine: I really missed you.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: Missed you too. Goodnight.

Clementine: I'm sorry. That you're hurting, and, uh, it's our fault.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: It wasn't all you. Marlon, he... Forget it. I should go.

Clementine: I haven't forgotten how you treated AJ, or me.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: I haven't forgotten anything, either.

AJ: Do you hate us?

Louis: I never hated you. I just didn't know what else to do. Forget it. I should go.

Clementine: Never mind.

Louis leaves the room.

AJ: I'm not mad at him anymore. Are you? He helped carry me. And he was by my bunk, when Ruby gave me stuff. Medicine.

Clementine: AJ, I was never mad at him. I understand why he acted that way. Why he wanted us gone.

AJ: I don't. I was right.

Clementine: I know, kiddo. People are complicated.

AJ: Me too.

Clementine: I'll get over it.

AJ: You should control it. Being mad.

Clementine: You're right.

AJ: It's...it's okay, if you're mad. To feel that way.

Clementine: You're right.

AJ: You usually tell me when you're mad.

Clementine: I am mad, and I'll get over it. Don't worry about me, okay?

AJ: Okay.

Clementine: Yeah, I'm mad at him. I'm fucking pissed.

AJ: We stop, we think, and we breathe.

Clementine: Breathe. Thanks, kiddo.

AJ: Swear.

AJ: Yeah. You're still mad.

Clementine: Let's get a look at the shirts Louis brought you. Then we'll sleep. It's been a long day.

You have: SHIRTS FOR AJ - No bullet holes.

AJ: Yeah.

AJ: You didn't sleep last night.

Clementine: Nope.

AJ: James was nice, but I don't like sleeping on the ground.

Clementine: Me, neither.

(Clementine can only place items if she collected them.)

AJ: Hey! It's bedtime.

Clementine: You're right. So bossy.

Clem places the mushroom on the shelf.

Clementine: Wonder how long it'll last.

AJ: That's a weird plant.

Clementine: It's a fungus.

AJ: A fun-gus? Doesn't look fun.

Clem places the boar skull on the shelf.

Clementine: Nice.

Clementine: Pretty cool.

Clem places the flytrap on the dresser.

AJ: That plant looks scary.

Clementine: Oh, it is. It's a flytrap. It eats bugs.

AJ: A plant can eat bugs? Heh, that's so, so awesome.

Clementine looks at the shirts.

Clementine: (points to Ericson shirt) Hey, this one's pretty cool.

AJ: Hm, looks like Marlon's jacket.

Clementine: Hm, yeah. But it would still look good on you.

Clementine: Hey, look! It's Disco Broccoli and his friend. I wish you could've seen this cartoon.

AJ: Me too.

Clementine: How about this one?

AJ: It looks like Tenn's boots.

Clementine: Yeah, I think it's the same character.

AJ: Cool.

Clementine: Hm. This one will work. You can put it on when you feel better, okay?

AJ: Yeah.

Clementine: Time for sleep.

AJ: I can't sleep with the light.

Clementine: I'll blow it out in a second.

Clem looks at the shirt.

Clementine: Hm. Strange to think this used to be a regular school.

Clementine: Science Dog is pretty great.

AJ: Yeah, Tenn likes him.

Clementine decides to go to sleep.

Clementine: Goodnight, sleep tight...

AJ: Don't let a walker bite.

Clementine: And if it tries?

AJ: Bang.

Clem takes off her hat, blows out the candle, and goes to bed. In the morning, she wakes up and puts a map of the school on the dresser. Clem and AJ move around the room during the time skip, and AJ changes his clothes.


Clem examines the map, which now has drawings and writings on it planning against an attack. Clem goes to sleep. Clementine dreams that she wakes up to the sound of a baby crying, and that AJ is no longer in the room.

Clementine: AJ? Where are you?

Clementine opens the door and steps outside her room. She follows a horse through the hallway.

Clementine: AJ?

The end of the hallway is illuminated with a fiery glow, and AJ continues crying. The horse lies on the floor, dying. Gunshots are heard. Clementine goes to the end of the hallway.

Clementine: AJ!

Clementine opens the door and steps into the light, then wakes up. AJ is perched on the dresser.

AJ: You were having a nightmare. Same one you used to have all the time. About what happened at the ranch.

Clementine: I'll be okay. Just give me a minute.

AJ brandishes a knife.

Clementine: Hey. What do you have there? Did you have a bad dream, too? You've been having them a lot lately.

AJ: I feel safer like this. Not sleeping. I wanna stay up forever. I probably could. Like, eighteen days. If I tried hard.

Clementine: We're safe here, AJ.

AJ: It doesn't feel like it.

Clementine: You used to think so.

Clementine: I don't know about that. I've never met anyone who could go more than a few days without sleep.

AJ: Then I'll be the first. If we were in danger, then I would.

Clementine: I've never seen that knife before. Did you make it? When?

AJ: I dunno, while you were busy.

Clementine: It must've taken days.

AJ: I couldn't stop thinking about it until I made it.

AJ: You should go back to sleep if you're tired. You've been doing lots of stuff.

AJ groans and grabs his stomach.

Clementine: Here, let me help you back to bed.

AJ: No. You don't have to keep checking on me. You always say, be tough. So I am. You say, be strong. And I will. And brave, all the time.

Clementine: Maybe I should go get Ruby. If you're feeling sick again, she should take a look at you.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: No, Clem, you're not listening to me.

Clementine: You're the toughest boy I know. Probably the toughest boy in the whole world.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: I'm not as tough as you.

Clementine: Well, no one's as tough as me.

Clementine: I raised you to be strong, not stupid.

AJ: I'm not!

Clementine: Shutting people out when they're trying to help you? That's stupid.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: Please, don't call me stupid.

AJ: I don't wanna...I don't wanna mess up again. And get hurt.

AJ: I'm sorry you had to do all the hard work.

AJ: Showing them I'm good and smart. Smarter than them.

AJ: To atone me.

AJ jumps off the dresser.

AJ: I'm gonna help you more. So you don't have to do everything.

Clementine: Where are you going?

AJ: On patrol.

Clementine: Patrol?

AJ: For danger. Bad people. Monsters. Whatever you have nightmares about.

Clementine: What if you stayed here instead? If you go back to sleep, I'll stay awake and make sure no more bad dreams come.

AJ: You can't do that. You're not magic.

Clementine: How do you know? Maybe I have magic and never told you.

AJ: No, you don't.

AJ walks over to his bed.

Clementine: What is it?

AJ: Can I...could I maybe sleep in your bed? Like I did when I was little?

Clementine: Yeah. Come on up.

AJ: I'm not scared. Just tired.

Clementine: Makes sense to me. Think you need that?

AJ puts the knife down and climbs into Clementine's bed.

Clementine: AJ?

AJ: What?

Clementine: You're still little.

AJ: Yeah, I know.

Clementine: Absolutely not. It's dark out there.

AJ: Um, uh, actually, I'm kinda tired. I'd, uh, kinda rather stay.

Clementine: Yeah, I figured.

