"Take Us Back", retitled "Episode 19", is the fourth and final episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

It was released on March 26, 2019.


It’s time for the end. After years of fighting to survive, Clementine is now the leader of a community of lost children, and they’re depending on her to get them home safe. In the aftermath of an explosive mission, fire, chaos, the living and the dead all stand in her way. Can Clementine be the savior they need? Her story comes to a dramatic and heart-wrenching climax in this final episode. The night will be over soon.


Clementine awakens sitting against the railing of the ship, noting with horror how the deck was engulfed in flames and beginning to list toward the pier. If Lilly was killed in the previous episode, her bullet-riddled corpse slides against the railing next to her. As Clementine regains her feet, an explosion blows her hat off of her head. She fails to reach it in time before it falls into the river, surrounded by walkers. She sadly bids farewell to her father's hat before Alvin Jr. calls for her help.

Clementine scans the ship quickly, finding AJ to be clinging to a broken piece of the deck to avoid falling into the water. The ship continues to list to the side, forcing Clementine to leap into a nearby lifeboat still held by the ropes. She manages to prevent him from falling into the water and drags him into the lifeboat.

With no other option, however, Clementine orders him to jump back onto the ship and run along the railing to the pier. After a few more explosions force Clementine to scale the peripheral railing of the ship, the two of them reach the pier safely, only to be attacked by Gad using Marlon's bow. After a brief struggle, Clementine manages to take the bow and kill him with an arrow through the head. As walkers approach from the woods, Clementine and AJ run along the pier.

If Lilly survived the previous episode: The two of them encounter Lilly paddling downriver in a raft with a few remaining supplies. Clementine aims her bow and Lilly draws a crossbow on her, but Lilly calls for a ceasefire because there would be little reason for either one to kill the other at this point. Clementine can choose to shoot at her anyway, but she misses if she tries. Lilly defends her actions to Clementine and warns her that "nothing lasts" in this world, "not friends, not love." Clementine can choose to shame her for her actions or bid her farewell before Lilly's raft disappears into the smoke. The ship beside them begins to sink, causing Clementine and AJ to run for the shore before one final explosion knocks both of them out.

If Lilly was killed in the previous episode: The two of them run alongside the now-sinking ship, turning and dashing for the shore before one final explosion knocks both of them out.

The following is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Clementine rouses as a walker stumbles toward them from the woods. She tries to stand, but before the walker can kill her, Louis appears from behind the walker and kills it with a large rock. As they reunite, a nearby Violet calls for help as she is also attacked by a walker. Clementine comes to her rescue, killing the walker using her bow. If Clementine had allowed her to be abducted at the school, severe burns to the face have blinded Violet, forcing the others to physically guide her to the shore. She reveals that she had lost track of Minerva in the chaos.

Further inland, the four of them discover Omar and Aasim hiding from the rest of the raiders, who are currently engaged with a herd of approaching walkers. Clementine spots both Willy and Ruby near the horses, having found a cart ready to be taken back to the school. Gina takes aim at Willy and barely misses him. While she is distracted by Willy, Clementine shoots and kills Gina with an arrow to the neck, drawing the ire of Sullene. She tries to attack Clementine, but a pair of walkers grab her and devour her from behind. Minerva, seen in the middle of the crumbling line of Delta soldiers, is horrified by Sullene's death and quickly recovers her weapon to shoot the walkers eating her friend. Minerva soon discards her weapon for her axe after she runs out of ammunition, but her defense proves untenable as she is bitten on the arm by a walker, shocking the former students of Ericson's Academy.

Clementine sends her companions over to Willy and Ruby, offering to shoot the walkers with her bow. After she dispatches several walkers before they could attack them, the students successfully reach the horse and cart. Minerva, having recovered a pistol, is then bitten on her cheek by a different walker, causing her to cry out and shoot the walker in the head. Stunned, Minerva notices Clementine watching her and becomes enraged. She grabs a grenade with the intention of throwing it at her, but Clementine shoots her in the shoulder, causing her to drop the explosive. Clementine covers AJ- who had refused to leave with the students- and takes him to the ground before the explosion hits, scaring off the horses with the students safely in the cart. As the walkers devour her friends, Minerva picks up her axe and puts up what appears to be one last fight before the walkers close in around her.

AJ sees Tennessee downstream, alone at the other side of the herd. Clementine and AJ successfully make their way over to him, Clementine taking his knife and running with them into the woods. After managing to slightly outpace the herd, the three of them locate a cave and decide to enter it in order to escape the herd. If James had survived the previous episode, he appears outside of the cave states that he saw bloodlust in AJ's eyes as he killed Lilly. Through the cramped confines of the entrance, the walkers are temporarily unable to follow them when two of them accidentally enter at the same time and block the rest.

Clementine scours the cave and finds the necessary items to make a torch without the help of her lost lighter. With the fire enabling her to see through the cave, she notes another passageway on the other side of a stream too treacherous to swim across. She is able to push a log into the water and allow it to be caught by a few outcropping stones, creating a makeshift bridge for them to cross. The walkers make it into the cave and attack them, causing Clementine to send the others across the bridge while she uses the torch to fend off the herd. If James had been killed by Lilly, his zombified corpse enters the cave with the rest of the herd, freezing AJ still and forcing Clementine to rescue him. AJ calls for her to cross the bridge when he reaches the other side, causing her to use the log before it gets carried away by the water.

The herd is stopped at the water, unable to follow them. With the torch in hand, Clementine leads the others down the passageway, but they come to a halt at an intersection with several other passageways that could lead out of the cave. Clementine sets the torch down as they decide which way to go.

If James survived the previous episode: James places his hand on Clementine's shoulder, only to throw her to the ground and grab AJ, attempting to leave with him in tow. He threatens to hurt Clementine if she follows him, but AJ escapes from James's grasp and slices his hand open with a rock. Infuriated that Clementine had allowed the boy to become a killer, James demands to know if this was what Clementine had wanted. Tennessee backs away as the two appear to be preparing to fight the other, but AJ shocks both of them when he proclaims that he had enjoyed killing Lilly.

