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The following is a timeline for the TV show, explaining what happened each day. Citations are given for almost every single day; the overall timeline of 147 months (~12 Years) is not a guess, but rather a careful count of everything that we have seen in the show so far.

According to Fear the Walking Dead, the year of the outbreak began is confirmed to be 2010. (Date of Death)

Note: For the Fear the Walking Dead timeline go here: Fear the Walking Dead Timeline. The events of the main show and the companion series are happening within the same timeline. The two have been separated, however, so as not to overfill a single timeline. Webisodes are included here. For the events of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, see World Beyond Timeline. For a complete timeline including all three media go here: Television Universe Timeline.

Before the Global Outbreak

Pre-Global Outbreak
Pre-Global Outbreak
  • Hershel Greene's farm has been in his family for 160 years. (Bloodletting) Hershel left home at age 15 and didn't return for his father's funeral. (18 Miles Out) He is an alcoholic. He drank heavily at the local bar every night until Maggie was born, and then he quit cold turkey. His first wife, Josephine, bought back his grandfather's pocket watch when he became sober, which he'd pawned long ago to pay for his drinking habits. (Nebraska)
  • Dale Horvath and his wife, Irma, suffered a miscarriage. Before she lost the baby, Irma spent that Thanksgiving in misery from the meat aversions she was suffering. (Secrets)
  • Irma Horvath developed cancer and later succumbed to her disease. (Wildfire)
  • Daryl and Merle Dixon's mother died in a house fire; at the time, Daryl was old enough to ride a bicycle, and Merle was under 18. (Hounded) When he was under 12 years old, Daryl got lost in the woods and eventually found his own way home. (Triggerfinger)
  • Michonne is at school with her friend Jocelyn. (Scars)
  • When he was in high school, Shane Walsh once stole the principal's car at lunch hour and filled it with chicken feed before getting back to school in time to finish his sandwich before the bell rang. (Save the Last One)
  • Rick Grimes and his son, Carl, used to go on walks through the neighborhood when Carl was three years old. (Worth)
  • Andrea's father gave her a gun to protect her and her sister, Amy, as they left for their road trip not long before the outbreak. (What Lies Ahead)
  • Philip Blake lost his wife in a car accident 18 months before the outbreak started. (Killer Within)
  • Terminus member Martin used to watch football games with friends on Sundays. He also attended church regularly. (No Sanctuary)
  • Glenn had moved to Atlanta where he found employment as a pizza delivery boy. It was during this period where he gained insightful knowledge regarding the city streets and layout.
  • Jim lived in Atlanta with his family and he was an auto mechanic specialized in vehicle repair.
  • Theodore Douglas played football in college, and was given the nickname 'T-Dog'.
  • 131 days before the Global Outbreak, the Wildfire virus begins reanimating corpses. Its existence is unknown to the general public. (Wildfire)
  • Lucille discovers she has cancer and that her husband Negan is having an affair. (Here's Negan)[1]
Shootout day
After the shootout day
  • Shane visits Rick in the hospital with flowers. (What Lies Ahead) Lori and Carl then visit Rick in the hospital. Carl offers to give Rick blood. (Nebraska)

After the Global Outbreak

Day 0-53

Outbreak Beginning
Day 0 / Day 2
  • For 132 days a mysterious virus baffles scientists who try to understand and contain it. (Wildfire)[2]
  • The Global Outbreak begins. (Wildfire)
  • Reports of strange occurrences appear in the news as the virus begins its explosive spread (18 Miles Out)
Day 3
  • While out on their rounds, Leon Bassett and Shane Walsh each encounter mysterious bites. They both bring in people who were sick, bit, or had shot someone in self defense. After shooting a "crazed inmate" and saving Leon from getting bit, Shane calls Lori and tells her to stay at home until he arrives believing the situation is likely getting worse. (Dead Reckoning)
  • In King County, Georgia, Hannah and her children, Jamie and Billy go for a drive in their SUV and get into a car accident while trying to avoid a mob. Her kids leave the car and go to their father Andrew's house. Hannah eventually makes it to the house where she kills a zombified neighbor. Andrew decides they should try to get to Atlanta for safety, but he killed trying to get keys for a truck. Hannah and the kids try to escape in a rescue helicopter but she is bit. She sacrifices herself so that the children can make it to the helicopter. (Torn Apart)
(Day +1 / Day +5)
  • Theodore (T-Dog) Douglas drives his church van to the home of every senior citizen he knew, just in case they needed a ride. (Say the Word)
  • Andrea and Amy meet Dale in Atlanta. (Frank Darabont)
  • As the world begins to fall apart, guards begin to evacuate prisoners at West Georgia Correctional Facility. Two guards are evacuating a group of five prisoners, Tomas, Andrew, Big Tiny, Oscar, and Axel when they get surrounded. The guards take the prisoners inside the cafeteria and lock them in there to stay safe until backup arrives. However, they never return and are presumed dead. The inmates remain locked inside the cafeteria with no way of getting out. (Sick)
  • Some staff working at the CDC leave the complex to be with their families as the outbreak grips Atlanta. (TS-19)
  • Jerry, Tyreese Williams, and his sister, Sasha, hole up in their neighbor Jerry's bunker under the shed in his garden. (The Suicide King)
  • Guillermo hides out in the retirement home that he's the custodian of and cares for the elderly left behind. (Vatos)
Day +14
  • As law and order break down and infrastructure collapses, Shane visits Rick in the hospital where he witnesses the military shooting infected and non-infected staff members and civilians alike. He evades capture by the soldiers and leaves Rick and blocks the door with a roll-away bed. (TS-19)
Day +15 / Day +17
  • The military forces stationed in Atlanta and guarding the CDC are overrun. Most of the remaining staff at the facility flee. (TS-19)
  • Lori and Carl leave their house with Shane to find a refugee camp in Atlanta. They are on a gridlocked highway with Carol, Ed, and Sophia Peletier. Shane and Lori watch as military helicopters napalm bomb Atlanta in a desperate attempt to contain the outbreak. (Chupacabra)
  • At the same time, as the city falls to the undead, Officer Dawn Lerner and her captain, Hanson, evacuate the patients of Grady Memorial Hospital to Butler Park. Around midnight, they do a final sweep of the hospital as the helicopters begin dropping the napalm bombs on Atlanta, killing all those that have just been evacuated. (Slabtown)
  • Early the next morning, Father Gabriel Stokes' congregation goes to his church and tries to get inside to hide from walkers. He keeps the doors locked in fear and doesn't want to open while people are begging him to let them in. He listens as they are devoured by walkers. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Pope and his crew were caught in the middle of a bombing and those that survived became The Reapers. (Rendition)
Day +23
  • In Baltimore, Maryland, Frank, his wife, and daughter Lydia stay at a shelter to wait for help from the army, alongside many others. An emergency broadcast instructs survivors to stay indoors and await instructions. (Omega)
Day +17 / Day +53
  • The Quarry Camp is established a few miles outside Atlanta and quickly grows.
  • On his first day at camp, Daryl Dixon talks about a Chupacabra. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Hannah has decayed and turned into "bicycle zombie". (Everything Dies)
  • Tony and Dave meet on the I-95 out of Philadelphia. (Nebraska)
  • Randall joins a group of 30 people. His group rapes two girls in front of their father. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Chase arrives at the Self Storage Facility outside of Atlanta and comes across B.J. After B.J. tries to kill him, Chase frees Kelly who in turn kills B.J., her captor. The two take a truck and head to Cynthiana, Kentucky. (The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage)
  • Paul and Karina's camp is overrun with walkers, and they make their way to the same hospital where Rick is located in a coma. Paul survives and keeps Karina as a walker by pulling her teeth out, placing her in a jacket and putting her on a chain. He locks up the doors to the cafeteria in the hospital and sprays 'DON'T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE' on the door with black paint. (The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath)
  • People trickle into the retirement home to check on their relatives and decide to stay, adding to the manpower of the Vatos group at the retirement home. Guillermo becomes the de facto leader of the group. (Vatos)
Day +30 / Day +33
  • The French claim that they have come close to finding a cure, according to Dr. Edwin Jenner. (TS-19)
  • Jenner loses outside communication. Electrical grid is lost. (TS-19)
  • Jenner starts trying to shut down scrubbers in order to conserve electricity. (Wildfire)
  • Gas lines stop working, according to Morgan Jones. (Days Gone Bye)
Day +43
  • As chaos descends on Baltimore, Dee strangles a group member after he tries to escape their underground shelter and shaves her head. The man revives and begins killing the group and Dee kills her husband to escape with Lydia. (Omega)
Day +53

Day +59-83

Season 1 & 2
Day +59
  • Rick wakes up in the hospital and discovers the horror that the world has become. As he wanders through the streets looking for his wife and son, he encounters Morgan and Duane. Morgan explains everything that has happened ever since Rick fell into a coma and the nature of Walkers. (Days Gone Bye)
Day +60


  • After Rick kills his first zombie with a baseball bat, Morgan and Duane go with Rick to his house in the morning and find food, water, blankets, and family photo albums gone. Duane suggests Rick's family is in Atlanta, and Morgan mentions that the CDC may be the safest place. (Days Gone Bye)
  • Rick, Morgan, and Duane go to the King County Police Department. They take showers and later get guns and ammo. Rick gives Morgan a radio so that they can talk to each other and heads for Atlanta.
  • Morgan returns home to try and put down his zombified wife.
  • Meanwhile, Rick stops at a gas station north of Interstate 85 and shoots a little girl that has turned into a walker. After running out of gas, he takes a horse and rides into Atlanta.
  • The Quarry camp picks up Rick's radio transmission on Highway 85.
  • Glenn rescues Rick from a herd where he meets Andrea , T-Dog, Jacqui , Morales, and Merle. This leads to Merle being handcuffed to the roof and left behind while the others escape. (Days Gone Bye, Guts)
  • The van arrives at a quarry camp, and Glenn brings the red car to camp. The group arrives at the camp and Rick finally reunites with Lori and Carl. Later, there is a campfire discussion about going back to Atlanta to get Merle. Lori and Rick have sex at night. Jim has a strange dream. (Tell It to the Frogs)
Day +61
  • Jim and Dale scavenge the red car for parts and gas, while Carol cleans Rick's clothes. A walker nears the camp and devours a deer. Daryl arrives back at the quarry camp in seek of Merle.
  • Merle retrieves a hacksaw to escape from the handcuffs and cuts of his hand to escape.
  • Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl travel to Atlanta to retrieve guns and save Merle. Only to find Merle gone. They later encounter The Vatos Gang and, seeing that they're not a threat, they give them some of their guns and ammo. (Tell It to the Frogs, Vatos)
  • Shane argues with Lori and beats Ed for being abusive toward Carol. (Tell It to the Frogs)
  • Amy and Andrea catch fish in the quarry pond.
  • Jim starts digging holes, which alarms the group.
  • They group have a fish-fry when they are attacked by Walkers. Rick and company arrive in time to fight off the walkers and save the rest of the group. Casualties include Ed and Amy.(Vatos)
Day +62


  • Rick tries to contact Morgan. (Wildfire)
  • The quarry victims are buried and Walkers are burned. Jim's bite is discovered by Jacqui. Shane makes a campfire announcement that they will leave for the CDC in the morning. (Wildfire)
  • A group invades the Vatos' nursing home, shoots the residents in the head, and steals all of their food and supplies. (What Lies Ahead - deleted scenes)
Day +63
  • Rick tries to contact Morgan again. (Wildfire)
  • At the CDC, Dr. Jenner makes a morning transmission and states Wildfire started 194 days ago, and global outbreak was 63 days ago. He loses TS-19 samples by means of a decontamination. (Wildfire)
  • The survivors leave the quarry and part ways with Morales and family. On the way, they leave Jim to die underneath a tree on the highway while the RV is being repaired. The survivors arrive at the CDC where Jenner lets them in as long as they submit to a blood test. (Wildfire, TS-19)
Day +64


  • The group awakens and Jenner explains what the virus that causes Walkers does. He also tells them the building will self-destruct. Rick persuades Jenner to unlock the doors but whispers in his ear that everyone is infected with the virus. Jacqui opts to remain behind and Andrea is coaxed into leaving when Dale decides to stay with her. (TS-19)
  • The caravan stops in the Vatos' place for the night. The group discovers that the Vatos group had been overtaken and murdered by looters. (What Lies Ahead - deleted scenes)
Day 65
  • The group reduces their caravan from 5 cars to the RV, the station wagon, and a motorbike. Not much else is known about this day. (What Lies Ahead)
Day +66


  • In the morning Rick makes a transmission to Morgan. (What Lies Ahead)
  • On a highway, the group search for supplies when a herd of Walkers passes through. They try to hide but T-Dog is injured, and two walkers chase Sophia away into the woods. (What Lies Ahead)
  • Sophia emerges from the stream in the woods with her doll. Sophia starts to make her way back to the highway but goes off track. A walker attacks her biting her neck. She drops her doll in the water. She escapes the walker but dies from a mass loss of blood. She turns into a walker near Hershel’s farm. (Pretty Much Dead Already, Nebraska)
Day +67
  • Dale and T-Dog wait at the RV while the rest of the group goes into the woods to search for Sophia. (What Lies Ahead)
  • Otis, a resident at the Greene family farm, discovers zombified Sophia and brings her back to the barn. He then sets out to hunt deer. (Nebraska)
  • The group finds a church and kills the walkers inside. While searching for Sophia, Carl sees a deer in a clearing and approaches it in awe. Suddenly, in an attempt to hunt the deer, Otis shoots it, and the bullet passes through the deer, hitting Carl in the stomach. The three men take Carl to Hershel to help heal him Maggie and Beth, Beth's boyfriend Jimmy, and Patricia also live. (What Lies Ahead, Bloodletting)
  • Maggie finds Lori to take her to Rick and tells the others how t reach the farmhouse. (Bloodletting)
  • Shane and Otis leave for a FEMA base to gather the supplies. As night falls, they reach the camp and retrieve the supplies needed to save Carl. As they flee, Shane sacrifices Otis to save himself. (Bloodletting, Save the Last One)
  • Shane returns with the medical supplies, and Carl is finally able to be operated on. Shane shaves his head to cover up where Otis tore out his hair. (Save the Last One)
Day +68


  • The next morning, the survivors arrive at the farm, and once settled in, they have a funeral for Otis. Shane gives a speech about Otis' last moments, falsely telling the others that Otis chose to sacrifice himself for the sake of Carl. After the funeral, Maggie brings out a map, and they formulate a plan to search for Sophia. (Cherokee Rose)
  • Maggie volunteers to go into town to get medical supplies and asks Glenn to accompany her where Glenn picks up a pregnancy test for Lori where it turns out to be positive. (Cherokee Rose)
  • Rick gives Carl his sheriff's hat. (Cherokee Rose)
Day +69
  • Shane questions Rick’s decision to keep searching Sophia. (Chupacabra)
  • While searching for Sophia in the woods, Daryl finds her doll in a riverbed. He falls and is injured by one of his arrows. He hallucinates Merle taunting him and telling him to get moving if he wants to live. Upon arriving at the farm, he is mistaken for a Walker and shot by Andrea. (Chupacabra)
  • That evening Maggie, Glenn is in the barn and discovers a number of walkers inside of it. Maggie tells him that "[he wasn't] supposed to see this." (Chupacabra)
Day +70
  • In the morning, the group is doing chores around the farm while Patricia snaps the legs of a few of the chickens then secretly feeds the crippled chickens to the walkers in the barn from the safety of the hayloft. (Secrets)
  • Rick and Shane plan out that day's search for Sophia, and Shane volunteers to scout a housing development near the location where Daryl discovered the doll. Andrea accompanies him and after killing some Walkers, they make out. (Secrets)
  • Everyone learns how to shoot. (Secrets)
  • After the group leaves, Glenn confesses to Dale that Lori is pregnant and that there are walkers in the barn. (Secrets)
  • Dale speaks with Hershel at the stables and tells him that he is well aware of the walkers in the barn. Hershel tells Dale that his wife and stepson are in the barn, and it is clear that Hershel believes them to be merely sick people, rather than animated corpses. (Secrets)
  • While mending a fence, Hershel tells Lori that her group needs to move on to somewhere else other than the farm. Lori confronts Rick about leaving, and Rick ensures her that they will get by. (Secrets)
  • Dale talks with Lori about her pregnancy, and afterwards, Lori asks Glenn for his help in obtaining an abortion pills at the pharmacy. Glenn and Maggie travel to the pharmacy, and Maggie is angry with Glenn for telling Dale about the walkers in the barn. (Secrets)
  • Lori swallows the pills and then deliberately throws them up. Rick finds the pills and confronts Lori. Lori confesses she is pregnant and admits she slept with Shane thinking that he was dead. (Secrets)
  • Shane returns from shooting lessons with Andrea, Dale confronts him and tells Shane that he "know[s] what kind of man [Shane is]," referring to the incident when he caught Shane aiming his gun at Rick's head. (Secrets)
Day +71