AJ walks over to his bed.

Clementine: What is it?

AJ: Can I...could I maybe sleep in your bed? Like I did when I was little?

Clementine: Yeah. Come on up.

AJ: I'm not scared. Just tired.

Clementine: Makes sense to me. Think you need that?

AJ puts the knife down and climbs into Clementine's bed.

Clementine: AJ?

AJ: What?

Clementine: You're still little.

AJ: Yeah, I know.

Clementine: I don't love the idea, but okay. Go ahead. Be careful.

AJ: Okay, I will. I'll guard you real good.

Clementine: I'll sleep better knowing you're watching out for me.

AJ leaves the room.

Clementine: Well, Clementine, you sure did raise a weird kid. Hm, no kidding, Clementine. Maybe 'cause you're the sort of person who talks to herself when she's alone.

AJ: Okay, well. Gonna go.

AJ leaves the room.

Clementine: Well, Clementine, you sure did raise a weird kid. Hm, no kidding, Clementine. Maybe 'cause you're the sort of person who talks to herself when she's alone.


Clem and AJ walk into the courtyard.

Clementine: You ready to work today, kiddo?

Clementine: I know you were up late.

AJ: Yeah, I went around the school eight times last night on patrol.

Clementine: Find anything?

AJ: No danger, I just found a turtle that I thought we could keep. But it was dead, and had bugs inside, so I thought, never mind.

AJ: Bad dreams always make me more tired.

Clementine: Me too.

AJ: I slept better in your bed.

AJ: It's my turn to be lookout.

Tenn waves at AJ, and he walks over to him.

Louis: I have other stuff I need to do.

Violet: What stuff?

Louis: Nothing, it's just...it's important.

Violet: Goddamn it, Louis, take this seriously, for once in your life!

Louis: I've been taking this seriously for fucking days! Almost two weeks!

Violet: So has everyone. Get over yourself!

Louis walks away.

Violet: Hey.

Clementine: I thought Lilly and Abel would show up days ago. I wonder why they're holding off.

Violet: Don't know. All I wanted was more time to prepare, but now this waiting sucks, and everyone's on edge.

Clementine: Need my help?

Violet: Yeah, actually. Could you check on everyone, and make sure they're doing shit right?

Clementine: Sure, I'm on it.

Violet: Thanks, Clem. I should go board up the back hallway, since Louis isn't gonna do it.

Clementine: Mm, nothing left we can use. Wonder if they ever tried to rebuild it after it burned down.

(If Clem buried her.)

Clementine: Ms. Martin? Thanks for protecting everyone.

Clementine: I hope it's beautiful where you are, Brody.

Clem looks at the grave.

Clem spits on his grave, and Rosie whines.

(After talking to Louis.)

Clem can practice her shooting.

Clementine: Hm. Place looks ready for a war.

Clementine: Hopefully this at least creeps the raiders out.

Clementine: Well, no one's coming over those.

Clem flips over the table.

Talk to Rosie

Clementine: What're you doing down there, Rosie?

Clementine pets Rosie.

Clementine: Good girl. What'd Marlon used to do?

Clem whistles, and Rosie sits.

Rosie will remember that.

Clementine: Come here, girl. Good girl. What'd Marlon used to do?

Clem whistles, and Rosie sits.

Rosie will remember that.

Clem walks away.

You ignored Rosie.

You ignored Rosie.

Talk to Mitch

Clementine: Hey. What're you doing?

Mitch: Mm, test. Gotta see if the bomb will go off. This little thing won't kill anybody. Just gotta see if it'll light.

Clementine: Yeah, it'd better. Our whole plan rests on that "little thing". If they get in, I'll need you to set the bomb off while I distract them.

Mitch: Expect the unexpected.

Clementine: Yeah, something like that.

Mitch: I read that on one of those stupid inspirational posters. School used to have them everywhere. Soon as things went to shit, I tore them all down. Stupid shit. (tries to light bomb) Ugh, could you? My hand's all fucked up from messing with it all day.

Clementine ignites the bomb.

Mitch: Stand back.

The bomb doesn't go off.

Mitch: Fucking shit. If it doesn't work... Fucking shit!

Clementine: Great, we're totally fucking fucked!

Mitch will remember that.

Clementine: I'm sure you'll get it. Keep trying.

Mitch will remember that.

Mitch: It's not like I got all the time in the world to play scientist and figure this shit out!

Clementine: We've gotta figure something out. If you can't get your bomb working, we have to rethink the whole plan.

Mitch will remember that.

Mitch: Might as well say, "You fucked up, Mitch."

Clementine: Well...

Mitch: Suppose you don't have any brilliant ideas to fix it? Well, shit.

Mitch: I'll figure it out. I just need more time. Alone time. To think.

Clementine: I get it. I'll leave you alone.

Mitch: Thanks, though. For helping.

You helped Mitch with his bomb.

Talk to Mitch again

Mitch: Uh, no, it should've been two to one parts, but maybe with the double, it didn't...

Clementine: Uh, Mitch?

Mitch: Little more dirt would catch if the propane was soaked in fir--no, no, no, stupid.

Talk to Mitch again

Clementine: Figured it out yet?

Mitch: No. And I won't if you keep bugging me.

Clementine: Sorry.

Talk to Louis

Louis fires an arrow, but misses the target and hits the tree instead. He fires again, this time hitting the ground.

Louis: Ugh, shit.

Clementine: What's going on?

Louis: In a few weeks, or days, or hours, the raiders will be here, burn down our place, and steal or kill us. And then it won't matter how much I sucked at this.

Clementine: The raiders aren't gonna burn anything or steal anybody. We'll stop it.

Louis: You sound like Marlon. I mean, not about fighting, but when he was trying to cheer us all up. For years, I sat around making stupid jokes, playing stupid games, while my best friend was left with all the responsibility. (fires arrow) All the tough calls. (fires arrow and misses) All the sleepless nights. (fires arrow and hits edge of target) And eventually, a bullet in the head. And I didn't do a damn thing about it. (takes arrow out of target) And then, when you tried to tell us what he was really like, and AJ shot him, I blamed you. Both of you. If I could take it back, I would. I knew that the day you got back. I still do.

Clementine: I forgive you. I understand why you did it. I'm not angry.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: He was my best friend. Almost like my brother, but the things he did? They were fucked up. I'll never be glad he died. But I understand why AJ thought it was the right thing to do.

Clementine: AJ killed him. I didn't stop it.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: He was my best friend. Almost like my brother, but the things he did? They were fucked up. I'll never be glad he died. But I understand why AJ thought it was the right thing to do.

Clementine: Fuck you, Louis.

Louis: You know, it's not like you made it easy for us to keep you here. From day one. Fuck. I didn't want to hurt you two, I just... I was...

Louis drops his bow and Clem picks it up.

Louis: I'll make it up to you. I swear it.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: Here. You take it.

Clementine: Are you sure? I mean, it's Marlon's.

Louis: Yeah, it was. And he used it to defend the school, before...before he stopped. Go ahead, try it.

Louis gives the bow to Clem.