Clementine and James each try to get him to change his mind, but AJ stubbornly refutes that "anyone who tries to hurt" them should be killed. He recites Clementine's teachings to her and questions how he had failed to follow them. James begs her to convince him to not become what he had once been as a Whisperer, but her attempts fail to satisfy him, making him attack again. James tries one final time to make AJ understand that he does not have to be a killer to survive in this world, but Clementine steps between them and rejects his philosophy.

AJ tells Clementine that he won't allow himself to enjoy killing anyone else and asks for her trust to hold a gun and know when to use it. Clementine can either allow him to have it or tell him that he is not ready to be able to recognize when he has to use it. A gust of wind from outside of the cave indicates to them which way was the exit, but walkers begin stalking in from a different path. (Determinant) Depending on how Clementine told James that she could not accept his philosophy, James will either remain behind to fight the walkers or make his way down a different path to find his own way out.

If James was killed in the previous episode: AJ watches James's zombified corpse from the other side of the stream. Clementine tries to get him to focus, but he quietly states that he had looked into James's eyes and realized that James did not recognize him, making him conclude that James had been wrong and that there weren't any people still inside of the walkers. Clementine places her hand on his shoulder, but he angrily pushes her to the ground. He demands to know why she had stopped him from killing Lilly, but her explanation only confuses and infuriates him further. He brings up what she had done to Abel and to the raiders on the boat if she killed any of them.

Calming, AJ apologizes to her and admits that he was still scared of losing her too. AJ resolves to kill anyone that tried to hurt her, recalling what she had told him about his killing of Marlon. Clementine can try to tell him that she does not approve of his decision, but he remains steadfast and decides that he wants to become a "firefighter," or a protector of his friends. AJ tells Clementine that he won't allow himself to enjoy killing anyone else and asks for her trust to hold a gun and know when to use it. Clementine can either allow him to have it or tell him that he is not ready to be able to recognize when he has to use it. A gust of wind from outside of the cave indicates to them which way was the exit.

The following is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Clementine, AJ and Tennessee escape the cave and emerge in the forest, the wind blowing out the torch. After they determine that they had escaped the herd, Clementine leads them deeper into the woods in the hopes of locating the school. Tennessee suddenly reveals to Clementine and AJ how they had voted several weeks earlier, saying that he, Violet and Aasim had voted to let them stay at the school because they were safer with them than without them. He says that he is grateful to Clementine, as Marlon would have allowed the raiders to take them all had he still been in charge. Then, from out of the forest, someone steps out from behind a tree: Louis/Violet, the student Clementine saved during the raid on the school. (Determinant)

They all reunite, Clementine learning that the others had made it safely back to the school. Believing the danger to have passed, Clementine and her fellow teenager lead the children through the forest, deciding together to do things differently at the school without the fear of Lilly coming back for them. If Violet walks with them, she and Clementine discuss renaming the school to something less dull than Ericson. If Louis walks with them, he and Clementine lightly discuss building a new house for them to live in rather than continuing to live in the school. Soon, the four of them arrive at a wooden truss bridge. After climbing over a truck blocking the road, Clementine discovers a gap in the bridge with a several-dozen-foot drop underneath. As she prepares to jump the distance to the other side, all of them pause when they hear someone singing the song Louis and Minerva had written.

They all look back as Minerva- still alive but covered in blood both hers and from the walkers- steps onto the bridge with her axe and expresses joy at having found Tennessee. Descended into mania, Minerva tells her brother to join her in death so that they could be a family again in the next life. When Clementine and AJ try to stop him from wavering, Minerva fires her gun into the roof of the bridge, alerting all of the walkers in the area to come to them. Minerva opens fire on Clementine, but she takes cover behind the truck. Walkers pile onto the bridge past Minerva, ignoring her as she is covered in walker guts and going after Clementine. While she fends off the walkers and Minerva, AJ manages to get to the other side of the gap, but Tennessee refuses to leave.

Minerva scales the truck and attacks Clementine and Louis/Violet, (Determinant) Marlon's bow falling off the bridge during the scuffle. Clementine manages to wrest the gun away from her, but before she can shoot Minerva, she scrambles for her axe and chops through Clementine's leg. Tennessee's sister tearfully declares that she is taking him "home" with her, but Clementine just manages to shoot Minerva before she can deal the killing blow. Now bleeding her own blood again, the walkers attack Minerva and begin to devour her, much to Tennessee's horror. Collecting Minerva's weapons, Clementine jumps across the gap, but Tennessee still will not follow. Louis/Violet tries to restrain him from going after his sister, (Determinant) walkers going after them as well. AJ picks up the gun and aims it across the bridge, telling Louis/Violet to let go of Tennessee before the walkers killed both of them. His finger closes around the trigger as he prepares to shoot.

If Clementine trusted AJ to make the hard choices: AJ fires, hitting Tennessee in the neck and making Louis/Violet let go of him in stunned horror. (Determinant) Walkers grab Tennessee and devour him, Minerva watching and bidding him farewell in her final moments. Louis/Violet jumps the gap, (Determinant) unable to comprehend Tennessee's death at first before quickly demanding to know why AJ had shot him. He defends his actions, saying that he'd had to make the hard choice and kill his friend because he was always getting people killed and was going to do so again had he not pulled the trigger.

If Clementine did not trust AJ with the responsibility: AJ falters, lowering the weapon and calling for Tennessee to be thrown across the gap. Louis/Violet complies, (Determinant) tossing the still-resisting Tennessee across the gap where he lands safely in front of Clementine and AJ. Unfortunately, they can do nothing but sit and watch as walkers devour Louis/Violet, (Determinant) greatly paining Clementine. AJ snaps at Tennessee, berating him for getting his friend killed.

The following is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

The three of them are left with no time to mourn as walkers begin to approach from the other side of the bridge. Clementine gathers the axe and begins limping away from the bridge as AJ leads the way with the gun. The two of them are separated from the Ericson student by the walkers, Clementine telling Louis/Violet/Tennessee to run back to the school without them. (Determinant) AJ and Clementine rush to a nearby rock wall and begin to scale it, Clementine helping him climb first to escape the walkers.

