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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the World Beyond episode.

The B.O.G. People have been talking about it since everything fell apart."
"It's this everlasting fire of totally Old Testament proportions."
"The predominant theory is that it's tires. A lot of tires. Left unattended, they can burn for years, even decades. (...) The smoke plume and the firelight after dark have been attracting empties to it for years and years, like moths to a flame. And the more that come, the louder it gets which attracts more.

Iris, Hope and Elton describing the Blaze of Gory.[src]

The Blaze of Gory, also known as B.O.G. or simply The Blaze, is a location seen in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond.


Before the apocalypse, the area consisted of a bus depot, a tire junkyard, and an airfield.


During the onset of the apocalypse, probably on "The Night The Sky Fell", the tires from the ReTRED Tire Company junkyard section were set on fire. Due to tires taking a long time to burn and their difficulty to put them out, this area has been on fire for the past ten years. This, coupled with the large amount of walkers attracted to the area due to the constant plume of smoke and nighttime glow, gave it the moniker "The Blaze of Gory". Additionally, due to the weather and the fire remaining unchecked, it has spread to the nearby bus depot and airfield, setting ablaze dozens of school buses, coach buses, and tractor trailers.

Season 1[]

"The Blaze of Gory"[]

Iris decides that the best way to get to New York is through the Blaze of Gory, to avoid taking a 60 mile detour due to the nearby Mississippi River. Silas and Elton cautiously agree while Hope disagrees but goes along with it as she was outvoted. Upon arriving outside, the group spots the bus depot covered in smoke and based on their map, Iris decides that their best bet is to go due east to the airfield where the fence will keep walkers from entering from the eastern side, giving them a clear shot.

At dawn, the Endlings sneak into the Blaze, moving between the buses for cover. However, the thickening smoke quickly obscures their vision and they get lost and surrounded by the herd. Hope spots the fence and the Endlings make it through it, knocking down several walkers and blocking the fence behind them. However, on the other side, they discover burning tires and more walkers. Observing the Blaze that night, Elton suggests that one of them could manually sound the old tornado siren on the tire company building in order to draw the walkers away as bait, but Iris refuses as it's too dangerous for whomever acts as bait. The group agrees to go to sleep and tackle the problem with fresh heads in the morning.

Later, unable to sleep, Hope puts on a handkerchief as a mask, dons her pack and S-Pole and, taking a radio, heads deeper into the Blaze on her own.

"The Tyger and the Lamb"[]

Hope contacts the others and reveals that she intends to make her way to the factory and sound the old tornado siren herself, allowing the Endlings to safely pass through the Blaze of Gory. The rest of the group makes their way to an office near the factory where they are reunited with Felix and Huck as the herd gathers and grows outside. However, after avoiding a walker inside of the factory, Hope is delayed when the siren's crank breaks and she has to take it apart in order to sound it.

Once Hope is ready, the rest of the group makes their way out of a rear door of the office while Hope draws most of the herd to the factory wall with the siren. Felix and Huck put down several walkers that get in their way while Hope climbs down a fire escape and makes a run for it, injuring her leg in the process and slowing her down. When several walkers fall into a trail of melted rubber, Hope sets it on fire to hold them back, but she is attacked near the exit by a pair of conjoined walkers. Hope's attempts to take the walkers down only result in Hope losing her pack and getting knocked to the ground. Iris comes to her sister's rescue and manages to put one of the walkers down with Shiloh, but gets pinned down by the other one. Grabbing her S-Pole, Hope stabs the walker in the back of the head and puts it down, saving Iris.

With Iris and Elton aiding Hope in walking, they are able to make it to the exit, but Huck inadvertently knocks over a wall of tires when she sends a walker into it. Silas holds the wall up long enough for the others to escape and the collapsing tires block the path of the herd, allowing the Endlings to escape from the Blaze of Gory.

"In This Life"[]

Silas has a flashback to holding up the wall of tires so that the others can escape from the Blaze of Gory.

Season 2[]


When Leo asks if she was ever in any danger, Hope remembers fighting walkers in the Blaze of Gory.

"Exit Wounds"[]

Hope remembers emerging from the Blaze of Gory arm in arm with Iris after putting down their first walkers together.


World Beyond[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • While the exact location of the Blaze of Gory is unclear, it is shown to be east of Lincoln and south of Omaha, according to Elton's map. This puts the Blaze of Gory in possibly Avoca, Nebraska.