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"The Blaze of Gory" is the second episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the second episode of the series overall. It premiered on Ocbober 11, 2020, the same night as "The End Is the Beginning", the season premiere of the sixth season of Fear The Walking Dead. It was written by Ben Sokolowski and directed by Magnus Martens.


The group adjusts to the reality of life beyond their community's walls. Iris attempts to take charge, in spite of Hope's reservations. Felix and Huck trail the teens while Felix is forced to confront unwanted memories.


Young Hope is blowing bubbles with her mom and then we see her walking through the flames on the Night the Sky Fell. We then see an older version of Hope as she walks through the smoke. Suddenly, the daydream is over and Iris is fighting an empty while we hear Felix teaching self-defense classes. Unfortunately, Iris is not following the rules and she's getting worn out, so much so that she ends up falling into a ditch. Felix says to the class that they should be scared outside the walls and when they face empties. Hope is upset that her sister could have died. Elton takes pictures of the empty, noting that it's like "ravioli and candy canes." Before Iris can kill the empty, she pukes on it. Hope apologizes to it as she walks away. On the street, they see a building and Iris wonders if they took piano lessons on that street. Hope reminds her that she quit them, and they move forward.

Huck can't believe that the CRM gave Hope and Iris a map of New York. Felix says that Dr. Bennett never takes risks and sending that message was a huge risk, so the threat must be real. He doesn't take risks, and neither do they, but Felix loves the girls and Huck loves Felix so there they are. Felix says that the CRM doesn't play. They're advanced, they have technology, and they never let people in or out so they control everything. Huck laughs that they are handling their shit. Huck says that the kids will turn back when things get too rough because they know they have a home to return to. This reminds Felix of a point before the world ended. In a flashback, teenage Felix gets home and tells his father that he has his paycheck with the overtime he was missing. His father says he used his computer to get on the job website and he found emails. He wants to know if his son is gay, but he uses the derogatory term. When Felix says he is, his father kicks him out despite the fact that Felix has been supporting him. His father says he doesn't know who he is, and Felix reminds him that he has been supporting his father and believing in him and paying his bills. Felix signs the check and gives it to his father, but his father insists that he doesn't need the help. He grabs his bag and leaves.

Back in the present, Iris and Silas enjoy a meal of canned goods from CRM and they talk about music. Suddenly a bowling ball comes rolling through and Hope is playing a game with the ball, Big Mo. She goes to find Elton, who is taking pictures of an empty that was killed by a fallen tree. His mom used to say that nature would always find the way. He tells her about the extinction events that have taken place and says that people have been killing themselves for years, so the zombie apocalypse is just speeding it up. She didn't think he was a "doomsday type" but he's actually pretty calm about it. In the distance, Iris spots "the blaze". Smoke is rising into the air and Elton calls it "The Blaze of Gory" and they explain to Silas that it's a tire fire that has been burning for years, essentially since the beginning. It attracts the empties with the noise and the light, and it's why they don't see a lot of the dead. They have to go through it if they want to save themselves from a longer trip. Elton wants to see it regardless because it's the stuff of legends for their community. Hope leaves the can of peaches on the road.

Huck and Felix find the empty that Iris failed to kill. They guess that someone puked on it, and Felix says Hope is going to be in big trouble. On the Night the Sky Fell, we see young Felix trying to call his parents as chaos reigns around him. The call doesn't go through. In the present, the kids continue. Elton picks up rocks on the way and sprays empties too. He wants to continue the migration research and Silas says he will help. They find an empty that looks funny, and suddenly bees pour out of its mouth. An empty appears behind Elton, and when he falls to the ground Silas rushes in but he can't find the courage to kill it. They run away. Later, Iris reassures Silas that they have lost the empties. He wants to know why she tried to kill hers, and she says they will have to kill them eventually. They find a treehouse and decide to camp out for the night. Thankfully, the treehouse is full of blankets and creature comforts so it's safe. They start playing a game with the bowling ball and when it's Silas' turn he hesitates. When they tell him it's ok, he laughs. Their fun is interrupted when the empty from earlier gathers under the tree. They decide to use Big Mo to kill the empty but it's not quite enough to do the trick. Silas feels bad that he didn't kill it before. Elton finds a Monopoly game and they spend the night playing the game and being kids because it's probably one of the last times they can do that. Outside, the empty walks around with the fireflies.

