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"I, um... I think... I think walkers won't always be around. They'll go away, someday. 'Cause the world goes in cycles, right? Ice age, stone age, um, some other ages. So it's like that. This age will end, and another one will start."
—Tennessee during "Truth or Dare".[src]

Tennessee, affectionately referred to as Tenn, is a main character who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. He is the idealistic younger brother of twin sisters Minerva and Sophie, and a lookout for Ericson's Boarding School.


Tennessee is a kind, helpful, artistic, but naive boy. He has gone through a lot of trauma due to the supposed death of his sisters. When it is revealed Marlon traded his sisters away, Tenn feels angry and betrayed. However, when Marlon begins to break down and expresses remorse, Tenn can say that he forgives Marlon (Determinant). He is one of only three people to vote for Clementine and AJ staying after AJ kills Marlon.

Despite the harsh world, Tenn is very optimistic, saying death is not scary and one day he will see his sisters again, drawing a picture of them all together in a house. During the Truth or Dare game, he expresses his belief that one day walkers will go away and everyone will be happy. However, his trusting and naive nature can be a detriment. During the Delta's attack on the school, he is easily tricked by Lilly to come out of cover. This would lead to Mitch's death when he attempts to save Tenn. Later, when he holds Lilly at gunpoint, he is unable to kill her and begins to cry. On the bridge, when Minnie begins to get devoured, he tries to go to her. This will lead to the death of Louis/Violet or himself depending on the player's choice.

If Tenn survives the bridge, he will have an epiphany, realizing how naive he is and that his hopeful mindset will get more people killed. He becomes cynical to the point of even calling his drawings the house with his sisters stupid. Tenn will ask AJ to teach him how to survive like him, which he can either accept or refuse.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Tenn's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was born in 1999, had two sisters, Minerva and Sophie, and all attended Ericson's Boarding School.


At some point during the outbreak, the right side of Tenn's face got severely burned.

The Final Season

"Done Running"

When Marlon brought back the injured Clementine, Tenn took to caring for her. On the day Clem woke up, Tenn came to check on her, pocket knife in hand. However Clem was hiding nearby. She either pins Tenn against the wall or calmly reveals herself only for Marlon to arrive and talk her down, the outcome either shaking or changing Tenn's relationship with Clem. (Determinant)

That night, Tenn is mourning the loss of his sisters when Clementine and Alvin Jr. visit. He later draws while at dinner, something AJ bonds with him over. He also appreciates if Clem lets him have his colored pencils back that AJ had.

The next day, he is playing with toy dolls of police and firemen. AJ tries to take one but Tenn wants it back. Clem takes the toy; if she gives it to Tenn, their relationship improves while letting AJ keep it harms their rapport. (Determinant)

After Marlon accidentally kills Brody and confronts the group to pin her death on Clementine, she can reveal what Marlon was going to do with AJ and Clementine. She also references Minerva and Sophie, which can aggravate Tenn towards Marlon for making that choice.

"Suffer The Children"

At Violet's behest, Tenn invites Clem and AJ to Marlon and Brody's funeral, telling AJ that he was brave and giving him the firefighter toy. If Clem admonished AJ for killing Marlon, AJ will turn the toy down saying that firefighters are good people but that he is a murderer. If Clem supported AJ for killing Marlon, he accepts the toy and says he will work to prove his bravery to the others.

At the funeral, Tenn places an illustration of a beach on the latter's grave, saying that he hopes she finds peace in the afterlife. When Clem and AJ are exiled, Violet mentions that Tenn was left inconsolable by the decision and is refusing to speak to anyone, but that he voted to let them stay.

When Clem and AJ return, Tenn resumes his friendship with the latter and they frequently work together on lookout duty. Tenn and AJ join Clem, Violet, Louis, and Aasim for a game of truth or dare; Tenn admonishing Violet for her vulgarity when she uses her turn asks if Clem would marry, "flip", or kill Aasim, Ruby, or James. When his turn comes up and he's asked to reveal a secret he's never told anyone, Tenn states that he believes that some day the world will be free of walkers. The group is left impressed by his impassioned idealism, though Clem can cynically remark that humanity will likely die out before that happens.

