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"Man, seeing Tammy Lynne like that... I remember her playing with hand-me-down Barbie's. Cute as a button."
—Ed remembering Tammy Lynne at happier times[src]

Tammy Lynne is a unseen character mentioned in The Walking Dead Social Game. She is Ed's cousin and was killed in the outbreak.


Atlanta, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Tammy Lynne prior to the outbreak, except that she and Trucker played together when they were younger. She also had children.


Fight or Flight

Nothing is known about Tammy Lynne after the outbreak, except that she and her children were killed and turned into zombies, then put down by Trucker and the hero player while on a quest to get a portable generator.


Killed By

After the outbreak Tammy, along with her family were attacked at her home and became infected, later turning into a zombie.

  • Ed (Determinant, Zombified)
  • Hero Player (Determinant, Zombified)

After a while, the hero player and Ed search the house for supplies. Just after disposing the undead, Ed begins to remember where he is and points out his now dead cousin, bring him to tears and later causing him to go through depression.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tammy has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Spencer Andrea

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  • Though Tammy Lynne is not actually seen as a zombie and is only pointed out in dialogue with Ed. It is assumed that she was put down by either the hero or Ed himself.
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