You have: MARLON'S BOW - A smooth draw.

Louis: In that direction, please. And just so you know, I'm totally laughing out loud when you miss.

Clementine fires several arrows and hits the target.

Louis: Damn. Remind me to never piss you off while I'm standing at a moderate distance with a big red circle painted on my chest.

Clementine fires several arrows and misses the target.

Louis: Okay, during the fight, ask all the raiders to stand still, about a foot away from you.

Clementine: I wasn't that bad. Fine, I need some practice.

Louis: Told you you couldn't be worse than me. Good news, we're the worst together.

You practiced shooting with Louis.

Louis: You wanna come back and practice more, just let me know. Okay?

Clementine: Sounds good.

Louis: And, Clem? Thank you. For all of it.

Talk to Louis again

Louis: Violet went to board up the hallway, didn't she?

Clementine: Yep.

Louis: I would've done it later. I just wanted to do this first.

Clementine: It's okay. She needed something to keep herself busy.

Louis: Well, then. Glad to help. Go ahead and practice, if you want. It's all ready for you.

Talk to Louis again

Louis: Need something?

Clementine: Not really, just checking in.

Louis: No big changes. I didn't become a master archer in your brief absence.

Clementine: I'm shocked.

Talk to AJ and Tenn

Tenn: Do you think Sophie and Minnie might be with them when they get here?

AJ: I don't know, maybe.

Clementine waves.

AJ: I'm doing watch, Clem. For danger.

Clementine: Like patrol?

AJ: No, Clem. Lookout's totally different than patrol.

Clementine: How so?

AJ: You don't walk.

Clementine: Oh, right.

You checked on AJ and Tenn.

After Clementine speaks with everyone, Violet exits the building and sits on the steps. Clem talks to Violet and sits next to her.

Violet: Back hallway's secure. How is everyone? Okay? Or, you know... A total fucking mess?

Clementine: Well, honestly, it's not perfect. But they're trying. They're doing everything they can.

Violet: "Trying" isn't gonna stop them from getting kidnapped. "Trying" isn't going to stop these raiders from burning down our fucking home. Jesus, Clem, they stopped giving out participation trophies when walkers started eating people.

Clementine: Honestly? It's not reassuring. Mitch's bomb doesn't work.

Clementine: And Louis is being an asshole.

Clementine: And Louis is...Louis.

Violet: Fuck. That's...shit.

Clementine: They're ready for this.

Violet: Really?

Clementine: Really. The school is defended, and everyone's eager to get the fight over with.

Violet: Shit, you don't have to say it, do you? They're a bunch of kids with sticks trying to fight a bunch of adults with guns. Fuck. That's...shit.

Aasim and Willy exit the building.

Willy: Because you're boring and your idea is stupid!

Aasim: Oh, I'm being stupid? You're the one who can't think straight. If you could hear yourself--

Violet: Guys! What the fuck?

The rest of the kids gather around.

Willy: Violet told us to work on the traps together, but Aasim won't listen to anything I say!

Louis: That doesn't mean you have to scream at each other.

Aasim: Stay out of this. I have an idea for duffel bags filled with bricks. We drop them on the raiders, if they get to the admin building. Willy here wants to use a giant, idiotic swinging log to take out one raider at most. It's completely stupid.

Willy: You're stupid!

Aasim: You're being childish.

Willy: I am not! I'm trying to help!

Aasim: So help! And stop arguing!

Clementine: Aasim is right. We should use his bricks trap. It sounds more practical.

Willy: Mine's practical, too!

Aasim: No, it isn't. It's exactly the kind of thing a child would think up. Especially a child who has no idea what he's up against.

Clementine: The swinging log sounds like it could do real damage.

Willy: Yeah! That's what I said.

Aasim: Sure, damage to, like, one person. If it manages to hit anyone at all. I don't know why I'm surprised, though. You know, I can't remember the last time Willy did anything useful for this school. You could barely handle guard duty.

Violet: We're going with Aasim's plan.

Willy: But--

Violet: But nothing. It's more practical.

Willy: Mine's practical, too!

Aasim: No, it isn't. It's exactly the kind of thing a child would think up. Especially a child who has no idea what he's up against.

Willy punches Aasim in the stomach.

Violet: What the shit?!

Willy runs off.

Louis: Dude, you okay?

Aasim: Yeah, fine. Shit!

Aasim walks away.

Violet: Christ, we'll all kill each other before the raiders even get a fuckin' chance.

Louis: Right, what we need is something to break the tension.

The three of them walk over to Aasim, who is sitting on a couch.

Louis: Hey, buddy, how's it hanging?

Aasim: Dude, fuck off.

The others sit down.

Louis: Sulking in the corner isn't gonna help us fight off the raiders. Or turn that frown upside down.

Aasim: You get more annoying every day.

Louis: Regardless, I've come up with a plan to make everybody feel better. And that plan is game.

Louis takes out a deck of cards.

AJ: Come on, we gotta play.

Tenn: Okay, I'm coming.

Violet: Uh, we haven't played a game in weeks, since that night with Marlon.

Louis: I mean, if you wanna go ask Ruby to come play, I don't mind waiting.

Aasim: Shut up, dude! I swear to god.

Violet: You've got a crush on Ruby?

AJ and Tenn join the others.

AJ: What're we playing?

Louis: Truth or Dare!

Violet: You don't use cards in Truth or Dare.

Louis: You do in this version. Everyone draws. Highest card gets to ask. Lowest card has to answer.

Everyone draws a card.

Violet: This should be good. Let's see. Truth. Marry-Fuck-Kill.

Tenn: Vi.

Violet: Fine. Marry-Flip-Kill. Ruby, Aasim, or...James, that guy who saved you.

Clementine: Oh, my god.

Louis: You gotta answer. Them's the rules.

Clementine: Mm. Let's see. I would marry...

Clementine: James.

Violet: He sounds mysterious.

Louis: Funny. You pronounce "horrifying" differently than I do.

Violet: Didn't you say he wore skin? Like, human skin? Whatever makes you happy, Clem.

Clementine: Aasim.

Aasim will remember that.

Aasim: I, uh...thanks?

Louis: I don't think you're his type. He's into redheads.

Aasim: Dude! Shut up.

Violet laughs.

Clementine: Ruby.

Louis: Watch out, Aasim, she's totally gonna swoop in and ruin your dream.

Violet: You got to admit, Clem's a way better catch than you.

Clementine: I would, um, flip...

Louis: Flip, flip, flip, flip...

AJ: Flip, flip, flip, flip!

Clementine: James.

Violet: That's an interesting choice.

Louis: Funny. You pronounce "horrifying" differently than I do.

Violet: Didn't you say he wore skin? Like, human skin? I wonder if he'd take it off to...ugh, you know what? Never mind.

Clementine: Aasim.

Aasim will remember that.

Violet: Oh, wow. That's, wow. Now that's awkward.

Louis: I don't think you're his type. He's into redheads.

Aasim: Dude! Shut up.

Violet laughs.

Clementine: Ruby.

