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"We're the endlings."
—Elton to Hope.[src]

The Endlings are a group of survivors formed in Season 1 of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The group was formed after two sisters decided to embark on a journey to search for their father outside of the Campus Colony and to the Civic Republic Research Facility in New York. In Season 2, the group expands to include a number of the friends and allies of the initial small group who join in their fight against the Civic Republic Military. This includes survivors from the Perimeter and scientists who defected from the Civic Republic Research Facility. The group served as the center of the story.


Not much is known about the group before the apocalypse began. What is known is that Iris and Hope were adoptive sisters, Elton's parents were both scientists and were expecting a child, Felix was kicked out of the house for being gay but was shortly thereafter taken in by the Bennett family, Huck's dad abandoned her family and she eventually joined the Marines, and Tony lived in Vegas as a magician and was Percy's uncle and legal guardian.


Season 1


When Hope and Iris get their first distress message from their father, Elton and Silas are present, having seen Iris pass by on the way to Leo's office and followed her to offer Iris some cake. Elton and Silas promise not to reveal their secret and Elton reveals that he has been sneaking out in secret in search of something.

On Monument Day, after getting a second message and a coded map to the Civic Republic Research Facility from Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek, Iris convinces Hope to go after their father and help him. As Elton knows a way out of the Campus Colony, Hope and Iris enlist his help in order to get out and Elton and Silas convince the two girls to allow them to join the group. Silas is later reported missing by his uncle while Elton is also reported missing by the Independent Dorm. Concerned for their safety, Felix and Huck depart in search of them the next morning.

While crossing an old bridge at night following their departure, Elton and Silas find the Triceratops horn fossil that Elton was looking for, a present for his unborn sister. The next morning, Elton attaches the horn to Hope's old dummy S-Pole and Iris prepares to use it to put down a nearby walker.

"The Blaze of Gory"

Iris proves to be unable to put down the walker, fighting it badly until they trip into a culvert and the walker gets impaled upon a fallen tree. Even with the walker disabled, she is unable to put it down and the group moves on. As their journey continues, they spot the smoke plume from the Blaze of Gory and Iris, backed up by Elton and Silas, successfully argues for going towards it against Hope's objections otherwise they will have to take a 60 mile detour. Hope begins leaving clues behind for the following Felix and Huck and after an encounter with another walker, the group spends the night in a treehouse where they play Monopoly while the walker waits below. After a failed attempt to put the walker down with her S-Pole, Hope is able to trap it in an old swimming pool.

Despite seeing the smoke shrouded bus depot that awaits them at the Blaze, Iris, Elton and Silas insist upon going forward, deciding to use the shadows of the dawn to their advantage. While waiting, Hope and Elton discuss how their generation is very likely going to be the last one which Elton explains means that they're the Endlings, or the last of their species. Elton tells Hope that the true Endling amongst their group will be the last surviving member and that person's life and their death will ultimately define them all in the end. Before leaving the park where they spend the night, Hope spray paints "WE WERE HERE - THE ENDLINGS" onto the signs outside.

The Endlings enter the bus depot, getting lost in the smoke, but eventually making it through the fence. However, on the other side, they find more walkers and burning tires, realizing that the airfield that they're looking for must be on the other side of the rest of the Blaze. Elton suggests that one of them can manually sound the old tornado siren on the building in the middle of the Blaze as a distraction, but Iris rejects the idea as too risky and the Endlings decide to go to sleep and tackle the problem with fresh heads when they wake up. However, while the others are asleep, Hope takes her pack and a radio and heads into the Blaze of Gory alone.

At the same time, Felix and Huck follow the clues that Hope had left to the park that the Endlings had spent the previous night at. The two find Hope's sign, noting that the group now has a nickname. The walker that the Endlings had encountered twice before appears, having somehow escaped from the swimming pool, but Felix finally puts it down with his S-Pole.

"The Tyger and the Lamb"

Hope contacts the others over the radio and reveals that she intends to enact Elton's plan to draw away the herd using an old tornado siren. Hope directs them to an old office in front of the factory, but, after dodging a walker inside of the factory itself, she struggles with the siren after the crank breaks. In the office, the others reunite with Felix and Huck as Hope manages to get the siren working. With the siren drawing most of the walkers to the factory wall, the Endlings make a run for it across the Blaze with Felix and Huck putting down several walkers that get in their way. However, while climbing down a fire escape, Hope injures her leg and, near the exit, gets attacked by a pair of conjoined walkers. Iris saves her sister and puts down her first walker with Hope returning the favor by putting down the second walker and saving Iris in turn. Huck accidentally topples a wall of tires by knocking a walker into it during a struggle. Silas manages to keep the wall up long enough for the group to escape and when it collapses, the tires form a barricade that keeps the herd from following them.

Later, the Endlings relax on a dock where Felix plans to lead them to Omaha where they will wait for the next transfer to the Campus Colony to return home. However, all of the Endlings refuse to go, feeling that their place is with the group continuing their mission. Felix and Huck reluctantly agree to join the group in order to protect them with Felix making it clear that he intends to continue trying to change their minds. The Endlings, now including Felix and Huck, resume their journey to New York.

