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The survivor camp is a campsite just off the main highway near Gil's Pitstop and is the final location in the "400 Days" DLC and Season 1 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead chronologically. The campsite is where the six survivors come together to decide what path they will take.


Rural Georgia

Before the outbreak, the campsite most likely never existed due to the close proximity to the main Georgia highway as well as being very close to Gil's Pit stop. Also the campsite itself is in a large field.


"400 Days"

Four hundred days after the outbreak began, all six survivors have met at a nearby rest stop. While avoiding the pit stop itself due to it being overrun with walkers, the possibility of Roman and his group still being there, and the aggressive actions taken by Nate, the group sets up camp in the nearby field. After Tavia reviews the pictures and notes left behind on the bulletin board at the pit stop, she spots smoke coming from the campsite. Tavia goes to check the campsite whilst being extremely cautious to avoid cause a panic. She explains to the group about heading up north where several survivors have built a new community. She convinces whoever she can and then leaves the campsite with any survivor who choose's to go with her.



  • Vince (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Wyatt (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Russell (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Shel (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Becca (Formerly, Determinant)




  • Despite Shel and Becca's fear of Roman hunting them down if they choose not to kill Stephanie, they take shelter very close to Gil's Pitstop rather than flee the area completely.
    • However, this may be due to Gil's Pitstop being abandoned by Roman's group prior to the survivors setting up the camp.
  • This is the only location of "400 Days" DLC where no either walkers or survivors were killed.