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Temple B'nai Israel is a synagogue where Rabbi Jacob Kessner had worked before and resided after the outbreak.


The Temple was lead by Jacob before the apocalypse as synagogue for people of the Jewish faith.


Season 5

"Ner Tamid"

A Rabbi gets interrupted from a solo service by a walker banging on the door of a synagogue. He talks to it sarcastically and uses the knife on his rifle to kill it. He then closes a fence with a chain and kills more walkers before one gets on top of him. Suddenly, Charlie opens the car door and knocks it to the ground, allowing him to kill it. He reveals himself to be Rabbi Jacob Kessner and welcomes her to his temple, saying God must have led her here.

Meanwhile, Charlie reveals to Jacob she got separated from her group and he vows to help her reunite with them. Jacob then notices the bulb in his chandelier dimming and begins to panic, telling Charlie he has to leave to find batteries. Charlie says she knows where he can find some. She radios June to tell her she ran away because she was tired of the constant moving. She reveals where she is and asks her to bring car batteries. While they wait, Jacob attends to a building full of walkers, where he says a prayer.

John and June arrive with the battery and Jacob thanks them for keeping the eternal flame lit. Charlie asks them to help Jacob repair his fence and they agree. John offers Jacob a caramel candy and Jacob gifts him a yarmulke. Outside, June tells Charlie the temple isn't the right place to settle down because it's too small and too far from a water source.

Back at the temple, Charlie suggests her group could live there with Jacob, but he politely turns her down as June and John tell her it's time to go. Suddenly, Sarah radios them about Logan's crew and June says they're on their way. They head outside to find all the walkers from the locked-up building surrounding them. Jacob takes them to the roof and explains he and his congregants were holed up in the temple at the onset of the apocalypse. He explains that he left to gather supplies and when he came back, everyone was dead. John and June climb down and use a ladder to create a bridge in between cars to avoid the walkers.

Sarah walkies June to tell her to hurry as Logan's crew starts chasing them. As they make their final ladder bridge the gate gives way and John and June get trapped on top of a car. June tells Charlie there's only one way out of this but Charlie refuses to give the place up. She reminds Jacob that he told her God led her there but he reveals he doesn't believe in God anymore and he began losing faith when the world turned, but had to pretend to keep his people alive. "I'm alive because I didn't believe in God," Jacob says, claiming he kept tradition because it's all he had left. Charlie finally relents and Jacob uses a horn to lure the walkers into the temple. John and June lock the doors. The walkers extinguish the light as Jacob and Charlie escape out the back.




  • At least 23 unnamed congregation members (Zombified)
  • Many unnamed congregation members (Alive, Confirmed Fate)


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Season 5


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