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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for the Assault character.

"Ted wandered off into the woods while we were camped. We think he was drinking. Bitten, turned quick."
Magna about Ted.[src]

Ted is a character first mentioned in Issue 128 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a member of Magna's group.


Richmond, Virginia

Nothing is known about Ted's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except he was possibly an alcoholic.


Slade County Retirement Home

Ted joined Magna's group and eventually arrived to Slade County Retirement Home. Eventually, the community became overcrowded, and Ted left with the rest of Magna's group. Sometime later, Ted went into the woods after drinking, and was bitten.


Killed By

After drinking, Ted went to woods and was eventually bitten by walkers. It is unknown if he was put down after he turned.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ted has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Comic Series

Volume 22: A New Beginning


  • It is implied Ted was an alcoholic.