That night, Hope can't sleep. She hears the empty and it makes her think of the night her mom died. She fingers the bauble on her necklace and decides to kill the empty. She uses a burning doll to distract it, then she climbs down and gets ready to kill it with the S-pole. She leads it to the fence, walking backwards toward the pool, but the empty knocks her into it. She manages to kick it away, then she climbs out and flips it off. She gets back into bed and Silas asks her if she got rid of it. She says she didn't do anything. He thanks her. As Felix wanders into the neighborhood he has flashbacks, and he tells Huck he used to live there. He spots the peaches and knows Hope took them from his apartment. She's leading him to them. Iris looks out at the Blaze of Gory and they see that it's a smoke-filled burning mess of tires and buses. They sit in a playground and consider their next moves. Iris says that they can make it. There's an airfield on the other side so they could go through if they sneak past them. Silas says that they could get caught and he can't go back now that he has left. They agree to go for it. Huck can taste the tire fire, so she says they should rest before they go off in search of them. She runs off to one of the houses and tells Felix if he doesn't clear his head he'll end up with a scar like hers. That night, he's awake and he won't talk to her. He reminds her that she never talks about her past either. "The past is the past, you know." Felix tells her that he was at the university on the Night the Sky Fell. When things were bad he left, trying to get back to his family to see if they were ok. He wanted to spend his last time on Earth with them. Days later he made it home. Huck says they were bad parents but they were still his parents. In another flashback, we see young Felix banging on the door as gunshots ring out. His father says they don't need his help and they turn the lights out. Back in the present, Felix says it doesn't matter and he tells her to sleep. He sets his watch and waits.

The kids are getting ready to leave before the sun comes up. Elton compliments Hope's jacket and she says Silas' grandmother taught him to sew. She asks if it bothers Elton that they will end up like the dinosaurs. He doesn't think about it because he sees it as being the end of the line, the last generations. The "endlings", or the last of a species. That makes him want to make the most of his life. The last person alive is the "endling" and that death defines them all. He asks if it bothers her, and, with tears in her eyes, she says it does. She asks him for the spray paint. When Huck is asleep, Felix takes the gun and leaves. The kids leave the playground. Hope has painted a message on the wall. Huck wakes up to see Felix there. He says he didn't sleep at all. He plays with the gun and says they should leave. The Blaze of Gory is full of nasty looking empties who have been living in the middle of a burning area with buses and tires. There's smoke everywhere and they see that their exit isn't easily reached but it's their only choice. As they move, we hear Felix's voice during one of his survival classes. He tells them about the sun as a compass, and then Iris looks up to see the smoke erasing the sun. They're flying blind. The deeper they go, the worse the visibility. "This is about survival," Felix says. They can't see the fence, but they have to move as empties surround them. They run for it and make it through, bolting the gate behind them. Hope and Iris hug it out, happy that they made it. However, they look and see that they haven't passed through the tires yet. They're not even close.

"We were here. The Endlings." Huck notes that they have given themselves a nickname. One of them is leaving messages because she doesn't want to be there. Huck suggests they continue, and she warns him against sneaking out again. It turns out, he did leave the night before and he ended up at his house, where he discovered that his parents were still inside, but now they're empties. He tried to save them and they refused his help and they died. He kills an empty and tells Huck he went to kill his parents. The kids look out at the blaze and realize the airfield is beyond the tires. Elton tells them that they could use the siren to distract the empties, as bait, but they decide they have to go together. Iris says she wanted to be brave like Hope, but Hope says she isn't brave at all. She tells her sister she should be proud of what she has accomplished. They need to rest so they can figure this out. That night, Hope remains awake and thinks about blowing bubbles. She sees the falling ashes and it reminds her of those days. She heads out into the tires to become the bait.

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