The Caravan refers to a collection of vehicles used by Morgan's group to travel throughout Texas and set up temporary bases in multiple locations that appear in Season 5 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. They serve as temporary shelters for Morgan's group and new recruits.

As of "Ner Tamid", the caravan has approximately thirty-seven (37) survivors after Jacob Kessner joins them. This number fluctuates as new survivors are recruited, including Tom, his sister Janis and Wes, among others. As of the caravan's arrival at the overrun Humbug's Gulch, there were at least forty (40) survivors in the caravan.


After abandoning the river mill and taking their mission on the road, Morgan's group established a caravan to help other survivors in need throughout Texas. Throughout their travels, the group will establish a base camp anytime they make a prolonged stop, whether it be to rest, go on supply runs, or rescue survivors. June and Grace are in charge of the base camp operations and caring for other survivors, ensuring everyone is completing their daily chores and the food inventory is closely supervised. The camp is usually set up by using the caravan's vehicles as the perimeter, wrapped in chain link fence for extra security. The survivors then sleep in their vehicles or tents set up inside the camp.





Fear The Walking Dead

Season 5


  • Most, if not all, of the Caravan's vehicles are now in the possession of the Pioneers, including the SWAT van.
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