As she attempts to follow him, however, a walker manages to grab her injured leg and sinks its teeth into her boot. AJ screams and shoots a few of the walkers beneath them, then shoots the one on her leg. (Determinant) He then helps to pull her up to the top of the rock wall. Clementine collapses, knowing what might have just happened. Despite AJ's frantic calls for her attention, Clementine slowly sits up and inspects her leg, opening the two halves from the seam. She sighs and informs AJ that she had been bitten when she discovers the bite mark at the bottom of her axe wound. Determining to get him to safety, Clementine grabs the axe and drags herself back to her feet, ordering him to "keep moving forward" with her as more walkers begin moving towards them from the top of the wall.

A few minutes later, the two of them find a brief respite from the walkers, long enough for Clementine to tell him that she loves him and she never wants him to forget it. (Determinant) Walkers begin to chase after them again as soon as they discover the barn that James used to house walkers. Clementine struggles to make it inside the barn before AJ helps her walk through the front doors. The two of them try to keep the walkers from following them, with Clementine barely able to keep them from entering while AJ grabs a pitchfork and uses it to bar the doors shut.

The walkers, however, begin to tear at the walls behind the stable doors. Clementine is unable to walk any further, abandoning her axe and crawling to sit at the base of a hay bale. Setting himself, AJ hands her the gun to cover him with while he runs around the barn to seal the stables. After closing three of the four stable doors, though, Clementine rims out of bullets, leading AJ to take her knife and defend Clementine himself. He manages to kill several walkers by himself and seal the final stable door, demonstrating to Clementine that he could take care of himself.

AJ tells her that they need to climb up the hay bales to the second floor in order to lose the herd, but she somberly tells him that she cannot go with him. She calls him her goofball again and tearfully exclaims that she was lucky to have had him. AJ is devastated by her resignation, but Clementine tells him that she needs him to focus and remember the rules for survival she taught him. He recites her first rule: never go alone. She promises him that he won't be alone when he gets back to the school when he tries to ague that he can't leave her because of the first rule.

In order to get him past the herd and back to the school, she tells him to use the axe to cut open one of the walkers they killed in the barn and cover himself in its guts. When he finishes covering himself, she asks him to recite the second rule: shoot monsters in the head when they come. He sadly reports that he was out of bullets and couldn't give her any. Upset, she asks him to recite that last rule, but he refuses. AJ begs her to let him stay with her, even though they would both become walkers if he did. She denies his request, telling him that she wanted him to live for her. (Determinant) She tells him to recall the last rule: what he had to do if she got bit. He again cannot bring himself to say it, forcing Clementine to do it for him.

If Clementine tells him to leave her: Clementine tells him that he can just leave her behind in the barn. If she had told him to shoot her the previous day if they were ever faced with this scenario, she rationalizes it as different when she was actually there, not wanting AJ to have to be the one to do it now. She references what Lee had told her to do many years before, either saying that she didn't want AJ to make the same mistake she made or that she wanted him to do the same thing she did. Crying, AJ drags the axe and turns to leave through the front door, but he suddenly straightens out and decides that he would not let her turn. Hefting the axe over his head- Clementine watching with trepidation- he brings the axe down.

If Clementine tells him to kill her: Clementine tells him that he has to prevent her from turning, even though they were out of bullets. If she had told him to leave her the previous day if they were ever faced with this scenario, she says that she didn't think this would happen so soon. She references what Lee had told her to do many years before, either saying that she didn't want AJ to make the same mistake she made or that she wanted him to do the same thing she did. Crying, AJ raises the axe high over his head as Clementine closes her eyes. Then, closing his eyes too, he brings the axe down.

The following is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Three years earlier, Clementine rides her horse through the ash-filled forest on the outskirts of McCarroll Ranch. The building on fire during a battle between the occupants of the ranch and an unknown invading group, there is death all around the area. Clementine and her horse gallop forward, but a heavily injured man near the entrance of the building shoots her horse, killing it and sending Clementine tumbling to the ground. She manages to return fire before he can shoot her, hitting him in the neck and making him miss with his final bullet. She demands to know where the children are kept in the ranch, (Determinant) but he refuses to answer. (Determinant) She can choose whether or not to finish him off or let him bleed out.

As she passes through the nearly impassable entrance under the rubble, another horrifically burned man startles her from behind and begs for her to kill him to prevent him from feeling any more pain. She questions him as well on where the children can be found, (Determinant) only for the man to incoherently continue to plead for death. After she mercifully shoots him in the head, (Determinant) she notices several people fleeing down a corridor up ahead. One of the armed ranch inhabitants notices her and- thinking that she was one of the attackers- fires on her. Clementine shoots him in the shoulder when he pauses to reload, then rushes forward to grab him before he can attack again. Putting her gun against his chin, she asks where she can find the children. He reveals that they were keeping the children in the nursery down the same corridor the others had fled down, but he tries to stab her while she is distracted. Clementine is forced to kill him, regretting the loss of life over a simple misunderstanding.

Clementine cautiously follows the corridor, passing a few corpses and ducking around fires. She moves around a car blocking most of the way, realizing that the car was in serviceable condition after she finds the radio and lights inside to be working. Leaving it behind for now, Clementine approaches the nursery, following the sound of a woman's frightened voice trying to reassure a child. She opens the door and the two women raise their guns on each other. Clementine is forced to shoot, blood spraying from the bullet wound in her head over a locker behind her. Clementine tries to open the locker after she hears a crying child inside, but she is unable to open it without the key.

