Issue Cover Storyline
97 Issue 97 Something To Fear (Part 1) Rick's group encounter members of The Saviors, and after dealing with most of them Rick tells the last one to pass a message on to Negan. Maggie reveals she's pregnant. Abraham and Eugene slip outside in hopes that they can restore their ammunition not knowing they are watched by a group of men.
98 The Walking Dead -98 Cover Outside Abraham is killed, as the rest of the Saviors withdraw. Rick replies to his death he doesn't know what to do.
99 The-walking-dead-99 Rick and a few others drive to the Hilltop Colony, hoping to get help with defeating The Saviors. A group of Saviors plan to attack the Safe-Zone at dawn.
100 Twd100cover adlard Rick's group is ambushed by a large group of Saviors, and Negan. He sets off boundaries by beating Glenn's head in with a baseball bat.
101 Walking-Dead-101-Cover-666x1024 The group reaches Hilltop Colony. With Jesus among them, the group gets back to Safe-Zone only to see the aftermath of a failed attack by The Saviors. Dwight is being held captive by Andrea.
102 Walking Dead 102 Rick decides to let Dwight go in order to prevent more deaths. Rick sends Paul Monroe out to follow him and find out more information about The Saviors.
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