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The Companion Crew is a group featured in The Walking Dead: Michonne. It is a crew captained by Pete.


As the apocalypse broke out, Pete gradually lost all his crew one by one. Either they died, or left The Companion to seek for their own families and/or friends. Somehow, Pete managed to recruit stranded survivors like Michonne as his new crews.

"In Too Deep"

Three weeks after being discovered by Pete, Michonne wakes up on the vessel to find him adjusting the radio dials on the vessel, attempting to contact trading partners Rashid and Vanessa. He fails to contact them however picks up an unknown survivor on the shortwave. Michonne manages to speak to the survivor and gain a little information about their situation. Shortly after, the ship becomes grounded on part of a submerged shipwreck resulting in some damage to the ship. Michonne and Pete decide to take the dinghy and search a nearby shipwreck for parts in order to get the ship free and fixed. However, they are captured and taken to the floating survivors colony of Monroe, who appear very hostile to any survivors near their location; which may include the crew of The Companion.

"Give No Shelter"

Michonne and Pete make there goal to return to the ship. During somepoint off screen Monroe capture the rest of the crew.

"What We Deserve"

Their ship is seen at the end of the episode, docked as some shoreline as the Michonne along with everyone who survived were walking towards it.

This crew's fate unknown after the ending of the game, however it can be assumed they went to Oceanside.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Companion Crew has killed:


  • Berto - Shot in the head by Gabby or Jonas.
  • Oak - Shot by Norma. (Determinant)


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