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The in-game statistics for The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series features scenarios where players are confronted with various choices based on morality and judgment. Players influence the story within the entire game making these decisions, creating a tailored experience.

The following is the complete list of choices for each Telltale Games' The Walking Dead episode. The numbers used are from the latest version of the game, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series.

Season 1[]

"A New Day"[]

Honesty: Lied to Hershel?

  • Was honest with Hershel - 54%
  • Lied - 46%

Who would you save? Duck or Shawn?

Loyalty: Side with Kenny?

Mercy: Gave Irene the gun?

  • Refused the gun - 53%
  • Gave her the gun - 47%

Who would you save? Doug or Carley?

"Starved For Help"[]

Savior: Chopped David's leg off?

  • Left him to die - 56%
  • Chopped his leg off - 44%

Interrogation: Shot Jolene?

  • Had Danny shoot her - 61%
  • Had Lee shoot her - 39%

Pragmatism: Helped kill Larry?

  • Tried to revive Larry - 51%
  • Helped kill Larry - 49%

Revenge: Killed both of the St. John brothers?

  • Didn't kill both brothers - 61%
  • Killed both brothers - 39%

Survival: Stole food from the car?

  • Stole food - 51%
  • Didn't steal - 49%

"Long Road Ahead"[]

Sweet, merciful death: Did you shoot the girl in the street?

  • Did not shoot her - 60%
  • Shoot her - 40%

Left behind: Did you abandon Lilly?

  • Let her back on the RV - 55%
  • Left Lilly on the road - 45%

Standoff: Did you fight Kenny?

  • Fought him - 55%
  • Talked him down - 45%

A heavy burden: Did you shoot Duck?

  • Shot him yourself - 81%
  • Didn’t shoot him yourself - 19%

A helping hand: Did you help Omid?

"Around Every Corner"[]

The boy in the attic: Did you kill the boy in the attic?

  • Had somebody else kill him - 75%
  • Killed him - 25%

Hippocratic oath: Did you lie to or threaten Vernon?

  • Was rational and honest to him - 58%
  • Threatened or lied to him - 42%

Home alone: Did you bring Clementine with you to Crawford?

  • Brought her along - 55%
  • Left her at the house - 45%

For whom the bell tolls: Did you let Ben fall to his death?

  • Pulled him up - 53%
  • Let him go - 47%

The bite reveal: Did you reveal your bite to the group?

  • Showed the bite - 82%
  • Hid the bite - 18%

Although it is only shown after completing the episode and cannot be viewed by checking the "Stats" option in the episode select menu, there is a screen that shows who went with Lee to search for Clementine. Three parties can go with Lee: Omid and Christa (always together in going or not), Ben and Kenny. None, one, two or all of them can go with Lee. Whoever goes with him will influence the opening to the following episode.

Who came with you?[]

  • 18% of players brought Kenny.
  • 16% of players brought Ben, Christa, Omid and Kenny.
  • 14% of players brought Ben, Christa and Omid.
  • 13% of players brought Christa, Omid and Kenny.
  • 12% of players brought Ben and Kenny.
  • 11% of players brought Christa and Omid.
  • 10% of players brought Ben.
  • 6% of players went alone.

"No Time Left"[]

Desperation: Removed Lee's arm?

  • Removed the arm - 68%
  • Didn’t remove the arm - 32%

Fall Out: Lost temper?

  • Calmly argued with Kenny - 54%
  • Lost your temper with Kenny- 46%

Disarmed: Did you give up your weapons?

  • Kept your weapons - 70%
  • Surrendered your weapons - 30%

Stranger: Killed Clementine's captor?

  • Killed him yourself - 90%
  • Had Clementine kill him- 10%

Goodbye: Did you stop Lee from turning?

  • Made sure Lee didn't turn - 95%
  • Told Clem to leave Lee - 5%

After the episode, a few screens are shown detailing the character's choices regarding other characters in the season.

"400 Days"[]

Danny or Justin? Whose foot did you shoot off? (Vince's story)

  • Shot Justin's foot off - 70%
  • Shot Danny's foot off - 30%

Stay or Go? Did you stay in the car or get out? (Wyatt's story)

  • Stayed in the car - 50%
  • Got out of the car - 50%

Left Nate? Did you leave Nate or stay with him? (Russell's story)

  • Stood up to Nate and walked away - 75%
  • Stayed with Nate - 25%

Liar? Did you lie to Leland? (Bonnie's story)

  • Lied - 75%
  • Told the truth - 25%

Killed Stephanie? Did you leave in the RV or kill Stephanie? (Shel's story)

  • Left in the RV - 75%
  • Stayed and killed Stephanie - 25%

A screen showing who amongst the 5 did and did not go with Tavia is then shown. Bonnie will always go regardless of player choice.

