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—A Feral to Virgil whilst strangling him.[src]

The ferals are a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead. They consist of eight survivors turned cannibals. They served as the primary antagonistic group of the episode "On the Inside".


The ferals are a small group of survivors that, through unknown circumstances, have regressed back into a primitive and animistic state. They behave as little more than primates, running on all fours and being incapable of speech, communicating through grunts and screeches instead. The group has long ago resorted to cannibalism, and other humans appear to be their primary diet.

Despite their primitive behavior, the ferals are capable of creating complex traps. They hunt by herding survivors to their lair, before separating them from each other and killing them one-by-one. The house they occupy is littered with secret rooms and crawlspaces, giving the ferals a significant advantage over unsuspecting survivors. While most attack unarmed, some wield melee weapons like knives.


Nothing is known about the ferals' life before or as the outbreak began except that they were members of a family living in a large house in Virginia.


Throughout the years of the apocalypse, these survivors became feral and turned to cannibalism as a means to survive.

Season 11

"On the Inside"

After Virgil and Connie attempted to make a run for it trough the boarded up manor, several of the feral survivors began to give chase through the halls. As the pair turned a corner, Virgil killed a feral by whacking a table leg against it's head, crushing it. A second feral survivor was also killed by Virgil with a swing of the table leg. While passing through a room, a feral woman leaped from a wardrobe and stabbed Virgil at least three times before being slashed on the arm with a blade by Connie. The injured feral woman backed away immediately as Connie rendered aid to Virgil before dragging him out into the front hall. At the same time, a feral man began descending down the staircase and the injured feral woman re-appeared in the hallway, despite suffering from a bleeding arm. Two more feral survivors emerge from adjacent rooms. The feral who descended down the stairs leaps onto Connie but is thrown off by her as she opens the front door, allowing a group of walkers inside. The four ferals are pushed away but some fight back. Ultimately, the feral survivors are overwhelmed and eaten alive as Connie and Virgil escape outside. However, two ferals emerge from the house and chase after the pair, only to be shot in the head by Kelly with her slingshot.


Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of unnamed people and possibly zombies



  • This is the second group encountered to engage in cannibalism, the first being Terminus.
  • Given that roughly twelve years have passed since the zombie apocalypse by the events of this episode, it's possible that the ferals were small children when the outbreak began. There have been well documented cases in the real world on "feral children" left to fend for themselves in nature.
    • In the acclaimed zombie apocalypse novel World War Z by Max Brooks, feral children were actually a relatively common occurrence in territories of the world that had fallen to the undead. About six to seven years passed between the initial outbreak (when surviving governments retreated to Safe Zones) and the offensive to reclaim lost territories from the zombies, and during that time small children who somehow managed to survive outside the Safe Zones grew up to be dangerous feral teenagers.