Louis: (laughs) Wha--sorry! I was just imagining her glare while Clem propositions her. (imitating Ruby) "What? You sure that's a good idea? What's wrong with you?"

Violet: She picked. Ruby gets a flip.

Louis: So that means you're killing...

Tenn: This is amazing.

Violet: Ruby! Wow, poor Ruby.

Louis: Poor, kind-hearted Ruby. Aasim would happily marry you.

Aasim: Damn it, Louis.

Violet: Aasim!

Aasim: Oh, thank god.

Louis: What?! You'd rather die than marry or flip Clem?

Aasim will remember that.

Aasim: I, uh, n--no! I didn't mean it like that!

Violet: Boy from the woods!

Louis: I'll try to shed a tear for the poor boy none of us met, who's probably just a figment of Clem's imagination.

AJ: No, he's not. I met him.

Louis: Well, now he's dead. Poor dude.

Louis: This is great. We're laughing, we're bonding. It's a nice break from thinking about homicidal assholes sneaking into our homes to kidnap us.

Violet: Not if you bring it up.

Louis: Onto round two.

Everyone draws a card.

Clementine: I win!

Louis: And poor Aasim loses.

Clementine: Definitely a dare.

Aasim: Okay, do your worst.

Clementine: You have to kiss...a walker.

Violet: What?

Aasim: No way.

Louis: Gotta play by the rules, my dude.

Aasim: That's, like...I could die!

Clementine: Avoid the teeth. Go for the cheek.

Violet: Ugh, gross.

Aasim: Ugh. Oh, my god!

Aasim gets up and kisses one of the walker heads on a pike.

Clementine: You have to ask Ruby...for a kiss.

Aasim: Seriously?!

Louis: The most legitimate of dares.

Aasim gets up and talks to Ruby, who hits him.

The rest of the group laughs.

Violet: Oh, damn!

Louis: Oh, I can't breathe.

Aasim sits back down.

Your relationship with Aasim has changed.

Aasim: I hate...everyone.

Violet: That was amazing.

Louis: Well, I think we all learned something about our good friend Aasim today. Mainly that he has no romantic charm whatsoever.

Aasim: Shut up.

Louis: Look sharp, y'all, it's time for round three!

Everyone draws a card.

Louis: I got it. We've been pretty hard on poor Aasim here, teasing him about sweet Ruby. Seems only fair we mercilessly tease someone else about unrequited love. So, Clem. Anyone here you like-like?

Violet: Seriously? "Like-like"? What are you, six?

Louis: Seven, thank you.

Clementine: Yeah. I've definitely got feelings for someone.

Louis: Oh-ho! Who is it?

Clementine: Nope. Not telling.

Violet: It could be anyone. Mitch, Ruby... Or Aasim. You know, since she said she'd marry you and all.

Aasim: I, uh, you're nice enough, Clementine, but I don't think...

Clementine: Please stop.

Clementine: Seriously? Putting me on the spot isn't cool.

Louis: You did it to Aasim.

Violet: It's okay, Clem, you don't have to answer.

Louis: And, blam. That's how a game dies.

Clementine: I've made a lot of friends here, but I'm not sure I have a crush on anyone.

Violet: There you go, Louis, nothing to tease her about.

Louis: Oh, there's still plenty to tease her about. The hat, for one.

AJ: Don't. She gets really mad.

Louis: Well, I guess that's my answer. Clem has feelings for no one and nothing.

Everyone draws a card.

Louis: Aasim! You've got the high card. And the loser is...Tennessee.

Aasim: What's something you've never told anyone, because you were afraid they'd make fun of you?

Louis: You got this.

Tenn: I, um... I think...I think walkers won't always be around. They'll go away, someday. 'Cause the world goes in cycles, right? Ice age, stone age, um, some other ages. So it's like that. This age'll end, and another one will start.

Clementine: An age without walkers. Like it used to be.

Tenn: It'll be better. Why's everyone looking at me like that? Did I ruin the game?

Clementine: No, we'll all be dead by the time the walker age ends. Wiped out, like dinosaurs.

Tenn: Yeah, but at least we know everything isn't over.

Clementine: I remember right after the walkers showed up. Everyone was convinced it'd be over in a few weeks. We thought someone would stop it. Save the day. Someone always does. But they didn't. Now there's more walkers than people.

Clementine: That's...really beautiful. I never thought of it that way.

Violet: No. It was perfect.

AJ: You sounded really smart.

Tenn: Heh, I like to read.

Tenn will remember that.

Tenn: What's wrong, AJ?

AJ: I...I just don't know what it's like. All of you do, but I don't. I don't remember a time before monsters.

Louis: You know what, little dude? It's okay that you don't. Believe me, the world before this one was pretty shitty. And that feels like a good place to call it.

Violet: We should finish up our work, anyway. It's getting dark.

Tenn and Aasim leave. Ruby walks up to the others.

Violet: You're on lookout?

Ruby: Yep. Clementine's got it after me.

AJ: Can I come?

Ruby: Of course you can, little guy.

AJ and Ruby leave. Aasim walks up to Willy, who is sitting on the steps.

Aasim: Hey.

Willy: Hey.

Aasim: You maybe wanna help me with the brick trap?

Willy: Yeah, I got some ideas.

Aasim: Cool. I'm sure they'll help.

Aasim: You, uh, need any help with that log?

Willy: Um, yeah. It's pretty heavy.

Aasim: Let's go build the deadliest log ever conceived by man.

Willy: Sorry I punched you.

Aasim: It's okay. It was a pretty good punch.

The two of them leave.

Violet: I'm headed to the belltower. I want to check our defenses on the back wall before bed.

Clementine: Do you need help?

Violet: Sure, if you want.

Louis: You could always help me, instead.

Louis: If we're back on speaking terms, that is.

Louis: I am on piano duty. What? I gotta get in some practice before one of you decides to chop it into firewood. I've got a project I want to try, but I need a second person.

Louis and Violet walk away.

Clementine follows Louis.

Clementine follows Violet.

Admin Building/Belltower

Clementine enters the piano room.

Louis: Oh, I didn't think you'd actually come. I mean, I'm not mad, I'm just...I'm glad you're here.

Louis: Thought I could tickle the ivories one last time before all hell breaks loose.

Clementine: It's a good idea. Haven't heard music in a while.

Louis: Many people would say you're not about to hear it now. So, how do you feel about our imminent deaths? We won't necessarily die, of course. We could also be kidnapped, injured, maimed, maybe eaten, the possibilities are endless.

Clementine: I actually feel pretty good about it. The fight, not our deaths, because we're not gonna die.

Louis: You're so sure.

Clementine: You have to be, right?

Clementine: Honestly, I'm terrified.

Louis: Damn, you're owning it. I'm impressed. Usually people bury their feelings, but you look them right in the face and say, "Whoa. These suck."

Clementine: I'm keeping it together. It isn't easy, but the alternative is giving up, and I'm not doing that.

Louis: Aw, man, my whole give-up plan is shot to hell! If you're not gonna, I definitely can't.

Louis: You know I'm here for you.

Clementine: So, what's this project you needed me for?