Season 2[]

"All That Remains"[]

Survival: Did you try to save Christa?

  • Stopped to help Christa - 58.7%
  • Ran away - 41.3%

Mercy: Did you kill the dog?

  • Killed the dog - 52.5%
  • Walked away from the dog - 47.5%

Trust: Did you accept Nick's apology?

  • Accepted the apology - 51.1%
  • Rejected the apology - 48.9%

Generosity: Did you give water to the dying man?

  • Refused to give water - 56.8%
  • Gave water - 43.2%

Heroics: Did you save Nick or Pete?

  • Went with Pete - 59.6%
  • Went with Nick - 40.4%

"A House Divided"[]

Friendship: Took blame for Sarah's photo?

  • Blamed someone else - 51.5%
  • Took the blame - 48.5%

Loyalty: Who did you sit with at dinner?

  • Sat with Kenny - 64.2%
  • Sat with Luke - 35.8%

Honesty: Told Walter the truth about Matthew?

  • Told the truth - 56%
  • Lied to Walter - 44%

Forgiveness: Nick's fate?

  • Convinced Walter to forgive Nick - 56.3%
  • Let Walter make up his own mind - 43.7%

Bravery: Left to find Kenny?

  • Stayed to help Carlos - 56.1%
  • Sought Kenny’s help - 43.9%

"In Harm's Way"[]

Compassion: Helped Sarah with her chores?

  • Helped Sarah - 54.5%
  • Did your own work - 45.5%

Trust: Told Bonnie about Luke?

  • Didn't tell Bonnie about Luke - 63.5%
  • Told Bonnie that Luke contacted you - 36.5%

Selflessness: Admitted to stealing the walkie talkie?

  • Tried to hide the theft - 66.7%
  • Tried to come clean - 33.3%

Vengeance: Watched Kenny kill Carver?

  • Left with Sarita - 51.4%
  • Watched - 48.6%

Risk: Chopped off Sarita's arm?

  • Chopped off Sarita’s arm - 56.9%
  • Killed the walker that bit Sarita - 43.1%

"Amid The Ruins"[]

Pragmatism: Left Sarah at the trailer park?

  • Left Sarah behind - 59.4%
  • Saved Sarah - 40.6%

Compassion: Robbed Arvo?

  • Refused to steal from Arvo - 52.4%
  • Stole pills from Arvo - 47.6%

Selflessness: Crawled through ticket booth?

  • Volunteered to crawl through - 50%
  • Let Bonnie reach through - 50%

Nurturing: Held the baby?

  • Held the baby - 56.9%
  • Didn't hold the baby - 43.1%

Survivalism: Shot Rebecca?

  • Called for help - 57.1%
  • Shot Rebecca - 42.9%

"No Going Back"[]

Selflessness: Protected the baby?

  • Protected the baby - 58.6%
  • Went for cover - 41.4%    

Risk: Went to help Luke?

  • Covered for Luke - 66.7%
  • Tried to help Luke - 33.3%

Loyalty: Asked to leave with Mike?

  • Didn't ask to leave with Mike - 80.9%
  • Wanted to leave with Mike - 19.1%

Survivalism: Shot Kenny?

  • Shot Kenny - 50.9%
  • Didn't shoot Kenny - 49.1%

Friendship: In the end, who are you with?

  • Alone with AJ - 25.7%
  • With AJ, Jane and the family - 21.4%
  • With AJ and Kenny - 21.4%
  • With AJ at Wellington - 21.4%
  • With AJ and Jane - 10.1%

The Walking Dead: Michonne[]

"In Too Deep"[]

Did you try to end it?

  • Lowered the gun - 67.5%
  • Pulled the trigger - 32.5%

How did you enter abandoned ferry?

  • Climbed the ladder - 71.3%
  • Went in through the window - 28.7%

Did you ambush Randall in the store room?

  • Head-butted Randall - 57.4%
  • Played it cool - 42.6%

Did you sell Greg out to Norma?

  • Shared the blame with Greg - 57.8%
  • Told Norma that Greg was a liar - 26.6%
  • Took the blame - 15.6%

Did you let Sam shoot Zachary?

  • Saved Zachary - 82.8%
  • Let Sam take her revenge - 17.2%

"Give No Shelter"[]

Did you keep Pete with you, or let him go off on his own?

  • Stopped Pete - 82.1%
  • Let Pete go - 17.9%

Did you pick up the phone or go after the footsteps in the hallway?

  • Picked up the phone - 73.1%
  • Went to see who or what was in the hallway - 26.9%

Did you reveal to Paige that you nearly committed suicide?

  • Tried to offer some good advice - 42.7%
  • Disclosed your darkest moment - 30.3%
  • Expressed sympathy for the kids - 23.8%
  • Said nothing - 3.2%

How did you handle the radio call from Norma?

