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This article is about the characters in the Telltale Series that appear and have names. You may be looking for the unnamed or unseen characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.
  • A character with a "Determinant" status is one where the player's actions determine the final status of the character.

Season One[]

Everett Family[]

Lee Everett (Telltale)

Suburban Georgia[]

Clementine's Family[]

Ed (Telltale)
Diana (Telltale)

Clementine's Neighborhood[]

Andre Mitchell (Telltale)
Chet (Telltale)
Sandra (Telltale)

Greene Farm[]

Greene Family[]

Shawn Greene (Comic Universe)

Kenny's Family[]

Kenny (Telltale)
Kenny Jr
Katjaa (Telltale)

Macon, Georgia[]

Irene (Telltale)

Everett Family Pharmacy Survivors[]

Glenn Rhee (Comic Universe)
Doug (Telltale)
Carley (Telltale)

United States Air Force[]

Lilly's Family[]

Lilly (Telltale)
Larry (Telltale)

Robins Air Force Base[]

Mark (Telltale)

Stone Mountain High School[]

School Students and Teachers[]

Ben Paul (Telltale)
Travis (Telltale)
David Parker (Telltale)

St. John's Dairy Farm[]

St. John Family[]

Andrew St
Danny St
Terry St
Brenda St

Save-Lots Bandits[]

Drew (Telltale)
Gary (Telltale)
Linda (Telltale)
Jake (Telltale)

Jolene's Camp[]

Jolene (Telltale)

The Railroad[]

Train Survivors[]

Christa's Family[]

Omid (Telltale)

Savannah, Georgia[]

Fivel's Mansion[]

Fivel (Telltale)

Crawford Residents[]

Molly (Telltale)
Anna Correa (Telltale)
Walter Ashe (Telltale)
Jeff (Telltale)

Cancer Support Group[]

Clive (Telltale)
Joyce (Telltale)
Boyd (Telltale)
Vernon (Telltale)
Brie (Telltale)

400 Days[]

Georgia Highway[]

Prison Bus Survivors[]

Vince (Telltale)
Justin (Telltale)
Danny (Telltale)
Clyde (Telltale)
Jerry (Telltale)
Marcus Crabtree (Telltale)


Annie (Telltale)

Road Survivors[]

Wyatt's Group[]

Wyatt (Telltale)
Eddie (Telltale)

Russell's Group[]

Nate (Telltale)

Gil's Pitstop Outskirts[]

Bonnie's Group[]

Bonnie (Telltale)

Leland's Family[]

Leland (Telltale)
Dee (Telltale)

Gil's Pitstop[]

Pitstop Residents[]

Roman (Telltale)

Shel's Family[]

Shel (Telltale)
Becca (Telltale)

Walt's Family[]

Walt (Telltale)
Jean (Telltale)

Pitstop Scavengers[]

Season Two[]

Gil's Pitstop[]

Pitstop Scavengers[]

North Carolina[]

Roman's Group[]

Ralph (Telltale)
Victor (Telltale)

Howe's Hardware Refugees[]

Luke (Telltale)

Sarah's Family[]

Sarah (Telltale)
Carlos (Telltale)

Rebecca's Family[]

Alvin (Telltale)

Peter's Family[]

Nick (Telltale)
Peter Randall (Telltale)

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia[]

Moonstar Lodge Inhabitants[]

Sarita (Telltale)
Walter (Telltale)


Howe's Hardware Community[]

Tavia (Telltale)
Mike (Telltale)
Lowell (Telltale)
Tyler (Telltale)
Vera (Telltale)
Tisha (Telltale)
Tara Gale (Telltale)
Barry Peterson (Telltale)
Jane (Telltale)
Hank (Telltale)
Troy (Telltale)
Reggie (Telltale)
Johnny (Telltale)

Sandusky Family[]

Tamara Sandusky (Telltale)
Jon Sandusky (Telltale)

Russian Group[]

Vitali (Telltale)

Arvo's Family[]

Arvo (Telltale)

Randy's Family[]

Randy (Telltale)
Gill (Telltale)


Edith (Telltale)


Hawthorne Family[]

Elodie Hawthorne (Comic Universe)


The Companion[]

Pete (Comic Universe)
Siddiq (Comic Universe)
Oak (Telltale)
Berto (Telltale)
Dave (Telltale)

The Mobjack[]

Rashid (Telltale)

Fairbanks Family Home[]

Fairbanks Family[]

James Fairbanks (Telltale)
Alex Fairbanks (Telltale)
John Fairbanks (Telltale)
Greg Fairbanks (Telltale)
Sophia Fairbanks (Telltale)

Fairbanks' Residents[]

Paige (Telltale)


Rich (Telltale)
Gabby (Telltale)
Jonas (Telltale)
Joe (Telltale)
Janey (Telltale)
Cam (Telltale)

Norma's Family[]

Norma (Telltale)

A New Frontier[]

García Family[]

Javier García (Telltale)
David García (Telltale)
Kate García (Telltale)
Hector García (Telltale)

The New Frontier[]

Bob (Telltale)
Joan (Telltale)
Max (Telltale)
Lonnie (Telltale)
Paul Lingard (Telltale)
Ava (Telltale)
Badger (Telltale)

Rufus' Family[]

Fern (Telltale)
Rufus (Telltale)
Ida (Telltale)


Conrad (Telltale)
Tripp (Telltale)
Eli (Telltale)

Diner and Self Service Station[]

Paul Monroe (Comic Universe)

The Final Season[]

Ericson's Boarding School[]

Willy (Telltale)
Omar (Telltale)
Ruby (Telltale)
Aasim (Telltale)
Violet (Telltale)
Louis (Telltale)
Mitch (Telltale)
Marlon (Telltale)
Brody (Telltale)

Tennessee's Family[]

Sophie (Telltale)

The Delta[]

Abel (Telltale)
Dorian (Telltale)
Gina (Telltale)
Gad (Telltale)

The Whisperers[]

James (Telltale)

McCarroll Ranch[]

Rodney (Telltale)
Lloyd (Telltale)
Helen (Telltale)


Rosie (Telltale)
Sam (Telltale)
Walter (Animal)


Sherak (Telltale)
Chris (Telltale)
Drew (Walker)
Buford (Telltale)
Bertha (Telltale)
Beth (Telltale)
Mike (Michonne Special)
Terry (Comic Series)
Tess (Telltale)