Just for fun...Storylines

I feel like with The Walking dead, every major antagonist & storyline so far has basically explored how different groups of people adapt to the zombie apocalypse. Yes, we have optimistic peacefaring places like Alexandria, The Kingdom, Hilltop, etc. But all of the major conflicts that have happened arose due to people's "negative" reactions to how to survive in the zombie world.

You have someone like the Governor who is power-hungry and has uncontrollable blood-lust, you have cannibals like the hunters AKA Terminus. We have groups like the Marauders who just kill and take your stuff for their own survival, you a have mob-family pay-for-protection type situation with the Saviors (made infinitely more interesting with the dynamics and personality of Negan), and you have people like The Whispers who revert to almost an animal like state, the way "we're supposed to be", almost entirely giving up what makes us human to begin with.

Every major storyline has answered the question: how does a certain person or group of people come to accept the way this new world is? My question is, just for fun, what other kind of group dynamics can you think of that would be interesting to see in the world of The Walking Dead? I honestly can't think of a brand new dynamic or theme that hasn't already been touched upon in some major way.

HalberdBanryu (talk) 18:07, November 3, 2015 (UTC)


I'm curious as to why this wiki doesn't recognize Tony Moore as co-creator of the comic. Darth Prefect (talk) 19:29, October 19, 2017 (UTC)