  • Made Randall speak to her - 59.5%
  • Picked up the radio and spoke with her directly - 35.7%
  • Ignored the radio - 4.8%

What did you do to Randall?

  • Bashed Randall's head in - 52.6%
  • Dropped the wrench - 47.4%

"What We Deserve"[]

Did you let Sam bury her father?

  • Helped Sam move her father's body - 91.1%
  • Didn’t help Sam bury her father’s body - 8.9%

Did you tell Alex what happened to his father?

  • Told Alex his father couldn’t come right away - 45.2%
  • Told Alex a bad man hurt his father - 35.4%
  • Told Alex his father was dead - 17.1%
  • Said nothing - 2.3%

Did you hand Randall over to Norma?

  • Did not hand Randall over to Norma - 62.4%
  • Decided to hand Randall over to Norma - 37.6%

Did you put Norma out of her misery?

  • Let Norma get killed by walkers - 58.5%
  • Shot Norma to put her out of her misery - 39.7%

Did you choose to leave your daughters or stay with them?

  • Chose to leave your daughters - 92.3%
  • Stayed with your daughters - 7.7%

Season 3 (A New Frontier)[]

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"[]

  • Did you stay the night at the junkyard?
  • 54.6% of players chose to stay the night at the junkyard.
  • 45.4% of players chose to head back out on the road.

Did you shoot the driver or let him go?

  • 52.2% of players chose to let the driver go.
  • 47.8% of players chose to shoot the driver.

What was the aftermath of the shooting?

  • 94.3% of players got locked up.
  • 5.7% of players were allowed to roam free.

Who brought you to the junkyard?

  • 50.3% of players went with Eleanor to the junkyard.
  • 49.7% of players went with Tripp to the junkyard.

Did you escape with your family or stay with Clementine?

  • 84.1% of players stayed and fought with Clementine.
  • 15.9% of players escaped with your family.

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"[]

How did you deal with Kate and David's argument?

  • 60.8% of players told David that Kate wanted to leave him.
  • 39.2% of players stayed out of the argument.

How did you handle the New Frontier at the gates of Prescott?

  • 58.6% of players opened fire.
  • 40.6% of players surrendered.
  • 0.8% of players tried to negotiate.

Did you trust Jesus?

  • 86.2% of players took him at his word.
  • 13.8% of players tied his hands together.

How did you deal with Conrad's threat to Clementine?

  • 89.4% of players shot Conrad.
  • 10.6% of players accepted Conrad's plan.

How did you get into Richmond?

  • 95.9% of players surrendered to Max's demands.
  • 4.1% of players refused to disarm themselves.

"Above The Law"[]

Did you honor your brother's request?

  • 65.7% of players demanded justice for Mariana's murder.
  • 34.3% of players kept Mariana's murder to yourself.

Did you try to save AJ?

  • 84.9% of players injected AJ with the medicine.
  • 15.1% of players didn't risk using the medicine.

How did Badger die?

  • 66.7% of players destroyed Badger's skull.
  • 5.4% of players killed Badger quickly.
  • 22.6% of players let Badger turn.
  • 5.3% of players let someone else kill Badger.

Did you accept Max's offer?

  • 56.5% of players brought Max back with you.
  • 43.5% of players executed Max.

Who did you side with in the end?

  • 53.3% of players stuck to David's plan.
  • 46.7% of players chose to leave with Kate.

"Thicker Than Water"[]

Did you promise that you would help Kate with the family if David left?

  • 91.4% of players promised you'd help Kate.
  • 8.6% of players told David it was his responsibility.

How did you respond to Dr. Lingard's request?

  • 52.4% of players assisted in Lingard's suicide.
  • 46.3% of players refused to kill Lingard.
  • 1.3% of players let Clementine decide Lingard's fate.

Did you tell Kate that you have feelings for her?

  • 78% of players told Kate you shared her feelings.
  • 22% of players didn't share Kate's feelings.

Who did you try to save at the execution?

  • 58.6% of players tried to save Ava.
  • 41.4% of players tried to save Tripp.

Did you shoot Joan or take Clint's deal?

  • 56.6% of players chose to shoot Joan.
  • 43.4% of players chose to take the deal.

"From The Gallows"[]

Did you stand with David on the ledge?

  • 92% of players stepped up to help David.
  • 8% of players disappointed David when they didn't stand with him.

What did you say to David about Kate?

  • 53.6% of players confessed their love for Kate.
  • 28.3% of players came clean about their relationship with Kate.
  • 15.9% of players denied having a relationship with Kate, but David didn't believe them.
  • 2.2% of players said nothing.

Did you fight David back?

  • 63.5% of players showed their love for David even as he took his anger out on them.
  • 36.5% of players fought back as David took his anger out on them.

Did you go after Gabe or with Kate?

  • 64.1% of players went with Kate and sealed the Richmond breach.
  • 35.9% of players went after Gabe.

