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It's the same people, same setup. Just had to relocate after you helped burn it down. If you recall that.
Maggie Rhee to Negan Smith about Hilltop's new location

The Bricks is a walled farming community in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City, located in New York or New Jersey. Originally a brick factory, the area was settled sometime after 2023 by a community led by Maggie Rhee, hailing from its original colony in Culpeper, Virginia after it was destroyed beyond repair by the Whisperers. In 2029, a man called the Croat and his extortionist group found the Bricks. An ex-Savior wanting to recruit his former leader, Negan, the Croat kidnapped Maggie's son, Hershel, in exchange for her delivering Negan to his headquarters in Manhattan. Maggie tracked Negan down and brought him to Manhattan under the guise of rescuing her son. In return, Maggie allowed Negan's child companion, Ginny, to live with her people.


Nothing is known about this location's history before the outbreak except that it was a brick factory.


Relocating Hilltop Colony[]

After Pamela Milton's defeat, Maggie and the people of the original Hilltop Colony initially rebuilt to some degree at their original location and remained their for at least a year. However, the residents eventually decided to abandon their settlement, having been unable to successfully restore the farming community to what it once was, despite their efforts and help from their allies to rebuild Hilltop, mainly due to the Barrington House having been damaged beyond repair by the Whisperers and, likely, a bomb used against several Commonwealth soldiers and Leah Shaw. The Hilltoppers moved north and settled a new community under a new name, the Bricks, in either New York or New Jersey in an old brick factory.

Conflict with the Croat[]

One night, the Bricks is raided by a group led by a man called the Croat. Outnumbered and outmatched, the Bricks has all of its grain stolen with the Croat promising to return in a month to collect more. When the Croat returns, he kidnaps Hershel as leverage. During the attack, the Croat uses the Saviors' whistle, causing Maggie to realize that he is a former member of the group and to seek out Negan's help to rescue her son and stop the Croat who she has tracked to Manhattan. As part of her deal with Negan for his help, Maggie agrees to take Ginny in at the Bricks, although Negan's possible future at the community will be determined after their rescue mission. However, Ginny leaves after discovering that Maggie had lied about all of the Bricks' grain being stolen, the Croat having really taken Hershel with a demand that Negan be traded for him.

Following the successful rescue of Hershel, Maggie returned to the Bricks with her son, and Ginny, but discovered a further threat to Hershel's safety.

Government and Society[]

Not much is known about how the Bricks works, but it is described as having the same setup and the same people with Maggie Rhee as the leader. It also has a school for the children.



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Dead City[]

Season 1[]


  • Despite Maggie mentioning that everyone who lived in Hilltop in Virginia moved to the new location, it is unknown if Lydia, Elijah, and Adam are among the residents, as they did not appear nor were they mentioned in The Walking Dead: Dead City.
    • However, given Lydia and Elijah's jobs as couriers, they may simply be elsewhere at the moment given the distance between the communities or they relocated to one of the other communities. Given Lydia's friendship with Negan, it's likely that Maggie would've mentioned it if something had happened to her.
  • As revealed in "Who's There?", despite having moved so far away, the Bricks is seemingly still a part of the Coalition and maintains ties with the other communities.