  • Glenn announces to the group that there are walkers in the barn. (Pretty Much Dead Already)
  • Out of distrust for Shane, Dale sneaks off with the guns to hide them in the woods, but finds them both and Dale reluctantly returns them. (Pretty Much Dead Already)
  • Rick attempts to negotiate with Hershel over his group staying at the farm. He accompanies Hershel in retrieving a Walkers to out in the barn. (Pretty Much Dead Already)
  • Returning to the farm Shane rallies the group to do something about the barn and shoots the Walkers in front of Hershel to show they are not human and opens the door where the group shoots them down. A zombified Sophia emerges and Rick is the only one able to put her down. (Pretty Much Dead Already)
  • After Rick shoots walker-Sophia he, Shane, and Glenn follow Hershel and his kin to the house and ask questions about the barn. (Nebraska)
  • Hershel drives to a local bar to drink. Rick and Glenn follow him. They also encounter Dave and Tony. They attempt gain access to the farm only to be killed by Rick. Their group soon appear and a shootout begins until Walkers, drawn to the noise, appear and attack the rival group. An injured member, Randall, is left behind and Rick decides to save him. (Nebraska, Triggerfinger)
  • That night, Lori tries to go after Rick only for her car to crash and she nearly is killed by a Walker. She is later rescued by Shane who convinces her to return to the farm. (Nebraska, Triggerfinger)
Day +72


  • In the morning Rick, Hershel, and Glenn return to the farm with a blindfolded Randall. The group decides to drop him off somewhere once his leg heals. Lori confides in Rick that she thinks Shane is dangerous. (Triggerfinger)
Day +73 / Day +80
Day +80


  • Rick and Shane go to drop Randall off at a nearby public works station. Rick and Shane ending up fighting because it is revealed that Randall knows the farm's location and because Shane challenges Rick's competency as group leader, but a walker horde interrupts them. All three men escape and agree to take a day to decide whether to execute Randall. (18 Miles Out)
  • Beth tries to kill herself but decides to live. (18 Miles Out)
Day +81


  • Daryl brutally interrogates Randall, who states that his group is made up of thirty men. Rick prepares to kill Randall. Because Dale has reservations about this, the group votes to decide Randall's fate. As Rick begins the execution, Carl encourages him and is disturbed by this. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Carl steal Daryl's gun and spots a Walker in the bog while teasing it, the Walker breaks loose and scares Carl back to camp. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Later that night the same walker attacks Dale, critically wounding him. Daryl shoots Dale in the head as a mercy kill, exploiting the irony in the episode. (Judge, Jury, Executioner)
  • Seven months passed since Lucille's cancer diagnosis, Negan discovers fridge containing Lucille medicine has died and her medicine is no good. He sets off to find a traveling doctor might help. (Here's Negan)[12]
Day +82
  • The group holds a funeral for Dale. (Better Angels)
  • Under a guise of leaving the group with him, Shane leads Randall into the woods and kills him. Shane runs face-first into a tree to create the appearance of a confrontation and returns to the group, claiming Randall attacked him and stole his gun. (Better Angels)
  • Rick, Shane, Glenn and Daryl split up to look for Randall in the woods. Glenn and Daryl encounter, and kill, a walker who turns out to be Randall. Daryl finds it strange that Randall changed, due to the lack of bite marks or scratches on his body. (Better Angels)
  • Shane pulls a gun on Rick after being confronted about the real motive. During the stand off, Rick stabs Shane and kills him. He reanimates moments later, confirming to Rick that they are all already infected. Carl shoots Shane in the head, thus saving Rick. (Better Angels)
  • A herd of walkers migrating through the woods hears Carl's gunshot and moves towards the sound. As Rick and the others fight for the farm, Jimmy and Patricia are killed and Andrea is left behind as they escape. (Beside the Dying Fire)
Day +83


  • The group reconvenes at the freeway where they originally waited for Sophia. They head east until Rick's SUV runs out of gas. They decide to set up a camp and look for more gas in the morning. Rick tells the group what Jenner at the CDC whispered to him - that everyone is already infected. That night, members of the group contemplates leaving until Rick reveals what he did to Shane and lays down the rules of his leadership. (Beside the Dying Fire)
  • Elsewhere, Andrea is fighting off walkers when Michonne saves her from a walker that had her pinned on the ground. (Beside the Dying Fire)

Day +83-293

Season 2 / 3 Interim
Day +83 / Day +293
  • Rick's group finds shelter in storage lockers at some point during the winter, as revealed by Carl. (Seed)
  • Carol becomes a pretty good shot, according to Rick. (Seed) Hershel begins to train her as his assistant. (Sick)
  • The group learns of Lori's unfaithfulness to Rick. (Seed)
  • Noah is kidnapped and brought to Grady Memorial Hospital. (Slabtown)
  • Carl and Beth become closer. (Seed)
  • Andrea and Michonne spend the winter surviving together. (Seed)
  • Tyreese Williams's group is attacked and Tyreese, his sister Sasha, Allen, Donna, and Ben flee. (The Suicide King)
Day +115[14]
  • Negan finds the traveling doctor and is given the medicine and a bat by Laura. (Here's Negan)
Day +117[15]
  • Negan is beaten by a biker gang and gives them the doctor's location. He heads home to find Lucille dead by suicide and burns the house down as he can't bring himself to out her down. He wraps the bat in barbed wire and kill the gang, saving the doctor and Laura while saving the leader as his last kill. (Here's Negan)

Day +300-321

Season 3
Day +300 (approximate)


  • In the spring, with the group scavenging from house to house, they need a more permanent place to stay since Lori's due date is close. They find a prison complex and Rick formulates a plan to "take the field by nightfall." The group is extremely successful and they celebrate with a campfire sing-along, but Rick tells them tomorrow they'll have to get inside the prison where there should be food and medicine, and maybe even a loaded armory. (Seed)
Day +301
  • Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, and Maggie battle walkers beyond the fence gates in an attempt to clear the prison and get inside. They find a secure cell block and the group moves in, resting for the night. (Seed)
  • Elsewhere, Andrea is deathly ill and being cared for by Michonne in a deer locker, located in a small town overrun with walkers. Michonne knows they need to leave the area and Andrea musters enough strength to walk. (Seed)
Day +302


  • Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, and Hershel start searching the prison for the cafeteria, during the run, Hershel's leg is bitten by a zombie and Rick amputates it to prevent him getting sick. (Seed)
  • Axel, Tomas, Andrew, Oscar, and Big Tiny emerge from their hideout after 294 days and are caught up to speed with the state of the world. (Seed, Sick)
  • Rick and the group reluctantly help the prisoners clear a cellblock for them. However, Rick senses Tomas is a threat after he killed Big Tiny, so Rick kills Tomas and forces Andrew outside where the Walkers roam. The other two remain. (Sick)
  • Hershel to Cell Block C, where Carol and Lori tend to his injuries. After almost dying, Lori manages to bring him back to life. (Sick)
Day +303 (approximate)
  • Michonne and Andrea discover the town of Woodbury and meet the Governor after witnessing a military helicopter crash. Merle and Andrea are reunited. (Walk With Me)
Day +304
  • The next day, the Governor tracks down the remaining soldiers, pretending to be friendly by waving a white flag. He then has his men kill them, so that he can take their supplies. At home, The Governor walks into an empty room. He stares at aquariums full of floating walker heads. (Walk With Me)
Day +305
  • At Woodbury, Michonne investigates the military vehicles brought in by the Governor and his people. She discovers wet blood and bullet holes before the Governor finds her. He parries her questions effortlessly before she walks off. (Killer Within)
  • Andrea gives Merle directions to find the Greene family farm. (Killer Within)
  • Andrea and Michonne plan to leave Woodbury for the coast, Michonne thinking that it will be safer, but Andrea convinces her to stay for another day or two. (Killer Within)
Day +303 / Day +309
  • Oscar and Axel clear out their cell block "all week". (Killer Within)
  • Andrew creeps around the prison spying on the survivors. (Killer Within)
Day +309


  • Rick and the group contemplate sending Axel and Oscar away except for T-Dog. (Killer Within)
  • Andrew infiltrates the prison with a deer and uses it as bait to attract walkers and activates alarms to draw more in. (Killer Within)
    • Rick and his group search for the generator to turn it off. Andrew attacks Rick and they fight until Oscar picks up Rick's gun. Andrew tries to convince Oscar to shoot Rick but Oscar kills Andrew and hands Rick his gun back
    • Carol and T-Dog, who was bitten, run into the tombs for safety where T-Dog sacrifices himself so Carol can escape.
    • Lori, Maggie, and Carl make it to the boiler where Lori goes into labor. Maggie is force to do a C-section to save the baby at Lori's request where she bleeds to death and Carl puts her shoots her before she can turn.
  • As everyone gathers in the courtyard, Rick is distraught when he learns of Lori's death. (Killer Within)
  • Daryl is determined to get baby food to avoid losing the newborn. (Say the Word)
  • Rick heads back into the prison and goes on a rampage, killing Walkers including the one who ate Lori's corpse. (Say the Word)
  • The Governor throws a party in Woodbury to celebrate how far they've come. Michonne goes off on her own after getting her weapon back and lets loose several captive walkers and kills them with her katana. The Governor tells Andrea that Michonne is scaring other people in Woodbury. Andrea and Michonne decide they'll leave, but after the gate opens Andrea decides not to leave. Michonne leaves. (Say the Word)
  • That night, a mock gladiator battle is held in Woodbury. (Say the Word)
Day +310


  • The Governor "plays" with Penny. She gets annoyed after her hair gets tangled, tearing a part of skin and hair from the skull, and tries to bite her father. (Hounded)
  • Merle leads a hunting party to kill Michonne, but the woman effortlessly cuts them down. Merle prepares head back but finds and captures Glenn and Maggie. (Hounded)
  • Daryl, Oscar, and Carl decide to "clean" the prison of walkers let loose the day before. During this, Daryl finds Carol. (Hounded)
  • Andrea argues with the Governor about the lifestyle in Woodbury but begins a sexual relationship with him. (Hounded)
  • Rick "talks" to Amy, Jim, Jacqui, and Lori via phone. They tell him that they are now in a "safe place" and that he should take care of "his" baby. Rick obliges and returns to the group. He discovers Michonne outside the prison. (Hounded)
  • Michonne is rescued from the Walkers and is given medical attention after she is interrogated. She explains Woodbury and what happened to their people, Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne go for a rescue. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Merle tortures Glenn for information regarding his brother only for Maggie to give in when The Governor threatens his life. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Andrea and Milton conduct an experiment on Michael Coleman, a terminally-ill prostate cancer patient living in Woodbury. Once his dead, he turns into a walker and attacks Milton. Unable to defend himself, Andrea saves him. The two report to the Governor about their findings. (When the Dead Come Knocking)
  • Tyreese and his band are cornered in the woods. They reach the prison and decide to enter it. Carl rescues them and they are placed in a cell until Rick returns. (Made to Suffer)
  • Rick's group attacks which results in Daryl disappearing, Oscar's death, and Glenn and Maggie being rescued. (Made to Suffer)
  • Michonne goes off on her own to kill The Governor only to find his zombified daughter and kill her in front of him. They fight which results him losing an eye and Andrea pointing her gun at her friend. Michonne leaves. (Made to Suffer)
  • A meeting is held in the arena where The Governor, Martinez, and the citizens of Woodbury take Merle into custody for treason. Daryl reappears. The two are forced to fight to the death until they are rescued by Rick and Maggie. (Made to Suffer, The Suicide King)
Day +311
  • Chaos erupts in Woodbury and people panic until Andrea calms them and inspires them to persevere. (The Suicide King)
  • Daryl and Merle separate from Rick's group after the latter is not welcome with the group. (The Suicide King)
  • Tyreese and his group acquaint with the people at the prison. According to Hershel, Judith is "barely a week" old, even though she was born two days before. Donna is buried. (The Suicide King)
  • Rick's party arrives at the prison. A meeting is held to determine the fates of Tyreese's group and Michonne. Hershel tries to convince Rick to allow Tyreese and his group to stay. When it seems Rick might relent, Lori appears as an apparition to Rick. Rick brandishes his gun and yells at his wife to leave and Tyreese and his group, frightened by Rick's outburst, leave the prison. (The Suicide King)
Day +312
  • While scanning the prison, Rick sees an apparition of Lori. Rick runs to meet her on the outskirts of the prison. (Home)
  • Merle and Daryl are in a forest searching for food. where they don't see eye to eye very well and after saving a family from Walkers, Daryl decides to return to the prison with a reluctant Merle in toe. (Home)
  • The Governor ambushes the prison with a "walker bomb" which results in Axel's death and the Dixon Brothers saving Rick. (Home)
Day +313


  • The group deliberates after the Governor's attack. Merle says that they should have left the night before, after the attack, but they lost the opportunity. Rick decides that the group should make a stand against The Governor. Hershel makes an attempt to bring Rick back to reality. (I Ain't a Judas)
  • The Governor prepares an army for an assault on the prison. Andrea asks him for permission to visit the prison. Andrea enlists in Milton's help in taking her to the prison without anyone knowing. She arrives and learns about their time without her and Carol asks her to kill The Governor in his sleep, but can't bring herself to later. (I Ain't a Judas)
  • The group argues about Merle staying in the prison. Hershel and Rick argue that he is Daryl's brother and that he has military experience. Hershel discovers that Merle read the Bible in Woodbury. Merle also predicts how the Governor will kill the group. (I Ain't a Judas)
  • The Governor greets Tyreese's group and they offer to help with the fight against Rick's group so that Tyreese's group can earn their keep. (I Ain't a Judas)
Day +314


  • Rick, Carl, and Michonne drive down to Rick's old police station in search of guns. They encounter a mentally unhinged Morgan who lost his son to his undead wife before finally putting her down. He doesn't recognize Rick at first until he shows him the walkie he gave him. Morgan gives Rick guns and ammunition but he declines Rick's offer to go to the prison. (Clear)
  • Carl goes into town to search for a photo of his mother for Judith. Michonne helps him. (Clear)
Day +314 / Day +316
  • Rick and the prison crew unload the guns and supplies from the car in the prison yard. A scout watches them and returns to Woodbury. Andrea decides to set up a meeting between Rick and the Governor. (Arrow on the Doorpost)
  • The scout report to the Governor what he saw at the prison. The Governor formulates a plan for his meeting with Rick. (Arrow on the Doorpost)
Day +317 (approximate)


  • Early in the morning the Governor arrives at the meeting place to hide a gun and conceal some whiskey. Rick, Daryl, and Hershel arrive at the meeting, followed by Andrea, Martinez and Milton. (Arrow on the Doorpost)
  • The Governor and Rick meet for the first time to discuss their situation. He tells Rick to give up Michonne so he will leave the prison group alone. He will have two days to think about the offer. After the meeting, the two groups go back to their respective homes. (Arrow on the Doorpost)
  • Rick informs the prison group that they are going to war against Woodbury.
  • The Governor informs Martinez to ambush the prison group at the next meeting. He wants everyone dead, except Michonne. Milton is against this plan. (Arrow on the Doorpost)
Day +318
  • The Governor prepares a torture room for Michonne. (Prey)
  • Milton secretly tells Andrea about the true deal that the Governor is making. She leaves Woodbury after convincing Tyreese and Sasha to let her go. They decide to report to the Governor that she escaped and he decides to go after her. She evades him at a warehouse and continues to the prison. (Prey)
  • At the pits, Tyreese and Allen have a fight and Tyreese nearly kills Allen. Shumpert takes them back to Woodbury and they decide to take the captured walkers later. (Prey)
  • At night, Milton heads to the walkers pits and sets all the walkers on fire. (Prey)
Day +319