When the Delta attacks Ericson's, Tenn comes out of hiding when Lilly mentions that Minerva is still alive and wanted to come on the raid. Tenn asks to see her, Lilly attempting to lure him into letting his guard down so she can grab him. Tenn escapes being captured, and after the battle he apologizes to Clem for putting her plan in jeopardy and trusting Lilly.

"Broken Toys"

The morning after the events of the previous episode, a depressed Tenn approaches a grieving Willy, offering to help carry Mitch's body to his grave, to which he is met with a violent shove to the ground. Willy blames Tenn for Mitch's death in a fit of anger and sadness. Tenn runs off in guilt.

While Clementine is out with her scouting group, Willy comments on his hatred toward Tenn, where AJ threatens him, demanding that he stop insulting him.

Tenn is not seen until later, during Ruby's party, where Willy, having acknowledged his guilt, expresses his forgiveness toward Tenn and shows him Mitch's pre-made bomb. During the party game, Willy awkwardly comments that he was sent to Ericson's for "chronic masturbation". AJ asks Clementine what Willy means, causing Tenn to lean over and whisper an explanation, leaving AJ baffled and disgusted.

Hours into the night, Tenn departs with the rest of the group to save their lost members. Before Clementine heads out, Tenn requests that she tells Minerva he forgives her for joining the Delta. When Lilly takes AJ up to the deck of the ship, it is discovered he and James had been caught and taken by Lilly. When Lilly threatened to kill James, he saw an opportunity and removes the gun from Gina's holster, holding Lilly at gunpoint. Not intimidated by Tenn, she leans into the barrel of the gun, demanding that Tenn pulls the trigger, however, he breaks down into tears, and allows Lilly to take the gun from his hands. Before being shot by her, AJ bites her in the wrist, initiating a fight between Lilly and Clementine and James and Gina. When AJ gets ahold of the gun, Lilly begins to beg him not to shoot. Tenn shouts to AJ that she is tricking him, and encourages him to shoot her. Whether AJ shoots Lilly is up to the player, however it is unknown how he reacts to Lilly's death. When the boiler bomb is set off, the ship explodes, leaving his fate unknown.

"Take Us Back"

Tennessee is revealed to have escaped the sinking ship and accompanies Clem, AJ, and James (Determinant). The remaining group heads to a nearby cave. In the cave, Clementine can tell or lie to Tenn about Minerva's fate. Tenn later then gets caught by a walker and either AJ or James (Determinant) and save him. During the fight in the cave (Determinant) or the argument between Clem and AJ, Tenn remains mostly silent; and when reunited with Louis or Violet (Determinant) Tenn expresses the desire to help the boarding school expand into a functional community. When the group arrive at a damaged bridge, however, Tenn is lured out by Minerva - who had been fatally wounded by walkers - and attempts to go to her so they can die together. AJ stops him, causing Minerva to attack in a berserk frenzy and maim Clem's leg. As Minerva is grabbed and fatally mauled by walkers, Tenn attempts to run to her only to be grabbed by Louis or Violet (Determinant).

In-Game Decision

Don't trust AJ (Alive): AJ can't bring himself to shoot Tenn, causing Louis or Violet to get devoured by walkers. After that he is separated from Clem and AJ and doesn't return to school due to being ashamed. Some time later, AJ is reunited with Tenn near the fishing shack. Tenn apologizes for the death of Louis/Violet and that he messes up all the time. Also, he gives AJ Clem's hat which he found down the river. Lastly, he tells AJ how naïve he's been and asks him to teach to be like him, to which AJ can agree or refuse. Ruby then goes to check on AJ and Rosie and finds Tenn there, hugging him. Tenn then goes with them back to school, where he is later seen eating with others and depending on the earlier choice, one of 2 scenes plays out:

If AJ agreed to teach him, he and AJ go to the target near the tree. AJ then tells him how the gun works and repeats one of the Clem's rules.

