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"We have walls. We have working solar panels, and we grow our own food."
Lilly to Clementine about the Delta.[src]

The Delta are a group of raiders first encountered in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. They serve as the primary antagonists of Season 4. They are currently fighting against another community and involved in a huge war spanning from Richmond to the east coast.


Some time after the outbreak began, Delta's community was formed, referred to as just "the Delta", presumably somewhere in West Virginia. The current size of community is unclear, though they are known to kidnap other survivors to force them into becoming members, and simply kill those who refuse to co-operate. Their need for conscription would suggest that their membership is not huge, at least when compared to other big post-apocalyptic communities. The Delta's members seem to work on a military-type chain of command, with them referring to each other by "ma'am" or ranks such as "lieutenant". Others are also seen standing to attention in the presence of their superiors.

The Delta apparently has electricity generated by solar panels, working faculties providing running hot water, as well as farmland for pigs and corn, among other things. The community is likely based next to or near a river, possibly the Ohio River, assumed by their use of the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald in transporting captured survivors.

At some point point, a woman by the name of Lilly, who had previously been the leader of another small group of survivors before she either deserted or was abandoned by them, joined the Delta and went on to become one of their most trusted lieutenants.

Around a year before the events of "Done Running", a scouting party sent by the Delta discovered a few survivors residing at Ericson's Boarding School, a small community of children and teenagers. Marlon, the leader of the group, was secretly threatened by this Delta scout group while out on a hunting trip. He was forced into trading two twin sisters from his group exchange for safety. Though the traded girls were understandably hesitant to comply with Delta, eventually one of them began to accept her situation, whilst the other continued to lash out. Despite the former's acceptance, she was later convinced by her sister to escape the Delta via a raft on the nearby river. The twins did not make it far and were soon captured, but in an effort to prove her loyalty to the Delta, the first twin killed her sister, and as a result she was allowed to return to the community alive.

By the events of "Done Running", the Delta are still involved in an over two year war spanning all the way from Richmond to the East Coast. It is unclear whether the war involves multiple communities, but the Delta are focused on their fight with a specific unknown community that are apparently a bunch of "sick fucks", according to Abel. In a desperate attempt to gain soldiers for said war, the Delta have began ramping up their indoctrination of other survivors, even children, to fight for them. It is possible the New Frontier, another militaristic group known to hold control over a large majority of Richmond, may be involved in this war.

The Final Season

"Suffer The Children"

The Delta are first seen when members Lilly and Abel find and ambush Clementine and Alvin Jr. in the woods after their exile from the boarding school. Clementine manages to disarm Abel, but Lilly flanks her from behind and holds her at gunpoint, enabling Abel to recover and knock down Clementine in return. Lilly proceeds to pin Clementine's neck down with her boot, whilst Abel grabs AJ when he attempted to intervene. Using AJ as a hostage, the pair try to threaten Clementine into helping them kidnap the remaining boarding school survivors. She is barely able to reveal that the group's former leader, Marlon, had died, before Lilly realises who she is and allows her to stand. Lilly attempts to use her and Clementine's history together from the early days of the outbreak to convince her to join the Delta and sell out the boarding school. The exchange is soon interrupted by Violet and Louis, who distracts the pair so Clementine and Alvin Jr. could escape. However, as they flee, Abel snags AJ in the abdomen with a few rounds of buckshot, injuring him greatly. The chase ends after a herd of walkers cuts them off, forcing the Delta pair to return to their group to prepare for a full-on attack on the school.

Two weeks later, bringing more members of their group, Abel and Lilly attack the boarding school, intending to kidnap all of the children at once. However, the children surprise them, having made preparations such as setting up totems poles of walker heads, flipping tables into barricades and writing signs. Despite this, the raiders expected them to put up little resistance, but when Lilly tries to lure one of the children into coming with her, she is blown over by a sudden explosion. Two of the children, Willy and Mitch, had snuck past and secretly set up a makeshift bomb in one of Delta's cages. After realising that she survived, Mitch proceeds to charge at Lilly with his switchblade knife, but she recovers and stabs him in the neck, finishing him off with another knife stab to the head. Disorientated and caught off guard, Lilly orders her fellow members to "Kill who you have to! Take the rest!".