  • Shumpert arrives at the ruined walkers pits and reports to Martinez. (Prey)
  • Andrea finally reaches the prison only to be captured by The Governor and placed in his torture chamber. (Prey)
  • After leaving, Martinez reports about the Walker pits and Philip (the Governor) realizes that Milton did it. (Prey)
  • Rick tells Hershel and Daryl that they are going to give up Michonne by noon, as it has been two days since the meeting with the Governor, and that Merle is the one assigned to complete the job. (This Sorrowful Life)
  • Merle takes Michonne to a mission inside the tombs where he captures and takes her captive. They head to the farm store to meet with the Governor. Michonne convinces him to let her go and he decides to confront Philip. He kills several men but Philip kills him in the end. (This Sorrowful Life)
  • Rick changes his mind about giving up Michonne and Daryl goes after them only to find Philip's dead men and Merle as a Walker and, though grief-stricken, puts him down. (This Sorrowful Life)
  • Rick talks to the group about voting to stay and fight for the prison or leave and try their chances on the road. Michonne arrives back at the prison. (This Sorrowful Life)
Day +320
  • The Governor keeps Milton captive in the shacks and beats him up before taking him to the torture room where Andrea is and stabbing him in the stomach, leaving him to die, reanimate, and kill her. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • The Governor and the Woodbury army head to the prison, except for Tyreese and Sasha, who decided to stay and defend Woodbury. They break in only to be ambushed and scared off. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • One lost Woodbury soldier runs through the forest and spots Carl, Hershel, and Beth. Carl kills the soldier without hesitation which disturbs Hershel and later Rick. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • Philip orders them to go back to the prison and fight. They refuse, and he kills everybody in cold blood except Martinez and Shumpert. The three men drive off to camp out in a field. (Welcome to the Tombs, Live Bait)
  • Rick, Michonne and Daryl head to Woodbury and end the war. On the way, they discover the Woodbury army dead by the road, only with one survivor, Karen. They arrive in Woodbury and Karen convinces Tyreese and Sasha to let Rick in. (Welcome to the Tombs)
  • They find Andrea bitten and dying. She opts to end her own life. Michonne stays with her to the end. (Welcome to the Tombs)
Day +321
  • Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Karen, and about 15 Woodbury survivors arrive at the prison fulfilling Andrea's wishes of everyone living together in peace. (Welcome to the Tombs)

Day +321-511

Season 3 / 4 Interim
Day +321 (approximate)


  • The Governor wakes up in the field where he, Martinez, and Shumpert were camping and finds that he has been deserted. He takes the military vehicle they left, goes to Woodbury, and sets fire to the town. (Live Bait)
  • Morgan's apartment burns down due to accidentally knocking over a lantern. He moves into the forest to continue clearing. (Here's Not Here)
Day +322


  • Morgan kills several zombies and burns them in a pile. At night, he kills several more walkers noticing Morgan's presence. (Here's Not Here)
Day +323
  • Morgan continues to kill zombies. He sets up pike defenses around his camp to protect against zombies. Morgan kills two men who chased him in the forest. He presumably burns their corpses. (Here's Not Here)
Day +324
  • Morgan leaves his camp again to patrol the forest. He discovers Eastman's home and is taken captive by Eastman when Morgan tires to kill him. Morgan pleads to Eastman that he kill him. (Here's Not Here)
Day +325 / Day +326
  • Morgan remains in captivity. Eastman continues to defend his house from intruding zombies. (Here's Not Here)
Day +327 (approximate)
  • Eastman decides to speak to Morgan. He introduces himself, and learns about Morgan's philosophy of "clearing". (Here's Not Here)
Day +328
  • Morgan attempts to pry off a wooden board, but stops when Eastman approaches. Eastman diagnoses Morgan with PTSD. Morgan charges at Eastman, breaking a nearby picture in two. Eastman mentions using Akido to defeat Morgan from killing him earlier that day. (Here's Not Here)
Day +329
  • Morgan begins to read the book Eastman gave him. Morgan saves Tabitha from two zombies. Eastman gives back Morgan his staff. (Here's Not Here)
Day +330 (approximate)


Day +330 / Day +520
  • Morgan learns Akido from Eastman and reads The Art of Peace. (Here's Not Here)
Day +330 / Day +360
  • Several other groups arrive at the prison and join the community under three simple questions including the Decatur Group mentioned by Karen. (Infected)
Day +360 (approximate)


  • Hershel wakes Rick and considers the possibility of farming and settling down at the prison after two months. Later Rick gets Carl and he, Carl, Hershel, and Beth with Judith prepare the land for growing crops. (A)
Day +381 / 504 (approximate)


  • The Governor has been on the road for a couple of months and is going wherever his legs take him. He is about to give up when he sees a girl in the window of an apartment building. There he meets Lilly Chambler, her sister Tara, Lilly's daughter Meghan, and Lilly and Tara's father David. (Live Bait)
  • After David's death, the quartet travel somewhere else and encounter Martinez's group where Philip slowly devolves back into his Governor persona. (Live Bait, Dead Weight)
Day +493 (approximate)


  • Bob Stookey is found by Daryl and Glenn and inducted into their group after answering three questions. (Alone)
Season 4
Day +500 (approximate)


  • Rick walks out of the prison, splashes some water on his face, and heads out to the field to dig up dirt so he can plant some herbs. Later, he goes scavenging and encounters Clara. After talking with her, she attempts to kill him to feed him to her undead husband, Eddie, but fails. She stabs herself and Rick asks her three questions. (30 Days Without An Accident)
  • Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Bob, Glenn, and Zach (Beth's boyfriend) go on a run to a nearby Big-Spot which results in Zach's death. (30 Days Without An Accident)
  • Carl sneaks in on Carol conducting storytime to the children. As Carol finishes her book, she takes out a collection of knifes and begins a lesson on how to use them and how to be safe with them. Patrick excuses himself due to feeling ill and Carl reveals himself. Carol begs him not to tell his father.
  • Patrick heads to the showers, where he coughs over the water supply and turns on the shower. He begins coughing and collapses to the floor, reanimating soon after. (30 Days Without An Accident, Infected)
  • Late in the evening, Lizzie feeds rats to the walkers at the fence. (Infected, The Grove)
Day +501


  • At dawn, Patrick is finished devouring a man, and the latter soon awakens as a walker. (Infected)
  • The group outside is alerted of the situation in D Block and they storm inside to put down the walkers that have risen thanks to Patrick. Lizzie and Mika's father is among the casualties. The group realizes that he could not have been bitten to turn since he locks himself in his cell due to his sleepwalking. (Infected)
  • Rick, Hershel, Dr. Caleb Subramanian, Daryl, and Bob gather around Charlie's body, noting that he has no bites or scratches. Caleb recognizes the blood pouring out of Charlie's orifices as an indicator of disease, a deadly flu spread from their pigs. (Infected)
  • The group set up a quarantine, kill the pigs, and burn the pen.
  • Carl tells Rick about Carol teaching the kids how to use knives, but asks that Rick not confront her, as he believes she is right in doing so. Rick promises not to. (Infected)
  • Carol kills the sick Karen and David and burns them in the courtyard after coughing and possibly being in infected, wearing a mask as she watches the flames consume their corpses. (Consumed)
  • Tyreese eyes on the charred remains of both Karen and David. Rick, Carol, and Daryl arrive to investigate. Tyreese turns violent and attacks Rick. Daryl and Carol attempt to hold back Rick but Rick charges at Tyreese and brutally beats his face. (Infected, Isolation)
  • Tyreese digs graves for Karen and David. Bob approaches him, telling Tyreese to go see Hershel and make sure he's all right. Tyreese firmly says that he will only after they are buried. (Isolation)
Day +502


  • Glenn and Sasha become ill and are placed in quarantine with Dr. S. (Isolation)
  • Rick goes to the Tombs and investigates the courtyard. He eventually puts it together that Carol killed Karen and David commenting that he has noticed how far she would go to protect the group of survivors. (Isolation)
  • While driving towards the hospital for the supply run for medicine; Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese hear a voice over the car radio on a static-filled channel, repeating a message of which not every word could be heard: "Terminus... Sanctuary...survive..." They crash and fight off Walkers. (Isolation)
Day +503


  • While on a supplies mission to a local college, Tyreese, Michonne, Bob, and Daryl hotwire a van to get to the college and find medicine. (Indifference)
  • Meanwhile, Carol and Rick go on a run that is set up as a means for her exile. Carol leaves in another car and takes refuge in a law office and spends the night there. (Indifference, Consumed)
  • Inside A Block, Hershel continues to tend to the infected with the help of Glenn and Sasha despite reanimating bodies, Dr. S dying, and Glenn almost dying. (Internment)
  • Outside, the fence gives way and a hoard of walkers get in. Rick and Carl run into the courtyard, where they get assault rifles and gun down the many walkers.
  • Daryl's, group returns to the prison. Daryl and Michonne run out of the van to go help, while Bob and Tyreese head to A Block. (Internment)
Day +504


  • The next morning, Hershel helps Michonne and Daryl load up the dead bodies. (Internment)
  • The Governor looms outside the prison and takes Michonne and Hershel hostage and convinces his camp to join him in attacking and seizing the prison. Lilly doesn't want to fight. (Internment, Too Far Gone)
  • Rick tells Daryl that he banished Carol. Daryl is very upset and forces Rick to tell Tyreese. When they meet up, Tyreese shows them a mutilated animal and declares that whoever did this killed Karen and David. Rick is about to tell Tyreese the truth when an explosion is heard. (Too Far Gone)
  • The Governor's Militia is outside the fences of the prison with a tank. The Governor calls for Rick to talk and the two talk. Rick tries to make peace by offering them a place in the prison but the Governor doesn't have it and decapitates Hershel. A firefight ensues. (Too Far Gone)
  • Meghan is bitten by a buried zombie while playing in some mud. (Too Far Gone)
  • Lilly brings Meghan's body to him and he shoots her. He goes back to his group and commands that they tear down the fences and kill them all. (Too Far Gone)
  • The prison group gets split up due to the chaos of the firefight. (Too Far Gone)
    • Maggie, Sasha and an injured Bob flee together.
    • After saving Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika flee with him and Judith other kids.
    • A bus full of people drive off without Beth and Glenn who each look for Judith and Maggie respectively. Daryl finds Beth and they leave together.
    • Philip nearly kills Rick before Michonne stabs him and leaves him for dead, but Lily shoots him in the head before Walkers surround her. Rick and Carl find a blood-covered baby carrier and assume Judith is dead as the leave the destroyed prison.
  • Carol arrives after the battle to see the destroyed prison. She follows Tyreese and his group. (Inmates, Consumed)
  • Rick and Carl take refuge in a house in a nice neighborhood. (After)
  • Michonne returns to the prison shortly after, makes some new zombie bodyguards for herself, and puts down Hershel's head. (After)
  • Glenn awakens in the prison hours after the battle. He gathers some mementos of his friends, equips his riot gear, and tries to escape. He teams up with Tara and they get out together and soon meet Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Eugene Porter. (Inmates)
  • Maggie, Bob, and Sasha are together in the woods somewhere, Sasha tending to Bob's gunshot wound. Maggie heads out to find the bus that Glenn, as far as she is aware, was in. They find it broken down and full of walkers. Glenn was not one of the walkers. (Inmates)
  • That night Lizzie, Mika, and Tyreese with Judith spend make camp in the woods. Lizzie is sitting on a log to the edge of camp, mutilating two dead rabbits. (Inmates)
Day +505
  • Tyreese and his group reunite with Carol and learn about Terminus. (Inmates)
  • Glenn wakes up on Abraham's truck and attempts to leave. Abraham fails to persuade Glenn and Tara to stay with him, forcing Abraham to forcibly conscript Glenn. As the fight, Eugene "accidentally" destroys Abraham's truck. Abraham is reluctant to follow Glenn, but Eugene convinces him to do so. (Claimed)
  • Beth begins searching for others from the prison before the sun rises. She and Daryl follow the tracks of others. They unknowingly walk through the previous night's campsite of Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese, and Judith, getting there "four or five hours" after whoever was there had left. (Inmates)
  • Michonne has a flashback-turned-nightmare about her dead lover, child, and friend. (After)
  • Carl puts down some walkers after breakfast. Later he come across a house, kills some walkers, and eats an entire 112-oz can of pudding. Later, he breaks down after thinking his father had become a Walker. (After)
  • Michonne ambles through some woods with her walker bodyguards, surrounded by walkers. She becomes unnerved when she sees a walker with a striking resemblance to her. She loses herself and kills all the walkers around her, including her bodyguards. (After)
  • Beth and Daryl hide in the trunk of a car hiding from a herd of walkers. (Still)
Day +506
  • Michonne reunites with Rick and Carl. (After)
  • Beth and Daryl get out of the trunk and gather supplies then move on and later drink moonshine. (Still)
Day +507
  • Daryl teaches Beth how to use his crossbow and how to track. Beth is abducted by Atlanta Police Officers working out of Grady Memorial Hospital in the night. (Alone)
  • Michonne and Carl leave to find supplies. The Claimers occupy the house Rick is in. Rick kills Lou, is sighted by Tony, and escapes, telling Michonne and Carl to turn back as they return. (Claimed)
  • Bob, Maggie, and Sasha fend off walkers in fog. Bob appears to be bit, but he mentions that the walker ate his bandage. The three find a Terminus sign. Maggie leaves to find Glenn. (Alone)
  • Lizzie convinces Tyreese to spare a crippled walker on the train tracks. The group finds a house, and consider staying there permanently. (The Grove)
Day +508
  • Daryl gives up on chasing the car that took Beth. He is recruited by the Claimers. (Alone)
  • Maggie lies down near a building to avoid detection by walkers. Bob leaves Sasha so he can find Maggie faster. Sasha sees Maggie lying on the ground and accidentally shatters a window, alerting nearby walkers. After a brief conversation, the two hurry to find Bob on the tracks. The three continue to Terminus. (Alone)
  • Glenn finds a note by Maggie on a Terminus sign. He runs down the tracks and finds a dark tunnel. Since Abraham cannot guarantee Eugene's safety, Glenn and Tara enter on their own. Tara is trapped in the tunnel and Glenn fends off approaching walkers. Abraham's group finds and joins Maggie's group on the other side of the tunnel. They all enter the tunnel, and save Glenn and Tara. (Alone)
  • Lizzie finds a walker on train tracks and feeds it with a dead rodent. Mika kills the Walker and the two return to the house when burned walkers attack. Lizzie decides to kill Mika, and the four cook pecans during the night. (The Grove)
Day +509
  • Beth awakes at Grady Memorial Hospital and over the next few days sees how hypocritical it is and helps Noah escape. (Slabtown)
  • Daryl is found missing by the Claimers. Len discovers him hunting a rabbit, and kills the rabbit. Joe explains the rules of the Claimers to Daryl. The Claimers scavenge a railroad platform for supplies. Len is killed by the Claimers when Daryl is falsely accused of stealing his rabbit. (Us)
  • Mika is killed by Lizzie. Carol leads Lizzie outside and kills her. Carol confesses to Tyreese that she killed Karen, and Tyreese forgives her when Carol says Karen's death was quick. (The Grove)
  • Abraham's enlarged group arrives at Terminus. Mary greets them. (Us)
Day +510
  • Joe tells Daryl about a man they are hunting (Rick) who killed Lou, and expresses his intent to kill him. (Us)
  • Carol, Judith, and Tyreese continue to Terminus. (The Grove)
  • The Claimers find Rick and attack him, despite Daryl's protests. The Claimers are killed by Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl. (A)
Day +511
  • Rick's group arrives at Terminus. Rick takes Alex hostage when he discovers items belonging to the former prison group. Alex is killed, and the four attempt to escape. However, they are forced into a boxcar at gunpoint by the Terminus residents. Rick finds the rest of the surviving prison group (excluding Beth, Judith, and Tyreese), Tara, and Abraham's group in the train car. (A)

Day +511-547

Season 5
Day +511
  • Tyreese and Carol are near to Terminus where they learn of Rick's predicament. Tyreese watches a hostage while Carol mounts a take down of Terminus. (No Sanctuary)
  • Rick's group escape the camp while also decimating much of Gareth's group before reuniting with Carol, Tyreese and Judith. (No Sanctuary)
Day +512
  • The group stumble upon Gabriel Stokes who takes them to his church. Rick doesn't trust him and notices how he looks at a Walker with guilt during a supply run. (Strangers)
  • Bob, who was bitten during the run, is captured by Gareth's remaining group and they eat his leg before dumping him back to the church. (Strangers)
  • As Carol and Daryl prepare a car, Daryl notices the same car that took Beth and the two follow it. (Strangers, Consumed)
  • Rick manages to coax Gabriel's secret out of him. He let his congregation die as the dead attacked. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Gareth's group prepares a second ambush only to be killed by Rick and company. (Four Walls and a Roof)
Day +513
  • After comforting a dying Bob, Sasha leaves Tyreese to put him down before he turns. (Four Walls and a Roof)
  • Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Tara, and Maggie take the church bus to DC only for it to crash thanks to Eugene who later reveals his lie to Tara. (Four Walls and a Roof, Self Help)
  • Carol and Daryl cross paths with Noah, who robs Carol of her gun and Daryl of his crossbow but is rescued by them later. He tells them about Beth and Carol is struck by a car and taken to the hospital where Beth is. (Consumed)
  • Carol arrives at the hospital as Beth is about to make an assassination attempt. (Slabtown)
  • Daryl and Carol continue through the city, weaponless, until they spot a van with the white cross logo of the hospital. They enter the van and, upon investigation, discover that it belongs to Grady Memorial Hospital. Walkers swarm them and they tipped over the edge in the van. (Consumed)
  • Daryl and Noah head back to the church for reinforcements and inform them of the situation. (Four Walls and a Roof, Consumed)
Day +514


