Are we sure this is Adam? Campman said they lost him and couldn't find him. Gboy4 (talk) 15:10, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

I can't agree more with you man, plus, campman said Adam was a young little boy, this guy is a teenager Gangr (talk) 15:16, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah I wasn't exactly sure. I thought it was implication since his undead wife was in a bowling bag. I just assumed Elizabeth was dead already. So I don't really know for sure. Hallowseve15 (talk) 15:18, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah but they didn't find Adam, and if that was Adam then Campman would have died earlier or he would have been kept in the apartment. Gboy4 (talk) 15:25, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Did Campman say they actually FOUND Adam? Gboy4 (talk) 18:01, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Why is his status dead? It should be put to Unknown since they never found him. Gangr (talk) 18:16, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

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