She recovers the key from the woman's corpse, then opens the locker and discovers Alvin Jr. inside, covered in the woman's blood and traumatized by the violence. Clementine manages to carry him out of the locker, but he screams again when he sees the corpse beside her. Trying to calm him, she brings him out of the nursery and back to the car she had passed before. She tenderly places him in the passenger seat, then hesitates prior to entering the vehicle herself, thinking about what she had done to get AJ back and what he had seen. McCarroll Ranch burning around them, Clementine sits down in the driver's seat. She cleans his face of the blood and assures him that she would take care of him. With the whole area having been turned into a warzone, she decides that she can't take him back to Richmond. AJ recognizes her and grabs her hands as she drives them both out of the ranch in search of a new home, Clementine promising to never leave him again.

Back in the present, AJ comes to the stream near the school where the students placed traps and uses a spear to try to catch a fish. Shortly thereafter, Rosie joins him on the riverbank, seeming to look inside of the fishing bucket. AJ can comment on what the dog must be doing before turning back to the water and trying two more times to catch the fish. He goes inside the shack to return the spear, then comes back out to take the bucket back to the school.

If Clementine trusted AJ to make the hard choices: AJ goes to leave, but he sees Clementine's hat floating in the stream. He fails to retrieve it without entering the water, chasing after it with panicked breaths before Rosie jumps into the water and grabs it. AJ thanks the dog for fetching it, taking the hat and noting how dirty it was. As he prepares to leave again, he sees a walker in the woods blocking his path. He draws his gun, but he notices the bullet hole in its neck and the fresh blood on its body, recognizing it as Tennessee. He sadly regards his friend, thinking back on what Clementine had taught him about dealing with walkers. (Determinant) AJ can either put down Tennessee with his gun or let him wander away, but either way, AJ is saddened to be reminded of what he had done. He grabs the bucket he had brought and leaves with Rosie.

If Clementine did not trust AJ with the responsibility: AJ and Rosie encounter Tennessee outside of the shack, the first time he had been seen by any of the students of the school since the events on the bridge. Tennessee apologizes for getting one of their friends killed and for causing things to go wrong for them all of the time. He asks for AJ's forgiveness, which AJ can give or decline. Tennessee presents Clementine's lost hat to AJ, explaining that he had found it in the river while he was missing.

AJ accepts the hat, noting how dirty it was. Tennessee admits that he couldn't come back to the school at first because he was ashamed of himself, but he had changed his mind after discovering the dead bodies of Minerva and Louis/Violet. (Determinant) He asks AJ if he remembers the drawing he made for him showing him and his family together again, then says that he realized that it was stupid of him to think that it could have been real. AJ can offer to help teach him how to survive by the rules he had learned from Clementine or refuse to teach his friend how to change. Ruby arrives and is shocked to see Tennessee alive. She embraces him and takes him back to the school, AJ and Rosie following after a few moments.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

AJ carries the fish bucket through the woods, Rosie paddling along behind him. He walks in contemplative silence, a leaf falling into his bucket. He lifts the leaf out and holds it up to the sunlight, then drops it and sees the school in front of him. As he grows closer to the school, he sees all of the other survivors in the woods in front of the gate. Aasim returns from the hunting traps and finds Ruby replacing some of the walker traps, the two leaving had-in-hand. Omar ties Abel's corpse to a tree with a sign next to it warning off trespassers. Willy descends from the top of a tree after finishing with his trap installation. Louis/Violet waves them all inside from the watchtower behind the walls. (Determinant) AJ enter along with Rosie and closes the gate behind him.

AJ somberly walks over to Omar and hands him the fish bucket while he is preparing for dinner. As he quietly walks away, he is suddenly greeted by Clementine, still alive after AJ had cut off her bitten leg and taken her back to the school. She approaches him on wooden crutches, AJ excited to see her walking again and hugging her gleefully. He shows her that he had her hat and offers it back to her, but she declines after a moment, telling him that he should keep it if he wanted. She then leads him over to the graveyard, showing off a new tire swing that Willy had helped her put in place. The two of them enjoy the new swing, Clementine pushing him high into the air. AJ hugs her again and the two of them join the other students for dinner, passing by the fresh grave dug for Louis/Violet/Tennessee after his/her death on the bridge. (Determinant)

The surviving students share a hearty meal full of laughs in the schoolyard, AJ and Louis/Violet (whichever one was abducted from the school) sharing a glance to indicate that he/she was alright after their injuries on the boat. (Determinant) Clementine shares a joke with that same student, laughing herself. If Tennessee had survived, AJ shows him out to use a pistol, sharing the lesson Clementine had given him about using guns. Alternatively, Clementine converses with whoever she and AJ had been separated from after the bridge about a group of fifteen or so survivors they had spotted nearby, the two of them asking AJ to go with a few other students to see if the group was friendly.

Clementine asks AJ to speak with her for a moment, sitting down on the steps in front of the school. She comments on her missing leg and speculates that she likely would not have survived if the two of them had been alone outside of the walls. She fears that she would never be able to defend herself again now that she had to use crutches to walk, which AJ can comfort her over or offer hope. Clementine admits to him that she had been scared for a long time with him every time she had told him that she was unsure that they would ever find a home.

Nearly coming to tears, she asks him if he thought she had done a good job in taking care of him now that she could no longer do it. AJ can either assure her that she did well or not, but Clementine quickly recovers her emotions and tells him that he was right for not listening to her in the barn. Depending on whether or not she trusted him to make the hard choices, she will either say that she was right to trust him or apologize for not trusting him and saying that she was wrong. AJ replies that it was because of her that he could make those choices now, then thanks her for all she had done for him. Clementine regards the other children in the schoolyard, happy and seemingly carefree, and sighs in relief, having finally found a place to call home.

AJ walks back into the dorms with Rosie, passing through the hall with Clementine's hat in his possession. He lets Rosie into his room, the dog going to settle under Clementine's bed. AJ has the option of placing any souvenirs he and Clementine had recovered during their travels and interacting with the ones Clementine had placed around the room already. (Determinant) AJ reflects upon his journey before placing Clementine's hat down on the dresser between their beds. Rosie goes over to the door, causing AJ to follow and go back outside.


