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This article is about the characters in the TV show that appear and have names. You may be looking for the unnamed or unseen characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in AMC's The Walking Dead. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen but was either injured, lost, unsecured, absent in later episodes, or written out of the show.


King County, Georgia

Grimes Family

Judith Grimes (TV Series)
Rick Grimes (TV Series)
Carl Grimes (TV Series)
Lori Grimes (TV Series)

Sheriff's Department

Shane Walsh (TV Series)
Leon Basset (TV Series)

Jones Family

Morgan Jones (TV Series)
Jenny Jones (TV Series)
Duane Jones (TV Series)

Siggard Family

King County Residents

Paula (Season 2)

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Camp Survivors

Glenn Rhee (TV Series)
Dale Horvath (TV Series)
Jacqui (TV Series)
Jim (TV Series)

Peletier Family

Carol Peletier (TV Series)
Sophia Peletier (TV Series)
Ed Peletier (TV Series)

Dixon Family

Daryl Dixon (TV Series)
Merle Dixon (TV Series)

Andrea's Family

Andrea (TV Series)
Amy (TV Series)

Morales Family

Louis Morales (TV Series)
Eliza Morales (TV Series)

Atlanta Nursing Home Survivors

Jorge (TV Series)

Felipe's Family

Felipe (TV Series)
Miguel (TV Series)

Center for Disease Control

Jenner Family

Edwin Jenner (TV Series)

Greene Farm

Greene Family

Maggie Rhee (TV Series)
Beth Greene (TV Series)
Shawn Greene (TV Series)
Arnold Greene (TV Series)

Otis' Family

Otis (TV Series)

Greene Farm Residents

Jimmy (TV Series)

The Living

Nate (TV Series)
Sean (Season 2)
Tony (Season 2)
Dave (TV Series)

Michonne's Group

Terry (TV Series)

Michonne's Family

Mike (TV Series)

West Georgia Correctional Facility

Axel (TV Series)
Oscar (Prison)
Andrew (TV Series)
Tomas (TV Series)

National Guardsmen

Welles (TV Series)
Brady (TV Series)
Wilson (TV Series)
Sean (Military)

Woodbury, Georgia

Woodbury Survivors

Karen (TV Series)
Eryn (TV Series)
Owen (Prison)
Greg (Prison)
Ms. McLeod (TV Series)
Milton Mamet (TV Series)
Rowan (TV Series)
Eileen (TV Series)
Noah (Woodbury)
Paul (TV Series)
Jody (TV Series)
Haley (TV Series)
Warren (TV Series)
Tim (TV Series)

Blake Family

Philip Blake (TV Series)
Penny Blake (TV Series)

Foster Family

Richards Family

Coleman Family

Betty Coleman (TV Series)
Emily Coleman (TV Series)

Tyreese's Group

Williams Family

Sasha Williams (TV Series)

Allen's Family

Allen (TV Series)
Ben (TV Series)
Donna (TV Series)

Prison Newcomers

Luke (Prison)
Molly (Prison)
Bob Stookey (TV Series)
Julio (TV Series)
Henry (Prison)
Noris (TV Series)
Caleb Subramanian (TV Series)
David (Season 4)
Chloe (TV Series)
Zach (TV Series)

Samuels Family

Lizzie Samuels (TV Series)
Mika Samuels (TV Series)
Ryan Samuels (TV Series)

Prison Outskirts

Sam (TV Series)
Ana (TV Series)
Clara (TV Series)

Unnamed Apartment Building

Chambler Family

Tara Chambler (TV Series)
Lilly Chambler (TV Series)
Meghan Chambler (TV Series)
David Chambler (TV Series)

Martinez's Group

Howard (TV Series)
Alisha (TV Series)

Dolgen Family

Mitch Dolgen (TV Series)
Pete Dolgen (TV Series)

Post-Prison Survivors

Abraham's Group

Eugene Porter (TV Series)
Rosita Espinosa (TV Series)

Ford Family

Ellen Ford (TV Series)
A.J. Ford (TV Series)
Becca Ford (TV Series)

