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The Tent City was a base camp established in a open field surrounded by a forest in Rural Georgia. It plays a major role in the first chapter of The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. The camp consists in a large circus tent surrounded by smaller ones, in a field the size of a soccer field.


The field was part of a property with a large manor home at the north end, that probably belonged to the owners of the neighboring orchards. Near a main road, and bordering forests on two sides, it was a seemingly open location to hold a campground.


In the first weeks of the outbreak, survivors from all over the state started a camp in this location outside of Atlanta, hoping to survive the undead plague. Several tents were raised there. Lilly Caul was among these survivors. Chad Bingham and Joshua Lee Hamilton became leaders of the Tent City. During the second walker attack on the camp sixteen survivors lost their lives, including Chad's daughter Sarah. Chad blames Lilly for Sarah's death. A funeral service is later held for Sarah and the other fifteen survivors that died during the attack. Lilly and Chad do not attend the funeral. Joshua attempts to speak at the funeral but is overcome by his emotions and leaves. Chad tried to kill Lilly but was stopped by Josh and beaten to death. Joshua is later exiled from Tent City due to him murdering Chad. Lilly, Bob StookeyScott Moon, and Megan Lafferty decide to accompany him, leaving Tent City.

Some time later the Tent City was destroyed by walkers and engulfed by flames. Lilly's group found it highly unlikely that there were any survivors.





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