Did Clementine come along with you?

  • After the fight with David, Clementine followed her own plan, splitting up with 53.3% of players.
  • After the fight with David, Clementine teamed up with 46.7% of players.

After the episode, a few screens detailing the character's choices regarding other characters in the season are shown, with a highlight on the player's relationships with David, Kate, and Gabe.

Season 4 (The Final Season)[]

"Done Running"[]

How did you enter the ticket booth?

  • 56% of players killed the walker couple in the train station.
  • 44% of players chose to let AJ go through the window in the train station.

Who did you decide to go with?

Where did AJ sleep?

  • 71% of players convinced AJ to sleep on the bed.
  • 29% of players let AJ sleep under the bed.

Did you attack Abel?

  • 78%  of players attacked Abel rather than giving him food.
  • 22% of players surrendered food to Abel.

Who did you turn to for help?

  • 61%  of players turned to Violet for help against Marlon.
  • 39% of players turned to Louis for help against Marlon.

After the episode, a few screens are shown detailing the character's choices in the episode, and how they affected the relationships and/or fates of the other characters.

"Suffer The Children"[]

Did you let AJ keep his gun?

  • 64% of players told AJ to keep his gun.
  • 33% of players gave AJ's gun to Louis.
  • 2% of players said nothing when AJ insisted on giving Louis his gun.
  • 1% of players didn't intervene when AJ insisted on keeping his gun.

Did you tell Violet to shoot?

  • 50% of players told Louis and Violet to run from Lilly and Abel.
  • 50% of players told Violet to shoot Lilly, and got Louis shot.

Did you honor James' request?

  • 93% of players spared the walker, honoring James' request.
  • 6% of players killed the walker after James asked you not to.
  • 2% of players let James throw the rock to distract the walker.

Who did you spend time with?

  • 57% of players spent time stargazing with Violet.
  • 43% of players helped Louis tune the piano.

Who did you save from the Delta?

  • 53% of players rescued Violet instead of Louis.
  • 47% of players rescued Louis instead of Violet.

After the episode, a few screens are shown detailing the character's choices in the episode, and how they affected the relationships and/or fates of the other characters.

"Broken Toys"[]

Did you let Abel turn?

  • 89% of players mercy killed Abel.
  • 11% of players forced Abel to turn into a walker.

Did you spare the walkers in James' camp?

  • 49% of players respected James' beliefs and killed no walkers.
  • 49% of players only killed some of the walkers in James' camp.
  • 3% of players ignored James' wishes and killed all of the walkers in the camp.

What did you name Willy's bomb?

  • 61% of players named the bomb "Mitch's Masterpiece".
  • 17% of players named the bomb "Willy Junior".
  • 13% of players named the bomb "Ruby's Revenge".
  • 6% of players had a bomb named "AJ".
  • 3% of players refused to name the bomb.

Did Dorian cut off your friend's finger?

  • 86% of players allowed AJ to attack Dorian, stopping her from cutting off your friend's finger.
  • 14% of players stopped AJ, and let Dorian cut off your friend's finger.

Did you allow AJ to kill Lilly?

  • 53% of players told AJ to kill Lilly.
  • 47% of players refused to tell AJ to kill Lilly.

After the episode, a few screens are shown detailing the character's choices in the episode, and how they affected the relationships and/or fates of the other characters.

"Take Us Back"[]

Did you trust AJ to make his own decisions?

  • 64% of players trusted AJ to make his own decisions.
  • 36% of players told AJ he wasn't ready to make his own decisions.

What did you want to add to you and Louis' imaginary house? (Louis route)

  • 41% of players decided to add a skylight to Louis' imaginary house.
  • 37% of players decided to add a tree house to Louis' imaginary house.
  • 14% of players decided to add a statue of yourself to Louis' imaginary house.
  • 9% of let Louis decide on the last flourish for his imaginary house.

What did you rename the school to? (Violet route)

  • 64% of players let Violet rename the school herself.
  • 14% of players renamed the school "Castle Violet" despite her protests.
  • 12% of players renamed the school "Rotting Shithole" with Violet.
  • 10% of players renamed the school "Happy Sunshine Land" with Violet.

What did you ask AJ?

  • 77% of players asked AJ to kill you rather than let you become a walker.
  • 23% of players asked AJ to leave you and let you become a walker.

Did you agree to teach Tenn? (Tenn is alive)

  • 89% of players agreed to teach Tenn to be like you.
  • 11% of players refused to teach Tenn to be like you.

How did you deal with Tenn? (Tenn is a walker)

  • 60% of players shot Tenn after he became a walker.
  • 40% of players spared Tenn after he became a walker.

After the episode, a few screens are shown detailing the character's overall relationships and choices regarding other characters in the season, along with what AJ was taught by the player throughout their story.