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"The Deepest Cut" is the ninth episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 29, 2020. It was written by Ben Sokolowski & Maya Goldsmith and directed by Sydney Freeland.


A series of setbacks causes a member of the group to reevaluate their role in the mission. Someone makes a surprising discovery. A startling revelation casts everything in a new light.


Huck drives at night, lost in thought.

In a flashback, Huck debriefs Elizabeth on her covert mission and informs her that the "asset" is not ready for integration. Elizabeth warns that the mission will face more scrutiny the longer it takes. Huck insists she will succeed but needs more time.

In the present day, Iris, Hope and Felix sleep in the truck as Huck drives. She sees a sign indicating they are 113 miles from Ithaca.

In a flashback, Elizabeth urges Huck to do whatever it takes to isolate the asset from others in the group. She gives Huck a watch from her father, who had abandoned them.

In the present day, Huck intentionally crashes the truck, waking everyone up.

The group walks along the road in the darkness. Huck says there is shelter a mile or two away.

In a flashback, Felix conducts an intake interrogation with Huck soon after her arrival at the Campus Colony. Another officer, Will, joins the interrogation and introduces himself to Felix. Huck says that she doesn't remember much about how she ended up in Omaha.

In the present day, Huck's group encounters empties tangled up in barbed wire. They fight the empties in the dark.

In the morning, Felix wraps a bandage around his ankle and tells Huck he got cut by wire.

Elton sits on top of a shipping crate and stares at his mother's necklace. He grabs his mother's manuscript and angrily rips it apart.

Elton tries to salvage the manuscript pages and notices a trail of blood. Percy jumps out with a knife then collapses. Empties close in on them.

Huck's group arrives at a house for shelter and splits up to search it. Huck invites Iris to join her.

Huck tells Iris that Hope only took fighting lessons with her so that she could run away to Omaha. Iris looks surprised and hurt to hear about Hope's Omaha plans. Huck peeks in a room and immediately shuts the door. She says the scene inside is grisly and warns Iris to stay away.

Felix tells Huck that he's well enough to hike through the upcoming mountainous terrain. He privately unwraps the bandage from his ankle wound.

In a flashback, Felix and Will kiss in bed. Felix reveals that Dr. Bennett asked him to stay behind and take care of Hope and Iris. He worries that something will happen to Dr. Bennett if he doesn't accompany him to the CRM facility. Will notes that Felix never trusts anyone else to take care of things.

In the present, Felix grimaces in pain as he removes the gauze from his ankle.

Elton drags unconscious Percy across a field and stops to rest. He imagines Percy talking to him and persuading him to leave him behind. Elton says he's nothing like his mother and says that his mother had no excuse for killing someone — unlike Hope, who was just a little girl when she shot his mother.

Elton examines Percy's body and finds a bullet hole in his shoulder.

Huck's group walks down a road. Felix falls backwards while trying to hop over a road block.

The group carries Felix back to the house. Iris and Hope search for a crutch. Huck looks at Felix's wound and says that he won't be able to travel for a while.

In a flashback, Felix and Will eat dinner with Iris, Hope and Dr. Bennett. Will reveals that he volunteered to join Dr. Bennett's security detail so that Felix won't have to worry about Dr. Bennett. Felix looks shocked. Will tells Felix that he must learn to trust other people.

In the present day, Elton begs Percy to wake up and tell him who shot him. Empties approach from across the field.

Hope tells Iris that Felix won't be able to travel very far with his injury. Iris asks if Hope is planning to abandon Felix. Hope says they need to make a plan to move forward.

Elton drags Percy across the field. He starts to leave Percy behind then changes his mind. He fights the empties and defeats them.

In a flashback, Iris and Felix say good-bye to Dr. Bennett as he departs for the CRM facility. Felix says good-bye to Will.

In the present day, Felix tells the group to continue to Ithaca without him. Huck hugs Felix and promises to come back with help.

In a flashback, Huck's group fights empties in the dark. Huck secretly slashes Felix's ankle in the middle of the fight.

Back in the present day, Iris gets angry about the idea of leaving Felix behind. Huck reminds Iris that their mission is to find Dr. Bennett and that Felix is endangering his own life if he tries to join them. Iris walks out.

Iris asks Hope if they can trust Huck and points out how quickly Huck abandoned Felix. Hope says that Huck has always been there for her and never judged her, unlike Iris, who judged Hope after learning the truth about their mother's death.

Hope wakes Huck in the middle of the night and says they need to leave immediately. She says Iris will never abandon Felix and that she and Felix will only hold them back.

Elton finds a walkie in Percy's pocket and tries to radio the group. He taps a message in morse code.

Huck and Hope travel down a road. Huck excuses herself.

Huck secretly gets out her walkie and is surprised to hear Elton's voice. Elton says he found Percy. Huck asks where they are. Elton starts to tell her but Percy wakes up and knocks the walkie away. He says Huck is the person who shot him.

Iris wakes up Felix and says Hope and Huck are gone.

Huck and Hope keep walking. In a flashback to the previous night, Hope decrypts the book of CRM codes using coordinates on a map. She decodes a message: "Raft Embed Agent En Route to NY w/Asset + Four All Four Expandable." She realizes that Huck works for the CRM.

Felix looks for his gun but can't find it.

As Huck walks ahead, Hope quietly reaches for the gun that she took from Felix.

In a post-credits scene, at a roadside near a parked CRM truck, a terrified Will runs as a gunshot sounds behind him. Will trips and falls near a grave with an empty's head poking out of it. As Will gets up and runs off, a gunshot puts down another empty and four CRM soldiers chase Will through the woods.


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  • First appearance of Will Campbell.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on November 26, 2020.
  • This episode was aired alongside "In This Life".[1]
  • This marks the first time that Elton kills an empty, with him being the last of the Endlings to do so.
  • This is the third episode of World Beyond to contain a post-credits scene, after "The Wrong End of a Telescope" and "Shadow Puppets".
  • Elton appears to forgive Hope for his mother's death, recognizing that she was only a scared child at the time. He is more disturbed by Amelia's accidental murder of Kari Bennett.
  • Percy reveals that it was actually Huck who shot him and that Silas is innocent.
  • Hope figures out how to decipher the CRM codebooks which correspond to latitude and longitude on a map. The corresponding letters of the location that the coordinates point to spell out the words of the message.

Episode Highlights[]