The Claimers

Dan (Claimer)
Billy (TV Series)
Harley (TV Series)
Tony (Claimer)
Joe (TV Series)
Len (TV Series)
Lou (TV Series)


Martin (Terminus)
Greg (Terminus)
Albert (TV Series)
Mike (Terminus)

Mary's Family

Gareth (TV Series)
Mary (Terminus)
Alex (Terminus)

St. Sarah's Church

Grady Memorial Hospital

Steven Edwards (TV Series)
Tanaka (TV Series)
Amanda Shepherd (TV Series)
Bello (TV Series)
Licari (TV Series)
Percy (TV Series)
Franco (TV Series)
Noah (Season 5)
Dawn Lerner (TV Series)
Bob Lamson (TV Series)
Gorman (TV Series)
Joan (TV Series)
Gavin Trevitt (TV Series)
Hanson (TV Series)

Alexandria Safe-Zone

Aaron (TV Series)
Scott (TV Series)
Kyle (TV Series)
Rick Grimes Jr. (TV Series)
Heath (TV Series)
Nora (TV Series)
Alex (Alexandria)
Jen (TV Series)
Wayne (TV Series)
Cheryl (TV Series)
Enid (TV Series)
Russ (TV Series)
Bruce (TV Series)
Tobin (TV Series)
Anna (TV Series)
Mikey (TV Series)
Kent (TV Series)
Olivia (TV Series)
Denise Cloyd (TV Series)
Lucy (Alexandria)
Maya (Alexandria)
Tommy (Alexandria)
Annie (TV Series)
Will (TV Series)
Barnes (TV Series)
Stacy (TV Series)
Bobby (TV Series)
Holly (TV Series)
Erin (TV Series)
Dinesh (TV Series)
Dan (Alexandria)
O'Hara (TV Series)
Adrian (TV Series)
Park (TV Series)
Shelly Neudermeyer (TV Series)
Carter (TV Series)
Eric Raleigh (TV Series)

Miller Family

Bob Miller (TV Series)

Monroe Family

Deanna Monroe (TV Series)
Reg Monroe (TV Series)
Aiden Monroe (TV Series)

Anderson Family

Ron Anderson (TV Series)
Jessie Anderson (TV Series)
Sam Anderson (TV Series)
Pete Anderson (TV Series)

David's Family

Betsy (TV Series)
David (Season 6)

The Wolves

Owen (Wolf)
Aphid (TV Series)

Georgia Woods

The Saviors

Negan Smith (TV Series)
Alden (TV Series)
Gracie (TV Series)
Amber (TV Series)
Tanya (TV Series)
Gina (Savior)
Quan (TV Series)
Potter (TV Series)
José (TV Series)
Brooke (TV Series)
Mel (TV Series)
John (TV Series)
Marcus (TV Series)
Jonah (TV Series)
Alice (TV Series)
Laura (TV Series)
D.J. (TV Series)
Richie (TV Series)
Regina (TV Series)
Jed (TV Series)
Norris (TV Series)
Arat (TV Series)
Justin (TV Series)
Simon (TV Series)
Duke (Wrath)
Lance (TV Series)
Gary (TV Series)
Reilly (TV Series)
Jared (TV Series)
Evan (TV Series)
Katy (TV Series)
Keno (TV Series)
Derek (TV Series)
Dean (TV Series)
Gavin (TV Series)
Gomez (TV Series)
Paulie (TV Series)
Duke (Honor)
Mark (TV Series)
Zia (TV_Series)
Leo (TV Series)
Yago (TV Series)
Joey (TV Series)
Rudy (TV Series)
Todd (TV Series)
Dino (TV Series)
Huck (TV Series)
Wade (TV Series)
Cam (TV Series)
Nelson (TV Series)
Mara (TV Series)
Gordon (TV Series)
Roy (TV Series)
David (Season 7)
Emmett Carson (TV Series)
Joseph (TV Series)
Chris (TV Series)
George (TV Series)
Neil (Savior)
Roman (TV Series)
Jiro (TV Series)
Miles (Savior)
Primo (TV Series)
Paula (Savior)
Molly (Savior)
Donnie (TV Series)
Gabe (TV Series)
Timmy (TV Series)