  • The Church is fortified as Father Gabriel walks around outside and sees the world with new insight. (Crossed, Coda)
  • Abraham's group continues their journey with a firetruck but Eugene reveals his lie and is knocked unconscious by Abraham. They take in the news and decide to return to the church where they rescue Carl, Judith, Michonne, and Gabriel before heading to Atlanta. (Self Help, Crossed, Coda)
  • Beth aids in Carol's recovery and forms an uneasy alliance with Dawn. (Crossed), (Coda)
  • Rick and his group capture two cops from the hospital in order to trade them for Beth and Carol. It goes well until Dawn asks for Noah too. Angered, Beth stabs Dawn and is shot through the head; in turn, Dawn is killed by Daryl. (Coda)
  • Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Gabriel, and Tara are reunited with the rest of the group at the hospital. (Coda)
Day +514 / Day +530
  • The group travels from Atlanta, Georgia, to Richmond, Virginia.
Day +521
Day +522
  • The zombified form of a man Morgan killed earlier approaches Eastman and Morgan, biting Eastman. Morgan enters the woods and kills a zombie, saving a young couple. After the woman gives a can of food and a bullet as a reward, Morgan returns to Eastman's home, finding Tabitha eaten by a zombie. Eastman tells Morgan killed Crighton. The two return home, and Eastman is killed by Morgan before reanimation. (Here's Not Here)
Day +523 (approximate)


  • After burying Eastman, Morgan leaves Eastman's home to find a community. (Here's Not Here)
Day +531


  • Rick's group arrives in Noah's old community of Shirewilt where it lies in ruin from a bandit attack. During their investigations, Tyreese is bitten and eventually dies from blood loss. (What Happened and What's Going On)
  • Morgan arrives at Terminus to see a defaced sign saying "No Sanctuary" left by Rick and follows the trail left by the Hunters to the church. There, he finds a map leading to Washington, D.C., with the words "Sorry I Was An Asshole. The New World's Gonna Need Rick Grimes." He immediately sets off to find him. (No Sanctuary, Coda)
Day +532 / Day +534
  • The group continues their journey toward Washington, D.C. (Them)
Day +535


  • They run out of gasoline for their cars and must continue on foot. Incredibly weak, they cannot fight off walkers and either ignore them or dodge out of their way if they get close enough. Maggie and Sasha deal with their recent losses. When a pack of dog approaches them, Sasha kills them and the group eats their meat. (Them)
Day +536


  • While on the road, the group receives a care package of water "from a friend", but do not drink it for fear that it is unsafe. They take refuge in a barn for the night; a tornado ravages through the area as they struggle to keep the doors closed from walkers trying to enter. (Them)
Day +537


  • The next morning, Maggie and Sasha head outside and observe the destruction from the tornado. A man approaches them and introduces himself as Aaron. Rick believes him to be a threat while Michonne and others are willing to see if Aaron's telling the truth about a large community. (Them, The Distance)
  • After helping Aaron rescue his boyfriend Eric, they begin the trek to Alexandria. (The Distance)
Day +538
  • Before they continue on, Rick steps away and hides a gun in a blender near a house in the woods. They drive the remaining few miles to Alexandria and speak with Deanna Monroe, the leader of the safe zone, in an interview session. (The Distance, Remember)
  • The group hands over their guns and a woman called Olivia takes them away. (Remember)
  • Aaron shows Rick and Carl their houses for the group. Rick cleans up, shaves his beard, and receives a haircut from Jessie Anderson, who tells him about her sons Ron and Sam. The rest of the group then moves in and stays in one house. (Remember)
Day +539
  • The next morning, the group goes off to explore while Daryl stays behind at the house. (Remember)
  • At night, Rick goes for a walk and meets Jesse's husband: Pete. (Remember)
Day +540
  • Rick goes out to check the perimeter and goes back to the house in the woods where he hid the gun but finds it to be missing. (Remember)
  • Glenn, Tara, and Noah go on a run with Nicholas and Aiden, Deanna's son. Glenn sees that the men are not fit for supply runs, and after getting into a fight with Aiden, Deanna makes Rick and Michonne constables. (Remember)
  • At home that night, Rick joins Daryl and Carl in a porch and decides if the people of Alexandria can't make it that they will just take the place for themselves. (Remember)
Day +541
  • Sasha leaves the Alexandria gate in the morning so she can practice her shooting. Meanwhile, Rick, Carol, and Daryl meet outside the walls to discuss the possibility of stealing weapons from the Alexandria armory. They kill a walker during their meeting and discover a "W" carved into its forehead. (Forget)
  • Daryl and Aaron trail a horse outside the compound. They are unable to catch it before a horde of walkers bite into it. Daryl later has dinner with him and Eric. (Forget)
  • A welcome party is held for Rick's group.
  • When Sam catches Carol taking guns, she threatens him to quiet about the incident. (Forget)
Day +542
  • In the morning, Rick, Carol and Daryl meet to get the weapons Carol stole. Daryl refuses a gun but Rick takes one. After that, Rick patrols the streets. He lingers near one of the compound's walls and listens to the noises outside. (Forget)
Day +542 / Day +544
  • The group continues to assimilate within Alexandria.
  • Glenn begins to slowly take leadership of Aiden's group.
Day +545 (approximate)


  • Eugene, Tara, Glenn, Noah, Aiden, and Nicholas go on a supply run where Aiden and Noah are killed by Walkers, Tara is seriously injured, and Nicholas' cowardice is shown. (Spend)
  • At the construction site, Abraham takes over during a walker situation in order to save a worker named Francine and is promoted to foreman of the crew. (Spend)
  • Gabriel meets with Deanna to suggest that Rick and his company are not worthy of living in Alexandria. Maggie overhears. (Spend)
  • That night the Monroe family mourn the death of Aiden. Carol meets with Rick to discuss the situation involving Pete abusing his wife and kids. (Try)
Day +546


  • In the morning, Carl trails Enid in the forest and the two explore life outside the Alexandria walls. (Try)
  • Michonne and Rosita follow Sasha to see what she does in the forest. They find her hunting walkers. (Try)
  • Glenn confronts Nicholas about his careless behavior on supply runs. Later, Nicholas grabs Rick's missing gun from a coffee can outside the walls. (Try)
  • Daryl and Aaron explore the source of the previous night's fire. They find a recently killed woman who is tied to a tree. She has a "W" carved into her forehead. (Try)
  • Rick goes to Jessie's house to discuss Pete's violent actions towards the family. He offers to help her. During the conversation Pete walks into the room. Rick and Pete begin an argument which quickly escalates into a fight. Rick finally snaps and tells the people "live in the real world" until Michonne knocks him out. (Try)
Day +547


  • On this day (presumably) we see Morgan encounters Owen and Edward who attempt to kill and rob him but Morgan subdues them and leaves them unconscious. (Conquer)
  • The community holds a meeting to determine whether Rick should be exiled or not. (Conquer)
  • Daryl and Aaron track a man in a red poncho. They eventually lose sight of him but come upon a warehouse where they set off a trap which releases many walkers. They seek refuge in a car which is soon surrounded. They are rescued by Morgan and after inquiring about Rick, travels with them to Alexandria. Owen later finds Aaron's bag and sees photos of Alexandria. (Conquer)
  • Glenn sees Nicholas climbing the walls. He follows him into the forest. Nicholas fails numerous times to kill Glenn and ends up begging for his own life when Glenn turns the tables. (Conquer)
  • Gabriel becomes suicidal and after failing to have a Walker kill him, he tries to gaud Sasha into killing him but is stopped by Maggie who leads the trio in a prayer. (Conquer)
  • Rick notices the open gate and brings a dead walker to the meeting telling them that they need to change is they want to survive. A drunken Pete shows up with Michonne's katana and accidently kills Deanna's husband. She gives Rick the OK to execute Pete just as Morgan appears. (Conquer)
  • Everyone deals with the aftermath of their experiences. (First Time Again)

Day +548-598

Season 6
Day +548


  • Rick slowly begins to take control of Alexandria and as he and Morgan dispose of Pete's body in the woods, with his son Ron following them, They discover a quarry filled with Walkers that are blocked in by a truck. (First Time Again)
  • Heath, Scott, and Annie return from a supply run to find changes in their home. (First Time Again)
  • Rick announces the situation at the quarry. Carter suggests that he could build walls, but Rick says that won't fix the problem. They decide to corral the herd. (First Time Again)
Day +549


  • Wall construction begins. Maggie tells Tara what Nicholas did to Noah and Glenn. Morgan asks Carol if she used to be a cop; she evades the question. (First Time Again)
Day +550


  • Rick suggests to Deanna that the Safe-Zone residents should be armed, before spotting several zombies approaching several people. Rick encourages the group to fight them, but they're too scared to. Morgan and Carter glare at Rick for his negligence. (First Time Again).
Day +551


  • The construction of the wall is completed. (First Time Again)
  • Eugene overhears Carter trying to rally residents to overthrow Rick in a Safe-Zone house. Rick discovers this but decides not to kill Carter, believing that Carter is doomed to die no matter what. (First Time Again)
  • At night, Jessie denounces Rick's previous treatment of Ron at the quarry. She says that she is learning how to shoot from Rosita. (First Time Again).
Day +552


  • The Wolves invade Alexandria. (JSS)
    • Carol disguises herself as one of them and kills many of them
    • The invaders crash a truck into a tower where a horns blasts loudly across the area. It is soon silenced and Spencer and Deanna use it to hide in. (JSS)
    • Morgan returns to Alexandria where he discovers the Wolves' attack. He scares off surviving Wolves so they get killed by Carol. He later encounters Owen again and disarms him, locking him in an empty basement and shares his story. (JSS, Here's Not Here)
    • Jessie and Sam barricade themselves in a closet until she is forced to save Ron by killing a Wolf. (JSS)
    • Enid and Carl are at his house to protect Judith. After the battle, Enid disappears leaving a not for Carl. (JSS)
    • Denise, the new doctor, saves as many lives as she can and forms a relationship with Tara. (JSS, Now)
    • Aaron finds his bag and realizes he unwittingly lead their attackers to Alexandria. (JSS)
  • Rick leaves with a sizable group to the quarry to begin a dry run of removing the quarry herd. However, the truck fall into the quarry, allowing the herd to walk through. The plan is initiated unprepped. (First Time Again)
    • Carter is bitten and put down by Rick. (First Time Again)
    • Sasha, Abraham, and Sasha take a portion of the herd away from the quarry. (Thank You)
    • The loud noise redirects a portion of the herd away from the meet point. (First Time Again)
    • Glenn forms a plan to distract the herd away from the community. Many Alexandrians die during the plan leaving only Heath, Michonne, and an injured Scott returning to Alexandria. (Thank You)
    • When Glenn and Nicholas are cornered by Walkers, Nicholas commits suicide before thanking Glenn. They fall of the dumpster but Glenn is able to escape under it while the herd feeds on Nicholas' body. (Thank You, Heads Up)
    • Rick goes off on his own to use an RV to redirect the herd and encounters the surviving Wolves whom he kills as the herd closes in. He makes it back to Alexandria with his herd closing behind him and says they should keep their lights and noises to a minimum. (Thank You, Now)
  • In the aftermath, the community struggle to come to terms with what has happened (Now)
  • Maggie attempts to go after Glenn with Aaron through the sewers only to stop as Aaron is injured and it is impassable. She tells him she's pregnant. (Now)
  • Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl complete the task of moving half the herd away from Alexandria only to be attacked by another group. Daryl is separated from the two and is taken captive by Dwight, Sherry and Tina. (Always Accountable)
  • Abraham and Sasha enter a nearby building and stay there for the night. (Always Accountable)
  • That night Deanna attacks a zombie Carol wounded earlier. Rick finishes it off. (Now)
Day +553
  • Glenn leaves the dumpster and finds Enid and learns about what happened in Alexandria. He and a reluctant Enid head back and set off green balloons to signal he's alive. (Heads Up)
  • Daryl learns about Dwight's plight and helps him and the girls evade their old group. Tina however is killed by a Walker and the remaining two rob Daryl of his crossbow and motorcycle. He meets up with Abraham and Sasha who found a military vehicle and supplies. (Always Accountable)
  • Morgan visits Denise and asks for her help in treating Owen's wounds. Carol stumbles upon this and follows them to the house. (Heads Up)
  • Deanna gives Michonne plans for an expansion to the Safe Zone. (Heads Up)
  • Rick and Tobin discover Spencer traversing a wire out of the Safe Zone and rescue him from a failed attempt to lead the herd away. (Heads Up)
  • The watchtower falls over on the wall, creating an opening for the herd to overtake the town. (Heads Up, Start to Finish)
    • Maggie evades the Herd by hiding on top of a lookout platform. (Start to Finish)
    • Rick, Carl, Michonne, Gabriel, Deanna, and Judith take shelter at the Anderson house where they discover Deanna is bite wound. They all plan to leave the house in Walker guts to make it to the armory while Deanna waits to die. They change the plan and Gabriel takes Judith to his church while the rest of the group find another route. Sam and Jessie are eaten by Walkers and Ron attempt to kill Rick but Michonne kills him first but not before shooting out Carl's eye. They rush to the infirmary. (Start to Finish, No Way Out)
    • Carol and Morgan hide in the house where Carol bides her time to go kill Owen. Morgan is forced to fight her until she is down and Morgan is knocked unconscious by Owen who takes Denise hostage. He waits for the opportunity to leave but get bitten and Denise offers to take him to the infirmary. He is eventually killed by Carol but tackles a Walker allowing Denise to escape. (Start to Finish, No Way Out)
  • Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha encounter The Saviors. where they threaten to kill Abraham and Sasha but are killed by Daryl with an RPG, and they continue to Alexandria. (Start to Finish, No Way Out)
  • Glenn and Enid gather guns and ammo to save Maggie and soon joined by Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. (No Way Out)
  • Fueled by grief, Rick attacks the herd and is soon joined by his group and the remaining Alexandrians. (No Way Out)
  • Daryl uses the RPG and fuel tanker to create a massive fire in the town, distracting the zombies and allowing the residents to turn the tide of the battle and successfully retake Alexandria. (No Way Out)
Day +554
  • The next morning, the community holds vigil outside the infirmary, and Rick sits with an unconscious Carl and admits that he was wrong about the Alexandrians. He pleads with Carl to wake up. Carl's fingers twitch and closer his father's hand. (No Way Out)
Day +554 / Day +584
  • The bodies of the dead and walkers are cleared out of Alexandria. (The Next World)
  • The wall is fixed and expanded to take in the church. Defensive spikes are implemented outside the perimeter around the gate. (The Next World)
  • A farming plot is created in Alexandria. (Knots Untie)
Day 584 (approximate)

[49] [50]

