"The First Shot" is the first episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


We must defend our camp from waves of walkers, led to our gates by a rival faction trying to sabotage our camp.


Anderson narrates the events of his life, telling how he lost his wife and daughter to the apocalypse and how he wanted to die, until Heather found him. The two brought survivors together and founded Anderson Camp.

At some point, a group called "the Family" came to the camp threatening to take half of their food and supplies. Anderson tells them they can leave the way they came. The Family says they don't want to use force, to which Anderson responds "good... cause we don't want to have to kill you". This causes the Family to leave for a while, however, they send a horde of walkers towards the Anderson Camp.

Knowing the boards won't hold for long, the survivors, within a minute, set up defenses all over the camp, from barbed wire traps to explosive barrels. While the walkers make their way in, the survivors have ten minutes to repair gates and kill walkers. After the survivors do this for three waves, they kill the remaining walkers still in the camp. The horde comes back and the survivors repair the gates again and afterwards kill the remaining walkers.



  • Several unnamed members of Anderson Camp (Off-Screen)


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