If AJ refused to teach him, he and AJ go away from the others to draw. Tenn then tells him how to draw eyes.

Trust AJ (Dead/Undead): AJ is forced to shoot Tenn in the neck - killing him to save Louis or Violet. His body is devoured by walkers shortly after. Some time later, AJ encounters zombified Tenn near the fishing shack. AJ has the option to put him down or to leave him roaming as a walker.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By

As Minerva is grabbed and in the process of being devoured by walkers, Tennessee attempts to run to her, but he is restrained from behind by Louis/Violet (Determinant) If AJ was trusted back at the cave, AJ will shoot Tenn in the neck, killing him in order to save Louis/Violet from being devoured by walkers. (Determinant) Tennessee is then devoured by walkers, horrifying his friends but delighting his sister, who dies along with him.

Tennessee is later seen as a walker while AJ is fishing with Rosie. AJ will either have a choice to put down the zombified Tennessee, or leave him to roam around as a walker.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Tenn has killed:

  • Mitch (Indirectly Caused)
  • Violet (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Louis (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused, Alive, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies



Tenn's relationship with Clementine is either amiable or hostile. If Clementine attacks him at her room, Tenn will be wary of her, and when seen later at his sister's graves, he becomes nervous. However, if she does not attack him, he likes her. Their relationship can improve if Clem gives him the Policeman toy and Sophie's art supplies back. Tenn further likes Clementine if she allows him to draw him and Alvin Jr. in one of his pictures. (Determinant) Clementine is saddened by Tenn's death, but knows it was necessary.

Alvin Jr.

Though AJ and Tenn can fight over the toys, during dinner, AJ decides to sit with Tenn and they begin to bond. AJ will be saddened if you do not let him stay in Tenn's picture, and if you don't want to be in it either.


Tenn and Violet have a close relationship since Violet looked after him after the assumed death of Tenn’s sisters. Tenn seems to be on good terms with Violet, the girl mourning the loss of his sisters with him and helping him get his colored pencils back from Alvin Jr. If AJ shoots Tenn, she will be devastated and angry at him. Later on, she will mention how much she cared for him and how much she looked after him.


Louis and Tenn have a positive relationship despite their rare interaction. If Louis is saved he will try to calm Tennessee down after being pushed by Willy. In Take Us Back Louis is shown to be devastated by Tenn's death. Tenn would feel guilty if Louis died instead.


Minerva shows a great amount of worry for her brother Tennessee. Demanding Clementine to stop fighting for his and the other student's protection. This is further evident when she asked Dorian if she happened to see Tenn fighting. Likewise, Tenn was shown to be sad thinking his sisters were dead and anger at Marlon when he found they were trafficked away by Delta.


Tenn was deeply saddened and angered. After being lied to Marlon about Sophie being killed by walkers, instead of being traded away. It can be assumed when he found out she was actually dead all along he felt depressed.


Tenn trusted and looked up to Marlon, feeling safe while he was around. When Tenn finds out that Marlon gave his sisters to raiders and killed Brody, he is deeply hurt by this and confused for why he would sacrifice them. If Clementine didn't convince or force Marlon to drop the gun, Tenn will tell Marlon he forgives him.


Tenn and Brody are never seen interacting, however it can be assumed that they had a stable relationship. When Brody was accidentally killed by Marlon, Tenn seemed to be saddened over her death, and was disappointed to hear that she was killed for knowing the actual fate of his sisters.


Tenn seems to like Rosie. In "Suffer The Children", when Tenn was asked to go find Louis, he signaled Rosie to come along with him, to which Rosie refused, still mourning Marlon, her former owner.


