The Taylor Residence or house is the major location of the first two chapters of The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning. The house is owned by Gary Taylor who lives along with his daughter, Patty.


King County, Georgia

Before the apocalypse, Shane spent a lot of time with Patty in high school and they both started to date each other. They spent a great deal of time together that her dad, Gary, was warming up to Shane and liked him dating his daughter. Shane asked Patty out to prom but after high school, the couple broke up. Patty continues to live with her father at the house and started dating another man named Paul who eventually moved in with her.

Chapter One & Two

Just before everything went chaotic due to the outbreak, Shane was seen responding to a domestic disturbance call at this home. When he arrives, he finds that Gary shot Paul because he attacked his daughter and he was protecting her. Not believing what he did, Gary tries to run away but is chased around the house by Shane until he is finally able to convince him to go to the King County Sheriff's Department police station.



After hearing that the outbreak is continuing to grow to epidemic proportions, Shane states that he will travel to Atlanta after he checks on Rick. Leon says he will stay in the town and take care of Gary Taylor. Gary most likely headed back to his house to pack up and prepare to be evacuated however the fate of Gary and the house is unknown.





  • Paul - Infected and shot by Gary Taylor.



  • Gary owns a shotgun and a cat at his house.
  • When chasing Gary around the house, it is possible to be killed and lose the game.
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