"The Wrong End of a Telescope"

As a storm sets in, the Endlings find shelter in an abandoned high school where they split up to gather water and search for food to replace their dwindling supplies. With Iris and Silas committed to completing their mission, Felix and Huck work on changing Hope and Elton's minds in the hopes of using them to turn the group around and head for Omaha.

Despite the school being stalked by a wolf, Hope and Huck are able to find supplies in the school's fallout shelter's pantry. However, Iris and Silas get trapped in the gym and they are forced to flee into the basement where they find out that the fallout shelter is infested by reanimated survivors who had taken cover there and eventually died of unknown causes. Silas goes into a rage and brutally beats a walker to death with his bare hands while Felix puts down the remaining walkers with his S-Pole.

Despite Huck's attempts to change her mind, Hope is left even more dedicated to their mission of finding her father. However, after everything that he's witnessed, talking with Felix and being slightly injured by Silas, Elton's dedication begins to waver and Felix asks for his help to turn the group around at the Mississippi River which is their last, best chance to do so. Having resupplied, the group departs the high school the next morning, but not before Elton uses his camera to take a group picture of the Endlings.

"Madman Across the Water"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Shadow Puppets"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Truth or Dare"

Felix collects Huck after her scouting run and the Endlings are reunited, now joined by Tony and Percy. Tony reveals that when he and Percy found the CRM truck, they also discovered a coded CRM map leading to fuel caches and plastic decoder overlays that allow the maps to be read. Using Tony's decoders, Iris is finally able to decipher the map that Elizabeth Kublek had given to her and Hope, revealing that the Civic Republic Research Facility is located in Ithaca, New York. At night, the teenagers play a game of truth or dare, leading to Hope confessing that she had accidentally killed Elton's mother to Huck.

Now knowing their actual destination, the Endlings raid the CRM Fuel Depot for the needed fuel for their truck, splitting up to search. Tony and Felix find the fuel as well as a locked cabinet containing CRM codebooks that they take. Hope and Huck encounter Walter, a hostile survivor who was living in the depot with his brother before his brother had suddenly died, turned and bit him. Walter takes Hope hostage, forcing Huck to negotiate with Walter. Promising to save Walter, Huck is able to disarm him, but she kills Walter rather than trying to save him from his bite.

The Endlings stop at a recreation center for the night where Tony and Percy reveal that they have decided to join the Endlings mission to save Leo rather than just giving them a ride. Percy, who has been developing a closer relationship with Iris much to Silas' jealousy, creates a romantic setup for Iris in the truck, but later that night, while going to investigate a noise, she finds Tony dead in the bathroom with his head bashed in next to Silas' bloody wrench and a trail of Percy's blood leading out of a broken window. Investigating a nearby stall, Felix finds a drunk Silas passed out and covered in blood, apparently Tony's killer.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

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"The Deepest Cut"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"In This Life"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

Season 2


The Endlings will appear in this episode.


The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Exit Wounds"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"

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The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Who Are You?"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Blood and Lies"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"Returning Point"

Leo reveals the proof about the CRM's genocides to the other scientists who agree to join the escape and the Endlings' cause.

At the Civic Republic Cull Facility 1, Huck gathers weapons and explosives from Dennis' supplies before Dennis and Silas make their way towards the Perimeter to inform the others of the plan. However, they are delayed when the two are forced to hide and wait for a herd to pass.

Growing increasingly suspicious, Anne has the research facility locked down, but the scientists, their security details, Felix, the Bennett's, Percy and a captured Mason Beale seal themselves into the biocontainment unit where the facility's own security protocols force the CRM to wait until the system reboots to get at them.

After Will returns to The Perimeter with the news of Dev's death, Indira orders an evacuation and reveals her illness and secret deal for treatment with Elizabeth Kublek. However, in order to secure his own future, Brody approaches Anne and reveals the Perimeter's actions, causing Anne to dispatch Sergeant Mills and his team to eliminate everyone. Brody attempts to blackmail Huck into securing him a place in the Civic Republic, but she executes him in response.

Mills and eight CRM soldiers storm the partially-evacuated Perimeter where they prepare to execute a number of residents including Indira, Elton, Asha and Robin. After Indira fails to talk Anne down, she orders Mills to carry out the execution, but a hidden Will shoots Mills and triggers a gunfight, joined by the just arrived Silas and Dennis. Robin and two residents of the Perimeter are killed in the gunfight, but Silas, Indira and Dennis manage to kill all of the CRM soldiers. Silas then explains to his friends that he and Dennis had come to tell them about the plan and that the others are escaping. Dennis orders Silas to get the supplies and his friends to the rendezvous and to be ready, before discovering that he has been severely wounded and collapsing.

At the research facility, the group in the biocontainment unit are able to use the time that they are trapped to break into the old mining tunnels beneath the facility and escape. The C4 charges that they leave behind kills four more CRM soldiers and blocks the tunnel entrance that they had used, keeping Lieutenant Frank Newton and his men from following them. Anne informs Huck that all of the scientists' research has been wiped from the mainframe aside from what the group are taking with them. Anne calls it a rebellion and one that endangers everything that the Civic Republic has ever done and stands for. Anne has soldiers stationed at every tunnel exit and gives Corporal Diane Pierce shoot to kill orders on everybody, intending to make an example out of them.

"Death and the Dead"

The Endlings will appear in this episode.

"The Last Light"

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