Louis: (presses key) Sounds awful, right? All we need to do is tune it. That's why I need you.

Clementine sits down, and Louis goes around the piano to tune it.

Louis: When I give the signal, play the A key.

Clementine: Yeah, which one's the A key?

Louis: (points to keys) You know, the A key. Next to the B key, after the G key.

Louis notices Clem's missing finger.

Louis: How'd that happen?

Clementine: Car door slammed on it.

Louis: Well, you can play just as well with nine and a half.

Clementine presses the key.

Louis: Good. That definitely helped. Now press the pedal while I make some more adjustments.

Clementine presses the pedal.

Louis: Great, that part's golden. Quick, now blow on the strings. I know, sounds weird, but blow on them. Cooling the temperature helps set them in harmony.

Clementine blows on the strings. Louis tunes the piano, then sits down next to her.

Louis: Okay, great. That did nothing. Because that's not at all part of how you tune a piano. But it was funny. It could've done something on, like, a molecular level. Or maybe it's good luck to blow on strings.

Clementine: (chuckles) You are super cute.

Louis: Cute. Wow, um, hm, that's, uh...yay! (chuckles) Glad to be of service.

Clementine: I can't believe I fell for that.

Louis: It's good to see you like this.

Clementine: You're the worst. Ever.

Louis: Okay, it was a little funny? Not even a little? Damn.

Louis: Okay, it was a little funny? Not even a little? Damn.

Louis will remember that.

Louis starts to play a song.

Clementine: What're you playing? And don't say a piano.

Louis: A song that I wrote.

Clementine: Really, what's it called?

Louis: I don't know yet. (stops playing) There. First time played. We should mark the occasion.

Louis takes out a knife and carves "L" into the piano. He hands the knife to Clem, and she carves a "C".

Louis: You done tattooing that piano? I think you've got a future in whittlin'. I like saying whittlin'. Whittlin'. Okay, I'll stop. Whittlin'.

Clementine carves a plus sign between the letters and a heart around them.

Louis: Oh, that's, uh, that...that's a potato? It's a heart, yep, I see it's a heart. That's...super cool. Really cool.

Clementine: All done.

Louis: That is a fine pair of letters, if I do say so myself.

Louis: Ooookay, I'm gonna go ahead and take my knife back.

Louis takes the knife back and puts it away.

Louis: You're charming. And also sometimes scary.

Louis: So, hey, I'm gonna dig myself into a deep hole from which I'll never emerge. Cool? Cool. Time to get serious.

Clementine: Serious? Wow. You feeling okay?

Louis: Not really, nope, mm-mm. Thanks...for being here. Listening. Blowing on the strings. Coming here to help me with my project, even after everything I put you through. And everything I had to work through, for myself. Everyone hears the jokes, the piano...and after that, they stop listening. You didn't.

Clementine: Friends are all we've got, and I'm glad we've got each other.

Louis: Okay, time for a second commemoration. Fist bump?

Clementine: Fist bump.

Louis and Clem bump fists.

Your relationship with Louis has changed.

Louis: Figured out what to call the song.

Clementine: Yeah? What?

Louis: "Super Fun Times Friend Song".

Clementine: Wow, that's...really dumb.

Louis: And if any time you want me to stop joking around, just know...that I never will. Friends to the end. You're the best, Clem-ster. The name's got a good ring to it. Clem-ster. Style, grace, dignity.

Clementine: No problem, Be-Lou-ga.

Louis grimaces and says nothing.

Clementine: Your name's Louis. Lou. Be-Lou-ga. Like the whale.

Louis: Clem, for everyone's safety, leave the jokes to those of us with inborn skill.

Clementine: Mm, don't call me Clem-ster.

Louis: What's that? Call you Clem-ster?

Clementine: Louis.

Louis laughs.

Clementine: That doesn't work. How about Queen Clem?

Louis: Self-aggrandizing, over-the-top, medieval roleplay. I like it. You know, King Louis was an actual person.

Clementine: Nope, not happening.

Louis: Aww. This friendship feels unbalanced, Your Majesty.

Louis: Seeing no objection, I'm gonna go ahead and call you Clem-ster. That cool with you, Clem-ster? Okay, okay... Clemmy.

Louis will remember that.

Clementine: So, um, I like you a lot. Like, like you. As more than a friend. No jokes? Nothing?

Louis: When you said you had feelings for someone during the game, I was hoping it was me. And it is. Holy shit, it's me!

Louis: So, you were lying in Truth or Dare? You do have feelings for someone! Someone named Louis! Which is my name, by the way.

Your relationship with Louis has changed.

Louis: Figured out what to call the song. "Clementine", obviously. You know, because I like fruit. And I like you even more, so... There. Gotta admit, of all the things I saw coming, you having a crush on me was not it. You stabbing me in my sleep, yes. Declaration of crush, no.

Clementine: I like you, too.

Louis: I'm glad. Really, really glad.

Clementine kisses Louis.

Clementine: You're such a weirdo.

Louis: Yeah, but apparently you dig that. So who's the real weirdo here? It's both of us.

Clementine says nothing.

Louis will remember that.

Clementine says nothing.

Ruby: Clem! You out here?

Clementine: I have to go. I've got lookout duty.

Louis: Well, you wouldn't wanna miss that. Sounds like way too much fun.

Clementine and Louis leave.

Clementine and Violet enter the dilapidated belltower.

Clementine: So, we're checking the walls?

Violet: Yup. From up there. That's the best view. You ready for a climb?

Violet starts climbing up the wall.

Clementine: Looks a little dangerous.

Violet: What's more dangerous than walkers? Or that death trap you called a car?

Clementine: Okay, fair.

Clementine starts climbing the wall.

Violet: C'mon, you're not chicken, right?

Clementine: No.

Violet: Now I'm thinking about chicken nuggets. Do you remember those?

Clementine: Not really.

Violet: I do. We always got them on Sundays. There was no time for Grandma to cook between church and Bible study, so, fast food. Damn. I'd give an eyeball for a chicken nugget right now.

Clementine: Really?

Violet: Kind of, yeah.

Clementine: This isn't helping me focus.

Clem and Vi jump onto the broken railing at the top of the belltower and step outside to the balcony.

Clementine: Barbed wire, traps, weapons. It's everything we planned.

Violet: You made it happen. We couldn't have done it without you. You've got lookout duty tonight, right?

Clementine: Yep, me and AJ.

Violet: Do you have time to hang out first?

Clementine: Sure.

They walk across the top of the wall. Clem looks at the moon.

Clementine: Wow, beautiful.

Violet: Sometimes I need the quiet. Just to get away for a while. Clem?

Clementine: Yeah?

Violet: I know you came back for medicine, for AJ, but after that, you could've just left. Avoided all the bullshit with the raiders. Why didn't you? Sorry, I know that puts you on the spot. You don't have to answer. We've all got our reasons.

Clementine: AJ and I are safer here. Lilly and Abel proved that.

Violet: Yeah, that's true. Until they get here, anyway.

Clementine: Why would I go anywhere else, if you're here?