  • Rick and Daryl head out on a run in search of supplies and run into Paul "Jesus" Rovia who manages to evade and trick the two at every turn which leads to the loss of the supplies and capture of Jesus. (The Next World)
  • Michonne spots Spencer outside the walls with a shovel and a gun and follows him into the nearby woods where he finds his zombified mother, puts her down and buries her. (The Next World)
  • At home, Rick and Michonne relax on the couch and soon have sex. (The Next World)
  • Rosita gives Abraham a necklace that she made for him out of a field truck's brake light. When she leaves, Abraham's mind wanders to Sasha again. (Knots Untie)
  • Maggie is outside in one of the new farming plots. She voices her concerns to Glenn about Alexandria's worsening food situation. (Knots Untie)
Day +585
  • In the morning, Rick and Michonne lie in bed and are awakened by Jesus in their room, having escaped from his jail cell. He tells Rick and company about Hilltop Colony and the possibility of helping each other. (The Next World, Knots Untie)
  • On the way, Jesus finds a crashed Hilltop vehicle where they rescue Harlan and Freddie before reaching the Hilltop. (Knots Untie)
  • The traveling group meets Gregory who initially refuses to help them until a near assassination attempt on him from a Hilltop member makes him reconsider. (Knots Untie)
  • Jesus explains the danger of Negan and The Saviors to Rick. Daryl states that Alexandria can defeat Negan. (Knots Untie)
  • Rick justifies the upcoming war with the Saviors. Morgan wants to speak to them instead; his request is denied. (Not Tomorrow Yet)
  • Carol and Tobin begin a romantic relationship. Abraham breaks up with Rosita. (Not Tomorrow Yet)
Day +586
  • Rick takes a group near the Savior base and uses the RV horn to attract nearby zombies. They take their heads and bring a head that looks like Gregory's. They trick the Saviors guarding they in with it and kill them before entering the base and kill most in their sleep and saving a Hilltop hostage. One Savior triggers an alarm and a gun fight ensues (Not Tomorrow Yet)
  • Maggie and Carol are captured by the Saviors. (Not Tomorrow Yet, The Same Boat)
Day +587
  • Rick's group leaves the base. Tara and Heath leave on a 2-week supply run. (Not Tomorrow Yet)
  • A Savior, Primo, tries to escape the Savior base, but Paula gets Rick's group to lower their guns, telling them they captured Carol and Maggie. (Not Tomorrow Yet, The Same Boat)
  • Maggie and Carol are brought to another location where Carol plays up being a scared woman until the right moment to take down the captors. She tries to convince Paula to run as she doesn't want to kill anyone, but Carol is forced to when Paula refuses to backdown. (The Same Boat)
  • Extra Saviors come to the location after Paula calls them where Maggie and Carol burn them alive. (The Same Boat)
  • Rick's group finds Carol and Maggie. Primo tells Rick that he is Negan, causing him to be shot by Rick. (The Same Boat)
Day +587 (approximate)


  • Morgan finishes with making a jail cell in Alexandria despite Rick's reluctance. (Twice as Far)
Day +595
  • Rosita begins a relationship with Spencer. (Twice as Far)
  • Carol notices that Daryl got his bike back. Daryl tells her that he should have killed Dwight. When Daryl asks if the Saviors did anything to her and Maggie in captivity, Carol replies that nothing happened. (Twice as Far)
Day +596
  • Abraham and Eugene leave Alexandria to a nearby industrial machine shop where Eugene intends to use it to make bullets. Eugene argues with Abraham over his ability and that he doesn't need him any more. Eugene is later captured by Dwight who is now scared. (Twice as Far)
  • Rosita, Denise, and Daryl go to search a nearby apothecary with a car for meds. Denise struggles with the outside environment but soon kills her own Walker and as she's giving a pep talk to the two, she is shot in the head with an arrow by Dwight. (Twice as Far)
  • As Dwight taunts Rosita and Daryl, Eugene tells Dwight that Abraham is hiding behind some nearby barrels. Distracted, Dwight is bitten in the crotch by Eugene. A firefight occurs with the Saviors escaping and Daryl recovering his crossbow. (Twice as Far)
  • Batting with her conscience, Carol leaves Alexandria during night fall in order to avoid the need to kill in the future. (Twice as Far, East)
Day +597
  • Tobin reads Carol's letter and informs Rick who goes to look for her with Morgan. They find her trail and discuss their respective points of view on killing and life. Morgan stops Rick from killing a stranger and tells him of Owen saving Denise after Morgan spared his life. Rick heads back to Alexandria while Morgan continues to find Carol. (East)
  • Daryl leaves Alexandria in a hurry. Rosita, Glenn, and Michonne leave after him. They arrive at the site of the attack and are soon captured by Dwight's group. (East)
  • Carol is ambushed by the Saviors. Carol is interrogated at gunpoint by Jiro, one of the ambushing Saviors. She tries to get them to leave but reluctantly kills most of them. One of them, Roman, follows her. (East)
  • Maggie falls ill and in pain. Rick and a team travel to Hilltop for treatment but encounter Simon and The Saviors along the way who block each way to the Hilltop. Eugene devises a plan; they will wait for night to fall, and he will drive the RV as a distraction, whilst the others take Maggie to the Hilltop on foot. (Last Day on Earth)
  • Morgan finds an exhausted and injured Carol outside a library, and offers her help. Roman eventually catches up to Carol and begins torturing her, Morgan shoots him dead and are soon discovered by the stranger he saved who take him and Carol to the Kingdom. (Last Day on Earth, The Well)
Day +598
  • In the early hours, Rick's group is led to a large circle and his and Daryl's group are forced to their knees and come face to face with Negan who tells them that they work for him now and are to give him half their things or die. But because they killed a large sum of his people, he is going to kill one of them with his bat Lucille. (Last Day on Earth)

Day +598-610

Season 7
Day +598
  • After an elaborate game of "eenie meenie miney mo", Negan selects Abraham and beats him to death. After Daryl attacks him, Negan beats Glenn to death in retaliation. (The Day Will Come When You Won't Be)
  • Stunned, Rick says he will kill Negan. Negan mocks the death of Rick's friends and takes him on a road trip in an RV where he psychologically tortures him. Returning to the circle, Negan threatens kill everyone unless he cuts off Carl's arm. As Rick, breaking down, is about to do it, Negan stops him and reaffirms that Rick and his people belong to him. Daryl is taken with them to their the Sanctuary. He gives them a week to prepare their first offering. (The Day Will Come When You Won't Be)
  • A grieve-stricken Maggie tries to get to Hilltop on her own, but Sasha volunteers to take her there. Rick's group takes the corpses and leaves the area. (The Day Will Come When You Won't Be)
Day +599
  • Carol awakens, where Morgan tells her that she slept for two days. He wheels her in a wheelchair to meet King Ezekiel. She believes it to be make believe and tries to leave, but Ezekiel attempts to convince her to stay. (The Well)
  • Ezekiel, Richard, Benjamin, and Morgan herd several pigs into a building. and later take them to meet the Saviors led by Gavin in exchange for not invading the Kingdom. (The Well)
  • Benjamin and Morgan connect. (The Well)
Day +599 (approximate)


  • A Savior is beaten to death by other Saviors when he attacks a merchant in the Sanctuary. Dwight loots the Savior's belongings. (The Cell)
Day +599 / Day +600 (approximate)


  • Daryl is awoken each day by Dwight with music. He is given dog food to eat in order to prevent starvation.(The Cell)
Day +600
  • Carol and Morgan ride out of the Kingdom due to Carol's desire to leave. She enters a house and decides to stay there. (The Well)
  • Daryl is given clothes to wear by Dwight and is brought to Daryl Dr. Emmett Carson, who is checking on Sherry. Sherry recognizes Daryl, who tells him that he should do whatever the Saviors say. Dwight then shows Daryl the walkers on the perimeter. (The Cell)
  • Daryl attempts an escape only for it to be a trick by Negan. (The Cell)
  • Negan and Dwight get a report of a runaway Savior. Dwight says he wants to go; despite reluctance from Negan, he lets him go after Dwight says he wants to do it. (The Cell)
  • Dwight chases and captures runaway Savior Gordon whom he shoot dead as one way or another he was coming back with him. (The Cell)
  • After spending 2 weeks on a supply run, Tara and Heath debate returning to Alexandria. While checking out an old abandoned camp on a bridge, they are ambushed by Walkers and get separated as Tara falls into the water, where she drifts downriver and eventually washes up on a beach. (Swear)
  • Later, Cyndie and Rachel find Tara unconscious and Cyndie leaves a bottle of water for her. Tara follows her and discovers Oceanside. The group debates whether or not to kill her. The leader, Natania offer her a place in the community but Tara wants to find Heath. She also lets slip her encounter with the Saviors. (Swear)
Day +601
  • The next morning, Tara, Beatrice and Kathy head out where Tara realizes its an assassination. Beatrice reveals their history with the Saviors and how Tara's group only made things worse. Cyndie arrives and saves Tara, before escorting her back to the bridge on the promise that she swears she won't tell anyone about Oceanside. (Swear)
  • Daryl is brought to Negan's office by Dwight where he once again refuses Negan's offer to join The Saviors. (The Cell)
  • Negan arrives at Alexandria early. Negan orders the Saviors to begin looting Alexandria. After Carl threatens a Savior at gunpoint, Negan orders them to hand over their guns and Spencer nearly gets Olivia killed after Rick finds stolen guns in his home. They leave and burn the mattresses taken from Alexandria. (Service)
  • Maggie wakes up and goes to Glenn's grave. Gregory sees her and requests that she leave. Later that night, The Saviors start fires, open gates, and plays loud music in a locked car at the Hilltop. Maggie uses a tractor to crush the car while Jesus and Sasha take down the Walkers. (Go Getters)
  • Enid leaves Alexandria to try and get to the Hilltop and Carl joins her. Rick and Aaron go on a supply trip. (Go Getters)
Day +602
  • Tara returns to Alexandria where she learn of Denise's death along with Glenn and Abraham's. Still, she keeps her promise and says nothing about Oceanside. (Swear)
  • The Saviors led by Simon come to the Hilltop where he informs Gregory that he's taking charge of gathering from the Hilltop. Gregory tries to expose Maggie and Sasha only to be thwarted by Jesus. The four begrudgingly decide to co-exist after Simon leaves. (Go Getters)
  • Carl and Enid kiss for the first time before going their separate ways. Enid enters the Hilltop while Carl hides in one of the Saviors' trucks and encounters Jesus. They are near The Sanctuary when Jesus jumps out of the truck while Carl stays and, in vain, attempts to kill Negan. (Go Getters, Sing Me a Song)
  • Negan punishes Carl by making him take off his bandage and sing; he burns half of Mark's face with an iron for breaking the rules. Negan takes Carl and some Saviors to Alexandria and makes himself at home while waiting for Rick to return. (Sing Me a Song)
  • Rosita takes Eugene to the factory where they intended to make bullets and he reluctantly crafts one bullet for her. (Sing Me a Song)
  • Spencer goes on a supply run and finds some supply-caches before returning to Alexandria.(Sing Me a Song)
  • Michonne barricades a street with walker corpses and takes a Savior as hostage. Michonne tells the Savior to take her to Negan. She sees The Sanctuary and kills the Savior's at her request before returning to Alexandria. (Sing Me a Song, Hearts Still Beating)
  • A note written: 'Go Now, with a match and a key is slid into Daryl's cell and he escapes. After getting new cloths and real food, he heads outside where he kill Fat Joey before Jesus arrives and they ride off on a motorcycle. (Sing Me a Song, Hearts Still Beating)
  • Rick and Aaron find a dead survivor's hideout and trudge through obstacles to get his supplies unaware someone is watching them. (Sing Me a Song, Hearts Still Beating)
  • Maggie starts gaining popularity among the residents of Hilltop. Enid discovers that Sasha lied to Maggie about Jesus' mission and guesses that she is planning to kill Negan like Carl and is asked to keep it a secret. (Hearts Still Beating)
  • Richard and Morgan visit Carol at her house where fails to convince them to get Ezekiel to fight against the Saviors. (Hearts Still Beating)
  • Spencer tries to get close to Negan to convince him of killing Rick, but Negan, annoyed by Spencer's cowardice, kills him in front of the community. Rosita tries to shoot him but hits Lucille instead. After failing to get answers out of her, he order Arat to kill someone and she shoots Olivia. Eugene confesses to making the bullet and is taken back to the Sanctuary as Rick arrives at the scene. (Hearts Still Beating)
  • Eugene is brought to the Sanctuary, where Laura shows him to his new room. Eugene is amazed by what the Sanctuary has to offer and is relieved that he will not be tortured or killed. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • The Saviors find that Daryl & Sherry are both gone. Dwight is beaten up and thrown in a cell for the night. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • Michonne convinces Rick to start a war against the Saviors "for Judith, for Carl, for Alexandria and for Hilltop. For all of us." (Hearts Still Beating)
Day +603


  • Negan asks Dwight if he let Daryl go because of Sherry which to denies knowledge of. Dr. Carson patches him up and Dwight heads to look for Sherry. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • Rick, Michonne, Carl, Rosita, and Tara travel to Hilltop and reunite with Maggie, Sasha, Enid, Jesus, and Daryl. They fail to convince Gregory to help them, but Jesus tells of The Kingdom where Rick makes his plea to Ezekiel and meets up with Morgan who lies about Carol's whereabouts. (Hearts Still Beating, Rock in the Road)
  • Benjamin patrols the woods, where he runs into Carol. Later, he speaks with Ezekiel and advises him in favor of offering his support to Rick. (Rock in the Road)
  • Laura shows Eugene around the Sanctuary and explains the workers' system. However, Laura tells Eugene that he is one of them, so if he wants something, he can just take it. Negan also tasks him to fix his Walker fence problem. Later, he hangs out with three of Negan's wives Frankie, Tanya, and Amber. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • In the night, the same person with mismatched boots stares at Father Gabriel through binoculars as he keeps watch at the gate. While off to hide supplies from the Saviors, he is captured by the stranger, (Hearts Still Beating, Rock in the Road)
Day +604
  • Ezekiel informs Rick that he will not help fight against the Saviors but offers Daryl asylum. (Rock in the Road)
  • On the way back to the safe-zone, the group encounters a blockade of cars set up by the Saviors blocking the road and spot a string of explosives farther down the highway. They carefully collect the bombs. (Rock in the Road)
  • Dwight heads to his & Sherry's pre-apocalypse home. He finds a letter from Sherry, explaining why he let Daryl go. Dwight leaves beer & pretzels for Sherry. He returns telling Negan that Sherry was killed by walkers and frames Carson for Daryl's escape. Carson is publicly chastised and executed. Eugene watches. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • Frankie and Tanya request that Eugene makes two cyanide pills so Amber can kill herself. Eugene agrees, and he gathers materials to make the pills but later refuses to give them the pills knowing that they were for Negan and fears retribution from it. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • At Alexandria, the group has only barely returned when a team of Saviors led by Simon arrive. They say they're in search of Daryl, which Rick plays dumb about. He later learns about Gabriel's disappearance they set out to find him and encounter The Scavengers. He negotiates with their leader Jadis and they let Gabriel go and agree to help Rick in exchange for guns. (Rock in the Road, New Best Friends)
  • Daryl stops Richard from committing an act that would get Carol killed. He later visits her and lies about everyone at Alexandria being alright seeing that she needs time alone. (New Best Friends)
Day +605
  • Daryl leaves for the Hilltop as Morgan & Richard look on. (New Best Friends)
  • Eugene bosses the workers around. Dwight comes outside, and Eugene states that they are both "Negan." Dwight reluctantly agrees with this statement. (Hostiles and Calamities)
  • Rick and Michonne go on a long trip to scavenge more weapons whilst going on a honeymoon for the upcoming uprising against the saviors and fulfilling their deal with Jadis. (Say Yes)
Day +606
  • Rick and Michonne continue to scavenge for weapons. (Say Yes)
  • Maggie, Sasha, & Enid train the Hilltoppers. Sasha sharpens a knife and draws floor plans of the Sanctuary. (The Other Side)
Day +607
  • Rick and Michonne discover a carnival used as a FEMA camp by the military. They manage to locate MREs and take shelter in the night. (Say Yes)
  • Tara comes by Rosita's house to help take her stitches out, but Rosita has already done it herself. Tara assures Rosita that they have enough people to fight Negan; they just need to find weapons. "I can't just wait," Rosita says as she stalks off, vowing to find guns. (Say Yes)
  • Jesus gives Sasha his map of the Sanctuary as Enid looks on. Maggie finds a silent Daryl sitting outside and gives him a plate of food. (The Other Side)
Day +608
  • A trade off with the Saviors goes wrong when thy apparently don't have all items to trade. AS Richard prepares himself to die at their hands, Jared. a cocky Savior, shoots Benjamin instead and he bleeds to death. Morgan begins to unravel and re-experience his old trauma before figuring out that Richard caused the events to happen so The Kingdom would fight the Saviors. (Bury Me Here)
  • Rick and Michonne take on the walkers at the carnival where Michonne realizes she's afraid to lose Rick. They deliver the guns to Jadis but requires double the amount which angers Rosita and heads to the Hilltop. (Say Yes)
  • Rosita meets Sasha at the Hilltop, requesting her help to take out Negan. Sasha agrees, but only if she can take the shot. They make it to the Sanctuary and find Eugene well and unharmed, when they arrive at night, he refuses to leave them and heads back inside. Sasha makes it into the base and Rosita runs away finding Dwight on her way back home. (The Other Side)
  • Harlan is taken to The Sanctuary as their new doctor. (The Other Side)
  • Tara tells Rick about Oceanside. The group heads to the Hilltop, where they recruit Jesus & Enid's help to get Oceanside's guns. (Say Yes, Something They Need)
Day +609
  • Ezekiel & the Kingdomners prepare one cantaloupe to deliver to the Saviors as compensation for being one short. As Richard play nice, Morgan charges at him and strangles him to death and confesses Richard's misdeeds in order to cement trust between the two groups. He later visits Carol and tells her what really happened to her friends and prepares to kill the Saviors on his own. She convinces him to stay at her house while she returns to The Kingdom. (Bury Me Here)
  • Sasha is placed in a cell and given a choice in joining the Saviors or kill herself. She chooses the former. Eugene, who attempts to comfort her, is asked by Sasha to help her end her life so Negan can't use her to hurt their friends. He gives her the cyanide pills he made days earlier. (Something They Need)
  • Gregory heads outside the safety of the Hilltop with Maggie. He thinks about killing her but a few Walkers interrupt this thought and Maggie saves him. Embarrassed, heads to a location that Simon asked him to meet him at should there be "problems." (Something They Need)
  • Tara leads the group to Oceanside where they attempt to convince them to give up their guns willingly and even fight with them, but Natania refuses and threatens to kill Tara only to be knocked out by Cyndie. Walkers arrive and both groups take out the Walkers. Natania allows their guns to be taken, but still refuses to help. (Something They Need)
  • The group returns to Alexandria, where Rosita shows Dwight as her prisoner and he wants to help them take out Negan and warns them of his arrival to Alexandria the next day. They let him go where he cuts down trees to slow them while they inform the other communities of the plan. (Something They Need, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)
Day +610
  • Ezekiel & Carol rally together an army and Morgan joins them as they head for Alexandria. (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)
  • Maggie, Jesus, and Enid weigh their options. They ultimately decide to aid Alexandria. (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)
  • Negan tells Sasha about the plan to kill three people in Alexandria, but Sasha manages to convince him to kill only one. Eugene tells her she made the right choice, and Sasha tells him she still believes he can do the right thing. Placed in a coffin, she takes a pill and slowly succumbs to the poison. (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)
  • Jadis and the Scavengers arrive at Alexandria and soon are to be revealed as allies to Negan. Negan attempts to show Sasha to Rick but Walker Sasha emerges and attacks Negan. The brief fight ensues but the Alexandrians are stopped. Just when all hope is lost, the Kingdomners & the Hilltoppers to save him just in time. The Saviors and the Scavengers flee. Walker Sasha wanders off until she is put down. (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)
  • Rick, Maggie, & Ezekiel rally the Militia together while Negan's men prepare for war. (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)