  • Skin Mask: This will be found by AJ if Lilly was spared in "Broken Toys" when he and Clementine escape the Delta's ship. This can also be obtained if Clementine told James anything other than that he can't force his philosophy onto others if Lilly was killed.
  • Calypso Cauliflower: This can be found in the cave near a walker's corpse next to the stream.
  • Crystal: This can be found near the log that Clementine uses to get her, AJ, Tenn, and James (Determinant) across the stream.
  • Skull Fragment: This can be found by AJ in the fishing cabin next to an oven.

In-Game Decisions

Did you trust AJ to make his own decisions?

  • 59% of players trusted AJ to make his own decisions.
  • 41% of players told AJ he wasn't ready to make his own decisions.

What did you decide to add to Louis' imaginary house? (Louis route)

  • 38% of players decided to add a skylight to Louis' imaginary house.
  • 31% of players decided to add a tree house to Louis' imaginary house.
  • 15% of players decided to add a statue of yourself to Louis' imaginary house.
  • 15% of let Louis decide on the last flourish for his imaginary house.

How did you rename the school? (Violet route)

  • 55% of players let Violet rename the school herself.
  • 18% of players renamed the school "Castle Violet" despite her protests.
  • 18% of players renamed the school "Happy Sunshine Land" with Violet.
  • 9% of players renamed the school "Rotting Shithole" with Violet.

What did you ask AJ?

  • 57% of players asked AJ to kill you rather than let you become a walker.
  • 43% of players asked AJ to leave you and let you become a walker.

Did you agree to teach Tenn? (Tenn alive)

  • 64% of players agreed to teach Tenn to be like you.
  • 36% of players refused to teach Tenn to be like you.

How did you deal with Tenn? (Tenn walker)

  • 71% of players shot Tenn after he became a walker.
  • 29% of players spared Tenn after he became a walker.

Ending Stats

Relationship Statuses

  • Lilly
    • You left her feeling Shamed ([Shoot her] three times / said she's pathetic / you'll kill her if you see her again)
    • You left her feeling Regretful (told her good luck / stayed silent)
    • She is Dead (if A.J. shot her in "Broken Toys")
  • Louis
    • You left him feeling Shaken (if you saved Violet in "Suffer The Children")
    • You left him feeling Loved (if you romanced him in "Suffer The Children")
    • You left him feeling Humbled (if you rejected him in "Suffer The Children")
    • He is Dead (if you didn't trust A.J. to make the hard calls)
  • Violet
    • You left her feeling Shaken (if you saved Louis in "Suffer The Children")
    • You left her feeling Loved (if you romanced her in "Suffer The Children")
    • You left her feeling Vulnerable (if you rejected her in "Suffer The Children")
    • She is Dead (if you didn't trust A.J. to make the hard calls)
  • Tenn
    • You left him feeling Repentant (A.J. promises to teach him)
    • You left him feeling Valued (A.J. doesn't promise to teach him)
    • He is Dead (if you trusted A.J. to make the hard calls)
  • James
    • You left him feeling Conflicted (said he can't force it on people)
    • You left him feeling Disgusted (said the way he thinks is dangerous)
    • You left him feeling Infuriated (said it's a childish philosophy)
    • He is Dead (if A.J. spared Lilly in "Broken Toys").

Relationship Details

  • Tenn
    • First Sentence
      • Tenn was happy you let him draw you in his picture of the afterlife.
      • Tenn was sad that you wouldn't let him draw you into his picture of the afterlife.
    • Second Sentence
      • He was bitter when you called Marlon a coward.
      • He felt resentful when you revealed Marlon's weakness as a leader.
      • He felt powerless when you exposed Marlon's crimes.
    • Third Sentence
      • Tenn felt hopeful after sharing his belief that the "walker age" will end someday.
      • Tenn was crushed when you said everyone would be dead before the walker age ended.
      • Tenn was dispirited when you called him delusional for believing walkers will disappear someday.
  • Violet
    • First Sentence
      • Violet was touched when you described her as a close friend.
      • Violet was exhilarated when you confessed your feelings for her.
      • Violet was content after you spent time alone with her.
      • Violet was disappointed that you chose to spend time with Louis instead of her.
    • Second Sentence
      • She felt vengeful after she watched the raiders take Louis.
      • She fell into a rage after her capture.
    • Third Sentence (determinant)
      • Violet was embarrassed when you didn't want to hear why she was sent to Ericson.
      • Violet felt understood after you expressed sympathy about her reason for coming to Ericson.
      • Violet felt regretful after you said her reason for coming to Ericson was fucked up.
      • Violet was heavy-hearted after telling everyone why she was sent to Ericson.
    • Fourth Sentence (determinant)
      • She was grief-stricken about Tenn.
  • Louis
    • First Sentence
      • Louis was revitalized when you said you consider him a friend.
      • Louis was astonished when you said you had feelings for him.
      • Louis was content after you spent time alone with him.
      • Louis felt discouraged when you chose to spend time with Violet instead of him.
    • Second Sentence
      • He was wracked by guilt when the raiders captured Violet.
      • He was traumatized after his capture.
    • Third Sentence (determinant)
      • Louis was embarrassed when you didn't want to hear why he was sent to Ericson.
      • Louis was calmed when you were sympathetic to his story about how he was sent to Ericson.
      • Louis felt exposed when you told him his past was fucked up.
      • Louis felt uncomfortable when you made a joke after he shared the reason he was sent to Ericson.
      • Louis felt vulnerable when you didn't respond to his story about his past.
    • Fourth Sentence (determinant)
      • Tenn's death has left him feeling devastated.
  • Lilly
    • First Sentence
      • Lilly thought she might have been able to sway you to her cause. (If you accepted her help to stand in "Suffer The Children")
      • Lilly knew you were going to be a problem when you were finally reunited. (If you declined her help to stand in "Suffer The Children")
    • Second Sentence
      • She realized AJ's potential as a soldier almost immediately. (If you said anything else than AJ knew how to handle himself in "Suffer The Children")
      • She came to realize AJ's potential as a soldier. (If you said AJ knew how to handle himself in "Suffer The Children")
  • James
    • First Sentence (determinant)
      • James was thankful that you respected his beliefs and spared the walkers.
      • James was understanding that you only killed the walkers you had to.
      • James was frustrated that you killed all of the walkers in his camp.
    • Second Sentence
      • James felt elated when you said there might be more to walkers.
      • James was disenchanted that you didn't see there being more to walkers.
    • Third Sentence
      • James was relieved when you said you wouldn't let AJ become a killer.
      • James hoped you would listen to his concerns about AJ.