Violet: I'm glad.

Clementine: Well, this is my home. I haven't had that in a long time. AJ's never belonged anywhere. This is the first time he's had a home at all.

Violet will remember that.

Violet: I'm glad.

Violet: I just kept thinking you'd come back, even though I knew you couldn't. Hoping, I guess.

Clementine: Do you know any constellations?

Violet: Nope. You?

Clementine: I learned some in school, but I can't remember them.

Violet: Let's make some up. Come over here. You can sit down without falling to your death.

Clem and Vi sit down.

Violet: If I remember right, everyone's born under a special sign, right? It determines your personality?

Clementine: That's astrology, not astronomy.

Violet: Whatever, let's just make up our own. Rules, signs, what it says about you. It's not like anyone remembers the old way. Okay, let's do it. There! See? It's a fish.

Clementine connects stars in the shape of a mustache. A face appears, winks, then disappears.

He will remember that.

Clementine connects stars in the shape of a fish.

Clementine: Right. Now it needs a personality.

Violet: Bright, pretty, good with other people. Always moving, tons of energy. Sounds like anyone we know? The energy one is easy. Good with people, not so much.

Clementine: Yeah, that sounds like you.

Violet: Weren't you listening? I said "good with other people".

Clementine: Well, maybe not that part.

Violet: I'll try to take the rest as a compliment.

Clementine: Hm. That sounds just like me.

Violet: Tons of energy? Really? You always sleep in late.

Clementine: I do not!

Violet: You did one time. Totally blew off your lookout shift.

Clementine: Hm, still, it's me.

Violet: Fine, next.

Clementine: That's AJ. Wherever I look, there he is, taking up all my attention. And I love him for it.

Violet: He's getting better with other people. You're doing good with him. Next up.

Violet: Y'know, it...well, maybe this is weird to bring up, but it reminds me of Minnie. Let's keep going.

Violet: I spy with my eye a knife. See it?

Clementine: Mm...

Violet: Right there, right above your head.

Clementine: Yeah, they're all above my head.

Clementine connects stars in the shape of a knife.

Violet: Awesome. Mm, this one's easy. Smart, clean, vicious, dependable. Someone you want with you in a fight. Doesn't take crap from anyone. Gets shit done.

Clementine: Sounds just like you.

Violet: C'mon, you can't give me every sign. Someone else.

(Clementine must choose another option.)

Violet: Ah, I like that one. Yeah.

Clementine: That's me.

Violet: Come on, you can't give yourself every sign.

Clementine: Just did. They're both me.

Violet: Fine.

Clementine: That's mine, definitely.

Violet: Yeah, that's a good one for you. Wish everyone would've seen all that sooner.

Clementine: That one sounds like AJ.

Violet: More than the last one.

Clementine: I know.

Violet: He can survive, no question there.

Violet: I'll say that one's Ruby. She's reliable. Sweeter than she lets on, but can be harsh, too.

Violet: Okay, one more time. I found a bird.

Clementine: Like, a real bird?

Violet: No, a star bird. Right there.

Clementine connects stars in the shape of a bird.

Violet: A bird is free. It could go anywhere it wanted to. Up and up and up, and never come back. Go south, east, west, doesn't matter. You could fly straight into a sunset. And see where it ends.

Clementine: I wish it was me.

Violet: Maybe we'll learn to fly together, someday.

Clementine: It's all of us. Everyone here wishes they could fly away from all of this.

Violet: Maybe we'll learn to fly together, someday.

Clementine: You wish it was you, don't you?

Violet: Sometimes, when it all feels so heavy down here. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be weightless.

Violet: Maybe we don't know anybody like that.

Violet: Sorry, I didn't mean to just...talk so much. It's just, I've watched people leave before. Family, friends. They never come back. But you did. And now I can't imagine what it would be like if you weren't here. Um, shit, that sounds so much dumber when I say it out loud. You know what I mean.

Clementine: We're friends. Good ones.

Your relationship with Violet has changed.

Violet: It's good to have a friend again. Someone I can really trust. So do we gotta, like, make friendship bracelets or something?

Clementine: I don't think it's official until we do.

Violet: Ugh, I hate arts and crafts.

Clementine: I think, I mean, I hope...we're more than friends. And I want...

Clementine: I'm honestly not sure. I just know I like you, and I want this.

Violet: So do I.

Clementine: I need time to figure this all out. I really like you. But there's just so much going on. The raiders, the other kids, AJ.

Violet: I know. But don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

Clementine: Neither am I.

Violet: I'm just glad to know that it's not just me. Feeling like this.

Clementine: I want us to be, like, together. Hm, you know, like girlfriends.

Violet: I...yeah. Me too. I mean, yes! Yes, let's do that. Yes.

Violet puts her hand on Clem's.

Clementine kisses Violet.

Violet: Holy shit.

Clementine: That's romantic.

Violet: I mean, holy shit.

Violet puts her hand on Clem's.

Violet: I'm just glad to know that it's not just me. Feeling like this.

Your relationship with Violet has changed.

Clementine says nothing.

Ruby: Vi? Clem? You out here?

Violet: Shit-sticks. Probably time for your lookout shift. Ready?

Clementine: Yeah.

Violet and Clem leave.


Clementine climbs into the watchtower. AJ is already there, looking through a pair of binoculars.

AJ: The raiders... That guy. He's gonna be with them.

Clementine: Abel. Yeah. Your bad dreams. They're all about him, aren't they?

AJ: Yeah.

AJ: I fucking really hate that fucking dickhead shitfuck.

Clementine: Whoa! That's a little much, don't you think?

AJ: Well, I do.

AJ: Can I swear yet? I think it's time I can. If you do.

Clementine: Fuck it.

AJ: Really?!

Clementine: Go for it, kiddo. Everyone else swears, you might as well, too.

AJ: I fucking really hate that fucking dickhead shitfuck.

Clementine: Whoa! That's a little much, don't you think?

Clementine: No. Come on, kiddo, quit asking.

AJ: Because I would swear about his stupid face.

Clementine: Okay, but not the F-word? Shit is the upper limit.

AJ: That guy is a f...a--a shitbird. (Clem chuckles) It's not funny, Clem, come on. I'd take a big shit on his head.

Clementine: Okay, that's enough.

AJ: Because I would swear about his stupid face.

Clementine: Try thinking about something else. Count the monsters you see.

AJ: Same number as before. Three...four...

Clementine: AJ, it's okay if Abel frightens you. You know how to control that.

AJ: There's ten monsters out there. He doesn't frighten me. But when he comes here, I call dibs. I'm the one that kills him. Okay?

Clementine: No, AJ. He's too dangerous.

AJ: But--

Clementine: No buts.

AJ: Well, shit. You said I could.

AJ: Well, fuck. You said I could.

Clementine: Okay.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: Really?

Clementine: Yes. I can't promise you how things are gonna go, but if it's possible, you get first shot at him.

AJ: Wow.

Clementine: What, you thought I'd say no?

AJ: Yeah. I'm grown up now.

Clementine: No, you aren't.

AJ: But I'm close.

