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Super Lanes, also referred to as The Lanes, is a mentioned location in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is an established community part of Virginia's network.


Nothing is known about Super Lanes before the outbreak began.


At some point, Virginia's Pioneers occupied the Super Lanes and assisted in converting it into a settlement.

Sometime after, Sherry broke bread with an engineer living at the Lanes and expressed her concern about the safety of her husband Dwight. Virginia informed Dwight of this a few months later after looking into Sherry's location for him.

After Virginia's death, Victor Strand returns Skidmark to Daniel Salazar. Strand reveals that he had found Skidmark at the Lanes where Virginia had sent him to deal with the rat infestation. However, Skidmark was uninterested and "apparently he was just sitting around all day licking his... unmentionables."


  • Cleve
  • Unnamed engineer
  • Many unnamed Pioneers



  • If you compare where the pin on the map is, it seems that Super Lanes is in proximity of Mentone, TX. The pin is located south of the New Mexico-Texas border and near a slight turn on an interstate, which is near Mentone.