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Dr. Terry Brooks Ellis is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He was a professor at the Civic Republic Research Facility before defecting to the Endlings.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Terry's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


The Walking Dead: Season 5

"Self Help"

Eugene Porter mentions Terry twice when conversing with his fellow survivors. The first time he claims that Terry was his boss at the Human Genome Project and the smartest man he knew. He also states that Terry said his mullet made him look like "a fun guy." This was later revealed to be a lie, and Eugene admits he never met Terry, but read one of his books.

Season 2

"Exit Wounds"

Terry teaches a biology class at the New Beginnings Academy at the Civic Republic Research Facility and catches Hope Bennett not paying attention and calls on her. He is however impressed by her response to his question and further impressed by the back and forth intellectual debate between her and Mason Beale. To reel the class back in, Terry interrupts the debate but is pleased at the intelligent minds in his class.


Terry meets with Dr. Lyla Belshaw, Dr. Leo Bennett, and Dr. Amanda Siegel in a lab to go over results of an experiment inspired by knowledge from Leo and Hope in regards to yeast fermentation. Hope enters the lab and is praised by the researchers for her way of thinking. As Hope requests to speak with her father alone, the other researchers leave the laboratory to give them some privacy. Later that day, as Leo begins to realize he may have been played by Lyla, he wanders down a hallway and accidentally bumps into Terry. Terry asks if Leo is okay and when Leo replies asking where Lyla is, he indicates that he thinks Lyla is in her lab.

"Returning Point"

In a private meeting with Amanda and Dr. Ebersol, Terry listens to Leo as he explains what the Civic Republic Military has been up to and their role in massacring 100,000 people in Nebraska. He comments that the Civic Republic Military won't simply let them leave if they choose so, but agrees that they need to defect. He is among the civilians to discreetly regroup at the Bio-Containment Unit while the rest of the facility personnel evacuate as part of a drill. In the lab, he witnesses Mason Beale brought in as a hostage but does not object. He and the other resistance members access an underground tunnel as part of their escape, with a bomb detonating at the lab's entrance to hold off the Civic Republic Military and buy them time.

"Death and the Dead"

Terry appears in Lyla's lab with the other civilian defectors as they regroup after traveling through the old mining tunnels. Later, he and the others are evacuated in two transport trucks away from the Research Facility to the underground mall rendezvous. While on the road, one of the trucks suffered a flat tie after running over spikes, forcing everyone to cram into the second truck to complete the journey.

"The Last Light"

Terry will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Terry has killed:

  • Samuel Abbott (Zombified, Caused, alongside Leo, Iris, Hope, Percy, Felix, Amanda, and Dr. Ebersol)
  • Several unnamed CRM test subjects (Zombified, Caused, alongside Leo, Iris, Hope, Percy, Felix, Amanda, and Dr. Ebersol)
  • 15 unnamed CRM soldiers (12 Caused, alongside Leo, Iris, Hope, Percy, Felix, Amanda, and Dr. Ebersol)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


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