Clementine: AJ, I don't like the way you're talking. Killing is never easy, or fun, or to be treated so casually.

AJ: I promise to only be serious about it from now on.

AJ: Is it because I'm trying to be good because of Marlon?

Clementine: It's just because you should never think about killing like that.

AJ: Okay. I'm gonna kill him, like he deserves.

AJ: There's twelve of them now. But what if we played rock, paper, scissors? If I win, you change your mind, and I get dibs on Abel. I can take him, Clem. Please.

AJ: I'm not being casual.

Clementine: AJ, I said no. Come on.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: You won't always be able to tell me no.

Clementine: What did you just say?

AJ: Nothing. I didn't mean it.

Clementine: Mm, yeah, okay.

AJ: Really?

Clementine: Best two out of three, sucka. And no take-backs.

AJ: No take-backs. Sucka.

Clementine: Get ready.

AJ: One. Two.

Clem plays paper.

Clementine: Paper.

AJ: Crap!

Clementine: Paper beats rock.

AJ: Tied.

Clementine: Go again.

AJ: Scissors win.

Clementine: Yep.

Clem plays scissors.

Clementine: Scissors.

AJ: Crushed the scissors.

Clementine: I know, I know.

Clementine: Gotcha.

AJ: Tied.

Clementine: Go again.

Clem plays rock.

Clementine: Rock.

AJ: Tied.

Clementine: Go again.

AJ: Gotcha!

AJ: Crap.

AJ: Too slow!

AJ: Again.

Clementine: One.

AJ: Two.

(The options are the same. The game repeats until one of them wins.)

Clementine: I win. So no more about dibs, okay?

AJ: Okay.

AJ dances.

Clementine: Is that your victory dance?

AJ: Yes!

Clementine: Okay, you win. You get the first shot at Abel.

AJ: Yes!

Clementine: But. We don't know what's gonna happen, so--

AJ: I won't do anything stupid, Clem, I promise. I'll be careful when I kill him.

Clementine: You sound so creepy sometimes.

AJ: Yeah, but I won.

Your relationship with AJ has changed.

AJ: Okay, okay.

AJ: Clem, I see something.

Clementine: Not a walker?

AJ: Here, you look, too.

AJ hands the binoculars to Clem, and she looks through them. A group of people approaches the school.

Clementine: That's not a walker. Good job, AJ. Come on, we have to tell the others.

Clem and AJ leave the watchtower. The rest of the group enters the courtyard.

Louis: Raiders?

Clementine: Yeah. They're here.

Louis: Shit. Well, in case it all goes to hell and I don't see you again during the fight, just know...I have no idea what that D stands for on your hat. Don't tell me. I prefer it to remain a mystery. But I'm gonna pretend like it stands for "Don't Die". So just, uh, listen to your hat, okay?

Violet: They finally show up?

Clementine: Yeah.

Violet: Stay safe, okay?

Omar: We're ready.

Clementine: They've got at least four more people, all carrying guns. And carts, probably to carry people away.

Willy: Oh, no.

Mitch: Assholes.

Ruby: I can't believe they're really here.

Clementine: If they get inside, I'll keep them focused on me. That should give Willy and Mitch time to set up the bomb.

Mitch: I'll set it under those carts. It'll work. I promise.

Clementine: If they manage to get in, we fall back.

Louis: To the admin building.

Clementine: Exactly. Right into our traps.

Aasim: They're in for a rude fuckin' surprise. Those duffel bags will break bones, easy.

Willy: The log's ready. I double-checked it. Triple, even.

Louis: So, uh, any final words of wisdom? You've faced them and won, after all. Well. Sort of.

Violet: Louis, shut it.

Clementine: Just try not to die--

Clementine: No matter what happens, look out for--

Clementine: We're gonna make those asshole regret--

Louis: So that's a no. Well, I'll have to fill--

Omar gets shot in the leg.

Willy: Holy shit!

Violet: Goddamn it!

Aasim: Jesus fucking Christ!

Ruby: Oh, no, oh, no--

Louis: Oh, fuck!

Omar: Shit, shit!

Clementine: Hide! Now!

Violet: Omar!

Clementine: I've got him. AJ, hide!

Everyone hides. Clementine drags Omar across the courtyard.

Abel: Come on! Push!

Lilly: Clementine?! I know you're in there! Clementine?

Clem drags Omar into hiding.

Omar: Oh, god, shit, no!

Abel: Open up, kids.

The Delta throws a molotov cocktail into the school, lighting the barricade in front of the gate on fire.

Abel: This doesn't have to get any uglier.

Clementine: My bow!

Omar: Go, go. I--I'll be alright. You don't have much time. Go!

Clementine runs and grabs her bow from a table. She pushes over the table and takes cover behind it. The Delta manages to ram the gate open, and they enter the courtyard.

Clementine: It's okay. Just try not to move or make noise.

The group looks at the impaled walker heads.

Yonatan: The fuck is all this?

Sullene: Focus. They're just scarecrows.

Abel looks at the "LEAVE OR DIE" banner on the admin building.

Abel: Guess they took us seriously.

Lilly: Spread out.

Mitch and Willy hide as Sullene approaches. Clementine stands up and draws her bow.

Clementine: Lilly! Move, and I'll shoot.

Abel: You won't get the chance.

A Delta soldier in the trees points her gun at Clem, but Lilly raises her hand, signaling her not to shoot.

Lilly: Where's our new recruits?

Clementine: They're not yours!

Lilly: Search the yard.

Tenn hides as Abel approaches.

Lilly: If Clementine moves, shoot her.

Abel gets closer to Mitch and Willy.

Lilly: We'll find them, Clementine. And then we'll take them. And you, and your little boy.

Clementine: You might not wanna move around so much. You might trigger a trap.

Lilly: You're bluffing.

Clementine: Take another step and find out. Or fucking leave. Can't you read?

Clementine: Take me! You want soldiers? Fine. Take me with you. But leave everyone else.

Lilly: You'd do that? You'd come with me if I let the others go?

Clementine: Yes.

Clementine: I don't think you wanna kill me. Just like you didn't want to in the woods.

Lilly: Shut up.

Clementine: You can't fucking do it, can you?

Clementine kills Lilly.

Abel: Fuck, Lilly!

Yonatan shoots Clem.

AJ: Clem!

Abel finds Mitch and Willy and shoots them.

Willy: No!

Yonatan shoots Clem.

Mitch and Willy sneak across the yard with the bomb.

Lilly: You've changed.

Clementine: I grew up.

Lilly: I can see that. God, you are just like him. Lee would've been heartbroken, knowing he taught you all the wrong things. That the sweet little girl he protected turned out like this.

Clementine: You're right, Lilly. I am just like him. And if he saw me now, he'd be proud of who I am.

Lilly: Why?

Lilly: Because you can lie? You probably do it as easily as you breathe.

Lilly: Because you almost gave up just now? Handed yourself over to save your friends?

Lilly: Because you pick fights you can't win?

Lilly: Right. I'm sure that made all his sacrifices worth it.

