So, the issues are out of array.

It'd read easier if they were 01, 02, 03 ... instead of 1. 10, 11, 12.

the category listing is fuct.

Did the Bandit survive?

So the show made it pretty clear that the guy who shot Rick is dead, but we never actually saw what happened this guy in the comic. I admit, he's most likely dead, but is it possible he was only arrested? It might be interesting if Rick met up with him again at some point. He's a character who frequently reflects on the past, yet he's never brought up the guy who shot him. The guy who took away whatever time he could've spent enjoying the last days before everything went to hell, and he's never once referenced him. I don't know if anyone's ever thought about or blogged about this already (I'm an infrequent blogger), but it's just a thought I've had.