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To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Any field left blank will not show up. Don't forget to include brackets, to make the fields into links.

| season   = 1
| number   = 1
| image    = 
| imgdesc  =
| airdate  = January 19, 2017
| writer   = 
| director =
| viewers  =
| guests   =Luciana Parker<br>Paige Blake</br>Shane Woods<br>Sarah Avery (video)</br>Oliver Blake (photo)
| previous = /
| next     = Survival Skills
| gallery =


Add "y" (or any other character) in the gallery line to create a link to the gallery page.

For example:

|gallery = y

on the page, Vatos Creates a link in a bar at the bottom of the template: Picture Gallery which links to Vatos (Episode)/Gallery

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