During the ensuing chaos, Yonatan is killed after pursuing Clementine through the boarding school's entrance; depending on a choice made earlier in the episode 2, he is either impaled by a swinging log trap, or crushed by a duffel bag filled with bricks. Seeing his comrade die, Abel orders Sullene to chase Clementine, but she is incapacitated too after being pinned to a stairway wall under a falling couch. Abel purses the teenager himself and the two become involved in a brutal fight, along with AJ, in the headmaster's office. The fight ends with Clementine pushing Abel off a balcony; however, he grabs hold of her and the resulting fall knocks Clementine briefly unconscious. Clementine awakes to find Abel screaming in pain from a broken leg and the other various injuries he sustained during their fight, and Lilly standing above them. Lilly attempts to shoot her but hesitates, partly out of sympathy for knowing the teen when she was only a little girl. Just before Lilly was able to shoot, Violet/Louis tackles her, sending the bullet wild. Clem attempts to get up and help Violet/Louis but Abel pulls her back down. Clementine kicks Abel in the face, breaking his nose in the process. Rosie comes to her rescue and jumps on Abel, biting into his arm and causing him to lose his grip on Clementine's ankle. By the time Abel is beaten, Lilly had overpowered Violet/Louis and ordered Sullene to start dragging them to their last remaining cage. Presumably hearing the commotion caused by the battle, a large number of walkers pour in through the damaged front gate. Clementine is forced to make a choice whether to save Violet/Louis from Sullene or the other one respectively who is fighting Dorian nearby. Whichever one wasn't saved is successfully captured and thrown into the remaining cage. Seeing the approaching walkers, Lilly kills a few in her retreat towards the front gate. Before calling the rest of the Delta to fall back, she smashes a Molotov on the ground to prevent the children from giving chase. In the chaos, the badly injured Abel is left behind and taken prisoner by the remaining children, where they soon handcuff him to the school's flagpole.

Overall, despite their failed attempt at kidnapping all of the children, the Delta were still able to kidnap three of them, Omar, Aasim, and Violet/Louis; but killed one, Mitch.

"Broken Toys"

The first appearance of a member of the Delta comes in the form of Abel who has since been taken into the school's basement for questioning. After a lengthy interrogation, whether it was peaceful or violent is the player's choice, Clementine learns the location of the Delta's nearest base, a riverboat called the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald. This is where her captured group members are being held, she also learns of Delta's call and response system involving city names. (Determinant) Abel is either left to turn into a walker by Clementine or, put down at his request due to a prior agreement made to trade his mercy killing for information. (Determinant) The Delta also appears later at their base as a collective group.

"Take Us Back"

After their ship explodes, the surviving Delta members regroup on the river bank and attempt to fight off the walkers, though all are killed save for Minerva, who is bitten. If she was spared, Lilly escapes on a raft and, before she leaves, tells Clementine that the group will collapse without the captured children to replenish their numbers.



  • Sophie - Killed by Minerva in order to prove her loyalty.
  • Yonatan - Killed in a trap activated by Clementine, he is either impaled by a swinging log or crushed by a duffle bag full of bricks.
  • Abel - Sustained fatal injuries after being pushed off a balcony by Clementine and is then either stabbed in the head to avoid reanimation or left to turn later on.
  • Michael - Stabbed in the neck by Clementine and reanimates or devoured by walkers.
  • Armando - Shot in the neck with an arrow by Clementine and reanimates or devoured by walkers.
  • Dorian - Shot in the mouth by Louis with Minerva's crossbow or devoured by walkers.
  • Lilly - Shot in the cheek by Alvin Jr., on Clementine's orders. (Determinant)
  • Gad - Shot in head with an arrow by Clementine with Marlon's bow.
  • Gina - Shot in neck with an arrow by Clementine with Marlon’s bow.
  • Sullene - Devoured by walkers.
  • Minerva - Devoured by walkers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Delta has killed;

  • Sophie (Off-Screen)
  • Mitch
  • James (Alive, Determinant)
  • Violet (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Louis (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Tennessee (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Video Game

The Final Season


  • The Delta is located on a river delta.[1]
  • The Delta seem to use city names as means to identify one another, mainly "Rockingham".
  • The Delta's exact location is unclear. James claims they are at war with a group up north, which would imply they are located in West Virginia or northern Virginia. Abel, however, claims that the war is raging "from Richmond to the coast", which would put their location in southern Virginia. Finally, Lilly's group planned to take the captured survivors from Ericson's Boarding School up the Ohio River, putting the groups location somewhere in northern West Virginia or even Pennsylvania.
  • The Delta has a strong theme of fratricide and sororicide. Abel was named after the biblical story of "Cain and Abel", which is famous for involving the murder of Abel by his brother Cain. Minerva is considered a testament to the Delta philosophy for killing her sister Sophie. Lilly and Clementine can be considered sisters in a metaphorical sense since both were friends during the first season and were part of the original group, but became arch-enemies since Lilly joined the Delta and ascended through the ranks. If she survives "Broken Toys" she parallels Minerva's sororicide by leaving on a raft while having one last interaction with Clementine.
  • The Delta is one of two militaristic groups to appear in the Video Games, the other being the New Frontier, both are large antagonist forces. The New Frontier is known to be larger, with their numbers estimated to be a few hundred including their civilian population. The Delta's size is currently unknown, though they are presumably considerably smaller given their reliance on kidnapped child soldiers.