Taggart is a location in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Town History

Taggart was a bedroom community home to The Lighthouse, a huge drive-in theater. Charlene Wilson lived in town, with her cat Satchmo, and may have owned the drive-in theater.


Car Troubles

When the outbreak started Charlene barricaded herself in the projection room. Daryl comes through town and cross paths with Charlene who refuses to leave the drive-in. She does offer her car to him if he saves Satchmo, Charlene's cat. Daryl then proceeds to navigate his way through Taggart to get to Charlene's house. He manages to reach to house and retrieve Satchmo from the bedroom. However Satchmo makes a load noise when Daryl picks his cage up, causing a group of walkers to come over to Daryl's location. He breaks through them and reaches the drive-in again, he gives Satchmo to Charlene, who gives him the keys in return. He locates the car, gets his group and leaves.




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