What Clem Taught AJ

  • First Lesson
    • The first thing you do when you enter a new place is to find the easiest way out.
    • The first thing you do when you find a new place is to find somewhere to hide.
    • The first thing you do when you enter a new place is to check all the windows.
  • Second Lesson
    • Always aim for the head.
    • Always save the last bullet for yourself.
    • Never hesitate.
  • Third Lesson
    • When you have to apologize, be as honest as you can, even if it's really hard.
    • When you have to apologize, tell a joke first. It's hard to be mad and laughing at the same time.
    • There's no right way to apologize.
    • When you have to apologize, be super duper nice. Go way over the top.
  • Fourth Lesson
    • Try not to burp or fart at dinner.
    • Try not to burp or fart at dinner, but sometimes you can if you think it's funny.
    • It's totally okay to burp after a big meal. It's funny.
    • Eat real slow or you might accidentally burp or fart real bad or choke.
  • Fifth Lesson
    • It's not nice to take other people's stuff.
    • Sometimes it's okay to take other people's stuff.
    • Don't let people take your stuff or it makes you look soft.
  • Sixth Lesson
    • Sometimes you have to let people steal your stuff to avoid a big fight.
    • If people try to steal from you, it's okay to try and kill them.
  • Seventh Lesson
    • Sleeping in a bed is way better than sleeping on the ground.
    • Sleeping in a bed is way better than sleeping on the ground. Trust me.
  • Eighth Lesson
    • I was wrong to kill Marlon because he wasn't a threat when I shot him.
      • But Lilly wasn't a threat when I shot her and that was okay. It gets confusing. (determinant)
    • I was justified in killing Marlon because he was a monster.
      • It was the same with Lilly. (determinant)
  • Ninth Lesson
    • If you have to atone something, it's hard, but people will forgive you.
    • If you're justified, you've got nothing to apologize for.
  • Tenth Lesson
    • Whenever you're scared, just remember to breathe.
    • When you're scared, just tell fear to fuck off.
    • Whenever you're scared, just try to push through it.
  • Eleventh Lesson
    • The monsters won't be here forever.
    • The monsters will be here forever. No one's coming to save the day.
    • We'll all be dead before the monsters ever go away.
  • Twelfth lesson
    • Sometimes you have to show mercy to the bad people.
    • Sometimes torturing people is okay, I guess.
  • Thirteenth Lesson
    • You can never get rid of your trauma.
    • If you got trauma, just punch it in the mouth.
    • Doctors can help you with your trauma, but I think they're all dead.
  • Fourteenth Lesson
    • There's no such thing as a monster-self.
    • I thought maybe there were people inside monsters, but that's dumb. There's nothing in them at all.
    • There might still be people inside of walkers, but we don't know that for sure.
  • Fifteenth Lesson
    • If your grandma is dying, stop watching cartoons.
    • You can be happy, or you can be rich. You can't have both.
    • If someone asks you to tell something real bad they did a long time ago, say no thanks.
  • Sixteenth Lesson
    • Firefighters have to make the hard calls.
      • And the hard calls are always unfair.
    • Growing up too fast can make you seem scary, but people still have to trust you to make the hard calls.
      • And the hard calls are always unfair.
    • Even people who love you your whole life might not trust you with the big things.
      • And that can make you freeze up.
  • First Determinant Lesson
    • Killing is never easy or fun, so take it real seriously.
  • Second Determinant Lesson
    • Rock, paper, scissors can solve arguments.
  • Third Determinant Lesson
    • Lying can help if you really need something.



Season 1

"Long Road Ahead"

  • If Lee let Lilly back onto the RV, Clementine can mention how she took the RV and left while she floats away. (Determinant) If he abandoned her and Clementine accuses her of abandoning her people when they need her the most, Lilly says that she learned how to do that when Lee abandoned her. (Determinant)

"No Time Left"

  • If Clementine didn't put Lee down but asks AJ to put her down she'll mention she doesn't want AJ to make the same mistake. If Clementine did put Lee down but ask AJ to leave her, she'll mention she doesn't want AJ to go through with it like she did.

Season 2

"No Going Back"

  • Clementine will have a missing ring finger on her left hand if she went alone with AJ.
    • If Clementine stops AJ from attacking Dorian in "Broken Toys", she will have unique conversation with either Louis or Violet about their lost fingers.
  • Clementine will have a faded scar on her right cheek if she stayed at Wellington.
  • Clementine will have a faded scar on her forehead if she left Wellington with Kenny.
  • Clementine will have "AJ" inked on her left hand if she stayed with Jane at Howe's Hardware.

Season 4

  • Clementine will have in her room any collectibles she has collected and put up.

"Done Running"

  • Tenn's drawing will appear in Clementine's room if she put it up. The drawing will have Tenn's siblings, Sophie and Minerva, alongside AJ and Clementine. (Determinant)
  • If Clementine told AJ he can keep Tenn's box of pencils, it will be seen in their room.
  • AJ will openly swear if Clementine said it was okay.
  • When AJ tells Clementine they can be walkers together, he mentions the couple tied to each other at the train station and will have different dialogue based on whether Clementine left them alone or not.
  • AJ will have different dialogue when Clementine shows him the swing depending on if Clementine interacted with it in this episode.
  • Abel will be missing his left arm if Clementine pushed him into the walkers at the train station.
  • AJ will have different dialogue when teaching or shooting Tenn depending on what Clementine told him after he found a bullet in the train station.
  • If Clementine inspected the tire swing at the train station AJ can remark on how he thought it was a trap when he first saw it.

