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Teddy's secret bunker is a location in Season 6 and Season 7 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is a secret bunker hidden beneath an overlook in Texas belonging to Theodore Maddox.


This bunker was built in approximately the 1970s by Theodore "Teddy" Maddox who used it as his base of operations for killing and embalming twenty-three young women. However, by the time that Teddy murdered Cindy Hawkins, the police were closing in on him. Rather than pose Cindy's body where he had found her, Teddy buried her in the bunker's walls and sealed up the room where he had killed and embalmed his victims.

Shortly thereafter, the police, led by John Dorie Sr., arrested Teddy who eventually confessed to his crimes. However, the police could never locate the bunker or Cindy's body.


Season 6

"The Beginning"

Teddy and Dakota arrive at this location with the former intending to survive the nuclear bombs. June and John Sr. stop Teddy from doing this and go into the bunker themselves while Dakota remains above ground to "see the end". She kills Teddy for lying to her and dies as the bombs drop. The bunker barely holds as the shockwaves pass.

Season 7

"Cindy Hawkins"

John Dorie Sr. and June spend over two months in the bunker, establishing a daily routine and counting down the days until a year has passed, the time that June has determined will be safe to emerge from the bunker. However, the bunker becomes increasingly unstable over time.

One night, a wall collapsing destroys the bunker's stock of liquor and reveals the secret room where Teddy would kill and embalm his victims in the 1970s. Recognizing the significance of the room and the bunker itself, John, who begins experiencing hallucinations due to alcohol withdrawal, becomes obsessed with finding the body of Cindy Hawkins, Teddy's last victim who John had never been able to find. In a box in the secret room, John finds newspaper clippings covering Teddy's killing spree and Cindy's necklace.

A couple of days after finding the secret room, John's hallucinations drive him to the surface where he finds Teddy's skeleton and he puts down the zombified Dakota. John gets attacked by a walker while hallucinating and has to be rescued by June. As John retreats into the bunker, he notices three of the Stalkers nearby watching them, having found the bunker through John's daily radio messages out. With the Stalkers demanding their surrender over the radio and the bunker continuing to become more and more unstable, the two brace the celling as best they can with two-by-fours. Nevertheless, John continues searching for clues to Cindy's body before June eventually boards up the secret room too.

Continuing to be driven by his obsession, John attempts to break open the secret room again only to have June sedate him. However, some of the beams fall upon June, trapping her. John realizes that June has only been making up the number of days until they can leave and, believing that he has found out where Cindy's body is, leaves on his own. However, following John's departure, the Stalkers are able to get the bunker's hatch open. Seeing past his hallucinations and obsession, John engages the Stalkers in a gunfight, killing two before the third successfully makes it into the bunker. After fighting off a small herd of walkers, John kills the last Stalker before he can harm June.

Following the defeat of the Stalkers, John frees June from the beams trapping her, but in the process, he accidentally knocks a wooden panel off of the bunker's wall. Behind the panel, John and June finally find the body of Cindy Hawkins, giving John peace with his obsession over Teddy and his decades-long promise to Cindy's mother. Laying the body out on a cot, John places Cindy's necklace back on her before, with the bunker rapidly collapsing, John and June suit up to leave. However, the bunker finally caves in and fills with dirt. John and June are found shortly thereafter by Victor Strand's men and rescued, their gas masks having kept the two from suffocating in the dirt.

Days later, a panicked Morgan reaches the buried bunker where finds a few walkers buried in the dirt on top and a reanimated Stalker. Morgan puts the Stalker down with his staff and desperately digs into the bunker, calling out for his friends on the radio. Strand responds and reveals that he had rescued John and June, telling Morgan that they would've been dead by the time that Morgan had found them if he hadn't. After their conversation, Morgan picks up his axe and leaves the area.





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