This article is about the Assault character. You may be looking for the Comic Series character.

Ted is a character in the mobile app, The Walking Dead: Assault.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Ted's life before or as the outbreak started.


Episode 1: Days Gone Bye

Ted is encountered by the survivors, along with Scott, in the car park. After being saved he is believed to go to the Atlanta Camp, or simply just leave the group.

Ted can either be left alone to fend for himself or be rescued by the group. If he is rescued then he will leave the group for a unknown location.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ted has killed:

Non-Canon Deaths

It is possible for Ted to be killed by walkers. The other survivors then have to put down the reanimated Ted. This is considered non-canon.


  • Saving Ted is a bonus objective and is not necessary.
  • Ted's skin is the same used for most hostiles.
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