"Suffer The Children"

  • Depending on if you confessed your feelings or not to Louis or Violet, they will either treat you as a romantic interest, as a close friend, or the same if you choose to remain quiet.
  • If Clementine told AJ was justified for killing Marlon, and told him killing was wrong in the cave, he says Clementine doesn't make sense.
    • Additionally if Clementine told AJ he was justified for killing Marlon and told him not to kill Lilly, he'll bring that up.
  • AJ will be wearing the shirt that the player chose among the ones provided by Louis.
    • The options are a Disco Broccoli shirt, Ericson's boarding school sports shirt, or a Science Dog shirt.
  • Louis will have a gunshot wound on his upper left arm if Clementine called for Violet to shoot Lilly outside the safe zone. Lilly will have an arrow wound on her shoulder.
  • If Clementine did not save Violet from being kidnapped during the Delta's raid, she will hold a grudge against her that leads to a form of betrayal near the end of "Broken Toys". If the two had previously became romantically involved, then the two will no longer be together, due to the fact Violet reconnects with Minerva. After Minerva's breakdown and eventual death, once they return to the school, Violet forgives Clementine. If the two were romantically involved, they get back together.
  • If Clementine did not save Violet from being kidnapped during Delta's raid, this will lead to Violet temporarily being blinded at the start of "Take Us Back" due burns she sustained trying to disable the bomb in the boiler Clementine's group had set. Later in the episode, it will be learned that Violet lost all vision in her right eye and the left one is healing. She will wear a bandage over her blinded eye for the last part of the episode.
  • If Clementine chooses to save Violet from being kidnapped during the Delta's raid, Dorian will appear at the start of the episode before being devoured by walkers.
  • If Clementine saved Violet during the Delta raid, she will receive a pin-badge in "Broken Toys" depending on their relationship together. If the two were neutral (Clementine spent time with Louis or remained silent when Violet asks about their relationship), she will not reward her with any form of badge. If they became close friends, the badge will have a picture of a Clementine on it. If they became romantically involved, it will have stars instead. Clementine will still be wearing it during this episode if she was given one.
  • If Louis was captured by the Delta during the raid, he will have no lines, due to his tongue cut out off-screen by the Delta in "Broken Toys" for talking too much during his imprisonment.
  • If Clementine chooses to save Louis from being kidnapped during the Delta's raid, it will result in Dorian's death during "Broken Toys", meaning she will not appear during this episode. Otherwise, she will appear at the start of the episode before being devoured by walkers.
  • Whoever was saved out of Violet or Louis during the Delta's raid will accompany Clementine during the parts of the episode near, and on, the bridge.
  • Depending on what Clementine told Lilly at the school when the latter held her at gunpoint, Lilly will either mock Clementine for not killing her or claim that they are even. (Determinant)

"Broken Toys"

  • Abel's walker will be tied to a tree outside of Ericson's if Clementine let him turn or his dead body if she chose to mercy kill him.
  • If Clementine chooses to stop AJ before he attacks Dorian, the survivor you saved out of Violet and Louis during the Delta's raid in "Suffer The Children" will be missing their left pinkie finger.
  • If Clementine chooses to allow AJ to attack Dorian, AJ will have a cut on his cheek. Dorian should technically have a piece of her left ear missing, however, she is never seen up-close enough to tell.
  • If Lilly was spared during this episode, she will be seen alive fleeing from the Delta's sinking ship on a raft. AJ will find James' mask in the water just before the encounter with Lilly, with him appearing as a walker later in the episode. After seeing James as a walker, AJ will drop his belief that there may be part of people still inside walkers.
  • If Clementine told AJ to kill Lilly in this episode, her bullet-filled body will be seen sliding off the deck of the Delta's ship early on. James will still be alive, and he will assist Clementine for the first part of the episode but eventually confronting her about telling AJ to kill Lilly when in the caves. He will chose to stay behind and make sure the walkers don't follow or find his own path out of the cave angrily depending on how the confrontation was resolved.
  • If Clementine chose to only knock out Armando, he will appear alive in the background this episode before quickly being devoured by walkers. However, if killed, he will appear as a walker out of the water near the Delta's ship. The situation is the same for Michael depending on Clementine's choice with him, if she avoids him by using the Delta's correct password "Rockingham" that she obtained from Abel, (Determinant) the outcome is the same as if she knocked him out.



