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"Tent City" is a major location in the first chapter of The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. It is a basecamp for a large caravan of survivors established in a open field surrounded by a forest in Rural Georgia. The camp consists in a large circus tent erected in the centre, surrounded by smaller ones, in a clearing the size of a soccer field.

The community consists of ninety-five survivors total, and a dozen families with young children. Founder, Chad Bingham acts as the de-facto leader of the camp.


The property is situated in a verdant area fifty miles south of Atlanta—an area that normally produces millions of bushels of peaches, pears, and apples annually—the clearing sits in a natural basin of seared crabgrass and hard-packed earth. Surrounded by neighbouring orchards, the lot is the size of a soccer field. Gravel drives flank the property and along these winding roads stand dense, overgrown walls of white pine and live oak that stretch up into the hills. At the north end of the property stands a large manor home where the owners of the orchids presumably live.


Chad Bingham's Caravan[]

Chad Bingham and his family join two other families and form a small caravan consisting of two minivans leaving Lawrenceville, Georgia. Thirty miles southwest of Atlanta, the group runs into two women, Lilly Caul and Megan Lafferty. Megan convinces Lilly there is safety in numbers, and Lilly agrees to join the group for a while. Soon after joining the group, Megan develops an attraction towards Chad. Lilly is appalled to see the pair flirting amid this waking nightmare, and it doesn't take long before Megan and Chad start hiding in rest stop buildings to have sex, despite Chad's wife Donna being a part of the group. Around sunset one evening the survivors get pinned down by a pack of walkers in a Kmart parking lot. Joshua Lee Hamilton comes to the rescue from the shadows of the loading dock, wielding twin garden hoes with the price tags still flagging in the wind. He easily dispatches the half-dozen zombies and saves the survivors who thank him profusely. He shows the group a couple of brand-new shotguns in the back aisles of the store, as well as camping gear. He helps the group load their two minivans with provisions and is allowed to join the group on his motorbike. The caravan travels closer towards the abandoned orchards patchworking Meriwether County.

The caravan discovers a large clearing seemingly ideal for a campground fifty miles south of the city. It's possibly there were already a few survivors temporarily staying here. The orchards normally produce millions of bushels of peaches, pears, and apples annually making it perfect for harvesting fruit. At the north end of the pasture the large manor home stands scorched and decimated by a fire. Early on in the outbreak, people gave up finding stations on their battery-operated radios, and then started looking for supplies to scavenge, places to loot, alliances to strike, and areas in which to hunker. Many people found themselves gathered on this abandoned homestead. Over time, the small community grows to include a dozen families with small children, the convoy of vehicles surrounding the perimeter grows until the survivors start to see the place as an area to live. Within a couple weeks the community covers this two-square-acre parcel of vacant land with some survivors living in their cars and others setting up small pup tents around the periphery. They have very few firearms, and very little ammunition. Garden implements, sporting goods and kitchen equipment serve as their main weapons.

The Road to Woodbury[]

In the first weeks of the outbreak, survivors from all over the state started a camp in this location outside of Atlanta, hoping to survive the undead plague. Several tents were raised there. Lilly Caul was among these survivors. Chad Bingham and Joshua Hamilton became leaders of the Tent City. During the second walker attack on the camp sixteen survivors lost their lives, including Chad's daughter Sarah. Chad blames Lilly for Sarah's death. A funeral service is later held for Sarah and the other fifteen survivors that died during the attack. Lilly and Chad do not attend the funeral. Joshua attempts to speak at the funeral but is overcome by his emotions and leaves. Chad tried to kill Lilly but was stopped by Josh and beaten to death. Joshua is later exiled from Tent City due to him murdering Chad. Lilly, Bob StookeyScott Moon, and Megan Lafferty decide to accompany him, leaving Tent City.

Some time later the Tent City was destroyed by walkers and engulfed by flames. Lilly's group found it highly unlikely that there were any survivors.