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Let me see if I understand. The show started out with a bang. Kept me up all night, actually. But then there was a plot twist. You thought you had your hero, but he got away. What good is a hero offstage? So naturally the ending, fizzled, and let's face it, everyone knows the ending is all that matters.
―The Dama to The Croat regarding Negan.[src]

"The Dama" (real name unknown) is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City. She is a mysterious ally of the Burazi and serves as the tertiary antagonist of Season 1.


Not much is known about the Dama, but she seems to be an elegant, regal, high-stance individual and a trusted ally of the Burazi. This can be noted when she makes the Croat kneel down and kiss her hand before he leaves her office.


Location Unknown[]

Not much is known about the Dama's life before or as the outbreak began, except that she was a theater actress, possibly at the King Francis Theater.


Manhattan, New York[]


Season 1[]

"Stories We Tell Ourselves"[]

The Croat drives to a theater, running down a walker that he encounters outside. Visibly distressed, the Croat lets out a scream, covers up his missing ear and heads inside. Making his way through the rowdy crowd in the theater and a very rude gang leader, the Croat visits the Dama in her dressing room, less than pleased that they are talking to that particular gang now, but the Dama tells the Croat that it's none of his concern. The Croat announces that his plan was a success beyond expectations, that his informant and delivered and the threat has been neutralized. The Croat reveals that Negan is on the island and that he saw Negan with his own eyes, but acknowledges that he doesn't have Negan. The Dama summarizes that the show started with such a bang that it kept her up all night and the Croat thought that he had his hero, but he got away so, with the hero off-stage, the ending fizzled, "and let's face it, everyone knows, the ending is all that matters."

The Croat pulls out Perlie's badge and tells the Dama that the New Babylon Federation marshals from the mainland are here, although just one so far. Just as the Dama had said, there will be those who try to bring back the old laws and prisons to protect and serve, but in reality, just to punish, steal and feed their fat bellies. The Croat believes that they will now come for what the Burazi have built, and they need to be ready. The Dama believes that they need Negan for that which is why he has "fucked up so royally". The Croat insists that he will find Negan and that there's absolutely no way that Negan will be getting off of the island. Before he leaves, the Dama makes the Croat bow, kneel, and kiss her hand.

"Doma Smo"[]

At the King Francis Theater, where a number of people are laying passed out around the auditorium, the Croat tells Negan that his battles with the Manhattan Tribespeople were just practice for the war to come. Once the Burazi have full control of the island, the Dama says that a clash of civilizations is inevitable. After the Croat had told the Dama about all of the good that Negan had done and the people that Negan had saved and protected, the Dama had said that Negan is the missing piece. The Croat is excited to introduce Negan and the Dama, comparing it to Mommy and Daddy coming together. However, rather than allowing the Croat to stick around, the Dama dismisses him in order to talk to Negan alone, much to his disappointment.

The Dama offers Negan a drink, telling Negan that she's pleased to finally meet him and to discover that Negan is actually real and not the product of the Croat's insanity. Having heard of Negan's performance at the tribal hideout, the Dama is impressed by Negan's taunting, joking and the extra but absolutely necessary pinch of gruesomeness that created a lot of shock and awe. Negan refuses the drink, and the Dama pulls Perlie's badge out of her purse. The Dama explains that she's worried about the forces behind the marshals coming after the island's natural resources like a pack of hyenas. "The island needs leadership. Now more than ever. Someone with confidence, fearlessness, charisma, that special, shall we say, political talent. For what is politics if not performance?" Realizing that the Dama means him, Negan questions why he would help her. The Dama reveals that there are other settlements as far north as Harlem and, if they can unite all of the settlements under one rule, they will be indomitable, and it can all be Negan's again.

The Dama offers him the keys to the kingdom, but wonders how she can be sure, pointing out that Negan might not be the man that he used to be and maybe he never was which Negan acknowledges. The Dama presents Negan with a small box containing a severed pinky toe. At the Bricks, Hershel, who is missing his right pinky toe, plays his guitar as the Dama explains to Negan that she had a lot of talks with Hershel who told the Dama the story of the man who had murdered his father, not just in front of his mother, but an unborn Hershel as well. The Dama could sense in the rest of Hershel's story what Hershel himself couldn't, that his father's killer might feel remorseful and responsible for the boy whose family he destroyed. Maggie goes through Hershel's drawings which include images of Manhattan, the vault that he was imprisoned in and the Dama. Hershel had only told the Dama this story once he felt safe with her, and here Negan is, having come all of this way to save him. The Dama eventually let Hershel go in exchange for Negan, but she kept a little piece of him "and I can always go back for more. Make it last. We have a lot to discuss. A lot to plan for." Negan finally takes the drink that the Dama had offered him, and Maggie and Negan get the same look on their face at the realization of the threat that the Dama poses to Hershel and the lengths that she's willing to go to.

Season 2[]

"The Dama" will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims the Dama has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


For a more in-depth look at the Dama's relationships, read here: The Dama (Dead City)/Relationships



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