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The Texas Naval Base is a naval base located either in or close to Galveston, Texas.


Nothing is known of the base's history before the outbreak.


At some point after its abandonment, the base's roof caved in.

Season 6

"USS Pennsylvania"

In preparation for Morgan's Group's assault on the USS Pennsylvania, Rachel leads part of the group to the naval base in search of any information about the sub that could be useful. Sherry contacts Luciana for an update as she, June, Morgan, John, Grace, Dwight and prepare to board the sub. Luciana reports that they are only a few miles out, but there are several SUVs nearby, suggesting that the cult has beaten them to the base.

When Sherry reaches out to Luciana again, she learns that Sarah, Jacob and Charlie have returned while the others are remaining at the naval base. Charlie and Sarah report that the base's roof caved in and as a result, a lot of the naval books that they have recovered are a bit soggy and Sarah is now looking through them for maps. After finding out that the crew has died and reanimated, Sherry and Grace attempt to get information on the crew compliment. Luciana reports that it's 150 while Jacob reveals that a hatch they are outside of is the missile room which is the clearest path to the weapons' room where the cult will be if they are trying to launch anything.

After learning that Teddy intends to nuke the whole area, June checks in with Grace if their people can get somewhere safe. Grace reveals that Charlie had said that the naval base had a basement, but Grace isn't sure if it will be enough.


  • Many unnamed naval personnel (Pre-Apocalypse)


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