Day +621-627

Season 8
Day +621
  • Carl comes across Siddiq and is unnerved by his father's move to chase him away as he was harmless, saying that there's "gotta be something after." (Mercy)
  • Rick makes a speech in front of the Militia before they set there plan to take out the Savior's outposts and eventually The Sanctuary. (Mercy)
  • At the Sanctuary, Gregory attempts to negotiate a truce for Hilltop's safety until it is interrupted by The Militia's arrival with Hilltop siding with Maggie over Gregory. (The Big Scary U, Mercy)
  • As the skirmish at the Sanctuary unfolds, Walkers surround the compound and blocks anyone from leaving or entering, and Negan ends up trapped in a trailer along with Gabriel after Gregory leaves him for dead. The two converse before heading to the Sanctuary in Walker guts for safety and Gabriel becomes a prisoner. (Mercy, The Big Scary U)
  • The Office outpost is invaded by forces led by Rick and Daryl where they discover Morales alive and no guns at the outpost as they were moved. Morales is killed without hesitation by Daryl which causes the two to conflict over how to handle surrendering Saviors. Disagreeing, they part ways where Rick encounters a Civic Republic Military helicopter fly overhead on his way to attempt the Scavengers to join their side again. (The Damned, Monsters, The Big Scary U)
  • The Satellite Outpost near Hilltop is invaded by forces led by Morgan, Tara, and Jesus where they conflict over the fate of surrendered Saviors which results in Morgan heading off on his own and Jesus convincing Maggie to spare them as prisoners chained outside the gates. (The Damned, Monsters)
  • Forces led by Ezekiel take out an outpost and groups of Saviors until they are ambushed and mowed down by Gavin's outpost. Carol and Jerry survive to save Ezekiel and take out some more Saviors with Rick and Daryl's help before heading back to The Kingdom in broken spirits. (The Damned, Monsters, Some Guy)
  • Jesus gives the POW Saviors some food during the night. (The King, the Widow, and Rick)
Day +622
  • Maggie is advised by Jesus and Gregory on how to handle how handle the prisoner which results in her locking them in a makeshift cage which she also places Gregory in too knowing his cowardly nature. Later, she encounters Simon who kills one her men and kills one of the prisoners and mails and has his body to The Sanctuary. (The King, the Widow, and Rick, How It's Gotta Be)
  • Daryl, Michonne, Tara, and Rosita go AWOL and attempt to end the Saviors on their own terms but Rosita backs out remembering the last time she tried it, Michonne soon follows her. The remaining two, with Morgan, breach the Sanctuary by crashing a truck through the doors which allow Walkers to walk in. (The King, the Widow, and Rick, Time for After)
  • Rick is held prisoner at the Heaps where he photographed for sculpture purposes before being executed. He turns the tables and successfully convinces them to fight with again. However, he finds the Sanctuary cleared of Walkers and the Scavengers flee. He is rescued by Carol and Jerry. (The King, the Widow, and Rick, Time for After, How It's Gotta Be)
  • Carl finds Siddiq and offers him a place in Alexandria promising to talk to his father. They fight off Walkers which results in Carl getting bitten though he keeps it to himself. After sneaking Siddiq in, he spends his last day with Judith and writes letters to his loved ones as well as Negan. (The King, the Widow, and Rick, Honor)
  • Eugene is tasked with removing the Walkers from the Sanctuary while also battling his conscience and converses with a sick Gabriel. He confronts Dwight on his treachery but is threatened into silence. After Walkers invade the compound, the Saviors clear the herd with their remaining bullets. Later, Eugene decides to help Gabriel and Dr. Carson escape after deciding he couldn't live with them being prisoners. (Time for After, How It's Gotta Be)
  • Dwight leads Saviors into trap where Laura discovers his treacherous deeds but disappears before she can kill him. (How It's Gotta Be)
  • The Saviors launch an attack on Alexandria which leaves nearly demolished and Carl shows Rick and Michonne his bite wound. He says his goodbyes to the group as they leaves with Dwight's directions. (How It's Gotta Be, Honor)
  • Enid and Aaron reach Oceanside's outskirts to convince them to fight the Saviors only to be attacked by Natania whom Enid kills. (The King, the Widow, and Rick, How It's Gotta Be)
  • Carol attempts to get Ezekiel out of his depression. Later, Gavin's crew invades the Kingdom where Ezekiel is able to distract them long enough for his people to escape. Morgan and Carol sneak back in to rescue him and take out the invaders save Gavin whom Ezekiel pleads for Morgan to spare but the man is killed by Henry, Benjamin's brother, in revenge which disturbs Morgan. (The King, the Widow, and Rick, How It's Gotta Be, Honor)
Day +623
  • Carl opt to end his own life while Rick and Michonne bury him afterwards. (Honor)
  • Negan receives a message from Maggie with a body and orders Simon to given the "standard message" to Jadis' people. After some impatient blows, Simon kills all of them except Jadis who hides under dead bodies and lies about to Negan. (The Lost and the Plunderers, Still Gotta Mean Something)
  • Cyndie spares Enid and Aaron's lives and orders them not to return. Aaron stays outside the community to convince them while Enid returns to Hilltop. (The Lost and the Plunderers)
  • Rick and Michonne head to the Heaps where they find the dead and Jadis on top of a pile. Rick leaves her behind as she is no longer useful and she disposes of her zombified group. (The Lost and the Plunderers)
  • Negan learns of Carl's death and Rick vows revenge. (The Lost and the Plunderers)
  • Gabriel and Dr. Carson continue their escape where they find antibiotics for Gabriel but Carson dies in a vain attempt to escape from the Saviors when the two are captured. (Dead or Alive Or)
  • While the remaining Alexandrians head to Hilltop, Tara tries many times to kill Dwight for killing Denise but when the Saviors nearly discover her, Dwight manages to convince them its only him and they leave. (Dead or Alive Or)
  • Eugene is given an outpost at his bullet factory where Gabriel becomes a worker. (Dead or Alive Or)
  • With weapons coated in Walker blood, Negan leads a group to Hilltop where they plan on lowering the community's numbers. Rick ambushes Negan's car and they eventually fight in an abandoned warehouse that ends in a stalemate. But before Rick reveals what happened to The Scavengers. (The Key)
  • Negan is captured by Jadis during his escape attempt. The Key)
  • Simon convince Dwight to help him stage Negan's death so he can assume command of Saviors and the group make their way to Hilltop. (The Key)
  • Maggie comes across Georgie's group and the latter offers her information on how to improve Hilltop in exchange for records. Maggie accepts and Georgie promises to return one day to see the improved community. The Key)
  • That night, The Saviors arrive and after Maggie fails at trading POWs, a fight ensues that leaves many injured from the Walker coated weapons. (Do Not Send Us Astray)
Day +624
  • The survivors clean up the mess left by the battle with the POWs digging the graves. That night, the injured turn due to the Walker blood and they kill many others before being put down. (Do Not Send Us Astray)
  • Henry attempts to force one of the POWs to reveal his brother's killer only for Jared to seize an opportunity to grab his gun and escape with a few others. The other portion stay behind to help with the Walkers, including Alden. (Do Not Send Us Astray)
Day +625
Day +626
  • Gregory attempts to gain favor with Simon only to be treated like a prisoner. (Worth)
  • Negan lets Simon play out his charade until Negan surprise him and his coup is foiled. The two men fight to the death for leadership of the Saviors where Negan kills Simon. Dwight provides Gregory an escape with info for Rick during this. (Worth)
  • Negan reveals Laura to Dwight who reveals his affiliation to Rick in front of the others and Negan reveals the info he gave Dwight was false and has him imprisoned for treason. (Worth)
  • Eugene is captured by Daryl and Rosita whom chastises him for choosing the Saviors over his friends. Eugene escapes and is angrily inspired to tamper with his bullets to "make Savior history." (Worth)
Day +627
  • Negan sets his endgame plan into motion where it backfires due to Eugene sabotaging the bullets. Rick has Negan near death but remembers Carl's request and idea of "something after" which prompt him to spare the man much to Maggie's dismay. (Wrath)
  • Oceanside takes care of the remaining Saviors invading Hilltop while everyone escapes. (Wrath)
Day +628
  • Rosita and Tara supplies to the Sanctuary. (Wrath)
  • Daryl releases Dwight and tells him to find Sherry and never return to Alexandria.
  • Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl plan to bide their time to show Rick that he was wrong to spare Negan's life. (Wrath)
  • Morgan goes to the Heaps and invites Jadis to join Rick's community while he remains there. (Wrath)
  • Maggie meets Jesus and Daryl and declares that Rick shouldn't have spared Negan's life. She vows to prove him wrong. (Wrath)
  • Rick and Michonne visit Negan and tell him of their plans to have him locked in a cell and made an example of how Carl's vision is going to thrive. (Wrath)

Day +628-1,170

Season 8 / 9 Interim
Day +628 - +1,170


  • A couple of months later,(+678)[56] Jesus, Carol and Rick visit Morgan to try and convince him to return from the Junkyard, he decides to flee Virginia to be as far away from people as possible. (What's Your Story?)

Day +1,170-4,190

Season 9
Day +1,170
  • Rick and community leaders go on a run in D.C. and Gregory fails at an assassination attempt against Maggie. (A New Beginning)
Day +1,171
Day +1,205
  • Construction on a bridge is interfered with a brawl between Daryl and Justin as well as Aaron's injury. Justin is taken by an unknown perpetrator in the middle of the night. (The Bridge)
  • Rick visits Negan during the night. (The Bridge)
Day +1,206
  • Justin is discovered dead and the group goes on the hunt for the perpetrators who are discovered to be Oceanside members seeking vengeance. Daryl and Maggie allow them to kill Arat and don't tell Rick. (Warning Signs)
  • Anne contacts the Civic Republic Military after just seeing their helicopter in range the night before and then takes Gabriel hostage after he refuses to keep it a secret (Warning Signs)
Day +1,207
  • The Saviors leave the construction site after Jed fails to get guns via hostage, and later return to retrieve weapons which leads to a shootout that causes many casualties. (Warning Signs, The Obliged)
  • Maggie enacts her plan to kill Negan with Daryl distracting Rick despite Jesus' objections. Upon seeing Negan's state, she decides to let him suffer instead. (The Obliged, What Comes After)
  • Anne lets Gabriel go after guilt overcomes her but leaves him in the junkyard. (The Obliged)
  • Daryl and Rick fall down a hole and escape as a herd of walkers heads to the campsite cause by gunfire during a Savior ambush. Rick leads them away and is badly wounded after falling off his horse. (The Obliged)
  • Rick blows up the bridge to stop a herd from reaching the Hilltop and most take Rick for dead. Anne finds him and they are both taken by the Civic Republic Military helicopter to an unknown location. (What Comes After)
  • After the explosion, Michonne finds Rick's Colt Python pistol. (Scars)
Day +1,447
  • At least eight months pass as Michonne and Daryl continue to search for Rick.
  • They found Michonne's old friend Jocelyn and a group of children instead, and takes them to Alexandria. Judith and the other children are kidnapped during the night and leave one Alexandrian dead. (Scars)
Day +1,448
  • Michonne and Daryl go after them and suffer injuries that will become scars. Michonne is forced to kill Jocelyn and all but one of the children to save the young Alexandrians. From then on, they decided to isolate themselves from the world to be protected. (Scars)
Day +1,448 / Day 3,397
  • Jerry announces he and Nabila are having their first child. The Kingdom gives medicine to the Hilltop and Tara entrusts Michonne's charter to Ezekiel since Michonne was "letting it collect dust." (Bounty)
  • Hilde and her husband Miles arrive at Hilltop. (The Calm Before)
  • The Sanctuary goes "bust" the remaining members leave and live on the road.
Day +1,968[57]
  • About two years after Rick's disappearance, Daryl is still looking for Rick and is updated by Carol of Maggie's departure and finds Dog when he was a puppy. (Find Me)
Day +2,333[58]
  • Dog returns and Daryl encounters Leah Shaw who has him tied up but is soon convinced to let him go. (Find Me)
    • Six months later (Day +2,515), Daryl brings Dog back to her after he runs off.
    • Eight months later (Day +2,758), she saves Daryl from Walkers and reveals her name.
    • Three months later (Day +2,849), The meet again and he spends the night at her cabin where she shares her story.
    • The next day (Day +2,850), they fish and form a relationship.
    • Ten months later (Day +3,154), Daryl is about to go out to find Rick again. Fed up, she makes him choose his old life or her.
    • The next day (Day +3,155), Carol visits and informs him of moving to the Kingdom and to find peace. Later, he goes to the cabin to find Leah gone.
    • The next day (Day +3,156), Daryl leaves a note for Leah and takes Dog.
Day +2,555
Day +4,056[59][60]
Day +4,057
  • A council hears their story and decide to have them send them away the following day. (Who Are You Now?)
  • After a run in with the Saviors, Carol kills Jed and his group for attacking and stealing from them. (Who Are You Now?)
  • Eugene and Rosita go on a run and he is injured while escaping from walkers. (Who Are You Now?)
Day +4,058
Day +4,059
  • Michonne and company make it to Hilltop where Magna's group settle in. (Stradivarius, Evolution)
  • Carol, Henry, and Daryl make it to Hilltop where Daryl goes with Jesus and Aaron to look for Eugene and discover a larger threat after they kill Jesus just as Michonne, Magna, and Yumiko arrive. (Stradivarius, Evolution, Adaptation)
  • Henry meets Addy, Rodney, and Gage and ends up in a cell for drunk and disorderly contempt. (Evolution)
  • At night, Negan escapes his cell after the door is accidentally left unlocked. (Evolution)
Day +4,060
  • Judith catches Negan but he convinces her to let him go. He eventually finds the ruins of The Sanctuary before deciding to abandon it to return to his cell in Alexandria. (Adaptation)
  • Michonne and company return to Hilltop with Jesus' body and a hostage, Lydia, before heading back to Alexandria with her group. (Adaptation)
  • Luke and Alden are captured by Alpha and her group. (Adaptation)
  • Henry and Lydia begin to bond. (Adaptation, Omega)
Day +4,061
  • Tara and Magna take a group to search for Alden and Luke only to find their horses gutted and left for the walkers. (Omega)
  • Henry is released from prison and later lets Lydia see Hilltop at night. (Omega)
  • Magna's group attempt to sneak out of Hilltop to look for Luke alone. Magna and Yumiko head back while Connie and Kelly stay behind. (Omega)
Day +4,062
  • Lydia begins being truthful with Daryl and Henry. (Omega)
  • Magna's group make it back, but the Whisperers also arrive at Hilltop's gates. Alpha demands Lydia be returned to them which Daryl reluctantly agrees. (Omega, Bounty)
  • Henry runs off to go after Lydia. (Bounty)
  • Carol and Ezekiel lead a supply run for the fair and frame the charter and unknowingly pass a marker set by The Highwaymen. (Bounty)
Day +4,063
  • Lydia is interrogated by Alpha over what she knows. (Guardians)
  • Henry is captured after Beta catches him spying. He sees their camp and sees their way of life. Alpha and Beta force her to kill Henry until he is rescued by Daryl and Connie and Lydia goes with them. (Guardians)
  • Michonne berates the council for going behind her back. Later, she visits Negan who offers to help her with advice on leadership. After a talk with Judith, she allows the people decide whether or not to go to the fair. (Guardians)
Day +4,064
  • Daryl's group manage to escape Beta's scout crew and kill them. Beta survives. The group goes to Alexandria to mend Henry's wounds. They arrive and Daryl later leaves during the night. (Chokepoint, Scars)
  • Carol and Ezekiel meet with the Highwaymen and make a deal with them to keep peace and they offer to protect the roads leading to the fair. (Chokepoint)
  • Tara leads a group to the Kingdom's fair which includes Kelly, Magna, Yumiko, Tammy, and Earl. (Chokepoint)
Day +4,064


