Why this dog should come back

This dog's status is unknown and we never really got a dog character on the show. And besides, imagine how nice it would be for there to be a dog on the show.

My Opinion

OK, So I think the dog got bitten but It managed to get away somehow. Serioudly. Did you see all the zombies at the door? I don't think it would of escpaed without a scratch or a bite and think about it, the zombies would of been feasting, not crowding the door when Daryl opened it. 

and also, If the dog is alive and well, it should defiantly be in terminus :) It'll be fate :3

Anyways, thats my opinion... :) 

A Zombie Ate Perry's Signature ☺₯ (talk) 19:55, March 16, 2014 (UTC)

i think this dog is very important and should have its own page just like any other characters

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