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"Patrick, if you find this, I'm sorry. If you find this, I love you. I saw something today, something that horrified me. At first, I thought it was unnatural. I thought it was an aberration, but I was wrong. What I saw was prophesized. What I saw was godly and I think it's overdue. I wish you were here, but I will see you soon, and you will hold me. If you find this, I am sorry. If you find this, I love you"
—Susan's suicide letter to her husband, Patrick.[src]

Susan Tran (née unknown), also referred to as "Su-Su", is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She is a resident of El Sereno community, alongside her husband Patrick. Susan is also a neighbor and a great friend to Madison Clark, having babysat her kids while she worked.


El Sereno, Los Angeles, California

Susan has been living in the suburban El Sereno community of Los Angeles with her husband Patrick. They are neighbors with the Clark, Cruz, Thompson, Ramirez, and Dawson families. The Trans are especially friendly with the Clarks, who live right next to them.


Season 1

"The Dog"

After going into her home to retrieve a shotgun, Madison, Nick, and Alicia Clark leave with the weapon in order to defend themselves from an undead Peter, but leave the extra ammunition behind. When Alicia goes back to retrieve the ammunition, she comes across Susan and runs. After almost getting bitten by her, but getting saved by Christopher Manawa, Alicia leaves Susan on the other side of the fence that separates her house from the Trans'. After realizing that Matt is now what Susan is, Alicia breaks down in tears as the others watch Susan in saddened horror. Madison Clark watches Susan through the fence the whole night, and asks Elizabeth Ortiz that if she were to ever end up like Susan, that Elizabeth would be the one to kill her.

The following morning, Madison stands before the fence with a hammer in her hand, wanting to put Susan to rest. Travis Manawa notices her standing before the zombified Susan, and goes to prevent her from doing anything in the hope that she might be helped one day. Madison resists at first, but he tells her that she will regret it for the rest of her life. She gives up the hammer and leaves Susan where she is.

Susan's husband, Patrick, entered his house to find her, much to Madison's alarm. She rushes after him to prevent him from being attacked, by Patrick does not listen to her. He sees his wife and is about to be attacked by her before she is suddenly shot in the head by a soldier who had forced his way into the backyard. Patrick clutches his wife's corpse, sobbing.

Patrick was quarantined after that and Susan's body was loaded onto a truck.


Killed By
  • Hypnotics Overdose (Alive, Suicide)

As the apocalypse starts, Susan commits suicide via hypnotics overdose for an unspecified reason and reanimates.

As Patrick calls for Susan, he finds her reanimated form slowly making her way towards him in their backyard. Distraught, he attempts to embrace her before she is quickly put down by a soldier who had made his way into the yard.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Susan has killed:

  • Herself (Alive, Suicide)


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1


  • The casting call for this character used the name Sally and was described as Asian and in her 50s.[1]
  • Despite being portrayed by a Chinese-American actress, the "Tran" last name of this character is actually a Vietnamese surname. [2][3]
    • In the episode "Not Fade Away", when Alicia entered Susan's room, you could see the "ao dai", a Vietnamese traditional costume.
  • She is the second named living character in Fear the Walking Dead to die from an overdose, the first being Gloria.