Sherry's Family

Sherry (TV Series)
Dwight (TV Series)
Tina (TV Series)

Hilltop Colony

Hilltop Residents

Bertie (TV Series)
Marco (TV Series)
Gage (TV Series)
Kal (TV Series)
Oscar (Hilltop)
Penny (TV Series)
Felix (TV Series)
Rodney (TV Series)
Casper (TV Series)
Martin (Hilltop)
Paul Rovia (TV Series)
Wesley (TV Series)
Harlan Carson (TV Series)
Neil (Hilltop)
Andy (TV Series)

Sutton Family

Earl Sutton (TV Series)

Miles' Family

Miles (Hilltop)
Hilde (TV Series)

Ethan's Family

Craig (TV Series)
Ethan (TV Series)

The Kingdom

Kingdom Residents

Dianne (TV Series)
Joshua (TV Series)
Jenny (TV Series)
Dana (TV Series)
Kevin (TV Series)
Kurt (TV Series)
Alvaro (TV Series)
Daniel (TV Series)
Colton (TV Series)

Jerry and Nabila's Family

Jerry (TV Series)
Nabila (TV Series)
Ezra (TV Series)
Aliyah (TV Series)
Mariam (TV Series)

Benjamin's Family

Henry (Kingdom)


Oceanside Residents

Rachel Ward (TV Series)
Jules (TV Series)
Kathy (TV Series)

Natania's Family

Cyndie (TV Series)

The Scavengers

Anne (TV Series)
Tamiel (TV Series)
Brion (TV Series)
Farron (TV Series)

Virginia Woods

Siddiq (TV Series)
Leslie Stanton (TV Series)

Leah's Family

Leah (TV Series)

Amelia's Family

Milo (TV Series)
Amelia (TV Series)

Mays Family

Mays (TV Series)

Georgie's Group

Hilda's Family

Hilda (TV Series)
Midge (TV Series)

Magna's Group

Magna (TV Series)
Luke (Season 9)
Yumiko (TV Series)
Bernie (TV Series)

Connie's Family

Connie (TV Series)
Kelly (TV Series)

The Whisperers

Beta (TV Series)
Rufus (TV Series)
Dante (TV Series)
Zion (TV Series)
Rasmus (TV Series)
Sean (Season 9)
Helen (TV Series)

Alpha's Family

Lydia (TV Series)
Alpha (TV Series)
Frank (TV Series)

Mary's Family

Adam Sutton (TV Series)
Mary (Whisperer)

Baltimore, Maryland

Cyrus (TV Series)
Amanda (TV Series)
Lamar (TV Series)
Rose (TV Series)
Matias (TV Series)

The Highwaymen

Alfred (TV Series)
Margo (TV Series)
Alek (TV Series)
Ozzy (TV Series)

Jocelyn's Group

Winnie (TV Series)
P.J. (TV Series)
Gina (Season 9)
Linus (TV Series)

Bloodsworth Island

Lucy (Season 10)

Virgil's Family

Virgil (TV Series)
Lisa (TV Series)

Survivor Caravan

Aiden (TV Series)
Bailey (TV Series)

The Wardens

Elijah (TV Series)
Cole (TV Series)
Maya (Warden)
Gus (TV Series)
Billy (Warden)
Jen (Warden)

The Reapers

Pope (TV Series)

The Commonwealth

Mercer (TV Series)
Lance Hornsby (TV Series)
Tommy (Commonwealth)
Pamela Milton (TV Series)

Valak's Vipers

Craven (TV Series)

Miscellaneous Survivors

Duncan (TV Series)
Frost (TV Series)
Deaver (TV Series)


Dog (TV Series)
Nelly (TV Series)
Shiva (TV Series)
Duke (Animal)
Flame (TV Series)
Violet (TV Series)
Hunter (TV Series)


Carla (TV Series)
Delly (TV Series)
Bill Jenkins (TV Series)
Tony (Walker)
Nick (TV Series)
Erin (Season 3)
Doug (TV Series)
Louise Bush (TV Series)
Wayne Dunlap (TV Series)
Summer (TV Series)
Hannah (Webisodes)
Eddie (TV Series)