  • First (and last) appearance of Rodney. (Flashback)
  • First (and last) appearance of Lloyd. (Flashback)
  • First (and last) appearance of Helen. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Clementine.
  • Last appearance of Alvin Jr.
  • Last appearance of Violet.
  • Last appearance of Louis.
  • Last appearance of Tennessee.
  • Last appearance of Ruby.
  • Last appearance of Willy.
  • Last appearance of Aasim.
  • Last appearance of Omar.
  • Last appearance of Rosie.
  • Last appearance of Minerva.
  • Last appearance of Eddie. (Flashback)
  • Last appearance of Gina.
  • Last appearance of Gad.
  • Last appearance of Sullene.
  • Last appearance of Dorian. (If Violet is saved in "Suffer The Children")
  • Last appearance of James. (Alive or Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Lilly. (Alive or Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Abel. (Zombified or Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Michael. (Alive or Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Armando. (Alive or Zombified)
  • Last mention of Sophie.
  • This episode is named after the song of the same name, "Take Us Back" by Alela Diane. This song was played during the credits of the final episode of Season 1. This song plays again during this episode, as AJ returns to the school after his fishing trip.
  • This episode marks the return of Eddie since his last appearance in "Wyatt's Story" of 400 Days.
  • The song that plays on the car radio during the McCarroll Ranch flashback is a song by episode director Chris Rebbert's band, Unicornicopia called "Scannin' for Cheeks".
  • This is the only episode of The Final Season not to have an achievement dedicated to Rosie.
  • This episode has the fewest achievements out of all other episodes in the Season, with only 9: 3 playthrough based and 6 optional.
  • This is the first and only episode in Season 4 where Clementine (and the player) wields a gun.
  • The trailer for this episode was the first and only trailer to show a living human character being killed, this being Gad, who was shot in the face with an arrow by Clementine.
  • This is the first and only episode of The Walking Dead that allow players to control two characters in a single moment of action.
  • This is the only episode to have Alvin Jr. as a playable character.
  • The method used by Alvin Jr. to save Clementine’s life in the barn was explained in a Reddit post written by in his perspective by lead writer of the episode, Michael Kirkbride. [1]
  • If you killed Michael and/or Armando in "Broken Toys", then they won't be with the rest of the Delta, but the walkers that devour them will still appear and won't devour anyone.
  • This is the only episode of Season 4 where characters are killed by walkers.
  • In the cave, if you look at the stream, then the wood pile, and then the stream again, a walker on a water tube will float on by with a "Huh" in the top left corner.
  • At the end of the episode, Alvin Jr. has the option of looking at Disco Broccoli several times. In his final look at the toy, he will give a modified version of replicant Roy Batty's "Tears in rain" monologue from Blade Runner, inserting several plot points from this season including:
    • Clementine not collecting a can of beans from the train station.
    • Clementine killing to retrieve him from McCarroll Ranch.
    • A.J. killing Marlon.
  • If Clementine collected and placed the sketch toy in her room in the previous episode, it will have an image of Randy Tudor's mustache with a caption reading "Powerful 'Stache" below it. This continue the running joke easter eggs throughout the series of Randy's facial hair.
  • If James died in "Broken Toys", the back of his grave can be shown in certain shots right next to Ms. Martin's grave.
  • Interestingly, the season's choices catalogue shown at the end of the episode lists the events on the bridge as a choice Clementine made, even though it is a direct result of a choice she previously made in the cave (which is also shown).
  • Of the four choices Clementine makes in this episode that are recounted in the credits, the player does not have the option to remain silent for any of them.
  • If the player is controlling Clementine and AJ is killed at the barn by walkers, the non-canon death triggers a "Game Over" screen rather than the usual "You Are Dead" screen for non-canon deaths.
  • In the epilogue, Clementine and A.J. are sitting on the steps of the school in the same positions as Marlon and Brody with Rosie behind them in "Done Running", signifying their roles as the new leader and second-in-command respectively.

Goofs & Errors

  • Minerva/AJ/Clementine holds a SIG-Sauer P250 Compact .45 which holds up to 10 bullets. They shoot with the gun more than 10 times during the episode and none of them is seen reloading the weapon after Minerva did it in the bridge.
    • Also, oddly enough, Minerva can shoot infinitely on the bridge, but when fighting Clementine she have to reload the pistol.
  • The extent of the blast of a grenade is quite large, and even jumping a few centimeters within the range of the explosion, neither Clementine or AJ were hit as they were supposed to be.
  • If Tennessee is alive, a drawing can seen on Violet or Louis' grave, however Tenn wouldn't have time to draw it as he has just returned to the school.
  • If AJ repeatedly looks at Disco Broccoli at the end of the episode, the toy appears to change position and direction, though this may have been intentional.
  • Clementine's bow disappears and reappears twice while she is escaping from the pier.
  • When trying to escape to Alvin Jr. and Tennessee from the walkers, Clementine is not able to use arrows because she does not have any left. She somehow has arrows to use when on the bridge.
  • The corpses of walkers in the barn after AJ and Clementine kill them move or disappear. Sometimes, blood spatter from their bodies hitting the ground can still be seen even after they disappear.

Deleted Sequences

  • In a early version of the episode, Tenn would be directly responsible for Clementine being bit. Depending on your cave choices with AJ, Tenn would try to attack Clementine with an axe or make a heroic sacrifice at the barn. The shack scene would be the same as if Tenn lived/died.
  • If Violet was captured, she would be the antagonist at the beach instead of having a burnt eye. She would get into a fist fight with Clementine and be forced to come back to the school or vanish into the distance. A large reason for this sequence being changed was due to many players seeing her reaction to being rescued in "Broken Toys" as rather unfair (Determinant) and the writters wanted to make her seem more redeemable compared to Louis' far more understanding reaction. (Determinant)
  • Towards the end of the episode, Clementine would have been seen sleeping and had one final dream sequence with Lee, this time in her treehouse (the first place they hid) and discuss the matters of the episode with her getting everyone out safely with the exception of Louis/Violet/Tenn. (Determinant) A Kenny flashback was also said to be in the works but was scrapped as his final appearance in "Thicker Than Water" brought a closure to his character.
    • Some textures of Clementine's house from the planned scene are still present inside the game files, mainly of overgrown walls.
  • James was said to reappear in the shack with AJ after he stayed behind in the cave, commenting on how he can still make a difference, this was cut as it didn't feel majorly necessary to the plot.
  • Omar was going to die on the bridge before Minnie was planned to. This was cut as it would've been much weaker for scaring Tenn.
  • Minerva was going to be accepted back into the school but was cut as she was a "broad idea" and not well developed as a character yet. Thus, the developers gave her a tragic end to give her closure.


  • Sometimes the option to jump the truck to reach the broken bridge will not appear, forcing the player to restart the whole episode in order to proceed the game.
  • Sometimes, Minerva can kill Clementine even if she is covered behind the truck.
  • The fight scene with the horde and Minerva can glitch and turn into an endless loop, forcing the player to restart the game.

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For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
Red blood.jpg
Red Water
Completed Act One.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Do ur final lesson.jpg
Final Lesson
Completed Act Two.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Leader of the savior lol.jpg
Completed Act Three.
PSN - Gold Trophy
XBLA - 25 Gamer Points
Rip clementine.jpg
Did all you could.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Family photo 4.jpg
You and Me
Came full circle.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Season 2 possible flashback.jpg
Better Life
Said you'd never leave.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
The bomb is running.jpg
Time Bomb
Found Clem's hat.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Survivor of the month.jpg
Found all Episode Four collectibles.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Telltale stop making games.jpg
Home at Last
Placed all Episode Four collectibles.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points


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