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Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park is a park featured in "Amid The Ruins" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Nothing is known about the Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park before or as the outbreak began, except that it was part of a business that was dedicated to mobile homes. It is located a somewhat short distance from Parker's Run in Henderson County, Tennessee.


"Amid The Ruins"

Sometime after the group makes it through the herd outside of Howe's Hardware, Clementine and Jane stumble across the park. There they loot two fresh walkers, and discover Sarah's glasses outside of this park. The two then hear Sarah's screaming as well as Luke and immediately find a way inside the park. Nearby, there is a hole in the fence, but to Clementine's horror, a zombified Nick (Determinant) is caught in the fence and Jane encourages Clementine to put him down, giving her advice not to hesitate if she has to do this to any other members of the group.

Once inside the park, the two encounter several walkers, and discover that Sarah and Luke are hiding within a trailer surrounded by walkers attracted to Sarah's screaming. Using a dead walker, Clementine and Jane activate a pickup truck horn to lure the walkers away, and manage to enter the trailer to find Sarah and Luke. Sarah appears to be in a shocked state and is unable to act, and so Clementine can either convince Sarah to escape, or leave her there. Either option results in walkers overrunning the trailer, but if Clementine decides to slap Sarah to her senses, all four will successfully escape, whereas if Clementine leaves Sarah behind, the latter will be devoured by the invading walkers. The trailer park is not shown again for the rest of the episode.