Willy and Tenn have a stable friendship despite Willy pushing down and blaming for Mitch's death the two seem to have forgiven each other.


Although Tenn and James barely interact, Tenn is shown to be startled or frightened when he first met James due to the walker mask he was wearing. Tenn can either tell James that Clementine wanted to marry him or flip him if she said either one in Suffer The Children. Later on in Broken Toys, Tenn protects James from getting shot by a Delta member by running up to her and taking her holstered gun and pointing at her pleader with her and Lilly not to shoot him. James would later then plead to Lilly not to shoot Tenn. If James died in Broken Toys, Tenn will looked sad and shocked upon seeing him as a walker. Tenn will also express that James’s death was on him too if Clementine tells AJ his death wasn’t on him.

Even though it's not been confirmed, it could be possible that Tenn got James captured since James wasn't meant to be at the boat. According to a raider she said, "Ma'am he wasn't alone, I've got something else to show you". Later when James is shown to be walker, Tenn can say that James's death was on him too before he could finish he said "I-" it could be that he got James captured.


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  • Tennessee is one of few characters in the series to believe in an afterlife. As a result, he doesn't consider death particularly scary like some of his fellow survivors.
  • Tennessee is one of the three characters who voted Clementine and Alvin Jr. to stay at Ericson's along with Aasim and Violet.
  • If Tenn dies on the bridge and killed as a zombie, then he is the last character to die in the Video Game series overall.
  • In "Broken Toys", Minerva says to Clementine that her leadership is going to get Tennessee killed. This is a foreshadow to "Take Us Back", where Tennessee can be killed depending on whether Clementine trusted or did not trust AJ to make his own decisions.
  • Tennessee is the fifth character in the The Walking Dead franchise to have a burn on the side of his face, the others being Dwight and Mark, as well as their TV series counterparts.
    • It is currently unknown how Tenn got his injury, and whether it was sustained before or after the outbreak. However it can be noted there is a burned section of the Boarding School near the graveyard which may have had something to do with his injury.
  • Kent Mudle on his Tumblr page confirmed that Tennessee is adopted. [2]
  • Tennessee was originally named Tennyson, but was later changed due to creative differences. [3]
  • Alongside Brie, Tenn is one of the two characters in the video game who can become zombified even if their corpse was eaten by walkers.
  • Interestingly, the zombified Tenn exhibits mannerisms he had while alive, specifically his tendency to fidget with his hands.
    • These mannerisms are called muscle memory, it is a form of procedural memory that involves a specific motor task in memory through repetition. With this factor, it may be noted that even after being zombified, some parts of the brain can still work normally.
  • Tennessee is one of eleven characters to appear in all four episodes of Season 4, the others being Clementine, Alvin Jr., Violet, Louis, Ruby, Willy, Omar, Aasim, Rosie, and Abel.
  • In an earlier version of Episode 4, Louis/Violet and Tennessee were all supposed to survive the encounter with Minerva on the bridge. Tennessee would then freeze up, causing Clementine to get bit while rescuing him. Depending on if AJ was trusted in the cave, Tennessee would then either lure the walkers surrounding the barn away or sacrifice himself to allow AJ to get the barn doors closed.[4]
    • This was changed, among other reasons, in order to give the choice of whether to trust AJ more weight and to make the player feel like the decision had no right answer. Additionally, planning on players reacting negatively to Tennessee reappearing at the fishing shack after seeming to be directly responsible for Clem's death felt disingenuous since it would later be revealed that she was not actually dead.[4]
  • There was originally going to be a flashback with Tenn, possibly explaining how he got his scar.[5]
  • Tenn believes that the apocalypse is yet another "age" of the world, like the Ice Age or Stone Age, and thus will inevitably pass. This is actually true. In Issue 193 of the Comic Series, we see that society is on its way to being fully restored and the walkers are no longer a threat within safe zones. As the Comic Series and Video Game share the same canon, Tenn is correct; one day the apocalypse will pass.

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