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This article is about the Clementine group. You may be looking for the TV Series group.

"And now with The Coalition -- having two other settelments to help... You can have a real life here with good people."
Clementine to Alvin Jr.[src]

The Coalition is a network of survivor communities formed at some point between Season 4 and "Clementine Lives". It has at least three communities, with one of them being the Ericson's Boarding School.


At some point, the Ericson's Boarding School joined forces with two other communities to form The Coalition. It's known that they trade between each other and that all three communities are nearby each other.



  • Clementine (Former Leader of Ericson's, Supply Runner, Huntress, Fisherwoman)


  • Numerous counts of people

Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of zombies and people




  • The Coalition mentioned in Clementine Lives, and the Coalition in the TV Series are two unrelated groups apart of two separate universes.
  • It is possible one of the communities apart of the Coalition could be New Richmond.
  • The Coalition is most likely the group that Louis/Violet tells Clementine about in "Take Us Back", where there was a caravan passing by the area.