Clementine: He taught me how to survive. How to kill.

Lilly: Yeah, some job he did. He still died, Clementine.

Clementine: Don't. Don't ever say his name.

Lilly: I knew Lee better than y--

Clementine: Ever!

Abel finds Mitch and Willy and shoots them.

Willy: No!

Yonatan shoots Clem.

Mitch and Willy plant the bomb on the cart.

Clementine: Get out.

Lilly: If you won't help me find the others, I'll find someone who will. We've recruited from this school before. Minnie wanted to come along tonight. To tell you how well she's adjusted to our life. How happy she is. She said she had a girlfriend back here. Friends she missed. One guy, he could always make her laugh, no matter what. And her little brother. She missed him the most.

Clementine shakes her head at Tenn, but he leaves his hiding place and approaches Lilly.

Clementine: Shit.

Tenn: Where are they?

Lilly: Let me take you to them.

Tenn: I can't. I just want them back. Please.

Lilly: You'll be happier where they are. They miss you.

Clementine: Shut up, Lilly! You've always been a liar, and a killer! You're not taking anyone else from me.

Lilly reaches for Tenn, but he steps back.

Tenn: No!

Clem fires at Lilly, but she dodges the arrow. Lilly reaches for Tenn, but he steps back.

Tenn: No!

Clementine: Don't listen to her, Tenn, you know she's lying! She stole your sisters! She took them away from you, from their home!

Lilly grabs Tenn and draws her knife.

Lilly grabs Tenn and draws her knife.

Mitch ignites the bomb; it explodes the cart and knocks Lilly and Tenn to the ground.

Lilly: Shit! Shit!

Mitch and Willy run to safety. Violet and Louis draw their bows, and Ruby throws a rock. Lilly starts to get up; Clem fires at her, but she dodges the arrow. Sullene aims at Clem, and she ducks. Mitch charges at Lilly, and she stabs him in the neck.

Lilly: Goddamn it.

Willy: Mitch?! Mitch! No!

Aasim holds Willy back as he tries to run to Mitch. Lilly stabs Mitch in the eye.

Lilly: Kill who you have to! Take the rest!

Delta opens fire, and everyone hides. Clementine shoots Yonatan in the leg.

Clementine: Now! Go back!

Vi and Clem fire a few arrows. The group retreats to the admin building.

Lilly: Follow them!

Yonatan takes the arrow out of his leg. The Delta follows the others.

Admin Building

The group hides, and Abel breaks open the door a few moments later. He, Yonatan, and Sullene enter the building.

Clem cuts a rope, and a duffel bag of bricks falls on Yonatan, killing him.

Clem cuts a rope, and a log swings down and slams into Yonatan, killing him.

Sullene: No!

Clem and AJ run upstairs.

Abel: Kill that one, the girl!

Sullene fires at Clem several times, but misses. Clem pushes a couch onto her, trapping her against the wall and making her drop her gun.

Abel: Fuckin' pointless. I told Lilly you wouldn't cooperate!

Abel throws a molotov onto the upper floor, and everyone coughs from the smoke. Aasim and Willy move back, and Clem and AJ enter the office.

Clementine: AJ, the door! Lock it!

Abel kicks open the door before AJ can do anything, knocking him to the ground.

Abel: Your friend Lilly ain't around this time. So we'll have a nice little chat, you and me. Alone.

Clem draws her knife and slashes Abel's hand as he reaches for her.

Abel smacks Clem in the face, and she kicks him in the knee.

Abel falls to the floor.

Abel: Fucking bitch!

AJ: Clem...I can't...

Clementine: Stay back!

Abel kicks Clem's knee, making her fall and drop her weapon.

Clem grabs her knife.

Abel: God, shit!

Abel punches Clem in the face and twists her arm behind her back.

Abel: Y'know, whenever I see someone like you: weak, small, afraid, and still alive? Well. Bet a lot of folks died to get you here.

Clem grabs the lighthouse figurine on the desk and uses it to stab Abel in the eye. AJ grabs a fire poker and impales Abel's foot.

AJ repeatedly hits Abel in the knee with the fire poker, then hits him in the face.

AJ: Dibs.

Clementine charges at Abel, pushing him out the window and onto the balcony. She tries to push him off the edge, but he grabs her face and tries to push her away. Clementine smacks his hand away and knees him in the groin. Abel tries to punch her, but she blocks him. Clementine shoves Abel; the balcony breaks and he falls. Abel grabs Clem's arm, and she falls with him.


Abel: Goddamn it!

Abel's leg is bleeding and bent in an unnatural position. He screams and passes out. Lilly walks over to Clem and points a gun at her.

Lilly: Shit, this should be easy.

Clementine: I'll see you in hell.

Lilly: You'll be there for a good, long time before I show up.

Clementine: I don't mind waiting.

Lilly presses the gun to Clem's head.

Clementine: You won't kill me. I know you won't.

Lilly: Why?

Clementine: We were like family once. You won't hurt family.

Clementine: Then do it already. Shoot me.

Lilly: You're betting I won't.

Clementine: I don't care! Just get it over with!

Lilly presses the gun to Clem's head.

Lilly: You have to die.

Lilly presses the gun to Clem's head.

Louis/Violet (whoever Clem didn't follow) tackles Lilly. If Clem said anything other than that they were family, Lilly fires the gun, but misses. Lilly drops her gun and wrestles Louis/Violet. Clem gets up, but Abel grabs her leg, and she falls again.

Clem kicks Abel in the face. He lets go of her and grabs his bleeding nose.

Abel pulls Clem toward him.

Rosie bites Abel's arm. Whoever tackled Lilly is dragged off by Sullene. Whoever Clem followed fights with Dorian. Walkers start to enter the courtyard. Lilly runs up to the gate and shoots some of them. Clem grabs her bow.

Clem shoots Dorian/Sullene in the shoulder. Louis runs off, but Violet is hit in the head and put in the cart.

Clem shoots Dorian/Sullene in the shoulder. Violet runs off, but Louis is hit in the head and put in the cart.

Lilly: We cut our losses! Fall back! Pull in and fall back!

The Delta leaves, having captured Aasim, Omar, and Violet/Louis. The group fires arrows at them, but misses. Lilly throws a molotov in front of the gate and retreats with the rest of her group.

AJ: Clem!

Walkers swarm through the courtyard, some of them on fire. Clementine and the others kill them all. Rosie walks up to Clementine or Tenn (depending on whether Clem spent time with her or not). Tenn sits on the ground with his head in his hands, but gets up when Clem approaches.

Tenn: Clem. I...I'm sorry. For trusting her.

Ruby and Willy cry over Mitch's corpse.

Louis: God. Aasim, Omar. They're just gone. And...Violet. I never thought someone would get her.

Clementine: We're going after them.

Louis: How? We still don't know where they are, or how many.

Violet: They took them. Aasim, and Omar, and...goddamn it, Louis.

Clementine: I know. We're going after them.

Violet: If we knew where to look, I'd smash down their walls myself. But we don't.

Clementine: Well, we've got someone who does.

The group walks over to Abel.

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