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Tank Town is a location that appears in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It was formerly owned by Morgan's group until the takeover by Virginia and her Pioneers. It is later destroyed when a new well blows, because of a mysterious group of survivors that leave the message "The End is The Beginning" all over the place in an attack organized by Derek.


Before the outbreak, Tank Town was a place called Lonesome Quarry.


Season 5

"Ner Tamid"

Tank Town will appear in this episode.

"Leave What You Don't"

Luciana, Dom, and Pete are the ones ensuring operations at Tank Town are running smoothly by pumping oil from the ground and converting to fuel. After Logan and his crew finally discover the location of Tank Town, they take over the oilfield at gunpoint. However, operations spiral out of control, forcing the survivors to work together to regain control after Doris and Logan's other henchmen flee. Just as operations at Tank Town are under control, Logan's crew attempt to take it away from the caravan survivors, but have a change of heart when suddenly they are gunned down by Virginia and her army of Pioneers. They declare that they will be taking over Tank Town, with Luciana volunteering to stay behind and keep operations going.

Season 6

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

Tank Town was destroyed in a mysterious attack by someone on the inside. Dozens of workers managed to escape Tank Town after the initial attack, though many were injured and in need of medical attention, including Pete. Approximately thirty workers and guards were killed, including many of the injured survivors that Luciana and the others attempted to rescue. Mary Anne and the other injured in the medical trailer awaiting evacuation had succumbed to their wounds and turned on each other, leaving no survivors. With the fires out of control, the oil well eventually caught fire and ignited a huge explosion that leveled much of Tank Town, leaving it completely in ruins.

"The Holding"

While searching Derek's bunk for clues, Al and Wes discover several hidden maps including some belonging to CRM and one with the coordinates of Tank Town on it. In a notebook amongst Derek's belongings, Al finds logs of when Virginia was sending people to Tank Town, proving that the Doomsday Cult was keeping track of their movements as well as of other settlements.

When Wes goes to confront his brother, he sees him painting a mural of several places, including Tank Town. Wes realizes that it was Derek who organized the attack on Tank Town and the other communities, but Derek insists that it was necessary as humanity has to start over and they can't until everything and everyone is gone. Wes reveals his presence at Tank Town when it was destroyed as well as his shrapnel wound and he attempts to learn if Derek knew that he was present at the time and still attacked anyways. Derek claims that he didn't know and would've gotten Wes out if he'd known, but he still would've killed everyone as its what Teddy wants.


Searching for leads on the Doomsday Cult, June visits the remains of Tank Town where "The End is The Beginning" has been painted on the entrance road to the old quarry and smoke appears to still be coming from the tunnel. June marks Tank Town off on a map and examines a truck full of empty gasoline containers when Dwight arrives, looking to help her. June expresses remorse for going into Tank Town to help instead of leaving with John when he'd asked before Sherry arrives as well and begins looking through the containers in the truck. June informs Sherry that all of the gas is gone, suggesting that the cult had taken it when they had spray-painted the road.

The trio suddenly comes under fire from a nearby hillside, drawing the attention of a small herd of walkers. As Dwight and Sherry deal with the herd, June climbs the hillside and is abducted by their assailant, John Dorie Sr., who had also come to Tank Town looking for clues on the cult. After dispatching the walkers, Dwight and Sherry leave in pursuit of their missing friend.





Fear the Walking Dead

Season 5

Season 6


  • The real world location can be found here.
  • In "The Beginning", Daniel executes Rollie for being a cult spy after asking Luciana in Spanish if she thinks that the Tank Town traitors should live.
  • There's a slight inconsistency in the in-universe location of Tank Town.
    • In Virginia's settlement map in "Today and Tomorrow", as well as the Outcasts' map in "Honey", we're led to believe Tank Town is located in or near Midkiff, Texas. The former is indicated by five out of six of the keys on Virginia's map being labeled, with one remaining unlabeled alluding to the newly acquired Tank Town, and the latter being that the same location is noted on the Outcasts' map of Virginia's settlements.
    • However, this is later contradicted in both "Handle With Care" and "The Holding" when it's revealed Tank Town is supposedly two days north of Dallas, and the coordinates of its exact location found at the Holding reveal it to be Como, Texas.
    • Although it's unknown why this contradiction took place, it's possible that the unlabeled key in Virginia's propaganda film, as well as the key on the Outcast map simply reference a different settlement, or the location was changed to match the general area of the relevant locations in Season 6. This also isn't the only inconsistency in both the number and locations of Virginia's settlements, as seemingly a number of new colonies have been acquired by the network in Season 6 as per the Outcasts' map.