  • Judith runs off and Michonne goes looking for her after confronting Negan again. She finds her and then tells her what happened with Jocelyn only to be surprised Judith remembers it. The two decide to go to the fair and Daryl's group hitches a ride. The arrive as the fair begins. (Scars, The Calm Before)
  • Two Whisperers witness the group heading to the fair. (Scars)
  • Alpha kills Hilde and her group and takes faces and the girl's hair to infiltrate the fair. She encounters Ezekiel and finds her daughter who renounces her and the two part ways. (The Calm Before)
  • After a meeting discussing Lydia's fate, the remaining groups sign the charter as a way of mutual protection for each other should The Whisperers attack any one of them. (The Calm Before)
  • That night, Beta surrounds Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and Yumiko in the woods and tell them their terms. (The Calm Before)
  • Siddiq is forced to watch as Alpha decapitates Enid, Tara and eight others after they fight back with their captors. (The Calm Before, Open Your Eyes)
Day +4,065
  • Daryl sees a sea of Walkers collected by Alpha who's ready to use them if they cross their borders again. (The Calm Before)
  • They find the border with severed heads of their friends and a beaten Siddiq who tells everyone at the fair what happened. (The Calm Before)
Day +4,188


  • The Kingdom falls due to busted pipes caused by the cold and fires breaking out. The community leaves for another. They hold out in the Sanctuary for the night but decide to cut through Alpha's territory to cut the journey short. (The Storm)
  • Lydia nearly goads Carol into killing her but she refuses and they return to the group. (The Storm)
  • In Alexandria; the people hunker down at Aaron's house after a chimney explodes. Judith goes out to look for Daryl's dog and gets rescued by Negan. (The Storm)
Day +4,189
  • The Kingdomers make it to Hilltop but Carol breaks up with Ezekiel. (The Storm)
Day +4,190[63]
  • Carol and Michonne's group make it to Alexandria. (The Storm)
  • In a warmer part of the world, Alpha and Beta prepare for "what comes next." (The Storm)
  • Ezekiel makes a broadcast to Judith promising to return to the Kingdom someday. After they leave, a voice on radio asks if anyone is there. (The Storm)

Day +4,349-4,498

Season 10
Day +4,349 [64]
  • Dante goes to live in Alexandria under Alpha's orders to spy on them and cause paranoia after discarding his skin mask and killing a small group of campers. (The World Before)
Day +4,457
  • Judith finds evidence (Dante's mask) that The Whisperers returned and everyone is sent on edge. (Lines We Cross)
  • A satellite crashes near Oceanside as the group continues to train for fights and Walker attacks. This results in the group crossing Alpha's borders to stop it. (Lines We Cross)
  • Carol returns from a fishing trip. (Lines We Cross)
  • As the Whisperers make their way back to their territory, Frances attacks Alpha only to be feasted upon by Walkers. Mary is given third in command. (We Are the End of the World)
Day +4,458
Day +4,459
  • Walkers begin appearing outside Alexandria's borders and everyone holds them off. (Ghosts)
  • Carol begins taking pills. (Ghosts)
Day +4,460
  • Alexandria continues to fight off hordes of Walkers. (Ghosts)
Day +4,461
  • While everyone believes the Whisperers cause it, Lydia thinks otherwise. (Ghosts)
  • Negan assists Aaron in clearing out the Walkers despite animosity from the latter. After Aaron is blinded they hunker down in a shack. (Ghosts)
  • Michonne, Daryl, Carol, and others meet Alpha at the border where she expands her border, cutting off their hunting grounds. (Ghosts)
  • Carol begins hallucinating due to her pills and is injured. (Ghosts)
Day +4,462
  • Aaron has his sight back. (Ghosts)
  • Siddiq still struggles with his PTSD talking to Dante. (Ghosts)
  • The Hilltop has a tree tumble on its fence and Walkers arrive with the group fighting them off. (Silence the Whisperers)
Day +4,463[65]
  • Michonne and some Alexandrians head to Hilltop and encounter Ezekiel alone and Michonne and him share a moment. (Silence the Whisperers)
  • Lydia struggles with Gage and his friends taunting her. Things get worse after Negan accidently kills one of her tormentors. (Silence the Whisperers)
  • Magna's group continue fight off the Walkers. They soon joined by Michonne's group as the fence finally breaches. (Silence the Whisperers)
Day +4,464
Day +4,465[66]
  • Mary infests the river Alexandria is getting its water from by spilling walker guts in it. (What It Always Is)
  • Brandon attempts to gain favor with Negan by acting like a Savior and giving his back his old jacket and a new "Lucille," however, Negan kills him after he kills a boy and his mother whom he rescued before. Later he is captured by the Whisperers. (What It Always Is)
  • At Alexandria, Dante turns the water filtration system lever to "Undrinkable". He also bents it, pointing it at "Drinkable". (The World Before)
  • Kelly is out on her own when her hearing goes bad and is rescued by Connie and Daryl. (What It Always Is)
Day +4,466
  • Carol and Daryl search for Alpha's hoard and grab a hostage despite Daryl's reluctance. (Bonds)
  • Negan is taken to the Whisperer's camp and is tested to prove himself. (Bonds)
  • Eugene makes contact with a woman from another community. (Bonds)
  • Everyone at Alexandria begins to get sick. (Bonds)
Day +4,467
  • Negan is accepted by Alpha after surviving Beta's attempt on his life. (Bonds)
  • Lydia is removed from the cell to make for the captured Whisperer where they fail to get answers out of him. He is poisoned and later dies. (Open Your Eyes)
  • Dante subdues a sick Cheryl with a pillow. (The World Before)
  • Siddiq finds the water was the reason for everyone being sick and finds out Dante is a Whisperer and was there during the decapitation of his friends, but Dante kills him before he can say anything. Rosita appears and stops Dante from killing her and a zombified Siddiq (Open Your Eyes, The World Before)
  • Mary tries to get answers out of Aaron but is frightened off at the sight of Lydia. Realizing Carol meant for it to happen, Lydia leaves the two on the bridge in Alpha's territory. (Open Your Eyes)
Day +4,468
  • Dante is held prisoner for killing Siddiq. Later Gabriel kills Dante. (The World Before
  • Mary shares information with Aaron about the whereabouts of the Walker horde. Aaron, Magna, Jerry, Daryl, Carol, Connie, and Kelly go investigate and cross the border. (The World Before)
  • Michonne and Judith fins a man, Virgil, who they believe to be a Whisperer. After hesitating, Michonne listens to him and he reveals he lives on a naval base. Michonne decides to go with him to investigate his claim. (The World Before)
Day +4,469
  • Michonne prepares to leave, giving Judith a walkie talkie to talk with her while she's away. (The World Before)
  • Carol finds Alpha and chases her with everyone following after only to find it was a trap and the group is trap in a cave with the horde and Whisperers. (The World Before, Squeeze)
  • Alpha informs Beta and Gamma that the Alexandrians found the horde as Negan observes. (Squeeze)
Day +4,470
  • They find a way out, but Magna and Connie remained trapped in the cave after Carol's attempt to destroy the horde fails. Daryl sends everyone back while trying to find another way in. (Squeeze)
  • Alpha fight Daryl and both are injured. Lydia to save Daryl but cannot kill her mother despite her the latter's plea. (Stalker)
  • Negan suggests Gamma is a spy for Alexandria. When it appears to be true, Alpha rewards Negan with sex. (Squeeze)
  • Mary tells the Alexandrians about the cave and the horde. (Stalker)
  • Beta breaks into Alexandria for Mary, kill several people and captures her but is forced to flee from Gabriel's patrol. (Stalker)
  • Michonne and Virgil arrive on the Bloodsworth Island where she dispatches Walkers and gets locked up in a room. (What We Become)[67]
Day +4,471
  • Aaron and the others arrive back in Alexandria and head to Hilltop with Rosita, Judith, and Mary. (Stalker)
  • Daryl wakes to find Lydia tending to him and they head to Hilltop to warn them of Alpha's arrival. (Stalker, Morning Star)
  • Alpha declares herself stronger as Whisperers tend to her wounds and they begin to make way towards Hilltop. (Stalker, Morning Star)
  • Ezekiel finds Carol at Daryl's old camp and they head back to Hilltop. (Morning Star)
  • Eugene manages to arrange a meet spot for him and Stephanie in Charleston, WV in one week. His equipment is destroyed when the horde arrives. (Morning Star, Walk With Us)
  • The horde arrives during the night and the Whisperers set fire to Hilltop and leaves everyone scattered. (Morning Star, Walk With Us)
  • Magna is found by Yumiko in the horde. (Walk With Us)
  • Virgil gives Michonne gives food mixed with Jimsonweed and she hallucinates her family and deceased friends along with an alternate life before finally freeing herself and others from the compound. They spare Virgil's life despite him destroying the sailboat. (What We Become)
Day +4,472
  • Earl takes Judith and the rest of the children to a old shack and asks Judith to take care of them while he prepares to take his life after getting bit. Daryl, Jerry and others find them and Daryl comforts Judith after finding she put down Earl. (Walk With Us)
  • Alden, Kelly, Mary and baby Adam run from Walkers, later Mary sacrifices herself to save the three of them. Beta kills her and she turns, but Alden shoots her in the head before Beta can claim her. (Walk With Us)
  • Negan leads Alpha to a shack where she believes Lydia is being held only for the man to slit her throat and delivers her head to Carol who places it on a border pike for Beta and the Whisperers to find before abandoning Negan and hallucinating Alpha. (Walk With Us, Look at the Flowers)
  • Daryl encounters Negan who tells him of Carol plan and proves his loyalty by killing Whisperers who tried to kill them. (Look at the Flowers)
  • Eugene takes an expedition involving Yumiko and Ezekiel to meet Stephanie's group. (Look at the Flowers)
  • Virgil takes Michonne to another boat where she finds evidence that Rick is alive. She and the others leave Virgil on the island and make their way to the boat's point of departure near New Jersey. (What We Become)
  • Judith radios Michonne and encourages her to look for Rick and claims the Whisperers are no longer a threat so as to not worry her. (What We Become)[68]
  • Mercer discovers Max with the radio and reports it without mentioning her name to protect her. (The Lucky Ones)
Day +4,473
  • Beta stabs Alpha's head before attaching part of her face with his ripped mask and joining the reassembled horde. (Look at the Flowers)
  • Carol returns to Alexandria shortly after Daryl and Negan do. (Look at the Flowers)
  • Eugene's expedition encounters "Princess" who leads them through the city and to new transportation, bicycles. (Look at the Flowers, The Tower)
  • Along the way, Michonne encounters a couple who ask them to get them to their group before they leave without them. (What We Become)
Day +4,478[69]
  • Aaron and Alden observe the Whisperers and watch where they go. they encounter a group of Whisperers and encounter a masked survivor. (The Tower)
  • The survivors take shelter in an abandoned tower, but Beta and the horde find it. They prepare to hold their ground but not without casualties. (The Tower, A Certain Doom)
  • Maggie returns with the survivor, Aaron and Alden to save the others after learning of the Whisperers. (A Certain Doom)
  • Virgil returns to Oceanside only to find it abandoned. (A Certain Doom)
  • Eugene's group continue onward despite a broken bike. (A Certain Doom)
Day +4,479
  • Carol and Lydia lead the horde off a cliff, ending the Whisperers once and for all. (A Certain Doom)
  • Connie is found by Virgil. (A Certain Doom)
  • Eugene's group reaches the meet spot and are surrounded by by soldiers in white armor and are put into separate train cars. Yumiko is injured and taken away. (A Certain Doom, Splinter)
Day +4,480
  • Maggie learns about Hilltop and Negan's release. Daryl and Kelly takes accompany her to get the rest of her people. They stop to rest. (Home Sweet Home)
  • Princess is taken and questioned by a guard but avoids answering their questions. A guard comes to give her food and she suffers a psychotic episode that severely injures him. She attempts to flee but decides to not go. She and the guard trade answers and after the session is done the group is blindfolded and taken away. (Splinter)
Day +4,481
  • They continue onward and found Maggie's camp up in smoke caused by the Reapers. The find members of Maggie's group and fight off a lone attacker after he shoots and kills members of the group. After he's caught, he blows himself up. (Home Sweet Home)
Day +4,483[70]
  • Maggie and Daryl lead the group to Alexandria where the people are beginning to rebuild. (Home Sweet Home)
Day +4,484
  • Daryl and Carol are out on a run when he has flashbacks of Leah after Dog finds her old cabin which leads Carol and him fighting. (Find Me)
Day +4,485
  • Daryl continues to search for supplies while Carol returns to Alexandria with Dog. Daryl fixes his bike while Carol cooks and tries to kill a rat. (Diverged)
Day +4,486
  • Jerry checks on Carol and the rat runs away. Daryl returns with his bike working. (Diverged)
Day +4,493[71]
  • Gabriel and Aaron have been looking for supplies on a map given to them by Maggie for two weeks and lose the map in a mud pit. (One More)
Day +4,494
  • Gabriel and Aaron search an abandoned building and set up camp while eating boar and drinking whiskey. (One More)
Day +4,495
  • Gabriel encounters Mays who "owned" the building and forces the two in a game of Russian roulette. Gabriel kills him despite Mays deciding to let them live. They discover his brother alive but he kills himself despite being freed. They leave and continue their search. (One More)
Day +4,496
  • Carol takes Negan to Leah's cabin to live since he was "banished." He later hallucinates himself berating him on his desires for redemption and that he's nothing without Lucille. (Here's Negan)
Day +4,497[72]
  • Negan goes back to the spot where Rick defeated him and digs up the aged Lucille. It breaks as he kills a walker and he burns it in the fireplace that night. (Here's Negan)
Day +4,498
  • Negan returns to Alexandria despite the obvious hate in Maggie's eyes. (Here's Negan)

