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This temporary housing facility is a location seen in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing is known about this location aside from the fact that Carol and Sophia would often come here for short periods of time to get away from Ed.


Season 5


Daryl tells Carol that they need to find some place to hold up until sunrise. Carol says she knows a place just a couple blocks away, then rolls down the window to stab a walker in the head.

They come upon an office building, and decide to take shelter for the night. Daryl finds some keys on the body of a walker, which helps them unlock several doors inside. Daryl asks Carol if she used to work in this building, or something similar. Carol says, "Something." and doesn't encourage the conversation.

Daryl asks what this place is, and Carol says that it's temporary housing. He asks if she came here, and Carol says that she did, but didn't stay long. They find a room with bunk beds, and Carol says that she will take the top bunk. She then tells Daryl to rest, because she's got first watch.

As Daryl sits on the bottom bunk, Carol asks, "You said that we get to start over. Did you?" Daryl says, "I'm trying." He asks her what's really on her mind, and Carol says that she doesn't think they get to save people anymore. Daryl asks, "Then why are you here," and Carol replies, "I'm trying." Daryl asks what would have happened if he hadn't shown up when Carol was out by the car, and Carol says she still doesn't know. She lays down beside Daryl, on the bottom bunk.

Suddenly, they hear a sound, and Daryl grabs his crossbow. They both go down a long hallway to see a couple of child walkers and a female walker clawing on the other side of a glass door. Carol starts to go in the room with her knife, but Daryl tells her that she doesn't have to.

Carol wakes up the next morning to see smoke billowing up outside. Daryl has built a fire. He is carrying the bodies of the child walkers in sheets and puts them into the fire. Carol goes outside and thanks Daryl.

Back in present time, Daryl and Carol are packing up to go outside. Daryl says they need to get up in a tall building to look around for whoever has Beth.




  • At least 3 unnamed people (2 Alive and Zombified)


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