Day +4,499-TBA

Season 11
Day +4,499
  • Daryl and a group of people scavenge the military base for food at night. (Acheron: Part I)
  • Eugene and his group are questioned by Commonwealth officials led by Mercer. They decide to escape believing they mean more harm than good. Yumiko learns her brother is alive and at the Commonwealth. (Acheron: Part I)
Day +4,500
  • They return to Alexandria where there is only a week's worth of food left. They decide to go to Maggie's old camp, The Meridian, to look for supplies despite being controlled by The Reapers. (Acheron: Part I)
  • Daryl and Maggie lead a group, which includes Negan as he knows the D.C. area, to a subway system. (Acheron: Part I, Acheron: Part II)
    • Dog runs off and Daryl chases after him and finds Roy who is bleeding.
    • Maggie is left behind by Negan but she resurfaces and sacrifices Gage to keep Walkers from getting inside a train car. Daryl arrives with Roy's grenade and blows up the remaining Walkers. They head to a detour to rest and restock but are attacked by the Reapers. (Acheron: Part II, Hunted, Rendition)
  • Eugene's group continues being processed. (Acheron: Part II)
Day +4,501
  • Eugene's group move to orientation and he meets "Stephanie". (Acheron: Part II, Out of the Ashes)
  • Yumiko finds her brother. (Out of the Ashes)
  • Carol and a group manage to catch horses only for her to kill one and use it for food for Alexandria. (Hunted)
  • Maggie, Negan, and a wounded Alden evade Reapers while Duncan and Agatha die. Maggie and Negan leave Alden in an abandoned church while they continue their journey. (Hunted)
  • Gabriel kills a Reaper despite being wounded. (Hunted)
  • Daryl encounters Leah, who is a Reaper, and is captured. After failing to get information from Daryl, she convinces Pope allow Daryl to join them after passing a test in which he saves Leah before saving himself in a burning shed. (Rendition)
Day +4,502
  • Aaron, Lydia, Carol and Jerry encounter a surviving Whisperer, Keith, at Hilltop with others. Keith informs them of Connie's survival before they leave. (Out of the Ashes)
  • Maggie and Negan trek through the woods and come across Gabriel and Elijah (Out of the Ashes)
  • Connie and Virgil hide from an unseen stalker in an old house. (On the Inside)
Day +4,503
  • Kelly goes off to find Connie and is joined by Magda, Carol, and Rosita. They rescue her and Virgil from a group of feral humans. (On the Inside)
  • Daryl cruelly interrogates Frost on Maggie's whereabouts and the go to the safehouse where Maggie, Negan, Gabriel and Elijah are held up. He ensures they escape without giving himself away. Later he and Leah discover a zombified Frost after Pope mentions he told everything he needed to know. (On the Inside)
  • Negan teaches Maggie how to herd Walkers like the Whisperers did. (Promises Broken)
Day +4,504
  • While serving hours of community service, Eugene punches Sebastian Milton and gets sued. Lance convinces him to divulge information on Alexandria for his freedom. (Promises Broken)
  • Ezekiel is given treatment for his cancer. (Promises Broken)
  • Negan continues to teach Maggie as they prepare to infiltrate Meridian. (Promises Broken)
  • Daryl and Leah scout an area and come across a family where they spare the father and son while they put down the dying mother. (Promises Broken)
  • A storm passes through Alexandria and the community holds against it and Walkers. (For Blood)
  • During the assault on Meridan, Daryl reveals his loyalty to others and Leah kills Pope, believing him unfit to lead, and frames Daryl for it. She shoots firework bombs at the group which kills some of her men. (For Blood, No Other Way)
Day +4,505
  • The storm still rages on in Alexandria as Aaron rescues Gracie and Judith while Carol, Magna, and Connie work to prevent Walkers from entering to town. (No Other Way)
  • The Reapers come to a truce with Daryl and the others but Maggie kills the remaining Reapers except Leah who Daryl allows to escape. (No Other Way)
  • Maggie later finds Alden as a Walker and puts him down. (No Other Way)
  • Negan, realizing Maggie can't be trusted to keep her word, leaves the group. (No Other Way)
Day +4,508[73]
  • The group make it back to Alexandria. (No Other Way)
  • Eugene arrives with Lance and Commonwealth soldiers arrive to help rebuild and offer them a chance to live within his community. (No Other Way)
Day +4,538[74]
  • Daryl and Rosita continue with basic training in the Commonwealth Military under Mercer. (New Haunts)
  • Carol discovers Ezekiel's condition and how low he is on the list for surgery. She bribes Lance into bumping Ezekiel up the list (New Haunts)
  • Later, at a gala, Tyler Davis speaks out against the Commonwealth and threatens Max. Daryl stops him after he runs but forces Sebastian to take the credit. (New Haunts)
Day +4,539
  • Rosita discovers a Commonwealth resistance hideout. (New Haunts)
Day +4,564
  • Eugene plans to meet with "Stephanie" for ice cream but doesn't show up. She packs up her things and leaves her apartment. (Rogue Element)
Day +4,565
  • The police perform a wellness check on "Stephanie" but find her apartment empty. (Rogue Element)
Day +4,567[75]
  • At night, Eugene talks to Roman Calhoun about what happened to "Stephanie" and then catches him in a lie. He notices him a group of people with him. (Rogue Element)
Day +4,568[76]
  • Connie and Kelly investigate what happened with Tyler Davis only to meet dead ends until they get a list of names with Tyler's name on it. (Rogue Element)
  • Mercer angrily finds that Tyler was moved from the hospital without his authorization. (Rogue Element)
  • Princess helps Eugene with his investigation until they get arrested. Later that night, he goes back only to find "Stephanie" is with the group and so is Lance who assures him that no one would believe him. As he burns things related to Stephanie, Max reveals herself to be the "Stephanie" he was talking to on the radio. He storms off. (Rogue Element, The Lucky Ones)
  • Carol and Lance visit a group that grows poppies for medicine where they learn about a corrupt leader and arrest him. (Rogue Element)
Day +4,572[77]
  • Pamela goes on a tour to visit Alexandria and its allies to see if they are worth her time and resources. (The Lucky Ones)
  • Ezekiel learns he is up on the list for surgery. (The Lucky Ones)
Day +4,573
  • After visiting Oceanside, Pamela encounters Maggie and the two share conflicting ideologies. (The Lucky Ones)
  • Ezekiel learns Carol got him bumped up on the list. (The Lucky Ones)
Day +4,574
Day +4,575
  • People from Hilltop prepare to leave with Pamela to Commonwealth. She allows Lance do what wants to Alexandria so long as his job at home doesn't suffer. (The Lucky Ones)
Day +4,669[78]
  • Leah ambushes a Commonwealth convoy, killing the soldiers and taking weapons. (The Rotten Core)
Day +4,676
  • Lance tasks Toby Carlson to exterminate Riverbend after he concludes that they are responsible for the loss of a convoy with weapons and supplies (Warlords)
  • Aaron asks Gabriel to assist with first contact with Riverbend. (Warlords)
Day +4,683[79]
  • Aaron and Gabriel assist with Toby and the Commonwealth with first contact with Riverbend only to learn about the plan to exterminate the inhabitants. (Warlords)
    • Negan sends Jesse to get help 12 hours after the start of the attack, and rescues Gabriel from the soldiers. (Warlords)
    • Maggie, Lydia, and Elijah discover the plot after Aaron meets up with them and dead Commonwealth soldiers. They reach Riverbend to help their group and kill the remaining soldiers. (Warlords, The Rotten Core)
    • Hershel learns Negan is his father's killer, Negan promises one day that they will settle it. (The Rotten Core)
  • Daryl and Rosita are coerced into a heist where Mercer and Carol aide in their escape from Walkers. (The Rotten Core)
Day +4,690[80]
  • Daryl and Commonwealth soldiers arrive at Hilltop to investigate the events at Riverbend. (No Other Way, Trust)
  • Lance, knows they're lying and finds Leah. He tasks her to kill Maggie. (Trust)
  • Eugene, Max, Connie, and Kelly conspire to bring out the truth about the Miltons and the missing people. (Trust)
  • Ezekiel and Tomi help a woman with surgery despite her not being on the list. (Trust)
Day +4,691
  • Leah prepares to go after Maggie who decides to hide Hershel with Negan and his group while (Acts of God)
  • Max steals some files from Pamela's safe despite nearly being caught by Sebastian. (Acts of God)
Day +4,692
  • Leah fights Maggie in her old cabin until Daryl kills Leah before shooting Lance and escaping with Maggie and the others. (Acts of God)
  • Connie's story about the Miltons make the headlines. (Acts of God)
  • Lance and the army takeover Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside with the latter's fate being decided on a coin toss. (Acts of God)


Overall timeline

  • Dr. Edwin Jenner notes in "Wildfire" that the zombie virus initially arose 194 days prior to the events of that episode and went global 63 days prior to the events of that episode.
  • There is a time skip of one day between season 1 and season 2: Rick Grimes informs Morgan Jones via walkie-talkie in "What Lies Ahead" that the group "lost another of [their] own the day before last"; he says this in reference to Jacqui, who died at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the end of season 1.
  • There is a time skip of seven to eight months, an entire winter, between season 2 and season 3: Andrea informs Merle Dixon that the Greene family farm was overrun seven or eight months prior to the events of "Walk With Me".
  • In "Sick", Tomas informs Rick's group that he and his fellows were locked in the cafeteria of the West Georgia Correctional Facility ten months prior to the events of that episode during riots at the onset of the global outbreak; Oscar specifies that it was 292 days before, while Axel gives his own count of 294 days.
  • Hershel Greene mentions in a flashback in "A" that, by that time, they have been at the prison for two months; this supports that the entirety of Season 3 occurs in a span of less than two months.
  • There is a time skip of six months between season 3 and season 4. While it is never stated in the show itself, those associated with the show have confirmed it: Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, describes season 4 as occurring "six-ish months later" in one interview[81] and Scott M. Gimple, executive producer and showrunner, reveals in a video from AMC that "about six or seven months has passed."[82]
  • There is no time skip between season 4 and season 5: Rick and his group are incarcerated in Terminus and break out on the very same day, as indicated by the gunshots that Carol Peletier and Tyreese Williams hear on the tracks in "No Sanctuary", which are in fact the gunshots herding the survivors into the train car at the end of "A".
  • The Talking Dead episode for "Strangers" reveals that Father Gabriel Stokes was in his church for 17 months before Rick's group found him. Seth Gilliam, who plays Gabriel, claims that it was 18 months during his appearance on the episode for "Them". With season 3 concluding nearly 11 months into the outbreak, a time skip of six months between season 3 and season 4, and season 4 spanning upwards of a month, an approximation of 18 months since the onset of the global outbreak by the beginning of season 5 is reasonable.
  • There is a small time skip of some number of days between season 5 and season 6; however, the intermediary days are filled in through flashbacks.
  • There is a time skip of two months between season 6 episode 9 "No Way Out" and episode 10 "The Next World", as revealed by Danai Gurira on the Talking Dead episode for "The Next World". However, this is later contradicted in the show by Abraham Ford, who says in episode 11 "Knots Untie" that the run-in with the Saviors on the road occurred only a month ago, not two. This count of a single month is reaffirmed in a conversation between two Saviors in season 7 episode 7 "Sing Me a Song", one of whom refers to the incident as "last month", indicating that a single-month skip was likely intended within the show's timeline and that Danai Gurira is likely mistaken.
  • Season 7 picks up some minutes after season 6, but the intermediary minutes are filled in through flashbacks.
  • When Dr. Gale Macones explains her story to Karina in the webseries "The Oath", she states that it's "been a few months" since the military overran the hospital. This is the same hospital in which Rick recovers in his coma. The webisodes take place prior to Rick's awakening, as indicated by the fact that, in the final webisode, Paul paints the "Don't Open Dead Inside" warning on the doors to the cafeteria that Rick sees in the pilot. However, if Rick wakes up 59 days into the global outbreak, then there could not have been a "few-month" time lapse between the military's attack, which took place after the start of the global outbreak, and the events of the webisodes, unless Macones is getting her dates wrong or she is not using "few" to mean "three" as it often does mean.
  • According to Dave Erickson, executive producer for the companion series Fear the Walking Dead, Rick was in his coma for "four to five weeks", which would mean, if we are to take Dr. Jenner's word for how far into the apocalypse we were by "Wildfire", that Rick was shot some time after the outbreak had gone global. This is not entirely impossible, but it is notable that: police officers were still on duty after civilization had fallen and children were still going to school after the living dead had taken over the world. Whether Erickson is misinformed or Jenner was relaying false information remains to be known.
    • Additionally, if Rick had been in his coma for a mere "four to five weeks", then Macones' claim that the military attacked a "few months" ago, when Rick was in his coma (as seen in a flashback in "TS-19"), is even more dubious.
    • It should be noted that Fear the Walking Dead takes place in the same time frame as The Walking Dead. According to Tobias, there were already outbreaks in five states at the time Fear started, and with nothing reported in the news other than a strange 'virus', it is possible that Dr. Jenner is counting from the first case that the CDC became aware of rather than the first case that the public became aware of. Since there were no cases reported of walker infection in the five states mentioned in Fear, it is possible that the infection was underway at the time Rick was shot.
      • No speculation is in fact needed at all for this because Jenner says in "Wildfire" as well that the virus first arose 194 days before, so naturally it would have been present prior to Rick's entering the coma. However, Jenner's specific statement that it went global, not just in a few states, 63 days before makes the fact that it was not as big a deal in "Days Gone Bye" rather questionable.
      • In promotional material for Fear the Walking Dead, there is the first page of a six page memo released by the World Health Organization to all medical personnel how to deal with the recently deceased. The fact that the walker epidemic was being discussed at an international level even before the start of Fear (whose timeline predates the main shows by several days/weeks) indicates that the epidemic already had a global impact. Also, given that in Fear we see the epidemic spreading into Mexico and Canada, it is at least an international incident.
    • In support of the above: In the pilot of Fear, Nick comes across Gloria as a walker and no one believes him when he tells them this. Also, it is heavily implied that Susan Tran witnessed a walker attack, or at least a walker. Thus, it is highly probable that when Rick was shot, there were outbreaks, but that they hadn't reached epidemic levels- or at least, reached levels where an outbreak in California would be reported on news stations in Georgia.
      • Again, not only is it probable, it is all but known for certain that there were outbreaks prior to Rick's being shot. The virus arose over six months (194 days) prior to "Wildfire" (about five months prior to the shoot-out, if Rick was only comatose for four to five weeks), so it was very much present before Rick went into is coma. The real issue is that it had already gone global -- it had reached the entire world, had reached epidemic proportions -- and there is no sign of it in "Days Gone Bye".

Real-life time period

Robert Kirkman has been intentionally vague as to when the comics occur in relation to real-life time and, by extension, when the show occurs as well. In the Letter Hacks column for issue 58, he says, "[The Walking Dead] is set in modern times...but the book started in 2003 and only a year has passed in the book. But that doesn't mean it's 2004 in the book...maybe it's 2009...who knows...who really cares? I don't want to be specific." The show follows a similar nature: There are no direct references to real-life time, and thus pinpointing when exactly the apocalypse began is difficult. However, there are some hints throughout the series that enable us to approximate a window in which the outbreak could have started.

  • In "Killer Within", the Governor makes the remark to Merle that they "should visit Augusta. Take only the women and let them play. It'll be historic." and Merle adds, "And break decades of tradition." They are referring to the Augusta National Golf Club, which, until August 2012, did not allow women to be members. This would place the onset of the outbreak prior to August 2012. However, it is possible that Merle is not up-to-date with his golf facts, or he is merely being jocular and referencing that well-known tradition regardless of what actually happened. It is to be noted that this episode was written prior to August 2012.
  • In "Spend", the song "Internet Friends" by Knife Party is heard as part of Aiden Monroe's "run mix". "Internet Friends" was released on December 12, 2011.
  • Perhaps an anachronism, an issue of WORLD magazine from April 6, 2013 appears in the background in the RV in "The Distance".
  • The green Hyundai Tucson seen in seasons 2, 3, and 4 is a 2012 model released in 2011.
  • The SCAR 17S used by Aiden Monroe in "Forget" was released in 2010.
  • A sign seen in the background of a scene from episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead bares the date "08.07.10", or August 7, 2010, and advertises a "library week". The fact that the sign is up would indicate that this library week is coming up soon, or has recently passed and the sign has not yet been taken down. In any case, this would strongly suggest that the outbreak began sometime in August 2010, a relatively certain date that immediately increases the number of anachronisms in the show than if the outbreak had begun in August, 2012.[83]
    • In the season 4 finale "A", Joe (the leader of the Claimers) says: Shit, and I was thinking of turning in for the night on New Year's Eve. Now who's gonna count down the ball dropper with me, huh?". If that day really is December 31, 2011, math would confirm that the outbreak began around August 7, 2010.
  • In season 2, episode 13 of Fear the Walking Dead there are some gravestones on the farm where Travis Manawa, his son Chris, and the American tourists are staying. These gravestones, two of which belong to characters who died onscreen, show the death year as 2010.[84]
  • Deanna Monroe's concern that she would lose reelection could be a reference to the 2010 midterm elections in the United States. In real life this was a wave election that saw many congressional districts flip.
  • In "Here's Negan", the part of the episode that is set just before the global outbreak appears to take place in November, according to the date on a character's cell phone. It might be possible that different parts of the world were affected at different times (in "Wildfire", it is confirmed that the virus first arose 194 days before that episode and went global 63 days before); however, it seems unlikely that within the United States, both Los Angeles on the West Coast and Atlanta on the East Coast could be napalmed by the end of August, but in Virginia society is still fully intact, doctor's appointments are being held, and the criminal justice system is still overseeing individuals on probation.
    • It is very likely that this was simply a production error. Filming for the final six episodes of season 10 began in October 2020.[85] Thus, "Here's Negan", or at least the part that is set before the global outbreak, was likely filmed in November, and the date on the phone was not changed to reflect the in-universe timeline.


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